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YMMV: Crossed
  • Bile Fascination: A driving force of the appeal of the series, although quite a few people are still turned away from it.
  • Complete Monster: Addy Pratt's father Joseph has been raping his younger daughters for what may have been ''years'' as "Family Values" starts. He has enough leadership and charisma to keep a very large group of survivors together in the months after the emergence of the Crossed, but he does so through turning the settlement into a religious cult with himself as its messiah.
    • Steve from "Badlands" is shown to have been sadistic, ruthless and sociopathic long before the Crossed outbreak, as demonstrated by her treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and her abandonment of people who trusted her after the outbreak. While she's implied to have a Freudian Excuse and seemingly mellows out during her travels with her companions, she proves herself a monster when she shoots Greg in the kneecap to leave him for the Crossed and willingly infects herself at the end.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Though the comic is undeniably visceral and horrifying, the entire concept of Horsecock is pretty funny in a dark sort of way.
    • The scene where the Crossed sing "We Could Have Been Anything" from Bugsy Malone.
    • The possible fate of the British Royal Family as told by a heavily scarred man claiming to be Prince Harry. When the pandemic started, he and Prince Charles were bundled into a helicopter by their bodyguards and flown to Balmoral for safety...only for the crossed to swarm the helicopter the moment it landed. The last thing "Harry" claimed to see before he ran for it, was an infected Queen Elizabeth II chewing Prince Charles's bollocks off while still alive.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: As the comics progress, each new arc trying to top the last one in terms of shock value, it becomes increasingly difficult to care about all the blood, guts and absurdly over-the-top violence. For instance, the scene in the first series where the Crossed simultaneously gang-rape and mutilate a family was considered unbelievably horrific when it was released. Such a scene wouldn't even raise an eyebrow anymore.
    • On top of that, its hard to care about the characters when you know the vast majority of them will die or become Crossed. This series puts The Walking Dead to shame with its willingness to kill off characters.
  • Memetic Mutation: HORSECOCK!
  • Moral Event Horizon: In Wish You Were Here, Shaky shoots a child that has become Crossed after extorting a promise from Rab to put him into the expedition to the mainland in return for saving his life. It's implied that Shaky unlocked the door that held the child on purpose in order to engineer the situation. Shaky wanted to be in the expedition in order to stave off his ennui and find a reason to live again.
    • And it turns out that he crossed the Moral Event Horizon long before that, when he abandoned Ashoke to his fate while Aoileann was asleep, due to him being a hindrance. This eventually led to him becoming the Trashbag Mummy.
    • Don crosses his in Volume 3, Chapter 18 of WYWH when he points his gun at the driftfleet baby's head.
  • Nightmare Fuel: If the Gorn doesn't get to you, the relentless bleakness and what people do to survive will.
    • In the last volume 1 chapter of Wish You Were Here, Shaky makes the unsettling discovery that Sister Theresa (real name Aoileann), an Irish nun he once loved, is now a Crossed, but with an X on her face instead of a cross. While very little has been revealed about her nature, it has been shown that she appears smart enough or vicious enough to make the regular Crossed subservient to her and slightly afraid of her.
      • Kinda averted. Turns out that the x on her face was cut into her by the Gameskeeper while he raped her. But WMG wise, it's hinted that while she is infected, she's immune to the more... hostile tendencaces you'd expect from a Crossed and now is just outright insane. but then again, just WMG.
  • Smug Snake: Don, one of Cava's two "leaders" in WYWH. Though competent in some matters, he is supremely arrogant and is more often than not ignored by the other Cavaites. Shaky refers to him as a "poison dwarf" and "sly, string-pulling, venomous little politico."
    • Alistair, Gordon Brown's political advisor in "Thin Red Line." Constantly tries to manipulate his boss for his own ends (with Harry implying that Alistair is trying to ingratiate himself with Tony Blair so that he can join his team instead), is openly contemptful of him behind his back, looks down on Harry and engineers Gordon Brown's arrival at the government facility where Patient Zero is being kept, thereby causing John Duff's entire security team to become infected/killed.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Having Harold make an appearance in the final issue of the third arc had tons of potential, but his role is limited to convincing Edmund to have sex with the dead body of Nicole for no reason other than to set up a requisite Downer Ending to the story.
  • What an Idiot: Yes Edmund, blurt out the fact that you killed Nicole and had sex with her corpse to Donna, tell the whole biker gang you did it, while you're at it. That'll work out swimmingly.
    • For that matter, why did he even have sex with her corpse in the first place? Harold flat-out admits that it had nothing to do with hiding her body.
    • Because he was understandably screwed up after shooting Nicole by mistake, in addition to all the other traumatic events he had experienced.
    • In the final issue of the fourth Badlands arc, the Crossed have to get across a wide river to reach the survivors at Samarkand. They solve this problem by driving several cars and trucks into the river, eventually forming a bridge through the waters. This means they'll be walking in a line, two or three wide at the most, across an unsteady surface with dangerous waters on either side, and survivors armed with assault rifles and plenty of ammunition who can easily pick them off one by one ahead of them, with each fallen infected making their bridge even more slippery and difficult to traverse. The survivors response is to immediately declare the situation hopeless and run back to the house.
      • Ultimately, Welles' people at Samarkand were just heavily-armed amateurs, with virtually no concept of tactics or strategy whatsoever. If someone like Lorna the policewoman had been there to direct them, they would have repelled the Crossed easily. On the other hand, the storyline demonstrates that the atmosphere in Samarkand was poisonous and corrupt to begin with due to Welles' malign influence, they would have been destroyed sooner or later. Hell, Clooney and his finger was itself a ticking timebomb.
    • Alistair from the "Thin Red Line" arc. Not only is he an incompetent aide to Gordon Brown but his idiocy and cowardice results in Brown's bodyguards being infected by an early strain of the Crossed virus. He follows this up by constantly and obsessively insulting and belittling Harry and his team even though they obviously want to kick the shit out of him for his actions. His crowning moment of idiocy, however, is his single-minded obsession with having Patient Zero, the ONLY person in the entire franchise to successfully resist the Crossed virus (and thus possibly the biggest hope humanity ever had to find a cure) whom is only resisting it's effects by the skin of his teeth and sheer willpower, tortured for non-existent information as to what started the epidemic. This however comes back to bite him in the ass in the most horrible and literal way imaginable.

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