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Headscratchers: Kamen Rider Fourze
  • So how exactly is Gentaro able to tell which switch goes into which slot on the belt?
    • Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the tops of the switches are shaped to match the shape on the limb and he's just switching it with a matching shape.
      • On the belt just under where the switches go there are silver areas. On each there's a symbol with an arrow pointing down underneath it, thus telling Gen, or us which switches go where.
    • It's actually much more simple than either of the above: the Switches are physically shaped to correspond to their slots in the belt. Video reviews on YouTube of the DX toy belt show this off pretty clearly.
      • Not to mention we do see the club testing out the switches as they're available. Even without the convenience of shapes, he may just have a good memory for what switch goes where. (Hey, he may be Book Dumb but he's not a gibbering idiot, after all.)

  • What exactly do they do with the switcher once their Zodiarts Switch is destroyed? Do they just let them go? Do they get sent to jail? Some of these people would still probably be dangerous, even without the ability to turn into a zodiart, but it just isn't made very clear.
    • I assumed that they just let them go. Usually by the end the Switcher has learned their lesson, and so has their target, so there isn't any need to do anything but just let them go
    • Episode 8 implies that the switchers are hospitalized afterwards. Still doesn't explain though what is done with them once they're let out.
    • The preview of #13 deals with this; they're promptly expelled from the school.
      • Miura wasn't expelled, he was refusing to go to school because he was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The fact that this sort of thing can happen just makes the Fridge Logic of what happened with the others worse.
    • As of the 30s, the general mentality seems to be "nobody would really believe the KRC if they actually told people at large that students were switchers, and since the school's staff are behind it all and keep tricking the police into thinking nothing's going on, any attempt they make to tell authorities would be stymied". Thus, students who have reformed and aren't suffering from withdrawal symptoms eventually go back to school, though they may experience some rare hostility from other students who were aware they were switchers. Students who don't reform... well, we still don't really know what happens in those cases.

  • Did Nitta really need the Zodiarts Switch to make JK pay? Miura sure, since he was kinda scrawny, but was anything really stopping him from giving the guy a few pops to the nose?
    • Since this is a Kamen Rider Series, we'll chalk it up to Rule of Drama.
    • Well, Scorpion did approach him and gave him a switch. Nitta isn't exactly going to turn this sort of offer down.
      • That and he tried it out once as soon as he caught it. It's been shown that using the Zodiarts Switches makes them Drunk on the Dark Side. Once he used it for the first time, he was probably hooked.
      • Zodiarts Switches: Not even once.

  • What exactly did Gentaro do in order to get special Sunday classes? I know Yuki was there due to tampering library books and Kengo for overall ditching classes, but what was Shun's plan to get Gentaro in detention?
    • It was probably just a matter of his grades being really, really, really bad.
      • Gen-chan got an 18 on the test that he took to exit the class. It took the teacher's aid to bring it to a 50 to allow him to pass. You tell me why he needed special classes. XD
      • Not to mention that was the best score he ever got. That and his perceived delinquent status probably got him the Sunday classes.

  • Do they have multiple burger meal robots? I've noticed one of the subbing groups have translated with implications that there is more of them but don't they need the camera switch to make them work and there's only one camera switch as far as I know.
    • Presumably, the Camera Switch allows the Burgermeal to record stuff as opposed to just streaming them to the Rabbit Hutch.
    • Magenta of Over-Time has confirmed that the other translator, Heat Metal, invented the concept of multiple Burgermeal drones because he liked the idea. In the actual show, there is only one Burgermeal and it has no special functions without the Camera Switch.
      • But, in Megamax, Nadeshiko made a few new Burgermeals out of SOLU, which one can see Yuuki throwing at the Mutamid during Gentaro's Heroic BSOD, thus providing a few extra Burgermeals. And we know they'll stick around, because the S-1 switch did too.

  • In episode 14, did they really need to risk Kengo's safety with that glove that could channel a single switch at a time? Why couldn't they just have Shun or someone else temporarily become Fourze for the purpose of using that switch?
    • Perhaps like the PowerDizer, not just anyone can use the power of Fourze.
    • It's possible that since the Switches have evolved so far with Gentaro as Fourze, he's the only one that can use them now.

  • Ok, so Fourze himself can survive re-entry, great, that makes sense. But how the heck do they get his motorcycle back each time he does it?
    • It would probably be very impractical if his bike couldn't survive re-entry. Either that or they just make a new one each time.
    • I don't doubt that it can survive re-entry, I am just curious how they keep it from falling into the ocean or crashing into buildings or something.
    • It's possible that the Massigler just doesn't fall to Earth. If it stays in orbit, Gentaro could just find it with radar from the moon base, grab it and bring it down to earth using Parachute.

  • Alright, why the heck does Matoyama not buy a pair of earmuffs to block out the sound of singing? That would really help him if he wants to work in silence instead of turning everyone he touches into stone!
    • He can't. That would make too much sense.
    • Not to mention that the Horoscopes deliberately seek people out with enough mental issues (like Scorpio picking out those with grudges, or Libra selecting those who felt wronged) that risking their humanity isn't as important to them.

  • Shouldn't Ryusei/Meteor be tracking down the actual person who turned into Aries instead of, from the looks of it, finding the next Switcher with the potential to become the next Aries, just to punish him for shit he didn't even do? We know by the end of #18 that Red-eyes can banish people into black holes, for all we know that's where the past Aries is now.
    • The case is a bit different here : the switch blew up Jiro's face when he was trying to transform and his soul is now stuck... somewhere. That's why Ryusei's trying to find a candidate for Aries : he thinks that completing the transformation will allow him to get the soul back.
    • I believe the implication here is that the Aries Zodiarts simply doesn't exist yet.
      • Nevertheless, it was established since very early on that the Horoscopes are the ones who hand out the switches to students, which means that the switch Ryusei's friend had should have been given to him by Aries. Why Ryusei's not looking for the actual Aries and is instead looking ffor someone to potentially evolve into Aries, which should already exist by now due to Ryusei's friend having the switch, genuinely makes no sense.

  • How come Gentaro never asks the former Zodiarts to join the Kamen Rider club? Makise, I can understand, but what about Miura, Tamae, Nitta, Teruhiko, and Ritsuko? Yes, he offers to be their friends, but still.
    • He asked Miura but Miura is in the photography club, and most likely everyone else would like to go back to what they were doing before the Zodiarts appeared. Tamae will be recovering to prove to Miu that she's willing to challenge her at Queen's Fest, Nitta is back to his fencing, Teruhiko is getting along with his father and Gentaro notes that Ritsuko will be put into extracurricular activities.
    • Anyone who wants to join the club can, as evidenced by Ryusei. Perhaps he does ask and they all just turn him down. Or perhaps Kengo's put an end to it.
      • Did they all return to school? Miura didn't for a long time, and some of the others might not ever have. I don't think Kengo would have objected so much after the events of the Makise debacle (when he finally accepted the KRC), so it's likely that the students either never came back or chose to go back to their regular lives. Plus the club gets new members in the finale, don't forget!

  • What exactly is the singular of Zodiarts? It's been seen as both with or without the s at the end, so...?
    • There is none. "Zodiarts" is both singular and plural. It is how the Japanese language works, I'm afraid.

  • Does Meteor even have a back-up plan should the Aries Zodiart not help him out? Why can't he just ask Gentaro and make him use the Medical Switch to save his friend?
    • It probably doesn't work that way. The leading theory is that Meteor needs to defeat Aries to return his friend's soul to his body, not get its help.
    • Tachibana said that he would try to reverse engineer the Aries switch so that he could artificially induce Aries's sleep powers.

  • So, Gentaro's entire thing is that he wants to be friends with everyone. Wants to help everyone out with their personal problems and turn them into good people. Like he said in episode one (very paraphrased, can't remember the exact wording), "If I'm gonna be friends with everyone in school, that includes scumbags like you". Right, that's admirable. Very admirable. So...why doesn't he help out the guy that needs guidance the absolute most? How can he continue talking about how he's going to befriend everyone with a straight face when he just boots Makise off onto the curb? I mean, yeah, Makise's is (to use the understatement of the century) kind of a dick, but that's Gentaro's entire schtick. Helping the jackasses become good people by being their friend.
    • Theres a difference between asshole and crazy
      • ...but the majority of the Zodiarts are crazy.
      • But a majority have good reasons to be, and were just influenced by the switch. Being picked on, being used as a shield, ect. But Makise's reason is being rejected by girls, largely because he's creepy as fuck.
      • No, I would say the minority have very bad reasons to be crazy. Good reasons are sympathetic, understandable, and relateable, which very few Zodiarts have displayed. Reasons like "I don't want to graduate so I'll destroy prom", "The teacher took my fan so I'll imitate and frame her (and subsequently become a recurring villain)", "I want to have complete control over my track team", (as mentioned above) "People keep bothering me with their singing so I will not buy a pair of earmuffs", or "I want to be a witch in SPAAAAAAACE" aren't really very sympathetic. Hell, if anything, "Every girl I have approached in life has rejected me and now I am extremely bitter" is more sympathetic. How the Zodiarts switch twists their desire afterwards (such as Makise wanting to kill a busful of girls) isn't exactly representative of them as a person.
      • The thing is though, Makise has been rejected by a ton of girls before Yuki and probably before he got the switch. He was rejected for stalking them and being creepy. Maybe the switch did cause him to try and kill the girls, but there was a reason he was rejected. In regard to the other Zodiarts motivation well, technically the Altar Zodiart became one because she was constantly blamed for problems she didn't cause. The Perseus Zodiart was caused by a desire to paint a perfect picture and he thought the switch could give him the power to do that (his attacking people for causing distractions came after). A similar situation occurred with the prom girl, she tried to destroy prom after getting the switch. The Dragon Zodiart may have just started out wanting the best for his team, and the switch twisted that, I can't really tell. The Cancer Zodiart is a special case because if he wasn't how he is, he wouldn't have been a Horoscope.
      • Gentaro prioritized saving the people that Makise had put in danger ahead of befriending Makise, and by the time he had made sure that everyone was safe, Makise had been hospitalized.
      • Not to mention Kengo was stranded on the moon. That took priority too.
      • I guess it's all kind of a moot point, anyway, since he's back in 37 and nice and normal.

  • How did Gentaro get to high school in the first place with grades like his? Is he just so Book Dumb the Japanese school system gave up?
    • Maybe highschool is just harder than he expected. Some people do great in middle school, but totally bomb when it comes to highschool. Also he's probably not getting a lot of time to work on his studies due to zodiarts

  • Misa Toriizaki's personality at the end of #24 really irked me. Why the fuck did she force Eguchi to become Cygnus even though he is begging and pleading not to do so and also turns the Ugly Ducklings against him. Is she that fucking stupid?!
    • She's the leader of a cult. Cults aren't exactly known for having the most rational behavior in the world.

  • Is Tachibana a jackass or an idiot? The price for Ryuusei having his secret identity revealed was to lose the power of Meteor. Fine until you realize that in the past there have been situations where Riders are knocked out of suit due to injury or have their belt stolen from them only to get it back. You're telling me he would have never allowed Ryusei to transform again if either happened? And the fact that Tachibana is so petty about this that when Ryusei could be killed by Cancer very easily, he just stood there and did nothing. From a practical standpoint, you lose your one soldier. The guy who has already infiltrated KRC, is trained in Jeet Kune Do, and does absolutely everything you say. From a human standpoint you just left someone to die whom you could have saved easily. I mean, press a button and the problem is solved. Sure Gentaro showed up, but it didn't seem like Tachibana would have done anything anyway.
    • Just because other riders can get knocked out of transformation doesn't mean Ryuusei can. Also Tachibana doesn't care about Ryusei as a person. His job is to fight the Zodiarts. That's all.

  • If Gamou/Red-Eyed Man's thing is that he wants to find all of the horoscopes, why is he willing to send them to the Dark Nebula?
    • Unless it's a hint that he can/will eventually bring them back from there.
    • Basically, he wants to awaken the 12 Horoscopes. But he's putting the ones that fail him too much in a kind of "time out" if they become too detrimental to his plans. After all, why would he keep them around if they end up screwing up the plans more than helping them?
    • And plus, he gets the switches when he sends them to the Nebula, so it may not be that he needs the Horoscopes but rather their Switches.
      • I think you may be right.

  • Is it just me or are the Horoscopes that find out Meteor's identity stupid? Do they ever tell Gamou that Ryuusei is Kamen Rider Meteor?
    • This could be explained pretty well. Both Aries and Cancer were pretty much doing whatever they want. Cancer was having too much fun messing with Ryusei and the Kamen Rider Club to tell Gamou (And even when he tried, Libra let his hatred for Cancer get in the way), and from what we saw Aries wasn't really working with Gamou, he was doing whatever he wanted.

  • So... if the School Facility know who Fourze is, why can't they do anything to not have him impede in their plans? Like say, suspending him or something like that?
    • Because, as #33-34 showed, it seems they need Fourze for certain plans to actually work at all.
  • Why is AGHS still operating at all?
    • I realize Gamou hypnotizes the cops looking into it, but what about the parents, superintendents or the feds? Wouldn't they be worried about MONSTERS RAMPAGING THROUGH A SCHOOL?!
    • In episode 13 it was established that at least the mothers are swayed very easily by the principal's good looks. The superintendents and feds may have been left to Virgo.

  • Is there some sort of requirement that you have to be predisposed to insanity and homicidal tendencies to get into AGHS?
    • Nope. The way things look all of the switchers so far were, save those who are Horoscopes, have been regular students. It wasn't until after they gained their switches that they started going down a darker path. Best example would be Eguchi.
    • Cancer and Aries seem to have just been a genuine Sociopaths to start with, but that's just law of averages. It seems the Switches bring out the dark side of people the longer they use them. Plus, since Gamou is the chairman of the school, it's likely he's been making sure students that have the highest possibility of becoming Horoscopes are enrolled.
      • Exactly. A lot of the switchers are going through things that are pretty normal to high school kids, which is a tough enough time as it is. The Zodiarts becoming a factor just makes it that much worse.

  • So... if Gamou can just induce amnesia to people, especially people who have failed him... why the hell does he need to go for the Dark Nebula? Just take the switch, and give them amnesia. It's way more effective as it doesn't raise concerned parents and teachers wondering where people went.
    • He doesn't seem to use it on students knowingly. Maybe he sends people to the dark nebula because he might need them later.

  • What became of the second Rocket Switch? Considering where it came from, you'd think Nadeshiko would want it back, and that if Gentaro got to keep it, it would be mentioned.
    • It is assumed it's with Kengo, as he was the one who made the Super-3 Drill Switch. Possibly by reverse engineering the Super-1 Rocket Switch.
    • Why would Nadeshiko want it back? She made it specifically for Gentarou to use, and she's not gonna have any use for it as sentient energy.

  • Gentaro once de-powered the Rocket and Drill Switches by using a Double Limit Break, exhausting all their power reserves. If that's the case, why is it he and Ryusei (especially Ryusei) can throw around single Limit Breaks without a care in the world?
    • A Double Limit Break is a Limit Break done twice in a row in very quick succession if the first Limit Break fails.

  • Does the loosing-your-humanity-to-become-a-horoscope still apply to Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus and the remaining horoscopes? The Aquarius Horoscope especially confuse me, still being able to talk to a then-met Gentaro rather than drowning him with water.
    • It may be that Libra found people that had the highest potential of becoming a Horoscope, meaning their base personality didn't change too much. Aries and Cancer were already Sociopaths to begin with. Plus, Taurus seems rather crazy too.
    • Except that Taurus attempted a Heel-Face Turn over a person (the previous president whom he took over). In fact, she is the reason for Taurus' madness.

  • What's been bugging me for so long was Misa Toriizak's behavior in #24. How and why did she change from sweet and white, to black and bitchy and somehow commandeer the Cygnus Cult to make Eguchi into Cygnus?!

  • If Gentaro had the S-1 switch since Mega Movie, why hasn't he used it until episode 41.
    • Most likely out of Nadeshiko's memory.
    • From an out of story point of view, there's another explanation: Movie Wars Megamax came out on DVD around the same time as #41, so the writers knew in advance that at least most of their audience had seen Rocket States
    • But then the team was still intact in Mega Max and then there was no training yet. Also, Miu was still in Amanogawa High School alongside Shun.
    • You’re missing the point. Mega Max very clearly takes place after episode 14. What was meant by an out of story perspective was that the Mega Max DVD was released a few weeks before this episode. It was for audience convenience. If people didn’t get the chance to go see the movie in theaters and a new switch came out of nowhere it would confuse them. Basically there is no good reason for waiting to use it in story, the only answer is that the writers wanted as many people as possible to have seen the movie before introducing it in the main series.
    • From an in-story point of view, it seemed more like there was also little other need for it. He was content with the performances of the other switches for such a role, and only used it then because they weren't cutting it.

  • Why is anyone still friends with Ryuusei after episode 32 considering he murdered Gentarou? He killed the dude who just wanted to be friends with everyone for the sake of his own friend. I just feel like the KRC's reaction to actual death was incredibly anti-climactic and for what it's worth, kind of just unrealistic. I get that they were in a bad position and kind of had no time to even worry about it right then, but I mean come on — he killed their friend. Killed him dead. In their heads, he was gone forever. The only person with a mildly appropriate reaction was Kengo. I understand Gentarou forgiving him when it was all over, because well, that's just what he's like, but if someone killed my friend I'd be pretty damn bitter about it. Sure, they need Meteor's help, but it doesn't mean they have to like him.
    • In light of the KRC's reaction in #48, where they were willing not to hate Gamou even after he killed Kengo, it seems the KRC really are that pure of heart and will not hold grudges - at least if the person who should doesn't and asks them not to.
      • Gentarou's been a really good influence on the club. Plus, it's worth pointing out that Ryusei was willing to get himself killed to save the rest of the club, not out of a desire for forgiveness, but he wanted to at least try to do something good after he'd done something as horrible as he had. It's not like he enjoyed killing Gen, and eventually he realized that it really, really wasn't worth it.

  • Uh, does anyone feel awkward when Fourze ended on the day Neil Armstrong died?
    • I feel awkward you think that, considering Neil Armstrong died on the 25th and Fourze aired the morning of the 26th.
      • The 26th in Japan is the 25th in America. They're the same day, no matter how you look at it.
      • Its a coincidence, not really a head scratcher.

  • Anyone feel awkward that the show never tells how the gang retrieve Sonada, Kijima and Suguira from the M-Bus?
    • Well, Cosmic States can create portals into space, so it isn't like they don't have a way to get up there.

  • Now that the series is over... what was the deal with those red glowing eyes?
    • Presumably, since he was the creator of the Zodiarts Switches, he learned how to harness the power of Cosmic Energy to ascend. I think it's more of a corruption of Cosmic Energy which he used to manipulate.
      • Emoto too?
      • Well yes he was part of their group and was there since the beginning.

  • Since when could Gamou use any Horoscope Switch? I thought that was an ability exclusive to Leo Zodiarts/Kou Tatsugami. Can Gamou do it because he's just that amazing?
    • Anyone could have done it. Tatsugami was just the only one to use multiple switches most of the time, since he is the only one Gamou would have trusted to do so.
      • The problem with that is that they explicitly say at one point that Tatsugami has a unique physiology that allows him to use multiple Horoscopes Switches.
      • Well then perhaps the problem with using multiple Zodiarts switches is that it risks causing the person damage, possibly similar to what happened to Jirou, but Gamou didn't care, since he was on the verge of dying anyway.

  • Since when could the Aquarius Zodiarts heal inanimate objects? Sure, it fixes its own armour when damaged, but those were part of its own body. I know it uses Magical Space Water but I was under the impression it was limited to organic healing.
    • Technically you could say that the core switch was part of Kengo's body for the most part. Also consider his body was made of cosmic energy (or in other words not exactly organic) so take that as you will.

  • Why did Kou Tatsugami disappear after being defeated? Was it because he was evil and couldn't be redeemed? That seems kind of harsh for a story about friendship, where even the Big Bad got befriended in the end.
    • Perhaps the only reason why Gamou lasted as long as he did was because his injuries were not nearly as bad, nothing to do with friendship or anything like that. If they could befrIend Gamou then why not Leo? Then again he would most likely keep on rampaging to the bitter end than give up on his master's dream.
      • It was explicitly stated by Kou Tatsugami that continuous switch abuse eroded his body to the point that he would cease to exist once the switches were gone.

  • Did Kouhei Hayami die from being blown up, or did he fall thousands of feet to his death after his Zodiarts avatar body was destroyed, which is the norm for every single Zodiarts in the series? I guess Fourze could have saved him if it had been the latter...
    • Seems to be the latter, as he got zapped by the rift and it vaporized him.

  • We only get to see the Supernova abilities for Scorpio, Cancer, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and possibly Aries. Will we ever find out what the other Horoscopes could do? This is especially bothersome, since it was implied that Virgo and Leo could both already access Supernova.
    • For all we know things like Leo's roar, Virgo's teleporting, Aquarius' healing etc may have been their Supernova ability but or some reason or another never explicitly labeled as such.
      • Supernova is explicitly a power-up of their normal abilities, though. Isn't it safer just to say that they never reached Supernova?
    • Throughout the whole series I thought that Leo's Supernova was the ability to use any other Horoscope Switch. This was blown out of the water when Gamou used Aquarius at the end but still.
      • It was my impression that Leo effectively traded his Supernova power for that ability. (There's nothing in the show that suggests that, but it makes sense.)

  • So what happened to the whole "destroying a Zodiarts causes a massive explosion that could take out half the city" thing? It seems lucky that taking out Sagittarius inside the school gym didn't kill everyone there.
    • They forgot about that in the first ten episodes or so.
    • I don't think there were ever clearly established rules for that. Orion could make a huge explosion but no Last One stage Zodiarts after that was ever treated with such caution. And from Aries on none of the Horoscopes even were treated like that.
    • To be fair, most of the Zodiarts were defeated by Cosmic States teleporting them into space and finishing them there. And Meteor Storm absorbed the explosion from Cancer. So only three were defeated on Earth, did not cause a city-wide explosion, and had no real explanation why (although Aquarius and Sagittarius can be debated).

  • How and when did Gamou get hold of the Aquarius Switch in the last episode? The Horoscopes Switches were still spinning under the Dark Nebula when he was teleported to AGHS, and you see them scatter after Gamou is defeated. The first time they scattered (after Kengo used his Core Switch powers) they didn't go that far, certainly not outside of the quarry. Did Gamou stagger all the way back to the quarry outside of town, then back to his childhood playground to die? Sure, it's nightfall by that point so he could have had time, but when you're suffering from a fatal condition that has left you staggered and weak, it's a long way to walk and would be very dangerous to drive. And if he did retrieve the Switch that way, it begs the question: why didn't Ryusei immediately retrieve all of the Horoscope Switches for safekeeping after they scattered right in front of him?

  • So, Gentaro forgives Gamou for killing his friend (though to be fair, Kengo did tell them not to get angry at Gamou for that), yet for the guy who kills his girlfriend, he gives him a painful death? Double Standard much?
    • Think about it this way: Gamou had redeeming features and had an Alas, Poor Villain moment. He felt truly sorry about what he did, felt bad that he was betrayed by someone close to him, Emoto, wanted companionship (in a very twisted way) etc. All the guy wanted to do was go into space and was pissed off mostly that Kengo would meet him more than anything else. Kannagi, on the other hand, showed no remorse for his actions, wanting nothing more than to rule the world and didn't give two cents about what he did in order to accomplish it, to the point that he didn't care that he had crushed the hopes and dreams of a love-sick boy. Gentaro may be a forgiving person and wishes to befriend everyone, but if you make him mad and if you hurt his friends, he will not let it go.
      • Exactly. No matter how you cut it, Kannagi was a complete monster. Take a look, he's laughing as he kills Nadeshiko. Gamou had pure motives that got corrupted, Kannagi was just a psychopath who believed he deserved to rule the entire universe. And let's not even get into what he did to the legendary seven Riders... if Gentarou hadn't noticed that briefcase, they would have been stuck like that forever.
      • It also helps that Kengo already asked Gentaro to forgive Gamou.

  • How come the TV did not have the scenes of Fourze using the switch combos of Giant Foot + Launcher, Chain Array + Fire and Gyro + Hammer where they had been screenshots of them? Are there such scenes?

  • Where did Gamou get the twelve Horoscope switches in The Movie? We know that this is a second set because Libra and Leo are involved in the fight over the switches, so how were these made? They seem less powerful than the originals and Gamou wouldn’t sell them if they were able to lead him to the Presenters, so what makes these ones different? For that matter, how did Inga create the Horoscopes without switchers and if they are dummies, why do they speak?
    • Well for the switches, the DC reveals the group hasn't even encountered Taurus yet (which is consistent with the Switch On scene, so presumably when he had however many switches he had at the time (9?), he was able to create a dummy set of the whole lot via cosmic energy manipulation or something. Foundation X getting the 12 switches must have been part of the terms of funding, so I guess he wanted to give them a set as soon as possible to keep them off his back (given they asked him about them in the Kyoto arc)

  • How did Gamou know that the Pisces Horoscope switch needed to be pushed voluntarily in order to properly evolve? There is no precedent for this. Logically in order for Gamou to know how a switch will evolve and what powers it will have, he would have to have already seen it happen (the same applied to Tachibana knowing about Aries’ sleep powers before it existed). But if that were true, he would already have a Pisces switch and wouldn’t need to make one. Even if Gamou made the Zodiarts switches he shouldn’t have knowledge of their evolutionary potential before it happens.
    • Gamou seems to know some parts of a Horoscope's development, like when he commented on the Eye of Laplace, seemingly knowing its function. There's also the part where Leo explains how Gemini is different from the others, which he presumably learnt from Gamou. The horoscopes seem to already exist within the Hole above AGHS, since Gamou seems to be able to perceive them in his red room, so maybe they just need appropriate hosts? Basically, I think Gamou is capable of knowing how a horoscope switch works, at least to a certain extent.

  • So wait, the Fourze Driver can survive re-entry if it's in a lava pit, it's screwed?
    • How hot ''is'' re-entry compared to molten metal? I think it's molten metal, it was certainly a factory of some sorts. Regardless, everything has a limit of punishment it can take. The Fourze Driver is a man-made piece of technology and has survived re-entry multiple times, but its heat protection probably wasn't intended to survive prolong exposure to extremely high temperatures. Re-entry takes how long?
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