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YMMV: Godzilla

Japanese Films or Franchise related YMMV:

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Godzilla is all over the place with Anti-Hero tropes, sometimes he has no character and is merely a symbolic metaphor. For those incarnations where he clearly demonstrates intelligence, it often begs many-a-question. Is the monster is being intentionally destructive out of primal savageness? Or just a tragic being that is too big and too powerful to ever peacefully co-exist with other life-forms?
  • Anvilicious: Godzilla vs. Hedorah is a high contender.
  • Archive Panic: As of this writing, Toho Studios has released a total of twenty-eight full-length films starring the Big Guy. If you decided to binge-watch them all at once, it would take you about two days to watch them all (assuming you didn't stop to eat and sleep). If you decided to throw in the American remakes, plus Toho's sixteen other Kaiju movies in the Godzillaverse note  the whole marathon would take roughly four days. And let's not even get started on Expanded Universe material, such as comic and video game tie-ins, and the two cartoon series.
    • Let's not forget the multitude of alternate dubs and versions to choose from.
  • Badass Decay: Well, design wise, compare the fierce Rodan design in the original film to the goofier one in Monster Zero.
    • King Ghidorah in Godzilla vs Gigan is often seen as this.
    • Zilla. One of the main reasons he is viewed so negatively by the fans.
      • Averted in Zilla Junior's case, when fans consider him the best incaration.
    • Weirdly averted by Godzilla himself: the more he ceased being a true monster, the more he moved into Crazy Awesome.
  • Base Breaker:
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Some consider the entire film of Godzilla vs Hedorah to be this, peaks with the flying scene. Also the talking scene in Godzilla vs. Gigan.
    • Godzilla's Revenge, which takes place entirely in a boy's imagination, and has Minilla facing a bully and interacting with the boy (complete with goofy "hyuk-hyuk" voice).
    • How about the weird hippie couple in GMK, seen just before Godzilla enters Yokohama?
    • Maguma's entire appearance in Gorath. So much so he was cut from the American dub entirely.
    • Godzilla's bodyslam in Godzilla VS. Megaguirus is this, too. As is his dropkick in Godzilla VS. Megalon and the time he took to the skies and flew in Godzilla VS. Hedorah is a commonly-cited BLAM to many Godzilla fans.
  • Broken Base: The upcoming 2014 game being produced by Namco Bandai has only been announced for a release on Playstation 3 so far, which doesn't sit well with fans who want to see a multi-console release.
    • Fans that often argue toward one another on whether Godzilla's Revenge, Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla, the 1998 American remake, or Godzilla Final Wars is the worst Godzilla movie ever for various reasons. Said reasons include excessive stock footage (Revenge), bad music (Space Godzilla), adaption rape (remake and Final Wars), lackluster action (Revenge and Final Wars), ripping off ideas from other movies (remake and Final Wars), bland story and/or characters (all of them), bad dubbing even worse than usual (Revenge and Space Godzilla), bad updated appearances or the monsters themselves be them new or old (Revenge, remake, and Final Wars).
  • Complete Monster: Has its own page.
  • Contested Sequel: Godzilla Final Wars. It's not uncommon to find completely polarizing opinions on this film from many fans to the point that it's mentioned as one of the best entries in the series as much as it is mentioned as one of the worst.
    • The relatively short fight scenes and overabundance of monsters irritated fans who wanted longer fights and more screen time for their favorite characters. It didn't help that most of them were quickly killed off or beaten by Godzilla.
    • The emphasis on fighting over story
    • Arguably, what made Godzilla Final Wars especially polarizing was it's heavy focus on the human characters engaged in kung fu fighting with aliens. Some see it as a nice departure from boring character exposition segments. Others see the emphasis on humans fighting to be distracting and cliched.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Godzilla has a lot of these! His dynamic entrance in Terror of Mechagodzilla, to shooting a blast down Biollante's throat!
    • After watching Godzilla demolish every other opponent in his way, watching Monster X give him a good fight and Keizer Ghidorah utterly thrash him is pretty awesome.
    • In Mothra vs. Godzilla, and again in Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., despite being old, on the edge of death, and being very frail, Mothra agrees to battle freakin' Godzilla and gave everything she could to try to stop him, resulting in her tearjerking death. Also see Visual Effects of Awesome.
    • See page.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: With a robust roster of monsters, there are many of these, and nearly every monster is a fan favorite in certain sectors. However, probably the best two examples would be Anguirus, particularly for American fans, and Baragon, particularly for Japanese fans.
    • Despite only appearing in the first movie (and, even there, having limited screentime) Dr. Daisuke Serizawa is easily the most famous human character in the series.
    • Megalon. Despite appearing in one movie, he is one of the easiest monsters to play in the Godzilla games. Easy to use in combat and great for beginners no matter which system you're playing.
    • Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus both have very devoted followings with frequent overlap.
    • Despite being scrapped, the Rat/Fish monster Deutalios is popular due to the Toho Kingdom toons.
    • Bagan. You can read about it in What Could Have Been.
    • Mechagodzilla proving to finally give a serious threat to the series after a long period of goofiness made it one of these, enough so to return for another film and return in every subsequent movie series. Outside of King Ghidorah, it's arguably Godzilla's most well known enemy.
    • Biollante and Destoroyah both proved very popular despite only appearing in one movie.
    • Mothra was incredibly popular amongst fans of both genders, and still is today.
    • King Shisha/Caesar is incredibly popular, despite only having one major role.
    • King Ghidorah, for being Godzilla's arch enemy and looking cool.
    • Jet Jaguar, despite being an Expy of Ultraman, is still very popular among the fans, having lots of fanart and videos dedicated to him. And of course there's his song: PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH!
    • Gigan managed to gain a following even though the films he appeared in are considered to some of the lowest points of the frachise.
    • Godzilla himself, considering he's the Trope Namer for Just Here for Godzilla.
  • Fandom Berserk Button:
    • Some hardcore fans really hate it when the big guy is called Godzilla, rather than his original Japanese name Gojira.
    • In an inverse to criticizing the original film (see Fandom Heresy below) praising the infamous 1998 American remake is a very easy way to piss off a Godzilla fan, especially if it's a diehard fan. Curiously, this does not apply to the cartoon series based off the remake, which has gained fairly good reception from fans, even from those who hated the remake (including Godzillas Japanese audience and Toho themselves, who both disparaged the remake), due in part to it trying to follow the series roots more closely.
      • Praising it as better than the original is a pretty damn skippy way to end up pissing off plenty of fans. Saying it's a decent monster movie is a lot more acceptable.
  • Fandom Heresy: Criticizing the original film. No matter what your opinion of all the other films are, you're asking for an ass-kicking if you insult the original on any forum.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Godzilla/Mothra. Yes, people ship it. Probably because of the "The Hero x The Chick" dynamic that's very common in Five Man Bands
  • Hilarious in Hindsight / Name's the Same: There is now an offical (albeit dubious) Gojirasaurus in real life, although it and the beast from the film look nothing alike, beyond both being theropod dinosaurs.
  • Ho Yay: Godzilla and Anguirus's friendship is sometimes looked at in this light.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Naturally, the monster known as "Frankenstein" is only referred to as such for most of the film.
    • Thanks to a TNT music video, people used to think Gabara is Baragon thanks to a mislabel.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Godzilla, at his gentler moments... which happen to be rare.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Wait, there's more to these films than just watching Godzilla destroy cities and fight monsters? It's the Trope Namer for a reason.
  • Love to Hate: Ghidorah, Destoroyah, and Gigan all get this treatment.
  • Mainstream Obscurity: Everyone has heard of Godzilla, but few people have actually seen many of the movies or know much about them.
  • Memetic Mutation: In the six decades since the original movie's release, the suffix "-zilla" has entered common English parlance as a tongue-in-cheek way of describing something abnormally large or powerful (e.g. "Bridezilla" or "Momzilla"). Godzilla is iconic enough that people will always know what you mean.
  • Most Wonderful Sound/Hell Is That Noise: Godzilla's trademark roar. It was originally created by coating a leather glove in resin and dragging it down the strings of a double bass.
  • MST3K Mantra: It's just best not to think too hard about a film series that stars giant radioactive dinosaurs, three-headed cyborg dragons, giant butterflies, giant cyborg monsters from outer space, etc.
  • Only The Creator Does It Right: Many people find any of the movies not directed by Ishiro Honda to be inferior.
  • Popularity Polynomial: After 2004, it seems Godzilla all but disappeared from the public eye. But once trailers and footages from the 2014 reboot, fans came back, memes surrounding the movie have started popping up around the internet, and even the general public is becoming interested in the character again.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • It's been a slow process, but Zilla (aka American!Godzilla, aka GINO) has been gradually redeemed in the eyes of the fandom. The animated series featuring his more Godzilla-like son (with Zilla as an undead, robotic antagonist) helped, as did his brief appearance in Final Wars, where he received a beating from the original Godzilla. It's in the IDW comic Rulers of Earth however, that Zilla reached his final redemption, taking a huge level in badass and holding his own, however briefly, with the real Godzilla, with the fandom universally acknowledging it as a great moment for both combatants.
    • Baby Godzilla and Godzilla Junior showed that Godzilla having a son wasn't a bad idea if executed right.
    • In recent years with the original version of Gojira becoming better known in the States there has been a backlash against King of The Monsters. However numerous historians have pointed out that Godzilla would not be so well known if not for King of The Monsters. Even Raymond Burr as been redeemed somewhat in fan's eyes when it was revealed he refused the comical lines and played his reprisal in Godzilla1985 with dignity.
    • Jet Jaguar being able to show off lightning brusier skills and agility against mighty glaciers in various video games and the IDW comic has redeemed it.
  • Sacred Cow: As noted above, it's widely agreed that the original film is a masterpiece and criticizing it is rare at best. Even people who hate Godzilla movies tend to agree that it's good.
  • So Bad, It's Good: While this designation applies to much of the franchise, the films in the seventies are particular prone to falling under this sort of designation with plots, monsters, and dialogue that is outlandish even by the regular standards of the series.
  • Special Effects Failure: Fairly common among many of the movies, although surely the worst are Godzilla's Revenge, Godzilla vs Gigan, and Godzilla vs Megalon, which all include a hefty amount of stock footage.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: YMMV a great deal of course, but the most commonly cited would be Destroy All Monsters over Godzilla vs the Sea Monster and Son of Godzilla, Terror of Mechagodzilla over all of the other 70's films, with a tiny window of Hedorah over Revenge, and 2001's GMK over Godzilla 2000 and Godzilla vs Megaguirus. Many fans would also say this for War of the Gargantuas, which is a cult favorite over it's much more forgotten predecessor, Frankenstein Conquers the World.
  • Tear Jerker: Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. That is all.
    • There is also this, a funeral for the King of Monsters done shortly after the film was done. It was so big that CNN covered it.
    • The 1954 original has a couple: The chorus of girls singing for peace after Godzilla levels Tokyo, and the end, with Godzilla's death and Dr. Serizawa's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic/Rooting for the Empire: Shusuke Kaneko had stated in interviews that the GMK Godzilla is supposed to be pure evil. 'Course, since we are talking about Godzilla, he gets more praise than the "heroic monsters" in the film (IE: Mothra, Baragon and Ghidorah.)
  • Vindicated by History: Terror Of Mechagodzilla had the weakest performance of the Showa era, but today is a fan favorite and is often seen by many fans as the best of the 70's Godzilla films.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: There are many instances, and YMMV a lot as usual, although the battle between Godzilla and the adult Mothra in the 1964 Mothra vs Godzilla is a timeless fan-favorite, and usually seen as one of Tsuburaya's crowning achievements.
  • What Do You Mean It Wasnt Madeon Drugs?: Godzilla vs Hedorah has several moments that can provok this response, but by far the most infamous is when Godzilla uses his Breath Weapon to propel himself into the air. It's every bit as surreal as it sounds.

Video Game-related YMMV:

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