Trivia: Kamen Rider G

  • The Danza: Goro Inagaki as Goro, the titular hero.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!
    • One of the Shade agents is Kenji Matsuda, a.k.a Zanki and Garuru.
    • The two guys that get thrown off the balcony at the beginning are played by Kazutoshi Yokoyama and Eitoku. Both are experienced suit actors (Eitoku being the primary Secondary Rider suit actor from Den-O onwards), and Yokoyama later portrayed Tatsugami in Fourze.
  • Production Posse: An official SMAP-sanctioned outing, it stars band member Goro Inagaki and his real-life girlfriend Yumiko Shaku. Fellow member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi appears on a poster.