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Trivia: Kamen Rider

Trivia tropes applying to the Kamen Rider franchise:

  • Fan Nickname: Seiji Takaiwa is known to the fans as Mr. Kamen Rider due to the fact that he's been the suit actor for nearly every Hesei Rider (He didn't act Kuuga and Hibiki). Considering the fact that he's somehow managed to choreograph 13 different personalities, making them recognizable characters even behind the suits, he definitely deserves the title.
  • Name's the Same: There is slight difference in how the names are punctuated but the first enemies Kamen Rider fights are called Spider Man and Bat Man. (Less so in Japan, where the monster names are in Japanese, but the comic book heroes' names are in English.)
  • Promoted Fanboy: Given the series' status as a Long Runner, more and more actors playing Heisei Riders grew up watching Showa and early Heisei Riders. The greatest among these has to be Ryouta Murai, who grew up watching Kuuga, and got to be Kuuga for Kamen Rider Decade.
    • Similarly, Gaku Sano, actor for protagonist Kouta Kazuraba, grew up watching Kuuga and wanted to become a Kamen Rider when he grew up. Having snagged the role of Gaim, he stated that he wants to invoke this, inspiring a new generation of fans for the series.
  • Prop Recycling: Being a long runner, it's to be expected.

Trivia tropes applying to the first Kamen Rider series:

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