Awesome: Crossed

  • Cindy and Stan taking down the remnants of Horsecock's group in the last issue of the original series.
  • Harry, Paddy, Taff and Jock wiping out a group of Crossed before they can butcher Father Dennis and the children in The Fatal Englishman.
  • Aoileann disarming the Gamekeeper with only words in Volume 2, Chapter 20 of Wish You Were Here, turning him into a cringing little boy.
    Aoileann (to the Gamekeeper): "You stop that right this instant, you silly little man."
  • Jackson killing Don with a thrown knife and thwarting the Cavaites' invasion of the driftfleet in WYWH.
  • Anytime a cover depicts the survivors turning the tables on the Crossed. Humanity may be fucked, but covers like these let you know they (among other species) certainly are going out swingin'.
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