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Trivia: Kamen Rider Fourze
  • Actor Allusion: Hayami Kouhei shows up in #13 in a dark red leather jacket - the color of Kamen Rider Garren. Even before that though, Fourze's henshin pose resembled Garren the most, and one Super Hero Taisen Net Movie has Kouhei getting the Garren Buckle!
    • In the net movies, Gentaro actually meets up with Garren and he and Tomoko see a video of Garren...who looks just like their principal. Garren insists that his name is Tachibana Sakuya, not Kouhei Hayami...which Gentaro thinks refers to Meteor's benefactor Tachibana, and his mind starts to overload from confusion.
    • Tokuda Yayoi, played by Rije from Abaranger, could count - Yayoi had issue with being forced through graduation, while Rijie suffered several forced age shifts.
    • And Runa Natsui (Kaoru Shiba/Princess Shinken Red) does get a scene involving swinging something two-handed in #31.
    • In #43, Doctor Maki's Creepy Doll can be seen lounging on Yuuki's front porch. Then we meet her father...
  • Backed by JAXA: To the point that the Tsukuba Space Center is seen in the opening sequence.
  • Dawson Casting: Shun is a high school student portrayed by a 22-year-old actor.
  • Fan Nickname: You know it's going to be Rocket Man, just look at his suit shape and attacks...
    • Then there is Kamen Rider Playstation.
    • And Kamen Rider Onigiri Head.
    • And, of course, Kamina Rider, since Gentaro is considered by some to be an Expy of the famous Badass.
    • Kamen Rider Meteor's fighting style has led to him being called Kamen Rider Bruce Lee.
    • As soon as it was first shown, fans started referring to Meteor Storm's finisher as a Beyblade.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Fire-5 appears in the first two episodes and #13-14 as the Orion Zodiarts user.
    • Tomoko was Aya's youngest sister!
    • Alternative Zero guest stars in episodes 7-8.
    • Amane from Kamen Rider Blade appears as an Amanogawa student this time, after her stint as an art student in Kamen Rider Double.
    • For that matter, Sakuya Tachibana/Kamen Rider Garren appears as the principal of AGHS starting from #13. The Super Hero Taisen net movies lampshade this in one short where it's suggested that Tachibana is a repressed personality of Hayami's, and Kengo tries to bring it out.
      • He also reprises his role as Garren in the net movies for Everyone's Space Time.
    • Abe was previously Mana's cousin Taichi in Kamen Rider Agito.
    • Nao Nagasawa (Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue and Lily Shirogane) appears as Gentaro's new teacher in #21-22. Interestingly, one of the guys at the gym was Gozo/Metal Dopant.
    • In #30, Princess Shinken Red appears as a classmate at Ryuusei's old school.
    • Yayoi Tokuda was Rije in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.
    • In Movie Wars MegaMax, Magi Mother is working with Foundation X!
    • Yuki's dad is Doctor Maki.
    • Shun's dad appeared in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, as Ryuunosuke's dad. Guess fathering The Lancer is in his genes.
    • In the summer movie, Five Yellow appears as a Foundation X executive, making her the second past Sentai hero to appear as a member of Foundation X in Fourze alone.
    • Norio Eguchi (Cygnus Zodiarts) took losing Kotoha really hard...
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Nobuyuki Hiyama takes the role of Narrator and Ryusei/Kamen Rider Meteor's support Tachibana and seems to be making Guy Shishioh the story teller.
  • I Knew It: Sarina Sonoda is Scorpion Zodiarts.
    • And Ohsugi-sensei ends up becoming the Kamen Rider Club adviser.
    • As well Virgo Zodiarts, where her true identity is Emoto.
    • Some people had that attitude about Emoto's alter-ego Tachibana, too.
    • And now we know that Kengo is the owner of Core Switch. As well as have a status like Philip and Ankh.
  • Name's the Same: It's not so long since there was another Kengo (depicted as a Jerkass at one point) in Kamen Rider ...
    • Miu Kazashiro shares a name with Go-on Silver.
    • Any relation between Sarina Sonoda and a certain past Rider heroine?
    • Norio Eguchi(later revealed to be the vigilante Cygnus)'s first name means "man of law", just like his VERY well-known namesake, Norio Wakamoto!
    • Kamen Rider Meteor isn't the first Rider to have a Storm form. Interestingly, both are blue and staff-wielding.
    • And now there's Goto, the Capricon Horoscopes - we just had another Goto, who also had a huge dream, but fortunately avoided the easy way to realize it.
  • Playing Against Type: Nobuyuki Hiyama as the Chessmaster and Man Behind the Man Tachibana who even has a You Have Failed Me moment in #27.
  • Prop Recycling: Spares of the first four switches (Rocket, Launcher, Drill, Radar) sometimes get reused as pre-tuned switches - the MagPhone apparently started as a totally black Rocket and Radar. Then there's once-off examples like the gold switch that triggers the Rabbit Hutch locker and even the Core Switch.
  • Reality Subtext: As revealed by the production blog after the show wrapped, the scene at the start of the final episode where Yuki reads Kengo's farewell letter after he's been killed by Gamou, was the last scene filmed. According to director Koichi Sakamoto, the KRC's actors had become as close as family over the course of the shoot, thus the tears being shed were their real tears over the fact that they were about to go their separate ways. It was made worse was the fact that Ryuki Takahashi, Kengo's actor, couldn't be on the set for obvious plot reasons. The same blog post had Fumika Shimizu, Yuki's actress, reveal that she actually considered messing up her lines on purpose just so it wouldn't have to end.
  • Recycled Script: You'd be surprised just how many connections to Kamen Rider Double this show has.
  • So My Parents Can Watch: The reason why actor Sota Fukishi took the role of Gentaro.
    • Played straight for Anna Tsuchiya, who does the opening song for her kids based on much her son loved Kamen Rider OOO back when it aired.
  • Throw It In: Fumika Shimizu (who plays Yuuki) actually improvised the Hayabusa song, which the production crew allowed her to record (and used for a later episode).
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, Fourze was to have a much stronger anniversary aspect that what we were given. The original plan was to have past Riders appear and team up with Fourze. Sadly, this idea was scrapped because the producers thought it was too soon to have past Riders cameo after Decade.
  • Fourze breaks the tradition that W's FangJoker and OOO's TaJaDor of premiering the Mid-Season Upgrade in the Movie Wars film before showing it in the series proper. In this case Rocket States was shown in the movie but Fourze true upgrade is Magnet States, which premiered in the tv show proper.
    • Rocket States did later make a proper appearance in the series, in episode 41.

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