Trivia: Kamen Rider Agito

  • Older Than They Think: While Tackle's status as a Kamen Rider continues to be debated upon, Femme is not the first female to be shown transforming into an undeniable Kamen Rider form, and Shuki isn't the first female Rider either on TV. Both of those honors go to Yukina Sawaki, Shouichi's older sister and the first Agito, who is even shown in a flashback to (unwillingly and painfully) transform into Agito Ground Form. While she did not become an active Rider like her brother or her more well known successors did, this is still an undeniable case of the first female Kamen Rider, at least within the Heisei Era
  • Prop Recycling: The V1 System is composed of Solbraver's helmet, Jiban's body (With G3-X's chestplates, just so it's not too obvious), Tryjacket legs, and a BM-01 Dictator for a gun. All painted metallic silver.
  • Breakout Role: The is Seiji Takaiwa's aka Mr. Kamen Rider's first stint as a Suit Actor for Kamen Rider. Since then, he's played EVERY single primary Rider except for Hibiki, with over 14 Heisei Riders under his belt (or rather their belts).