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Heisei 2nd Phase number theories
  • Kamen Rider Decade: 1
    • Decade means 10 which is almost kinda like 1.
    • The DecaDriver uses one Rider Card.
    • This series ended with 31 episodes.
    • The first official crossover with Super Sentai occured in this show, and said crossover was 1 episode of Decade, and 1 episode of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
  • Kamen Rider Double: 2
    • Double means 2 of something.
    • The Double Driver uses two Gaia Memories.
    • "Double" means 2, and this is the second series with "Double" Digits.
  • Kamen Rider OOO: 3
    • OOO has 3 O's.
    • The OOO Driver uses three O Medals.
    • The 1000th episode of Kamen Rider aired during this series, and there are 3 0s in 1000.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze: 4
    • Fourze contains the word four.
    • The Fourze Driver uses four switches.
  • Kamen Rider Wizard: 5
    • The Wizard driver has five fingers on it.
    • Wizard uses five elemental forms (Flame, Water, Air, Earth, Infinity)
  • Kamen Rider Gaim: 6
    • An open Lockseed looks kinda like a 6.
    • Gaim's visor is split into six sections
    • The Japanese word for 6 is "roku" which rhymes with lock
    • The chest armor of Kiwami depicts six fruits
    • If one doesn't count movie-exclusive lockseeds, the Suika Armsnote , or the Kiwami Armsnote , Gaim uses lockseeds based on 6 different fruitnote .
  • Kamen Rider Drive: 7
    • A flipped Shift Car sorta resembles a 7... if you squint.
    • Tridoron/Type Tridoron has seven tires (six plus the Tire Change tire)
    • One of the prominent shift cars is the Casino one, and seven is a lucky number
  • Kamen Rider Ghost: 8
    • Eyecons are octagonal.
    • Mugen has eight finishers
    • Rider Ghost also has 8 hero spirits in his arsenal before getting the Toucan boost(his own, Musashi, Edison, Robin Hood, Newton, Beethoven, Billy the kid, and Benkei)
    • Mugen has 8s all over it
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: 9
    • Most Riders in this series work as doctors, with the main character being an intern at a hospital. In Japanese, Kyuukyuu means first aid/rescue. Number nine can be read in Japanese as kyu.
    • 3 Heroic riders get the main focus, and 9 is a multiple of 3.
    • The Rider Gasshat's shape closely resemble a 9.
    • Most video games usually cap the number of coins you can get at 99 before you get an extra life (and after that, it goes to "00" and resets).
    • Muteki (Emu's final form) has 9 spikes on the helmet
    • It's Sentai sister series, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, has 9 rangers on the core team, and uses the number 9 as a gimmick.
    • The highest numbered level a Rider can reach is Level 99.
    • The series is ending with 45 episodes, and 45 is a multiple of 9.
  • Kamen Rider Build: 10
    • Build has 10 (Confirmed) Best Matches
    • The events leading to the plot happened 10 years ago
  • Has been Jossed by Ex-Aid.

Kamen Rider Faiz 's Smart Brain is an offshoot of Shocker, and the series is set in the Showa Rider's world, albeit a dystopian one.
  • In the movie Paradise Lost, one of the three Wirepullers of Smart Brain is the Great Leader. After the events of RX, the Great Leader survived and Shocker went into hiding until they formed Smart Brain to try to reestablish their grip on the world.
  • Further evidenced in the Kamen Rider Eve/Masked Rider Gaia novel. The titular character's bike bears the symbols of both Smart Brain and Shocker, along with the name of Smart Brain's president, Murakami.

Kuuga and Agito take place in a world where the public's memory of Shocker and the Kamen Riders has been wiped away by the Grongi, who the Great Leader is one of.
The past Riders are now reduced to ordinary people with no knowledge of their past rider status.

  • Takeshi Hongo becomes a university professor later turned security guard years later. Kotaro Minami became a helicopter pilot. Kazuya Oki became an astronaut. Ichimonji Hayato, a photographer. Kazami Shiro, a teacher like Hongo. Jo Shigeru, a pro football player. Murasama Ryou, a pilot.

If there's a Distaff Counterpart version of Kamen Rider, the motif will be butterflies and moths and they would use a glider
It'd be Kamen Glider.

Kamen Rider Decade will be the third Rider series to receive an American adaptation.
Nickelodeon currently airs Power Rangers Samurai, which is based off Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. One of the more notable episodes was when the Shinkengers team up with Decade, which Saban is trying to get rights for the episode's footage from Toei. Should they be given the go ahead, the Power Rangers would be teaming up with Decade, so Kamen Rider Decade could be well on its way to becoming a new series for Nick. Perhaps Third Time's the Charm...
  • Dex would talk about Ferbus being lost in another dimension, and instead of Dex from another world, Dex's biological father would turn into the Black Rider.
  • Apparently, Saban just registered the trademark for the name Power Rider. We'll see where this goes.
    • Nowhere, they let the copyright lapse.

The "Power Rider" trademark by Saban will either be Faiz, Kabuto, 000, or Fourze.
And here's why:

Faiz and Kabuto: Steve Wang, director of dragon knight expressed interest in bringing them over.

Fourze: An attempt to make the us and japanese dubs correct

OOO: Most recent, great toyline potential, and I WANT IT.
  • Jossed - Saban apparently let the "Power Rider" copyright lapse. Realistically, the best choice would actually be Drive or Ghost/Ex-Aid, since those series cross over with their sentai sister series in a TV special, as opposed to a movie (And since Saban is skipping ToQger, that rules out Gaim - while it's not impossible for them to adapt Gaim, given that the series has just as much Japanese heavy themes as Shinkenger did, they couldn't adapt the crossover if they did).

Agito has two more forms
Named Rising and God.
  • Except Rising was a separate Gundam, and "Burning" was just the American localization of "God".

Guyver is an alternate universe version of Faiz
Quick: A young guy uninvolved with a hidden conflict accidentally gets hold of a set of advanced war gear and has to fight a massive evil organization which employs people who can turn into monsters. Said organization later overtly controls the world. Is this Guyver or Kamen Rider Faiz?

All thats known about the Jade Court is that they are a vampires native to Asia and we have yet to see a non-asian Fangire. Normal logic would indicate that they are hopping vampires but this is WMG.

The Rider following Fourze will be called Kamen Rider Go.
It will fit the numerological motif. And just think of how many puns they could make.
  • Or he can be called GoRider, and he'll have lightning based powers.
    • Jossed; he'll be called Kamen Rider Wizard.
      • Drive did have a secondary rider named Mach whose real name was Go Shijima.
      • Did you predict Kamen Sentai Gorider?

Decade will reappear in the 2019 series.
He will help out the main Rider when he's in a tough spot, à la the summer movie cameos. He will have ten new sets of cards for Double, OOO, Fourze, and the 2012-2018 Riders. Either that or he'll appear in Kamen Rider Gaim.
  • Well, he was a key figure in Kamen Rider Taisen. However, he didn't have any cards for OOO, Fourze, or Kamen Rider Wizard.

The majority of Kamen Riders are actually hosts to Spirits of Vengeance.
It was revealed in Ghost Rider comics that the titular characters are not the only hosts to Spirits of Vengeance which are really heavenly beings that latch onto men and women around the world when they most desire Vengeance or Justice and grant them powers but to hide their status as divine intervention they usually pretend to come from other origins and take different intimidating meme forms based on societal arctypes. Many Kamen Riders are in fact hosts to these spirits.
  • Kamen Rider: Spirits of Vengence came to both Hongo and Ichimonji when they were being converted into cyborgs by Shocker. It was these spirits that allowed them to overcome their brainwashing and become Kamen Riders. Their hellfire powers manifest in their Rider Kicks and Punches that make monsters explode. They along with many other Japanese Spirits of Vengeance took the meme forms of scary dehumanized cyborgs with insectoid motifs.
  • Kamen Rider V3: A Spirit of Vengence came to Shiro when his family was killed but it did not manifest it's powers until it allowed him to be injured and turned into a cyborg by the previous Kamen Riders. His large array of unknown powers not shared with his predecessors are extensions of hellfire. Riderman was not a host to a Spirit of Vengeance.
  • Kamen Rider X: Jin was taken in by a Spirit of Vengeance when his Father and him were almost killed by G.O.D. Due to his fighting underwater his hellfire was instead internalized into the Ridol weapons.
  • Kamen Rider Amazon: Amazon bonded with a Spirit of Vengeance when the Ten Faced Demon killed his village. Due to being isolated from the rest of the world his sense of morality wasn't quite in line with normal society and as such the Hellfire was potentially fatal to him, instead it was focused into purely enhancing his physical prowess. Unlike most other Showa Riders he took on the meme form of a legendary beast from his home in the jungle.
  • Kamen Rider Stronger: With the legacy of the Kamen Riders already in place the insect hero of justice meme was well established by the time Joh Shigeru lost his friend to Black Satan. His hellfire was converted into electrical energy.
  • Kamen Rider: Skyrider: Professor Shido called the spirit of Vengeance into Tsukuba when he was forced to turn him into a cyborg against his will. Since the Spirit didn't choose to bond with him itself his powers are more limited and lack an elemental or weapon based attacks.
  • Kamen Rider Super-1: After Dogma kills the other NASA scientists and astronauts Kazuya's experimental cybernetic space suit is combined with a Spirit of Vengeance which allow him to transform in and out of his Rider form (Did you really believe 'Chi' let him control his cybernetics?), the hellfire manifested in the hand modules.
  • Kamen Rider ZX: After the Badan Empire killed his sister a Spirit of Vengeance game to him. It's hellfire manifested in the absurdly powerful shuriken he wields.
  • Kamen Rider BLACK and Kamen Rider BLACK RX: The Kingstone was another fragment of the meteor from which the Bloodgem was taken from but neither Black Sun nor Shadow Moon were Spirits of Vengeance. Not until the Crisis Empire 'killed' Kotaro Minami at which point a Spirit of Vengeance came to him in the guise of solar radiation. Partially due to the unholy energies of the Kingstone hellfire could not be channelled directly through the new Black RX body and had to be focused through form changes into weapons, a trait that future Kamen Rider Spirits would use.
  • Kamen Rider Shin is not a Spirit of Vengence. Instead he is a gamma mutant.
  • Kamen Rider ZO: Got his powers not in response to the monsters of the series but the mostly well meaning scientist that turned him into a grasshopper mutant. He manages to fight off the Spirit's desires for blood and flees into the woods until Hiroshi is kidnapped by Zoras that he finds an outlet for his powers.
  • Kamen Rider Hibiki: All Oni are undeniably wielding powers of Spirits of Vengeance. We even see one get killed by Danny Ketch in the pages of Ghost Rider itself.
  • Kamen Rider Den-O: The Taros, Teddy and Deneb are not really Imagin as they claim but several different Spirits of Vengeance. Owner is in on this and may even be related to the caretakers but no one ever tells the Riders.
  • Kamen Rider Double: Museum bound memories of Spirits of Vengeance in all of the Rider Drivers to protect the users from the dangerous side effects of Gaia Memory use and to focus the memory into Rider armor instead of a dopant body.

Power Rider will be an adaptation of W
And Sokichi/Skull's counterpart would be none other than the other Skull.
  • Jossed - see the entry for the "Power Rider" WMG.

The Rider after Fourze won't continue the numeral pattern started in Decade.
Well, it is a lot more subtle then the past few years, but it is still there. "Wizard" can alternatively be spelled as "V-Zard," and his belt is shaped like a hand—with five fingers.

This series alternates between science fiction and mystical theme
Starting from Kamen Rider Double with science fiction (with gaia memory shaped into thumb drive), then Kamen Rider OOO with mystical (life coming out from animal-themed coins), the Fourze with science fiction again (space and switches), then Wizard with mystic (direct magic)
  • Gaim was a mix of both themes through the Yggdrasil corporation and Mystical with the Helheim forest, Drive goes back to pure science (The shift car technology and roidmudes), then Kamen rider ghost (ghosts are definitely mystical creatures) and ex-aid is science fiction with it's mixture of video game and medical drama.

An anniversary Kamen Rider series will have different forms based on superpowers from completely different series.
Unlike Decade who transforms into previous riders, this Kamen Rider will have different forms, with each have power from, say, Pretty Cure, Tomica Hero Rescue Fire etc.

An anniversary Kamen Rider's belt will be an emulator of sorts
With an additional attachments, he can use previous items such as Gaia Memories, Core Medals, Astro Switches and Rings.
  • Depending on your point of view, this might be confirmed with Ex-Aid.

There is an A.R. World where it was Stronger who died and Tackle lived and received a power up.

The next Kamen Rider series after Kamen Rider Wizard will celebrate both the 15th anniversary of the Heisei Kamen Rider Era and the 5th anniversary of the 2nd Phase Heisei Kamen Rider Era.
  • And also the titular Rider being the 30th.
    • Jossed, but also confirmed in a way - while Gaim did end up being the 30th Heisei Rider, they don't do anything in-series to celebrate this; however, they did have a crossover between all 30 main riders in the form of Kamen Rider Taisen.

Tackle will, one day, be given the title "Kamen Rider Tackle".

Kamen Rider Gaimu will wear a scarf.
  • Jossed, Gaim didn't wear a scarf.

Power Rider will be Kamen Rider OOO, and he will debut in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
Hear me out on this one. Out of all the Kamen Riders that appear in the Super Hero Taisen film, the only one that the Gokaigers change into specifically was OOO. This would provide-given some creative editing on Saban's part-an excellent platform for Power Rider to debut. He shows up, gives the Super Mega Rangers the "Power Keys," and they use it to defeat the monster of the week. He vanishes soon after, leaving the Rangers wondering who that was. This could lead into his first episodes.
  • Jossed - while OOO actually did have a slight chance of being adapted (all of the pre-Decade series weren't filmed in HD, Decade itself would have required adaptations of the 8 series not named Ryuki, and Double never interacted with the Goseigers/Megaforce Rangers), Saban ended up letting the license lapse. Odds are pretty unlikely this would have happened anyways - while Saban MIGHT have allowed a crossover between Super Megaforce and an OOO adaptation, given the backlash they got for having the beginning of Mighty Morphin Season 3 be a Poorly Disguised Pilot, they probably wouldn't have made the same mistake.

The Showa era Riders weren't pulling out bombastic moves during their transformations for show.
Being cyborgs (with the exception of Amazon and Shin), they had to activate their transformation some way. So, they had motion sensors built in their body that would react to specific gestures for activating their transformation, maybe coupled with audio sensors that would react to the word "henshin". However, some like Black could transform without the poses, but then the following battle would rarely lead to their victory. Maybe that's just some "emergency" transformation they'd trigger should they not have enough time for performing the whole sequence, that would not allow them to use their abilities to their full extent.
  • Confirmed in-show: the belts on Kamen Riders #1, #2, and V3 had wind-powered turbines. The air pressure from riding their motorcycles or leaping into the air were what powered their transformations. One episode from the original series features Takeshi Hongo unable to transform when Shocker traps him in an enclosed space.

The reason the Great Leader was behind so many organization is he makes a Deal with the Devil to help form them.
He's an entity that exists As Long as There is Evil. Whenever someone is desiring to form an evil organization or an organization to pursue morally wrong goals, he revives and assists them in doing so, sometimes by giving them the power to do so or being their leader himself. As for why he's been absent in the Heisei Era, he's since become a shadow leader of Foundation X and is working through it.

A future Kamen Rider season will be based on Japanese eras.
Possibly when Emperor Akihito dies. The main Rider could be based on the new Era's name, with the Second Rider being Kamen Rider Heisei. Others would include Kamen Rider Showa, Kamen Rider Taisho, and Kamen Rider Meiji.

The Kamen Rider series after Drive will feature Kamen Rider 3 as the protagonist.
To celebrate the 45th anniversary.
  • Jossed, the next series is called Kamen Rider Ghost.

The Next Milestone Celebration season will be a Time Travel themed season
Much like Mirai Sentai Timeranger, the Rider would be from the distant future. The Big Bad of the season would travel through time because his ancestor was defeated by a past Kamen Rider, but doesn't know which Rider, so he sends his monsters to different time periods throughout the franchise. The Rider's driver accessories would be clocks, and his forms would would allow him to pause, rewind, fast forward, and slow down time for a brief period.

There will eventually be a Kamen Rider season with a female as the titular protagonist.
She would possibly be a teenager or high school student who discovers or gains the Kamen Rider powers on her Dangerous 16th Birthday.
  • Adding on to that, it will happen on the same year a male cure is officially introduced.

The 28th series will involve Foundation X creating their own Rider
Only for them to go rogue echoing the original series. Furthermore this would tie into the number theme with X=10

Should a "Kamen Rider Gogo"note  ever get made, said rider will use a boat as his means of transportation
  • Sango used a car, and Yongo used a plane. Do the math.

Kamen Rider X will be the next Showa Era series to receive an Amazons style remake
Due to Amazons getting a second season, it's likely that Toei would give other showa era shows the same treatment. The original and V3 technically received this treatment in Kamen Rider The First and Kamen Rider The Next. The titular rider of the third series was absent from those films, and has not shown up in Amazons...yet the Amazons Driver looks very similar to the Ridol. Hmm...

If DiEnd ever receives a second K-Touch card...
  • Given that there has been many more movie-exclusive riders since he received his first K-Touch, doing so would allow Toei to use the suits for those riders more. So, if this were to happen, the following riders for each series would be used, and for the following reasons (feel free to update this as more series get released):
    • Doublenote : Eternal - he fits better with the other movie-exclusive riders than Skull does.
    • OOO: Poseidon - since the OOO summer movie does not contain a movie-exclusive Kamen Rider, they would have to use one from a crossover. Poseidon is from the OOO part of the OOO-Fourze crossover, and is very distinctly associated with OOO.
    • Fourze: Nadeshiko - While not a villainous rider (nor did she ever have an evil doppelganger like Skull did), this is the only movie-exclusive rider Fourze had.
    • Wizard: Sorceror - As Kamen Rider Mage was more along the lines of the Rio Troopers (not linked to one particular user), Sorceror is the most likely choice.
    • Gaim: This one is a hard choice, as there are many different riders that could be used - least likely to be used are Bujin Gaim, Black Baron, and Gaim Yami (the former two are too similar to Ryuga, which was already used on his first K-Touch, and since Yuuki was not included on the first K-Touch card, one could argue that brainwashed evil riders don't fit); most likely choice is Mars, as he was in the summer movie (and unlike Kamuro, was evil)
    • Drive: Dark Drive - From Drive's Summer movie. If they were going to use a "Dark" movie-exclusive Neo-Heisei rider, it would be this one.
    • Ghost: Extremer - The 3 Dark Necroms would not be used for reasons similar to Kamen Rider Mage; and Dark Ghost appeared in the TV series.

The series after Ex-Aid will have a mini-series revolving around Hibiki, much like how Kamen Rider 4 revolved around Faiz, and Kamen Sentai Gorider revolved around Blade
  • Why not? With Ghost being the title that gets the most hate nowadays, fans would probably be okay with seeing Hibiki return in person. Plus, it's not like his actor is super busy these days, so odds are that if Toei was to give him the call, he'd accept.

The series after Kamen Rider Build will have a main female cast who appeared before in Kamen Rider Ghost
  • Continuing the trend of the past 2 series with Poppy & Sawa. Or at least played a role in previous Kamen Rider series. And speaking of Sawa...

Yukari Taki would play a minor supportive role in a future Kamen Rider series
  • Going by the trend she would be a minor ally to the Kamen Rider and tangentially involved in illegal activity that might be of help to the rider. Either that or as a rider fan who's trying to keep track of the rider's activities.