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YMMV: Fear Street
  • Creator's Pet: A surprising case of Tropes Are Not Bad. R.L. Stine has said a few times that Reva Dalby of the ''Silent Night" books is something of a personal favorite since she's great fun to write. Of course, since she's supposed to be obnoxiously mean instead of unfailingly pure, and Stine writes her accordingly (since that's the reason he likes her,) it works and fans Love to Hate her, too.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: From Dance of Death, the way Madeline Simms feigned falling under Justin Fear's powers of persuasion. The moment he got close enough, she slashed him across the face and cut his eyes open, effectively undoing his century of youth and causing him to rapidly decay and die.
  • Designated Hero: Trisha Conrad is a self-centered Alpha Bitch who is presented as a Lovable Alpha Bitch even though she cheats on her boyfriend with her best friend's boyfriend, and then engages in an elaborate prank against the latter for cheating on her, even though she herself has no problem dating boys that she knows other girls are going out with. And she somehow manages to survive the whole series.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Dana Palmer from the Seniors. A slight Beta Bitch in the books that didn't have her as the main character, she had the unfortunate luck to discover Danielle Cortez's corpse on the first day of school, and throughout the years watches as most of the cheerleading squad is picked off, and also loses her twin sister.
  • Les Yay: The girls comforting each other in the locker room in Cheerleaders: The First Evil, and the friendship between Stacy Malcolm and Mary O'Connor from Seniors. Stacy was visibly angry that people were defending Trisha Conrad for going out with Gary Fresno even though everyone knew Gary was dating Mary first.
  • Narm: Plenty of moments.
    • From The Thirst: "GOOOOOOD DOGGGGG!!"
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: A small, coastal town in the northern US built around a lumber mill with more than its fair share of secrets, including both real and supernatural evil, largely centered on the sordid lives of teenagers. It also features a queen bee whose father owns a department store named after himself and has a recurring fire motif. Now, am I describing Shadyside or Twin Peaks?
  • Tear Jerker: The second half of the first book in the 99 Fear Street: The House of Evil trilogy. It's the scene where Cally Fraiser is reading a picture book to her nine year old brother, James. Basically, James suffers a great deal of emotional stress due to the house. His dog, Cubby, goes missing a few days after receiving him, and the house taunts him by letting the dog's barking be heard CONSTANTLY throughout the halls, always making it seem like it's in the next room, only for them to arrive in said room and the barking shifts to another area of the house. He's also had to watch his parents suffer an equal amount of stress caused by the house. Cally notes that her brother has regressed to the emotional state of a baby, fearful of everything, when he asks her to read him a picture book he stopped reading years ago. Cally does indeed read the book to him, and wishes him goodnight, on the verge of tears from seeing her little brother in this state. And then the house takes James in the same way it did his dog. His family can hear James crying for his parents to help him, but they can't find him. It isn't until the next book that James and Cubby, or rather, their corpses, are discovered by the new residents of the house. At least the house hadn't turned him into a vengeful ghost as it did his sister, Cally, who also died in the first book.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Many.
    • The Cheater finds the rich characters all being painted in a sympathetic light - even cheater Carter and her killer boyfriend, Dan; the poor guy, Adam, is a creepy, abusive blackmailer and winds up dead. His equally-poor girlfriend is also a blackmailer and is portrayed as a jealous, contemptuous extortionist.
    • The entire subplot of Ty Sullivan's womanizing in Fear Street Seniors and the messed up love triangle between Gary Fresno and Trisha Conrad. Trisha has dated Gary while he was still with Mary O'Connor, and then began cheating on Gary with Ty Sullivan even though she knew Ty was with Jennifer Fear, one of her best friends, and Greta Bradley. Yet Trisha still participated in the Amy prank alongside Marla Newman and Phoebe Yamura even though she is the least sympathetic of the three. The only people who really call Trisha on her actions are Gary, who is far from innocent, and Stacy Malcolm, Mary O'Connor's best friend who gets vilified for being against Trisha.
    • Debra Lake vilifies Mira Block simply because she goes out with a lot of guys. Her distrust of Mira turns out to be justified when it's revealed Mira killed Clarissa Turner's older sister Justine, then Debra, and attempted to kill Clarissa and her adopted brother Aaron. Why? So she could get Clarissa's boyfriend Will Reynolds.
  • The Woobie: Hope Mathis from Fear Hall. Growing up, her mother would constantly deride her for her weight. In one instance, when Hope had friends over for ice cream, her mom made her eat all the ice cream in the bowls, then forced her face into the carton. Right in front of her guests. She gave her the nickname "Buttertubs", which is how she addressed letters to Hope when she went to camp. In high school it got worse, she actually handcuffed herself to Hope to stop her from seeing a boy. Is it any wonder she snapped and developed four split personalities as a way to cope?
    • Holly Flynn in Lights Out.
    • Phoebe Yamura from Seniors books, especially considering she lives throughout the whole series only to be killed in the final volume rather unceremoniously.
    • Jennifer Fear is another Woobie from the Seniors books. Her entire childhood she was ostracized by the other kids because of her last name, and even in high school people still give her shit. In The Gift she's used as The Scapegoat for the vengeful spirit of one of her ancestors, and everyone thinks she's trying to kill her Jerkass ex-boyfriend Ty Sullivan, leading up to Greta Bradley dying at her New Year's party and thinking she might have done it. Jennifer later finds out she's not an actual Fear since her grandfather only took the name when he arrived at Shadyside because of the influence it carried, meaning she's gone through all this bullying and torment for nothing. She has a falling out with her dad for lying to her, never finds out her so-called best friend Trisha Conrad was seeing Ty while he was still dating Jennifer, and come prom time accidentally conjures up a homicidal date via a magic charm, and said date kills Gary Fresno.
    • There are a lot of these in Fear Street Sagas, especially if the person is a Fier/Fear relative who has never done anything cruel or vicious but still dies because they're linked to such a cursed family. Examples include Constance Fier, Mary Fier, Jane Fier, Abigail Fier, Garrett Malbourne/ Timothy Fier, Justin Fear's four wives, Dora Mae Fier, Sarah/Jane Fear, Trevor/ Richard Fier, and Margaret Fier. Then we have Susannah Goode and her mother, Nora Goode, and Nicholas Fear's first love Rosalyn.

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