Funny / Kamen Rider Double

  • Anytime Akiko said I didn't heard anything about this.
  • In the credits before Accel joins the cast, catch the brief "fan blade" wipes between how Shotaro imagines his hard-boiled life should be...and how it actually is around the office with Akiko and Philip.
  • Versus the Money Dopant.
    Money: Just how many Gaia Memories do you have?!
    Double (Shotaro): Well, let's see; there one, two—Bah! Never mind that now.
    • Speaking of the Money Dopant, the sound of the Money Gaiamemory is hilarious because of the hammy way the line is read.
    Money GaiaMemory: MONEHH!
    • Shotaro skipping like a schoolgirl when he gets Wakana's autograph.
  • "The Girl... A"
  • "Find The C". Street dancer Dango tries to enter his old school after a Dopant attack has it cordoned by the police—all it takes is Jinno rambling to himself for Dango to slip by him. Then Jinno notices Akiko in the boy's place instead, and what's his first reaction?
    Jinno: "Amazing! A high-school boy turned into a middle-school girl!"
    [Cue well-earned Dope Slap.]
    • There's also the bus scene. Philip and Akiko are pursuing Dango onto a bus. But then Philip tells Akiko to keep track of him. Why? Philip points down, to the Double Driver on his person. In a public bus.
  • "The F Afterglow". Philip "taking over" as Double to keep things diplomatic with Jin-san—even as Shotaro wants to clock him for his flip-flopping opinion of Double..
    • Happens again in "Farewell, N!", Shotaro was mad as hell that Akiko didn't catch his falling body as Double went FangJoker, but Phillip grabs Shotaro's hand and forces it down before they get to kicking the Bird Dopant's ass.
  • "Farewell, N!". The Barber Shop. Oh, tropes, the barber shop.
    • Shotaro and Akiko's attempt at funny faces...are actually funny!
    Shotaro: The Daruma doll's face... When it fell over. And when you weren't looking... it turned into a bobblehead Daruma!
    Akiko: What're you talking about... Check it out, I'm Mamiya Rinzo!
  • "The T That Came Back". Akiko doesn't just do a Dope Slap on Makura, she does a ROUNDHOUSE Slipper Slap.
  • Any scene that results in Shotaro look at something and then screaming. As in, really loudly.
  • "Philip is a girl... Philip is a girl and I'm a boy... but Philip is a boy and yet I'm the boy..."
  • From The I Doesn't Stop / His Name is Accel, we have what Ryu comes across when he goes to tell Philip to do a lookup. Philip is wearing a St. Bernard costume, while listening to Healing Princess. Shotaro is...pretty mortified.
    • The same episode is also not only the debut of the secondary Rider, but his motorcycle. Specifically, he is the motorcycle. It's funnier than it sounds on paper.
  • "The Two of us are a single Kamen Singer!" Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome when they get into it by singing one of the main battle themes.
    • Shoutarou first reaction when seeing Philips the second time, was volunteering to sing, with the former. Shoutarou stood but try to excuse himself by covering his eyes with a headphone.That did not work at all. Not only that, Makki despite not liking Shoutarou on stage, actually likes it. Don't forget the part where Shoutarou's mask came off during the live footage.
    • That particular arc got in several good ones. Two notable moments are the reveal of just how epically Jimmy fails at music, and Shotaro commented that he is embarrassed while chasing Jimmy across a beach during the sunset, complete with slow-mo, relaxing music, flying doves, and Lampshade Hanging.
      • The city people's duck-and-cover reactions before said singing starts is both this and a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment now.
  • #25 has a living doll that is supposed to be a Nightmare Fuel, but the fact the episode goes around Akiko and the doll is intentionally animated poorly, as well as attacking in the stupidest manners, turns it into a Nightmare Retardant.
  • "The D was Seen". "Hey... When we do this, you have to say 'Rider Twin Maximum'."
    • Special mention should go to Terui going on a Shotaro-like shout after being kissed by Lily Shirogane for the first time. Hey, anytime The Comically Serious breaks loose should count.
    • Also from that serial, Philip punching Ryu in the face before helping him up, calling back to when Shotaro did the same to him back in "The W Search".
  • "The Nightmarish H", when the Double Driver inexplicably uses wooden tablets instead of USB drives to transform. Also a CMoA when kabuki face painting appears on Shotaro's face.
    Double Driver: Shippuu! Kirifuda!
    • Which is part of a dream sequence. In the subsequent episode, Akiko is dreaming, and she transforms into Double herself. Hilarity Ensues
    • Also, in the beginning of the story arc, Ryu had a dream of his little sister's marriage......... To Mikio.
    • And yet another in the story arc, the Nightmare Dopant turns the Hard Boilder in Shotaro's dream into a bicycle.
    • Akiko stayed all night watching Edo period drama. Shotaro comments how boring Edo Period story was and will sleep within 5 minutes after watching. When he started watching the interest get over him and he continue watching. He realised its already morning after Akiko dope slap him and when the rooster crowing in the meaning.
    • While the conversation was serious, it was rather funny to see Philip and Shoutarou transforming into W.... while sleeping!
  • In "The Likelihood of the G", the Gene Dopant has an...inventive way of disarming Shotaro.
    Phillip:Calm down, Shotaro.
    Shotaro:But my hand is a COW!
    • Before that, Gene Dopant splash some water at the incoming W Heat Joker. Shoutarou's first action when successfully approached him? smacked Gene Dopant's head while scolding like a parent/teacher before strangling the MOTW's neck with his right fiery hand
  • It is normal for a movie to take 1 to 2 hours to finish. That also includes with having a sequel or so. But 7 hours 20 minutes for a very boring movie and yet unfinished? Nope. Thats really vexing for the sane Shotaro but not Akiko.
    • Ryu's reaction to being ordered to kiss Ai to get a reaction from Toru.
      Akiko: We're changing the next scene to a kiss between Jessica and the scarecrow.
      Ryu: * horrified* What?!
      Akiko: We need to see if we get a reaction from Toru-kun and how he feels about Ai-san.
      Ryu: I'm pretty sure the director said he wasn't romantically interested in her.
      Akiko: That's what guys always say when they're in love! Now, make a break through! * beeps from Trial form appear* Like...boom! Smooch the heck out of her!
      Ryu: Despair is waiting for me at the finish line. * runs like hell*
    • At the end of this arc, Ryu went back to the Narumi Detective Agency, apologizing to Akiko for running away like this a while ago. With the gravitas of someone about to commit seppuku, he laid down a catalog of rom-com DVDs and declared that:
      Ryu: Do not question me! I've made my decision, Aki-P! I can't forgive myself for running back then. I've done my research. I will accept any kiss scene! This time I'll shake it off! No... (grabbing Akiko while beeps from Trial Form sound off again) Please let me shake it...
    • Akiko then tries to shake him off, Shotaro attempting to assist, but the Ryu just grabs HIM, then we cut to Phillip with a comical kiss sound effect.
Out of Canon Moments
  • From the Kamen Rider arcade game Ganbaride, just three words: Joker Big Slipper.
  • In the Gaia Memory Encyclopedia special (created because the Hyper Battle Video, which usually discussed various aspects of the series, forgot to do just that) Philip suddenly has Laser-Guided Amnesia and forgets everything related to Gaia Memories, leaving it up to Shotaro to help him recall what they. Then they get to the Trigger Memory.
    Philip: I remember, Shotaro!
    Shotaro: Really?!
    Philip: It's really fun to press it a bunch of times! Look!
    • In general, Philip seems to take great joy in dicking around with the Gaia Memories.
  • Speaking of the Hyper Battle Video, Ryu using the Engine Blade to cut broccoli.
    • And Shotaro taking his "hard-boiled" shtick to its logical conclusion. Let's just say it's not so applicable in practice.
  • The last of the Hardboiled Delusion Diaries involves Akiko, Ryu and Phillip wondering what it would be like if they were all "hard boiled" - which basically amounts to them doing their best Shotaro impression. That's just the half of it - there's also the fact that Renn Kiriyama (the real Shotaro) is trying his darndest not to laugh.
    • There's also Terror casually tossing Philip, Ryu, and Akiko into his terror pool all the while laughing maniacally while constantly having to push back up his giant headpiece, all the while Ryu and Philip switch roles and Akiko acts as Shotaro, hilariously bad acting ensues mainly because it's a delusion.
      • On the subject of Terror, when he appears his head is tilted back so he has to pull it back up, he casually tosses the Terror Memory away and then tosses the obviously stuffed Mick away.
      • Not only that, but when Terror makes his entrance, he writes an Evil Laugh on Philip's blackboard. In at least three different alphabets.
    • The Hardboiled Delusion Diary about Akiko as Shotaro's little sister is pretty funny, too. Especially when their father, Shinkuro Isaka shows up in his Dopant form.
    • Going further back, one is about Shotaro imagining what it would be like if he was a cop, and Ryu was a detective. We see that the agency is calmer and better with Ryu in charge, but we haven't at this point seen how Shotaro's life as a cop is. And we never do, because Shotaro has imagined himself as Santa-chan instead. And he tries to save face by giving them a gift, only to instead produce a pistol from his sack. And then, the Bird Dopant shows up as a cop, tries to arrest "Santaro-chan," and gets shot and dies, with Akiko, Philip and Ryu mourning the death of "Officer Bird."
  • In the Double Forever movie:
    Double (Shotaro): Now, count up your crimes!
    Eternal: There are too many to count!note 
    • From earlier in W Forever - once Shotaro gets to Futo Tower, Gozo whacks him with his bo, then he flexes with an accompanying cobra hiss. What does Shotaro do?He mock-flexes as well with a hiss of his own!Bonus points for "Come on, MACHO MAN!"
  • Everyone is arguing over each other for the final Gaia Memory. If you stop at one scene, there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus of some people arguing over a jump drive.
  • In Movie War Megamax you have the entire scene where Shotaro meets Gentaro, and if it weren't for Eiji those two would've shouted for the rest of the movie.
    • More specifically, Shotaro's initial reaction to Gentaro is thinking that he's obnoxious, and Philip snarks that the two are peas in a pod. Shotaro's offended until Gentaro says that he's out to beat the villain who made his friends cry, and Shotaro does a 180 and calls Gentaro a good kid, and the two shout "RIGHT ON!" "YES SIR!" at each other ad infinitum until Eiji interrupts (and watching closely you can see Philip trying very hard not to laugh in the background).
  • Meta Moment: After the Final Live Show, the actors are getting introduced on stage for the talk show. When Gong Teyu, Jun's actor, makes his way on stage, after posing for the audience, he drops his briefase before continuing over to his seat. Masaki Suda (Philip) picks it up and gives it back, much to the amusement of the rest of the cast.