Trivia / Kamen Rider Double

  • Acting for Two:
  • Actor Allusion: Aya Sugimoto, best known as Queen Beryl, appears in The Movie Double Forever: A to Z as a Maria S Cranberry.
    • Shotaro threw an epic one in "J's Labyrinth" when he wants to enter a models-only recreation club - Renn Kiriyama is, in reality, an actor/model.
      Guard: Members only, please. This club is for models only.
      Shotaro: Haha, that's sweet. I'm a model. So, ciao.note 
    • Also in Double Forever, Elizabeth manages to recover the T2 Accel, Key, and Bird Memories, a nod to the fact that her and Queen's actresses are members of the girl group AKB48.
    • Episode 45's first two minutes are devoted to reminding us of Yuka Hirata's previous role by letting her perform her extreme tsun-tsun, extreme dere-dere schtick.
    • Yoshie Gotou, one of the Stage Moms in "The O Chain", actually appeared in Kamen Rider Kiva as the woman who went into sports archery after her own Stage Mom pushed her to learn the violin. Karma's the real bitch here.
    • At one point, Jinno notes that Takeshi would be a nice name. Also, his use of Gratuitous English mirrors his schtick as a Fake American. And the name "Catherine" pops up later... note 
    • Masayuki Deai (Trigger Dopant), though not for one of his own characters. In W Returns: Eternal, he gives the classic BoukenRed "Good job !" and thumbs up.
    • In Begins Night (W's half of Movie Wars 2010) there's this hefty Museum Mook (Giant Mook?) who jumps and attempts a Rider Punch on Soukichi. He's played by Jiro Okamoto, suit actor for Kamen Rider Black.
  • Actor Existence Failure: Minoru Tanaka committed suicide after the film was released.
  • Casting Gag: The boy who Shotaro helps (and teaches the way of being hard-boiled) in the last episode is played by the same actor who played preteen Shotaro in the first episode flashback. He also plays Shotaro again in a small part of Movie War Core in the Skull section.
  • Dawson Casting: Mitsuru Matsuoka was 40 when he played Katsumi, who appears to be in his early to mid-20s based off the information given. Possibly justified since storywise he was growing up using an artificial chemical.
  • Defictionalization: Queen and Elizabeth are played by two members of idol group AKB48, and when they released their joint single "Love♡Wars", the Liar Dopant arc had them appear on an American Idol-esque contest (Fuuuuuutic Idol) performing the song in order to win a major label release.
  • Executive Meddling: Averted; the show's staff said that there was incredible pressure from Toei to make Double's primary color red (which is viewed as a heroic color in Japan, and is the reason the Law of Chromatic Superiority applies not only to several previous Kamen Riders but to Super Sentai as well). They apparently had to fight long and hard to avoid this, and only managed to get black and green as Double's default form by citing Riders 1 and 2 as their inspiration.
  • Fake Nationality: Kazu is played by Korean actor Gong Teyu.
  • Fan Nickname: Shirihiko note  and Nassca, for his butt scenes.
  • Name's the Same: There's a Nasca in the third Sgt. Frog movie. She's also an alterego (real name Miruru), with the ability to sprout wings.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Renn Kiriyama was a fan of Kamen Rider Black as a child.
  • Star-Making Role: It could be argued that Philip was this for Masaki Suda.
  • What Could Have Been: "The O Chain" storyline has Shroud mention CycloneAccel Xtreme, and we even get an Imagine Spot-style image of it, but it doesn't happen and probably never will because it would involve breaking up Shotaro and Philip's partnership as well as fighting with hatred rather than compassion, two things Ryu refuses to do.
    • Though we did get CAX in Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO.
  • Word of God: The series itself is confirmed by the staff to be a homage to the Showa Era, from the little things such as the scarf to the overall feel of the series.