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    General Guesses 
Linkara has feelings for MarzGurl.
  • Here's the evidence that I have so far gathered:
  1. In the Uncanny X-Men #424 Previously On segment, Linkara is devastated that Marzgurl has broken up with him.
    Linkara: But Marzgurl,I thought you loved me!
    Marzgurl: Believe me, baby, I do... but I love Stalin more! (cue Evil Laugh)
  2. Then after that, in Daredevil #306, Linkara and Marzgurl must have gotten back together, for he was breaking up with her. (But he probably got back together again, or they want to get back together again... * Cough* )
  3. He gets pretty Papa Wolfish of her. He did the Cool World review with her when she was still trying to find her niche, and defended her against her haters.
  4. In that review, it seemed like Marzgurl got pretty jealous when Linkara was leering at Holly.
  5. In the 1st year Anniversary Brawl, they fought despite being on the same team.
  6. Kickassia probably has some of the Crowning Moments, with Linkara rushing over when she is knocked over and telling her to find comfort "in [his] masculine arms."
    • Jossed, regarding real-life Lewis, anyway: He already has a girlfriend.
      • I didn't mean Lewis and Kaylin; I meant Linkara and MarzGurl. ;^)
      • Also Jossed: In Linkara's 100th episode, Linkara and Iron Liz are clearly living together.
      • I have another theorem: They indeed did date(the characters) but broke up shortly after Kickassia over the whole Linking up with Linkara thing. Then he meets Liz in universe and the rest is history.
      • Which means its only a matter of time before someone decides to OT 3 them.
      • Rule 34, dude. Someone probably already has.
      • ...Big Brother Instinct?
One day, Linkara is going to reference the quote on the top of Atop the Fourth Wall's page,
And the entire universe will implode.
Linkara will summon the Dragon Zord to fight Dr. Insano
He has the Dragon Dagger, Insano has Neutro, This could be the Super Mecha Death Christ VS. Robot Donkey Kong Jesus Riding A Cloud match all over again.
  • He was recently also looking for (and received via donation) a morpher, so he's got to be planning something Power Rangers related.
    • He also recently bought the entire Green Ranger costume so this could be more likely now.
  • Jossed. Linkara said his dragon dagger couldn't summon dragon zord.

Neutro will combine with a ship
  • Either with the Comicron 1 or Vigilant.
  • Said this was doubtful on the forums.
Linkara and Spoony are childhood friends.
At the end of Final Fantasy VIII Linkara plans to bring Spoony back to life. Which only someone who was friends with someone would do willingly. Along with that, the reason he doesn't think Insano is Spoony is because he refuses to believe such a thing and would rather think Insano is Bennett or Goggles.
  • That's not counting the Ho Yay angle.
  • But... their accents are completely different; Spoony's 'a's are shorter and twangier and Linkara's got that semi-British pronunciation of 'room' that slips out from time to time.
    • Spoony is Arizonan. Linkara is Minnesotan. Their accents are probably regional.
    • Fools, hast thou no prior knowlage of SKYPE!?!?!
Linkara created Dr. Insano.
That grey lump of protoplasm? That's not all that remains of Spoony, as Spoony survived. Unfortunately, he makes an imperfect clone that goes nuts and goes back in time.
  • I dunno, that final shot of the explosion didn't have Spoony in it. Course, that just means that Linkara tried twice...
    • According to Familiar Faces, he creates a clone Dr Insano.

90's kid will go evil
  • Think about it, Linkara is some kind of superhero, and 90's kid is the complete opposite of him. Not only that, but he likes "dark" and "edgy" antiheroes...
    • You mean 90s kid isn't already evil?
      • Not evil, just obnoxious. He's like a pop-up, really.
    • 90's Kid is now a manifestation of Silent Hill that is tormenting Linkara for reasons we can scarcely comprehend.
  • Considering the Silent Hill Review Alternate Endings video(2009), in which 90's Kid's answering machine says "If you're calling about our secret plans about global domination, press 2," I would say this theory is right on the money.
    • Further proof: In the stinger of X-Force #1, 90's Kid gives his standard line with a twist: "I'm 90's Kid, and what you see is what you get. Or is it?"
      • Semi-confirmed, He's evil because he was replaced by the Entity.
Pre-Linkara Retcon, Dr. Insano used to be a robot.
Explains why he has such a robot fetish.
Pre-Linkara Retcon, Dr. Insano really was That Chick With the Goggles.
Which explains his confusion in the Adamantium Rage video.
Linkara makes references to tropes so his quotes will be put at the top of that trope's page.
And everyone falls for it hook, line, and sinker.
Linkara does like the Silver Age...
...but he's tired of hearing people talking about it. That's because people tend to talk about the Silver Age's hat of being bizarre and strange. Because he gets so sick about hearing "(insert name here) got spanked! And (insert name here) is doing something really weird by getting a new costume and/or power!", he backlashes against the whole Age in general.
  • Confirmed. In a quite a few videos, Linkara does state that he doesn't hate the Silver Age and in fact loves some of its insanity. He just likes pointing out how insane the age really was.
90's Kid is Dr. Insano's agent
He just plays Too Dumb to Live so nobody could find out. Also, as a part of Insano's final plan, 90'sKid is going to take control over all Bums by telling them "Duuuudes! Who needs change? What we need is more GUNS!'', releasing their true power and turning into army of Bloodguns - robots built from guns, that don't even have a faces - there's just another gun.
  • Well, the alternative ending for his Silent Hill: Dying Inside review showed that 90's Kid is trying to take over the world, as well as start a fan club for Rob Liefeld.
    • My question is, which is the more evil act?
Linkara will be the next person to leave TGWTG.com.
Let's put aside popularity and stuff like that. So far, two people have left the site: That Dude In The Suede, because he needed to leave, and That Aussie Guy, because he had to. Now realize that previously, three different members of the site did guest videos for Ask That Guy: That Dude In The Suede, That Aussie Guy... And Linkara. IT'S A SIGN!
  • Suede only temporarily left. He will (hopefully) return.
  • Jossed. The third person to leave was Little Miss Gamer (The reason being the disbandment of PBC Productions).
Crazy Steve is working for Marik
Marik states that his staff works only for people that have Steve in their name. You see where I'm going with this.
Linkara is the name of his morphed "Ranger" form, not of the character
When not morphed, he's Lewis Lovhaug. By extension, he has to use the morpher to put on the suit and hat- it only looks like an ordinary outfit, but is actually a magical Henshin Hero suit. Thus, whenever we see someone wearing the jacket and hat (IE, Spoony in the Ultimate Warrior review, Pollo in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers review, that person is Linkara, they just aren't Lewis Lovhaug underneath it.
  • It naturally follows that the reason he was so nervous about letting Pollo review wasn't anything Pollo was saying, but discomfort with giving Pollo the Power of Linkara. It also follows that the reason he was so upset about the loss of his hat in the Bad Future seen in the Terminator comic is that without the hat, his powers are greatly reduced, since the hat composes half of the suit.
  • Also would explain why he has to have a successor, in the form of Iron Liz.

80's chick, 90's kid and 60's kid are a family
It would explain why they all speak in either totally radical dialogue or valley girl speak. 60's kid is obviously 80's chick and 90's kid father.

Linkara didn't retcon Insano into a guy
He retconned his own memory of Insano being a guy.

Linkara is a manga fan
  • He referenced Chobits in Superman At Earth's End, so...
    • In his That Guy With the Glasses introduction video, he also said that he would review a manga if he could find one bad enough, but then, this was also before Y Ruler of Time was picked up, so Linkara might leave any bad manga to him.
      • Or maybe they'll do a crossover review of a really bad manga chapter during the second Anniversary thing.
      • As of his "Top 15 comics I will never review", he stated clearly that he will be leaving all manga to Y.
    • He showed in his Q & A vlog that he owns some volumes of Steam Detectives. Wild Mass Guessing confirmed.

Linkara is a man
His voice sounds masculine. So does his looks. He also reviews comic books, mostly for males. Punch.
An evil Burton exists in the robot apocalypse alternate universe, and is Mechakara's superior.
  • Evil Burton's name is Lord Vyce, and he's responsible for Mechakara's return.

Linkara will one day take over TV Tropes
His quotes have been appearing on nearly every trope he tangentially talks about. He is using this in a slow bid to make all tropers give him their undying loyalty until he gains the power to crown himself Lord of the Tropes. With his troper army, he will soon gain control over all the internet, and then the world! (Of course!)

Linksano will recruit The Ultimate Warrior
  • Alternatively, he'll force him to review all the remaining issues of the Warrior comic. It could be a joint review with Spoony like the first one, since they are making crossovers during the Kickassia event.
    • The second is semi-confirmed as they did issues two and three, and ends up featuring not just Linksano, but Insanos and Linkaras of all kinds, like the last time a Warrior comic was reviewed..

The reason our Dr. Insano is The Minnesota Fats to Dr. Linksano is that Dr. Linksano shares Linkara's connection to continuity...for now.
  • There is no continuity, there is only Insano; but what of Linksano? In a personification of mad science, consistency and continuity only slow one down. While Dr. Insano's origins, motives, and threat level fluctuate wildly in ways that make him all the more unpredictable and dangerous, Linksano has been forced to remain consistent, and therefore was stuck at a relatively low threat level, perhaps due to Linkara's concern with continuity. If he can drive Linkara insane, he will be messing with his own continuity through the existence of multiple versions of himself, letting him start to catch up to Dr. Insano.
Linkara has been personally involved with Superman in the past
His initials are L.L., and he's a comic book guy. Stands to reason.
Dr.Linksano will create a science gun
It's like Linkara's magic gun, only it's SCIENCE!
  • So... a regular gun?
    • No, a science gun. It can cancel out magic, works with scientific principles and shoots disintegrator beams.

Iron Liz will become a God Mode Parody Sue

In one AU, Dr. Insano is a Science Hero and Linkara's an Evil Sorcerer
There's have to be at least one Evil Twin/Good twin universe
  • In this AU, Linkara forged the magic gun himself and Insano battles his snarky, depressive side (represented by Spoony).

90's Kid came from another universe
He's actually a Bizarro version of Linkara
  • Jossed. 90's kid is from some kind of 90's limbo. Although that revelation was only from a Cinema Snob video, so it may not be canon.

Linksano isn't from the Partymania universe
Every universe has one Insano, if Linksano came from the Partymania universe , there would have been TWO Insanos (one normal and one Linksano). Linksano came from a very similar universe to the PM one, with the only difference being which Schlumper brother became a Mad Scientist (the other one might be his Sidekick or something)
  • I think he is... There are two Schlumper brothers in the video, one became Insano, as shown at the end. The other became Linksano.
    • It seems more likely that in Linksano's universe, the Shlumper brother that became Insano was the other one, and the one that became Insano in the normal universe...did something else.
  • Not necessarily. The main universe has two Doctor Insanos(three, if you count the split personality Insano): the clone Insano living with Spoony(who seems to be a kinder version of the original), and the paradox Insano who killed Spoony(and by the looks of it, is the Insano fighting Linkara).
Iron Liz is Linkara's sucessor
I concur.
  • Confirmed by latest title card.
  • Jossed by Liz's blog.
One More Day and Cry for Justice really are connected.

MarzGurl and Iron Liz will have a catfight in the review of Action Comics #593
MarzGurl obviously has feelings for Linkara, Iron Liz is curently dating Linkara, Linkara is going to review Action Comics #592 and #593, every two-part review has a Previously On segment that has various TGWTG members doing something, MarzGurl is usually one of those members to contribute, it all adds up. Too bad we'll only get a taste, most likely due to Linkara being a feminist and the two girls living in completely diffrent states.
  • Jossed
Linkara will die in a future episode...
...only to be brought back by Pollo, as foreshadowed by the beginning of Chain Gang War #1.
In the Warrior #4 review, Bennet will say "I believe in Santa Christ!"
Once again getting the year wrong.
  • Jossed

There will be a Mechaliz
And she'll turn out to be alternate universe sexbot!
  • Moreover, she'll be made of iron.
  • There's no Mechaliz yet, but Liz does have an Evil Counterpart: Judas Liz.
Linkara will one day team up with Lightbringer
He loves crossovers, he put Lightbringer and Angel Armor in the same universe to do crossovers, and the plot of AT 4 W is based on multi-dimentional crossovers. Anyone think that'd be kickass?
  • Hoo-boy! One can only consider the possiblities...
  • Darkbringer and Douchey Mc Nitpick join forces and take Linkara hostage, forcing Lightbringer and the Nostalgia Critc to distract them with a 'Top 11 Lightbringer f*ck ups while Liz and Osprey stage a rescue.
  • Doctor Insano unleashes Neutro on Pharos City.
  • The Cinema Snob reduces Darkbringer to a sobbing wreck after a harsh scolding.
  • An epic science vs science showdown between Doctor Insano and Mindmistress!
  • Dasien and Parker take on Ultimate Spoony, culminating in him exposing Parker's lesbianism.
  • That Guy with the Glasses is the Smiling Man, having escaped captivity and regrown his hair.
  • Lightbringer will either be someone from The TGWTG glasses crew, or be added in Roger Rabbit style like Casper.
Iron Liz and Judas Liz are twins, and Immortals
Judas Liz said that there could only be one. Furthermore, both of them use swords as their main weapons.
Linkara is posting multiple Red Herrings in order to throw us off on what the facts about his villains are.
  • Linkara isn't a Troper, and neither is Lewis for that matter. He does frequent the site, but doesn't contribute anything.
    • For all we know he's lying

Pollo and Mechakara are Cylons.
Seriously, just look at Pollo and tell me I'm wrong.
In-universe, Iron Liz isn't Linkara's girlfriend - she's his apprentice.
She was in secret training to become the next comic reviewer/champion of earth until the Linkara Lost disappearance forced her to be revealed. Since she performed well there, she's now moved to stage two of her apprenticeship - reviewing her own passion and fighting alongside him, all while inadvertently cultivating her own rogue's gallery.

Doug Walker is secretly the biggest Marzgurl/Linkara shipper on the site.
He's the one who wrote that infamous scene in Kickassia, after all.
  • And had them against each other on the brawl, which also ship-tease-ish.
90's Kid is a highly educated feminist.
Rob Walker wasn't just kidding when he showed 90's Kid Todd's thesis. The 90's Kid that we know and love is just him goofing during his time off. In his day job he's a highly respected academic economist and feminist who studies the economic effects of varying social policies on men and women such as paid maternal leave, different health care needs and sex specific abortion. In fact, this is one of the reasons why he's not cool with punching pregnant chicks - it reminds him of some of the horror stories he uncovered studying sex specific abortion in China and India. He just doesn't think that being a feminist means he can't do what he thinks is fun.
  • Basically confirmed in Todd's review of Rhianna's song "S&M". Rob Walker says that Todd isn't experience enough in the field of feminism to tackle such a subject, so who does he hand it to? 90's Kid. Though...
    90's Kid: What's a Rhianna?
Linkara will be driven insane.
Didn't Future!Linkara once think to warn his past self of the magic gun, then going "it's only my sanity"? Given what the Magic Gun is, this may not simply be a non-sequiter. Plus, with the Entity on the loose, this could happen. And when it's done, it won't be for laughs.
Linkara and Spoony are long lost brothers.
Okay, let me explain. Dr Insano is traditionally a split personality, clone or what have you of Spoony. Earth-982 has Insano and Linksano as the Schlumper brothers. Linksano is an AU Linkara. Thus Linkara and Spoony would be brothers. But wait, you say! Schlumper!Insano was intrested in Female!Spoony. This is because that Spoony was an Opposite-Sex Clone, sent back in time. Schlumper!Insano is oblivious, thus Incest Is Relative. And yes, I've just destroyed the Linkara/Spoony pairing. But like it matters.
The "World Without A Critic" is part of the Linkara Multiverse
In the Nostalgia Critic's "You're A Dirty Rotten Bastard" special, the angel Roger shows the Critic a would-be Earth where he never existed. While this itself may just seem like a viewing of "what might have been", wouldn't it be a kicker if Roger (perhaps unwittingly) took him to an actual parallel world?
  • Wouldn't have to be. The many-worlds interpretation means that it would exist as an alternate timeline and alternate universe.

Linkara is making his plots scarier because he wants every type of page on this site.
He is currently trying to get a Nightmare Fuel page.
  • He has good potential of becoming a horror writer.

Linkara will use the f-word in Atop the Fourth Wall when Iron Liz is threatened
In a Precision F-Strike "Get away from her, you bitch" moment. Linkara has been through killer robots, universal conquerors, supernatural mindrape and Bimbos in Time without dropping the F-Bomb, and having Liz being in trouble be what makes him say it will add to the drama of the situation, add depth to their onscreen relationship, and launch a thousand fanfics.

Linkara and Puns.
Okay, everyone knows about Iron Liz and her love of puns. Well, looking over all the Power Rangers episode titles from ALL the seasons, I'm seeing a ton of puns, shout-outs, and references in them. Linkara probably can at least tolerate puns or even likes them as much as his girlfriend due to prolonged exposure as a Power Rangers fan.

The magic gun loves Linkara.
Ok, she is 13, dead, and according to the majority of the world that would be considered wrong. However she wouldn't be the first child character to have a crush on the main hero. (See Twilight Princess.) Now these two have been partners since AT 4 W had their own story line and she let him use the gun against others when she could have just killed him like she did her parents and was even able to keep him from using the gun on himself despite clearly pulling the trigger. Though he still never explained how he purchased it or how he was able to use it without any damage to himself. If she didn't like him let alone love him then he wouldn't have been able to use the weapon.
  • Semi-Jossed. There's no relationship, the girl just thinks of Linkara as a friend.

Phelous is a grey lantern.

Comicron-1 has a holodeck.
That's where the Linkara hologram came from.
  • Confirmed

90's Kid is from Portland, Oregon.
We learned in a cinema snob video that 90's kid is from a place that is still in the 90's. And as we all know,The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland.

Linkara actually uses a masterball.
He just paints it red and white so people don't realize.

The diversion between Linkara's and Mechakara's worlds is Linkara battling Neutro
In Mechakara's world, Linkara's fight with Dr Insano and Neutro happened earlier, before Linkara got the Magic Coin, and Linkara therefore failed to defeat the giant robot, being forced to escape. Insano went full out, using Neutro to conquer the world while equipping it with more and more evil science created by himself. Unfortunately, this included giving Neutro both artificial intelligence and the ability to take over other technology, which of course led to Neutro betraying and killing Insano and taking over the world for itself. During this chaos, Linkara got hold of the Magic Coin and moved to confront Neutro a second time, not realising that Neutro had infected and corrupted Pollo, who killed Linkara in a suprise attack. Pollo didn't recognise the power of the Magic Gun at the time, and the surviving humans managed to grab it and eventually use it to learn how to tap into magic as a way to fight the robots. Pollo used Linkara's remains to make himself into the Mechakara, hoping to get the Magic Gun to counter the humans' magical attacks, but was never able to obtain the Gun from the humans. Then when the Insano of our Linkara's universe created a rift in Hypertime, Neutro sent Mechakara through to the other universe, figuring that it would be easier to take from people who didn't know the robots existed. And, in a truly ironic turn of events, Mechakara would ultimately find himself facing down against and defeated by an alternate version of its own master.

The little girl of the Magic Gun is the female player sprite that wasn't used in Red/Blue Version.
A little girl, whose name was lost, part of the sacrificed data used for the 'creation' of Missing No. A little girl who killed her parents and all members of the Missing No. cult (why the cult doesn't appear in the game) but is a good hearted person who cares about those who help her defeat evil (like the standard pokemon player character).

Mechakara's home dimension is the Ratchet & Clank universe.
It would explain quite a few things about him:
  • His hatred for all organic lifeforms? Most likely incited or even implanted by Dr. Nefarious
  • His unfamiliarity with magic? The R&C universe is almost entirely technological with little no mention of magic, EVER.
  • Still having the same network port as the original Pollo model? Nefarious is known for being an inept villain, that's an EASY mistake for him to make.
  • His aversion to damage from everything excluding BFGs? It's Ratchet & Clank, that part explains itself.
Once he was taken and upgraded by Lord Vyse, however, most of the connections to his home world were rectified.

Boffo May Turn Evil.
Maybe not by his own choice, but come on. The fact that Linkara made a point about how not all clowns are evil, though valid, would still rouse some suspicion. Just what kind of evil:
  • Will he go crazy like The Joker?
  • Or will he be a monster like IT.
  • Or maybe a possessed clown like in Poltergiest.
    • All jossed. He's just a greedy dick, as shown in the Captain Tax Time review.

Linkara will deliver a lengthy, scathing review of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
This is not due to any personal preference or Fan Dumb reaction, but a major philosophical theme of the series. He's already made multiple references in his HOPR videos to "a later installment" whenever a Ranger team chooses to continue fighting even without their powers, such as in Season 3 of MMPR before Ninjor grants their new powers, or in Lightspeed Rescue when the team temporarily loses their morphers before fighting their cyborg replacements. Part of what makes the Power Rangers superheroes is that even without powers, it's their strength of character that make them worthy of wielding the power. Overdrive marks the first major instance of a Ranger team losing their powers and choosing NOT to continue the fight against evil (despite STILL possessing civilian powers!). We're likely going to see a montage of previous teams who are willing to fight on without ANY powers, leading to a major condemnation of the only team in the show's legacy to Give Up The Fight.

Linkara will create a Superboy Prime Character.
  • and he will fight Snowflame, because that would be awesome.

Linksano has really reformed and isn’t just pretending
I mean think about it, with Lord Vyce floating in space somewhere Linkara’s threat against him is almost completely gone. While it wouldn't be nice to by stuck on a snow planet Linksano’s clever enough to block Linkara’s teleported if he wanted. He hasn’t done anything that could be considered treachery since Vyce was defected and he’s still working for Linkara.

Linkara will review a lamp
As an April Fools joke.
  • Sort of. Linkara starts the video reviewing a lamp, but it quickly turns into a Cinema Snob parody.

Mechakara will replace Insnao as TGWTG main reccuring viilain
With Spoony leaving chances are we won't see much of Insano even if they do reach a reconcilliation. However, Mechakara is already a popular villain and thanks to his role in TBF he's gotten a lot of exposure outside of AT 4 W's fanbase so he's in a good postion to fill the void. While he supposedly died at the climax Joker Immunity will probably keep him safe like it did all the times he's died before.
  • Not likely. Noah has said that even though he is not part of the site, he can still do cameos in other contributors' videos.

Moarte(the Longbox of the Damned's host) grew up in the 1890s.
Being an undead, he wouldn't age, and the late 19th century was well known for its gothic horror. Why the 1890s? Because, in a sense, it would make him his century's 90s kid. Also his appearance is reminiscent of the Victorian era.

90s Kid is the son of Bill Esquire.
Linkara commented that Bill's clothes, hat and general appearance look a lot like 90s Kid. The reason why he looks so similar is that Bill is the dad of 90s Kid. The movie was set in 1989, so it would allow 90s Kid to be born circa 1990/1991 and thus be a kid during the 90s. The fact his parents are time travellers can solve a number of ageing inconsistencies.

Future comic reviews

Linkara will eventually fight a villain who uses the evil powers of Ancient Egypt.
  • And if that isn't the case, they will be an expy of either the [[Tabletop Game//Warhammer Tomb Kings]] or the 5E Necrons.
    • Alternatively, they'll be an expy of a Yu-Gi-Oh! villain.
      • Paradox?
      • Given Linkara's magic turns toys into weapons like how Yu-Gi-Oh! has mere trading cards become monsters, this has a lot of credence. Bonus points if Little Kuriboh is the actor.

Lewis(not Linkara, Lewis) will give up on being a Spiderman fan.
Linkara showed a rather "glass half-empty" view of Spiderman in his One More Day review; considering him irresponsible and unwilling to make sacrifices. He also considered this evident of a deeper and major flaw in his writers-they refuse to let Spiderman develop and invoke Status Quo Is God instead, because they want Spidey to be the young, hip version that he started as. From the serious and honest tone in his voice, these thoughts are very likely what Lewis Lovaugh genuinely believes. I find it unlikely that he'll continue being a Spiderman fan with this view.
  • Pretty much confirmed. He refuses to read anything post-OMD until it's actually solved, and with the upcoming reboot, it never will be.

Mechakara turned rouge because his Linkara never used Pollo.
In both his and the main universe, Linkara decided to create Pollo. The reason why Mechakara turned into such a psychopath is because, while our Linkara decided to use Pollo in his videos, Mechakara's Linkara decided not to use the Pollo prop for whatever reason(maybe he didn't want to copy Mystery Science Theater 3000, or thought the design was too cheesy), resulting in Mechakara being in the storage room while Linkara was making videos. Infuriated with this, Mechakara used the robot uprising to get back at his Linkara. Ironically, Mechakara has ensured that his Pollo remains friends with Linkara, since his appearance led to Pollo becoming a main character.
  • Jossed almost immediately. One of Mechakara's complaints is being used in Linkara's jokes and skits.

Linkara will have a 'Combine Harvester' freakout when he finally finishes Marville
Given his increasingly frustrated reviews of the series, this seems inevitable.
  • Confirmed, somewhat. There is a 'Combine Harvester' freakout, but it's made up of clips from previous ones.

When he finishes Marville, Linkara will have a crazy, tacked on time travel explanation to mock how stupid the comic is.
After finishing Marville, Linkara will be so enraged at the stupidity that he'll be desperate to know how Bill Jemas could be so stupid when he wrote this. Bill Jemas will then appear and reveal that he is a PS1-composed Marvel editor from the year 5002, who went back in time to the present in order to become editor of Marvel-since he was considered stupid by the standards of 5002, he figured he'd seem intelligent by 2005 standards. He, of course, isn't. And then he and Linkara will fight with hadrosaurs. And unlike Marville, it will be completely hilarious.
  • Jossed.

Linkara's magic comes from Ancient Egypt.

One of the DC comic heads hates Linkara.
Think about it: Linkara is a major fan of Lian Harper, and his favourite team is Teen Titans. With the latter, DC uses them as common cannon fodder, and with the former managed to make Justice League: Cry for Justice Linkara's most hated comic ever. Linkara explicitly hoped that Lian Harper's death would be retconned, and DC decided to do this by having no Lian Harper to die in the first place. In Roy Harper's new series, they decided to wreck Starfire's character by turning her into an detached hedonist, which would enrage Linkara's feminist values. It's almost as if DC is purposely trying to screw up what Linkara likes about them. Why they hate Linkara is unclear though. Hopefully it's not because they're angry about Linkara criticizing them, because that would be more mean-spirited/stupid than Superboy-Prime.
  • Perhaps the hate started with him bashing Identity Crisis.

His 300th episode will be Holy Terror.

The 300th episode will be... 300
The comic, not the film. Is it written by Frank Miller? Check. Does it have name recognition? Check. Is it a timely release to coincide with the sequel? Check. Is it filled with historical inaccuracies and questionable creative choices? Check. Has Linkara showed distaste for this story before? Check. Does the title fit perfectly with this particular milestone? Maybe.
  • Jossed.

The 300th episode will be Lightbringer's old issues.
Every 100 episodes, Linkara reviews something he said he'd never review. Number 1 comic he'll never review? A Sonic comic, which he proceeded to review right afterwards. Number 2 comic he'll never review? One More Day, which he did for his bicentennial. Number 3 comic he'll never review? Webcomics. While Sonichu is an obvious pick and definitely something we'd enjoy, the thing's been flogged so hard its refunded the glue factory. Linkara already did an episode dealing with a comic's first, and Linkara's arc was a critique on him. Plus as a major comic fan it would fit for Lewis to analyze his own flaws. Of course, he could review Sonichu for the 400th anniversary, given that Number 4 in "Top 15 Comics I Won't Review" aren't technically comics.
  • Jossed.

NIMUE's Insane Rantings Was Foreshadowing
  • So she wasn't under the control of the King of Worms in the Ghost of the Machine arc. It still seemed specific enough to provide clues for future events and this wouldn't be the first time the show had some apparently inconsequential details be important, such as 90s Kid's statement of What You See Is What You Get... Or Is It?.

At some point, Linkara will be separated into multiple personalities
  • Had this idea while rewatching the 300th episode. Picture, if you will, Linkara being shot in the middle of using a morpher. All the different Super Modes will become separate characters with distinct personalities, and conflict will inevitably ensue. At least one of them will devolve into straight-up Knight Templar and try to pull a Holokara.
Linkara killed JFK.
  • John F. Kennedy was assassinated with a magic bullet. Linkara has a magic gun. Do the math.

If Linkara reviews Civil War, it'll be "Top 15 Things Wrong with Civil War".
Much like Identity Crisis, it's a highly divisive work so a standard review is out of the question.

The spell that makes his toys alive is Jewish in origin.
Specifically, it’s an extension of the spell to create golems. The golem used a specific spell to give clay statues of men life. Sometime afterwards, they decided to try and give life to other things based off their image, eventually resulting in Linkara making his toys real. It also explains why Linkara keeps saying that Ancient Egypt is evil; it’s the old animosity of Egypt and the Jewish people.

The next subjects of Secret Origins Month
2015 Marvel: 2015 DC:
  • Cyborg and Aquaman, to get closer to finishing off the Justice League and because those two are slated to appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Alternatively, Green Arrow (to tie in to Series/Arrow) and one of the Firestorms, Atoms, or Hawkpeoplet (to tie in to Legends of Tomorrow)

    Linkara is really… 
Linkara is a combined clone of The Angry Video Game Nerd and Yahtzee.
  • He has the Nerd's face, and a sweet hat reminiscent of Yahtzee's. All three are critics who gleefully tear apart bad stuff. The only problem is why the combination of two video-game reviewers creates a comic-book reviewer.
    • We know that Linkara is a clone.......
      • AND I AM A MAN!!!! * punch*
    • None of them are aware of it based on Linkara's hate for clones, Linkara claims the only internet critic he follows is the Irate gamer and AVGN didn't act in a manner you'd expect him to if he knew he was meeting his clone during the recent epic battle.
      • Then again, judging by AVGN's reaction to Linkara during the Adamantium Rage review and the swift beat down of Linkara that resulted...
      • Well, it was only one punch, really. I think AVGN just knows video game-induced rage when he sees it, having experienced it himself hundreds of times.
    • Perhaps this explains Linkara's love for the Silent Hill series despite never playing a single game: it is a genetic trait he inherited from Yahtzee.
    • He made a Shout-Out to Zero Punctuation in one of his reviews.
  • He is from a Crack Fic where fangirls paired Yahtzee and the AVGN. In that universe, Homosexual Reproduction is the only way and Benzaine is ruler of the world. Also, doughnuts rain from the sky.
Linkara is a troper.
Purple Prose and Crowning Moment of Awesome ?! He's got to be a troper!
  • Seems to be confirmed in the intro to his review of Daredevil #306. If he's not a Troper, he is at least aware of the wiki's existence. "Oh my god, TV Tropes used one of my quotes!"
  • He's also used the term "heel turn".
    • Also not a term created by this Wiki.
  • We invented squick, right? He used that.
    • This troper was using the term squick long before knowing of this site.
      • Person, you are absolutely no fun.
      • Actually as This Troper understands it, squick was invented by some guy on a bdsm forum as a term that means ""you may be disgusted by it, but it's someone else's fetish"", apparently that meaning has fallen out of use...
  • What about "stripperiffic"? Where did that originate?
  • Considering how self serving many of the entries on the site have been, it's hard to imagine he isn't a Troper. A page about thatguywiththeglasses being more about him, a side feature is a bit of a hint.
    • Or maybe he just has a lot of fans on both TGWTG and this wiki, and his series invokes a lot of tropes?
      • Maybe. But the section under Fetish Fuel seems a bit iffy.
      • Trust me. There are Linkara fangirls. (I should know - I'm one!)
      • And fanboys!
      • Ditto
      • Shove off, he's mine!
      • Girls, girls, girls. Calm down, there's no need to fight. Can't we just share?
      • BWA HA HA HA!! I like this human, HE UNDERSTANDS.
      • I will trade you Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, David Tennant, John Barrowman, and Jensen Ackles for Linkara.
      • Pfft. Amateurs. *slides on a Harley Quinn costume and bides her time*
      • *takes off his Harley Quinn costume* Don't bother trying sister, I've been doing this for months.
      • We can't ALL dress as Harley!
    • He's built a sizable fandom on the Toonzone forums as well - they had to split the TGWTG commentary thread and give him his own. I have to agree with the post there arguing that he's the biggest up-and-comer on the site right now. (He even got third billing in the brawl! Before Benzaie! Before Spoony!)
      • Actually, that was done mostly in order of appearance.
  • Good God, he's watching us right now!
  • Now it's confirmed that Linkara reads TV Tropes, but he isn't a Troper. At least that's what he claims...
  • He mentioned and implied so many tropes in his Top 15 for Countdown that I'm wondering if they're really part of his vocabulary or if he's just teasing us. But the entire review was practically written like a tvtropes page for Countdown would be.
    • Though he did use "Discontinuity" differently than we would.
  • Maybe he's the one who's made the ATFW page.
  • I just came across the term "narmish" in his New Guardians text review. Did TV Tropes invent that?
    • Yes.
  • Does anyone else think that he's deliberately writing his lines so that they get used as page quotes?
  • He's used Wild Mass Guessing... GASP! He's on to us!
  • He's probably not a troper out of fear of the fanboys. Though we've had Slowbeef and raocow on here without a thousand fanboys Zerg Rushing at them. Besides, remember that only a small portion of readers actually edit the articles, and even fewer are part of the "troper community", so it makes sense that Linkara isn't a troper.
    • ... Wait, Slowbeef and Raocow are tropers?!
      • They (and a couple of other Goons) were on the Let's Play Discussion page to answer questions about how threads on the Let's Play board of Something Awful are occasionally blocked off to non-subscribers.
  • I did see one comment that was definitely written by him, clarifying that a reference to the Ninja Style Dancer being around while he was supposed to be captured/erased by the Entity, was not canon. But, that doesn't mean he edits the wiki regularly.
Linkara is a BLU Spy.
He's got the gun, he's got the dagger, he's got the hat, he owns a suit, the guy who makes his title cards is a BLU Spy, and his arch-rival is Dr. Insano, an obvious Engineer.
Linkara is a former Power Ranger
He does seem to be a superhero and why else would he be in possession of the dragon dagger?
  • Alternative: 90's Kid was a former Power Ranger, the Red one specifically, but his evil split personality Linkara took over and killed the Green Ranger to steal his dagger. The trauma inflicted on both personalities drove 90's Kid evil (or at least obnoxious) and forced Linkara into being the dominant personality, tempering his villainy, and forcing him to seek redemption by protecting the world from bad comic books.
    • Possibly confirmed by the 2010 trailer.
  • Both confirmed and Jossed by the Mechakara fight. He has a morpher and rangerlike weapons, but as his transformed state is not the standard spandex-and-helmet (it looks just like his fedora and jacket), he is technically classified as a "Ranger-Like Ally", in the vein of the Blue Centurion or the Magna Defender. Also, 90's kid and Linkara are clearly separate people, and Linkara is the one with the morpher, so 90's kid was never a Ranger.
  • And now he has a new morpher form combining his trademark outfit with a Zeo Ranger and dyed white.
  • Perhaps he had the humbler job of being the tech expert of the Power Rangers.
  • Confirmed as part of linkara's Badass Boast in Silent hill dead alive #5.
  • Jossed: The technology itself is a magic spell enchanting his toys, not the actual tech of a Power Ranger.
Linkara is Superboy-Prime
He loves the Silver Age. Plus, he keeps screaming "I AM A MAN!" As if he needs to reassure himself of that, because he's been artificially aged.
  • Except he doesn't. One of the first books he took apart was a Silver Age Batman comic. He seems more fond of the Bronze Age.
  • In canon, Superboy-Prime ended up ranting about comics in his parent's basement.
  • Perhaps he's Superboy-Prime during a Heel–Face Turn, where, using his superpowers, went back in time, altered his appearance and decided to start anew. His hatred of Prime is genuine-he loathes what he did back then.
Linkara is Deadpool.
He mentioned how he sees Bea Arthur while on drugs. it couldn't be random! It has to be him!
  • Also Deadpool recently used a flintlock pistol while underwater, which shouldn't be possible... unless it was MAGIC and he wouldn't have to explain it.
Linkara is an Alternate Universe version of Perry The Platypus
Think about it; They have the same hat, they have groupies, Main enemy is a Mad Scientist, they have an Alliterative Name, and started their series in 2007.
  • ...that. Is. GENIUS.
  • Also, they both have evil robotic counterparts.
    • Who originated from alternate universes.
Linkara is L.
Watch the alternate endings to the Silent Hill Review. At one point he writes a note and signs it "L".
  • Does that make Dr. Insano Kira?
  • Makes sense. Insano is, after all, the alter ego of Spoony, just like Kira is the alter ego of Light.
  • Unlikely. If he was, he (and the rest of the TGWTG cast, for that matter) would be far more hesitant to reveal their true names.
  • Unless Lewis Lovhaug is not his true name. It's the internet.
    • Lewis Lovhaug is such an obvious alias for a comic book geek it's almost painful.
There are no Linkara Fangirls in TV Tropes
Just one certain Lewis Lovhaug pretending to be multiple female tropers.
  • Alternatively, Linkara is the result of a genetic engineering experiment specifically meant to create Fanservice for female Tropers (or Troper-esque girls, anyway). Seriously, do you know how unlikely it is to find a cute, nerdy, funny, feminist guy who isn't gay or taken? (Of course, that just may be this troper's weird standards talking). This may also apply to many other Channel Awesome guys.
Linkara is a man
His voice sounds masculine. So does his looks. He also reviews comic books, mostly for males. Punch.

Linkara is not a man.
He is confused about his gender identity, so he should probably go to a local library to look up some more information especially in light of the fact that transgender rights don't get as much attention as other rights.
  • * Punch*
  • This is what Ask that Guy believes.

Linkara is a robot.
He just doesn't know it.But I AM A MAN!*punch*
Linkara is descended from the Doctor.
Either by Joan Redfern when he was human, or by dancing with Reinette. Some of the technology in the TARDIS was left behind, passed down through generations
  • So Linkara is descended from Timelords AND French Royalty? Sweet!
Linkara is/was from Earth-982.
Linkara said Insano wasn't supposed to be a man. Insano is Spoony (Timey-Wimey Ball induced Spoony to be precise). Spoony of Earth-982 (the one in Partymania) is a girl. It stands to reason that either Linkara originates from Earth-982 and arrived in the main Channel Awesome universe,or Earth-982 was the original timeline before it was altered. The Insano we saw in that universe was Linksano, while the female Insano is the Timey-Wimey Ball female Spoony. Linkara is the only one with memories of this.
Linkara is a woman.
As stated in Ask That Guy With The Glasses #54.

Linkara is a Ft M Transexual.
Going with the above theory, Linkara is constantly asserting the fact that SHE IS A MAN! because she doesn't feel she's doing a good enough job. Or something.
  • Or Ask That Guy is a lying liar who lies.
Linkara is a Sorcerer
While he only uses a magic gun, in one recent review, he has shown to use actual magic by teleporting from one place to another. He just doesn't use his magic because he feels that he doesn't have to rely on using it to get him out of a jam. Also that could be one of the reasons why Dr.Insano feuds with him cause Dr.Insano is a science guy and sees anything concerning magic illogical.
  • Confirmed as of Marvel Team-Up #74
Linkara is descended from the Doctor
Specifically, during the Family of Blood attack. Unknown to John Smith or the Doctor, he left Joan Redfern a "gift". He would later learn this, and gave Joan some Time Lord tech as compensation. Said tech would be passed through the family until it reached Linkara, who, thanks to the notes left by John Smith and having worked for Power Rangers, would allow him to use the sonic screwdriver.
Linkara will eventually use the f-word in AT 4 W, while reviewing a comic that makes him so angry that he just can't make it through the review without using it.
Predicted uses? "THAT! MAKES! NO! FUCKING! SENSE!" "This comic FUCKING sucks." "(to the writer of the comic) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (insert name here)!!!!!!!!" Or more subtly, "This, this abomination is the worst, twisted, just plain fucked up comic I have ever read."
All of linkara's cast of character are power rangers.
Going off the above entry,we never actually see when, or where linkara met iron Liz, Harvey, ninja style dancer, or 90's kid. Perhaps they were an old team of power rangers who disbanded after their Big bad was defeated, But kept in contact. So now the entity, who in keeping with the last WMG is lord zedd, is trying to pick off all power rangers and their 6Th rangers i.e. Lord Vyce. This would also explain where he got the power rangers's tech, power rangers are known to do team ups, so maybe in one of those team ups linkara was able to reverse engineer some of the power rangers's tech and that's how he got them.

  • Linkara would be the red ranger.
  • Harvey would be the Blue ranger.
  • Liz would be the yellow ranger.
  • Ninja style dancer would be the black ranger.
  • Lieutenant Munro is the pink ranger
  • Pollo is their version of alpha.
  • Lord Vyce is the green ranger.
Alternatively, Linkara stated on Twitter that HE is the real Phantom Ranger, so there's that possibility.

Linkara is a puer magi.
Relating to the Linkara is a sorcerer hypothesis, Linkara is a magical boy. His wish could have been: ”I wish to be able to alter reality," “ I wish for reality to be more like fiction” or "I wish to be a Power Ranger." His wish resulted fantastic elements of Atop The Fourth Wall. The nature of the wish resulted in his soul gem having the form of a morpher.
  • Jossed. He gets his morpher and other fictional devices from a magic spell that turns his toys into the real things.

Linkara is really an unconscious tool of one of the outer gods.
  • He's gotten surprising access to magic that lets him arm himself, a book with detailed knowledge of them stayed with him even after he broke free of the illusions tormenting him and at the end of his Spider-Man: The Trial of Peter been the King of Worms looks inside him and sees something so terrifying it literally dies of fear. Maybe something's setting him up to bump off its competition.

Linkara is a robot in denial
  • Whenever he shouts that HE IS A MAN, he's trying to convince himself of this lie.

    First Mechkara story arc 
The robotic Linkara has taken over
In the countdown reviews, there was a robotic Linkara trying to get some kind of reaction from him. Whatever the reaction he wanted, he got it and now robotic Linkara has taken over. Think about it, at the end of Spoony's Final Fantasy VIII review, Linkara was acting quite odd, and not only that, but despite the fact that he hates clones, he planned on making a Spoony clone.
  • He actually does for the Ultimates 3 #5 review. Plus he's been making small allusions to the return of Mechakara for some time now, however all will be revealed next week. (February 15, 2010)
Mechakara was created by Dr. Insano.
Insano received a blow to the head (delivered by an unknown source or person), giving him amnesia. This explains his surprise to see Mechakara. The unknown Mad Scientist from the 2010 trailer is the Vice President (seeing how Insano is President Evil), took over during Insano's recovery, and not only took over America, but Mechakara as well.
  • Insano's VP is Fu Manchu.
  • Jossed, why would Insano create something that nearly killed Linkara twice only to destroy it with his magnetic death ray?
  • ...was built by Linkara, rejected as an abomination, and seeks revenge. Jossed.
    • Well, not our Linkara...
  • ...will be defeated by Linkara in a scene mirroring the one in Superman at Earth's End.
    "You are an android, I AM A MAN!!!"
    • He did it! Linkara used the "I am a man!" punch on Mechakara, complete with the above quote! Unfortunately it failed due to Mechakara being made of metal...
      • And he did it again in the second Mechakara fight. This time, it was more successful.
  • ...was created by Pollo to do a Hostile Show Takeover. Jossed.
  • ...IS Pollo, from the future or otherwise.
    • We have a winner! He's Pollo from an alternate universe, brought into contact with ours by Insano messing around with hypertime.

     Doctor Linksano story arc 
The Scientist from the 2010 Trailer is really...
Dr. Insano remotely piloting a rebuilt Mechakara's body. While it would be in character for Dr. Insano to torture Mechakara to death simply over the haircut and trying to usurp his place as Linkara's archenemy, Dr. Insano now has a mindless robot he can reprogram to pilot remotely that has several major advantages over him; it is immune to the magic gun, and indeed, most of Linkara's weapons, and it can take even an "I AM A MAN!" punch, which is more than can be said of our squishy scientist. With Insano's brains guiding such an advanced, durable body, Insano will give Linkara the fight of his life!
  • Jossed.
The new mad scientist at the end of the 2010 trailer...
  • ...created Mechakara and is the true Big Bad. Jossed.
  • ...is the combined form of Linkara and Dr. Insano (Dr. Linkano/Linkarno?). Jossed.
    • Huh. I thought Linkano was something else.
      • No, that's Inskara.
      • ...seriously? How do you pronounce that?
      • In-Scar-A?
  • ...is the alternate-universe Dr. Insano seen during the Warrior #1 review. Very likely, see below.
  • ...is Linkara from the future, after being driven insane. Jossed.
  • ...was created from Linkara punching the wall. Jossed.
  • ...was created from Linkara punching the fourth wall. Jossed.
  • ...is the other Sclumper Brother from Spoony's Party Mania review. Confirmed!

As of the Strange Adventures #136 review, we have an answer...sort of. His name is Dr. Linksano, and, like Mechakara/Evil Pollo, he's from an alternate universe spawned out of the whole Warrior #1 incident. However, aside from him breaking the continuity alarm, we really don't have any more information on him.

    First Lord Vyce story arc 
There's a Victini on Vyce's ship.
  • Because it's the only thing that would complete the "V" theme he had going on. Well, short of having a clone of V there.

Lord Vyce has a grudge against the multiple Linkaras of the multiverse.
Well, why else would a universal conqueror start his conquest of our universe by kidnapping an internet comic book reviewer? He must want to destroy the Linkara of each universe he wishes to take over. Maybe the Linkara of his native dimension wronged him in the biggest way and he's taking revenge on all who share his identity. Maybe Linkara is some kind of key tangent who holds the power to control each verse within him. Of maybe Lord Vyce IS Linkara and does not want any others running around the multiverse. Whatever the case, it will be AWESOME.
  • I bet five bucks that it's another Mechakara that came from yet another tangent universe (probably one where HE won in their fight in the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1" review), gained access to the multiverse (and also some powers, maybe), and started wiping every form of Linkara out of existence.
    • Or another Insano
  • But Linkara has a magic gun (plus a few other weapons), is a Star Fleet Captain, a Power Ranger and A MAN. kidnapping him isn't such a bad idea

Mechakara will become Lord Vyce's Dragon
From The end of the second Warrior review it looks like Mechakara is coming back, along with the new Big Bad, Lord Vyce. and hey, Mechakara will never skip aמ opportunity to kill Linkara
  • CONFIRMED! As of the Star Trek: Elite Force comic review, they've teamed up

Linkasno will come back to do a Enemy Mine with Linkara against Lord Vyce after he'll find out that Vyce killed Girl!Spoony
There is no way that they introduced him only to have him run away, and Linksano SAID that Vyce already came to his earth, so what are the chance of a Valley Girl against a frikin' Multiversal Conqueror
  • JOSSED He's working for Vyce and Upgrading Mechakara
    • CONFIRMED!! He was a double agent to lower the time shield and let the Angry Joe army in.

Lord Vyce will serve as an introduction to Iron Liz into his show.... and an Alternate Universe male version of herself... or something.
  • Nope, see below.
Villamax is one of Vyce's henchmen
Like the above, but much more likely. It would be easier to use recycled ranger footage to show Villamax as a subordinate of Vyce, rather than the main villain.

Linkara and Mechakara will team up to defeat Lord Vyce
Let's face it, that would be frickin' awesome. However, this will probably result in The Worf Effect.
  • Jossed Linkara's stated in a forum post that this won't happen.
  • And now it's been revealed that Mechakara has teamed up with Lord Vyce.

Lord Vyce is secretly working with Mechakara
Dr. Insano DID say something about Mechakara in Spoony's recent Final Fantasy X Video, could this have something to do with Lord Vyce arriving to this dimension?
  • It's was also a Call Back to The Stinger in the end of the second Warrior review, but I support your theory.
  • CONFIRMED!!!!!

Lord Vyce will take over Linkara's body.
Pollo did state that Linkara has access to powerful weapons and a great deal of knowledge. What if that the way that Lord Vyce takes over universes was taking over the bodies of the most powerful people in that universe? Like Dr. Linksano.
  • Of course of course of course. prostitutes.
  • And he will be dressed all in green with a mask. That would be cool, like the Green Ranger.
  • Jossed

Linkara and Dr. Insano will have to team up to beat Lord Vyce.
  • Jossed

Mechakara stole Neutro
Dr. Insano recently lost Neutro (in Spoony's Final Fantasy X Part 1 review) and Mechakara is probably coming back, it's not a big stretch to assume that Mechakara took him, planing on making a Robot Apocalypse out of our universe as well.
  • Maybe Mechakara possessed Neutro. He was nothing but his eye plate and Neutro needs a pilot to do anything, it's a perfect set up.
  • Sort of confirmed; Linkara stole Neutro, turned it into a Megazord-esque Humongous Mecha, and used it to defeat giant-sized Mechakara.

Lord Vyce will kill Linkara, but the show will continue in The Afterlife
...that will look very similar to his room for no real reason.
  • Jossed
Lord Vyce will not be shown, or will be The Faceless
Linkara is a troper, right? He might be aware of Take Our Word for It. In order to not disapoint his fans, he won't show Vyce, so the viewers can think of what Vyce looks like to them, making Vyce ten times creepier.
  • Semi-Jossed. Vyce made a full appearance (although covered in full body armor) in part five of the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive review.
Lord Vyce lives in Narnia
Time moves at a different pace there. And it'd be awesome. That's all I got.

The Lord Vyce saga is a hybrid parody of DC's "Zero Hour" and "Infinite Crisis"
I say this because two of the newer videos on TGWTG have been removed, both of them reviews of Tommy Wiseau's "The Room". Some people attribute it to Wiseau's doing, but, knowing how much the site loves crossover events, this Troper attributes it to the Critic and Lupa being kidnapped by Vyce.
  • Speaking of which, how cool would it have been if, instead of the sea horses, it had been Lord Vyce who had conquered the Earth in the future that NC was brought to? Sure it would've lost it's non-sequitur humor, but it would've made for an awesome bit of foreshadowing as well as adding weight to the imminent threat that Vyce poses.
    • And this was unfortunately Jossed. It was taken down because, in fact, Tommy Wiseau is just a douche.

Lord Vyce is blind.
Sure, he conquers all that he sees; luckily, he can't see anything.

All that He Sees He Conquers is LITERAL.

Lord Vyce posses the ability to control people's minds if he has them in his sight... Like a morre powerful version of the Master's hypnotism abilities. It would be a cool twist and explain why he's such a multiversal threat... guy who can take complete control of you just by looking at you is not someone to be messed with

The 100th episode will be the fight with Lord Vyce
  • Jossed. The 100th episode was a Sonic review, and Linkara moving. Nothing more.

In the 100th episode, Linkara's home will be destroyed and he'll have to move in with Iron Liz
Liz already confirmed that the two will be moving in together, so he'll have to come up with an explanation for why the scenery changes. Plus it can double as a Shout-Out to Spoony.
  • Or, in-universe, he just moves out, and realizes: "...I left my copies of Countdown in there..." He then proceeds to blow the living daylights out of the house, laughing madly and screaming, "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU TO DEATH!"
  • Semi-Jossed:While his house was destroyed in an explosion and he did move in with Liz, he did so because he thought his house was a weirdness magnet. But he did boobie trap it for anyone who would dare try to take it in his absence. Cue [[Phelous]].
Mechakara and Lord Vyce are going to make Linkara review One More Day, finally.
At the end of the Elite Force review, Mechakara and Lord Vyce are now working together. Mechakara suggests they have to psychologically break Linkara using a bad comic, while simultaneously ruining his understanding of magic. One More Day represents the triumph of the Wizard over consistent rules, which would very well destroy Linkara's understanding of magic. Plus, One More Day is the one comic he promised he'd never do, no matter how much he hated it. By forcing him to review it, Lord Vyce and Mechakara will have broken Linkara mentally and emotionally.

Both Spoonys (Spoonies?) will be somehow involved in Lord Vyce's defeat
It just came to me. Admit it though, it will be pretty cool.
  • Jossed

Black Lantern Spoony will join Vyce.
And their trio of evil will be complete.
  • As of the end of Part 2 of Spoony's FFX review, this looks to be a distinct possibility!
    • Jossed. At the end of Part 3, Spoony and BL Spoony were genetically merged.

Carter Grayson will become involved with the Lord Vyce arc.
He's obviously Linakara's favorite ranger so far, he's a sheer badass, and it's already evident that he can weld arcs together from his other series'.
  • Jossed

Linkara's magic gun is connected to the source/entity Lord Vyce is after.
In the power rangers review Mechakara stayed in this universe even after he had adapted to Linkara's magic gun and gotten the data to defeat the human resistence in his universe why, because when he analyzed Linkara's magic gun he found that it is connected to a source of power that is capable of wiping out all organic life in the multiverse! now isn't it strange that Linkara's gun is powerful enough to have such a drastic effect on the multiverse and now he is facing Lord Vyce a multiversal conqueror. Confirmed.
The 15 comics Linkara won't review
Will include one or more of the following
  • One More Day (if it isn't, its the 100th episode's subject)
    • Well, it wasn't a hard guess.
    • Double Jossed: though he did say that it was one of the comics he wouldn't review, a) he decided to review one of the Sonic The Hedgehog comics for the one hundredth episode, and b) he reviewed OMD for the two hundredth episode.
  • Incarnate
  • Lightbringer and or Revolution of the Mask.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del
    • Covered under webcomics.
  • (A) Porn comic(s).
    • Two infact.
  • The Twilight graphic novel and/or Manhwa
    • He has reviewed Manhwa.
  • Manga
    • Ai.
    • Reviewed "The Electric Tale of Pikachu."
  • Archie Sonic comics
    • Ai.
    • The one hundredth episode.

Linkara's not going to review a Sonic the Hedgehog comic.
Since he was ordered only to do a "Sonic Comic", he's going to review another comic with the word "sonic" in the comic. I mean, hey, it's only his fanbase, what are they going to do?
  • Jossed, it was the one hundredth episode.
Linkara's "worst comic" is going to be read as part of a torture session by Lord Vyce
In the Seibertron podcast he mentions that he is going to review the worst comic he'd ever read at some point, indicating it isn't One More Day (as he won't review it). Given what he thinks of One More Day, if something is somehow worse than it, Linkara will never willingly read it.
  • Jossed

Linkara is a Twilight Caste Solar.
He searches through forbidden and dangerous lore, he is capable of creating magical and advanced technological weapons and equipment, he is capable of summoning, binding, and banishing demons, and he's been able to patch himself up after some pretty bad fights (and made a clone of Spoony). He even said "I'm glad I chose being awesome as a career!"; that's practically the tagline of the Solar Exalted.
  • His gun is even a Hellforged soulsteel firewand!
  • Isn't it the tagline for most Exalted? I thought that was the point of the game.

The color green will have significance later.
Think about it. Between Iron Liz's debut being preceded by a green star child, Lord Vyce's green-tinted environment, the green futon, Pollo possessing a "green setting," Mr. Lovhaug's recent acquisition of a Green Ranger costume, Green Lantern... Need I go on? Oh, and for bonus points, remember last year's Silent Hill endings in which Pollo foretold of Mechakara in the "worst" ending? Methinks Pollo's "green setting" has something to do with Vyce.
  • Jossed, as the recent Vyce arc has ended.

Linkara's Origin Story will be feature length, the main focus of the third anniversary of TGWTG or AT4W, or something very special
It would be EPIC!
  • Jossed

The Green Ranger will become a villain.
Following on the theory that Lord Vyce is from the Power Rangers universe, he may be in possession of the Dragon Coin, having dug it out of Lord Zedd's trash or something. As such, he will give somebody the Green Ranger powers (possibly another TGWTG contributor that lives relatively close and likes power rangers... If any exist at the moment) and cast a spell on them to make them evil as Tommy had been. He will then proceed to kick Linkara's ass 20 different ways at once.
  • Considering that the suit probably fits Lewis best, I think it's more likely he'll give the powers to Mechakara or Linksano. Or, they could be part of the upgrade Linksano gives to Mechakara.

Vyce will attack on the 7/2/2011
The first V minus was at 42. The Second was at 35 this is exactly 7, The Videos were released 7 days apart. Thus Vyce will launch his attack during the Superman: Distant Fire Review and it will be concluded on the DOUBLE FEATURE SURPRISE on the 14/2.
  • For Americans, that is February 14, not July 2.
  • Confirmed.

Linkara will replace the power coin in his morpher with the magic coin from Godzilla vs. Barkley
At the end of his fight with Mechakara, his Mighty Morphin' morpher is cracked and is missing the power coin. But, according to Power Rangers canon, the morphers still work even when damaged (although it's dangerous). They just need a power source. Like, say, a magic coin to replace the one Mechakara took.
  • He has said in the comments that it already was the power coin for the morpher, hence why he didn't have it in the 2nd Mechakara fight.

The Defeat of Vyce will result in a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
It has been established that Vyce is a desperate anti-villain who seeks to destroy a great evil thing. Once he is defeated, that evil thing will be free to wreak havoc in all universes, and it'll be up to Linkara to save his own universe.
  • Confirmed

Lord Vyce depends on his armor.
When Linkara managed to lightly wound him, Lord Vyce panicked and leaves. He is from a completely different universe. He may be vulnerable to this world's diseases and viruses or even just the time differences between his ship and the outside universe. He can't even be exposed for a second to the elements or he might die.
  • Confirmed
Linkara intentionally made the Vyce arc Love It or Hate It or was intended to make it serious but then decided to just roll with it.
We all know Linkara reads his comments and frequents TV Tropes, so he obviously knows about the fans conflicting views on the arc, and of course he's smart enough to know what ticks viewers off while at the same time making them fangasm. Hey, if Tite Kubo can troll his fanbase, then so can Lewis.

Mechakara will become The Starscream.
Its revealed that Mechakara still lives, just as a weakened hand. Not to mention we learned that Vyce is a Well-Intentioned Extremist. If and when Mechakara rebuilds, it will attempt to usurp Vyce and/or steal his tech to use the Entity for his own means

The "secret" is...
  • a member of That Guy With The Glasses
The secret is apparently living, and Linkara has thrown away his Chekov's Guns. I'd think logically he would pick Apollo or Angry Joe, but it will probably be Spoony.
  • It might be someone that Iron Liz is afraid of since she indicate that she is risking life and limb. It could be someone like Dr. Insano. After all, what's the point of trying to take over the world if someone way stronger is going to take over before you?
    • It would be risky trying to get to Apollo. He is being hunted after all. Also, Joe's probably dangerously close to Vyce if he's in orbit.
    • Confirmed, it was Linksano
  • a cybernetically enhanced animal
Alive? Check. Dangerous? Double check. Awesome? More like Crazy Awesome! Jossed

This disappearance of Ninja Style Dancer will be plot-relevant when the Entity/Source/whatever arc starts.
  • This is the second episode in a row his absence has been mentioned, when the character doesn't show up too often and therefore his absence wouldn't particularly conspicuous if Linkara didn't bring it up. So I'm calling Chekhov's Gun.
    • Alternatively the dancer IS the Entity! And as the Crossover with Shortpacked! indicates only a team up with Ninja Rick is going to defeat him.

The Entity has played Lord Vyce for a sucker.
The Entity knew that Vyce was following it and deliberately lead him into universes filled with stubborn skeptics, giving Vyce the impression that the only way to protect them is to conquer and enslave them. The Entity, being a cruel and sadistic...um...Entity, set this up on purpose, for the fun of watching Vyce, the self appointed "Champion" against the Entity, blindly following it wherever it goes and doing it's dirty work of destruction and the spreading of suffering. The noise (presumably it's laughter) is the result of it witnessing the long unexpected spectacle of someone successfully fighting Vyce's attacks off for once. Now that the Entity's favorite toy is broken, it's going to finally act personally.

There will be a Villain Team-Up of Judas Liz and Mechakara.
Judas was surprisingly absent during the final battle. Perhaps she knew that it was over after the Angry Joe Army stormed the ship and escaped instead of fighting for a lost cause.

Her main goal is still to kill Iron Liz, but not even Lord Vyce had a chance against Iron Liz and Linkara together (as well as 90s Kid, Harvey, Pollo, and all the other guys that hang out at their place). So her plan is to lure Liz into a trap by using a Mechakara disguised as Linkara. She steals the hand, finds a way to repair him and gives him the chance to make Linkara suffer by killing one of his loved ones. Of course, he agrees.

Vyce's homeworld is the world without shrimp
And the entity is the "glitch" in the world. Shrimp are important parts of the multi-verse, and a universe without shrimp is obviously broken in some way. The only way to defeat the Entity is to force it into the world of nothing but shrimp, causing it's anti-shrimping powers to be cancelled out and leaving it stuck in a void of nothingness.

Lord Vyce was an agent of The Silent
We know that Lord Vyce set out to stop The Entity. Vyce did so by taking over universes and protecting them himself. The Silent basically controlled Earth to do whatever they wanted through manipulation, and have been WMG to have been holding back an amazingly powerful enemy, strong enough to be the one who destroyed the TARDIS. If thats true, then The Silent sent Vyce off to do the same to other universes. The only difference is Vyce doesn't see the need for/sucks at stealth and maniuplation, therefore did so by brute force.

    Lord Vyce is really… 
Lord Vyce is...
  • ...AU version of Son Of Insano
    • Son Of Insano was mentioned in the review, coincidence? probably,but it'll be a nice turn-of-events
  • ...AU version of 90's Kid
    • Think about it.....Lord Vyce. Lord VYCE. The guy obviously loves being EXTREME, and you can't get more extreme the RULER OF THE MULTIVERSE
  • ...a future version of Marzgurl, turned evil after Linkara left her for Iron Liz
  • ...Joe Quesada
    • Or Rob Liefeld
    • Or Frank Miller
    • Or Simon Furman
    • Or Pat Lee
  • ...BEAR
    • The bears are everywere, man!
  • ...Villamax reborn
    • We only have Linksano's word for it that Vyce is a an evil overlord, and even then a lot of stuff points to it. The fact that both share V at the start of their name, that they're targeting Rangers only (that is if Vyce hasn't kidnapped Linkara's family or Iron Liz) and something about Lord Vyce's name suggests an honorable evil guy. ... plus, anyone whose seen the Lost Galaxy video's Linkara's put up knows that Villamax is awesome.
      • Nah, Villamax didn't seem like the "TAKE OVER ZHE MULTIVERSE" guy... Unless this is an alternate Villamax who got killed somehow...
      • Well given that he's trying to SAVE the multiverse now, its a little more likely.
  • ...your mom.
  • ...a merger of all Power Rangers villains ever
  • ...an AU version of Lord Zedd
    • A much more successful universe-conquering version of Lord Zedd. Hoo boy.
      • That's funny because in my mind he looks like Lord Zed. hmmmmmmm...
  • ...a villain from the Power Rangers universe
    • There's just something Power Rangers-ish about a guy named Lord Vyce who even the reality-breaking Mad Scientist is absolutely terrified of. Hell, even Linksano's reaction to his arrival calls up Rita Repulsa's Oh Crap! Moment when she spotted the Machine Empire in Zeo.
  • ...Bennet the Sage
    • Not an AU Bannet, the real Earth-Prime Bennet. It wouldn't be that much of a stretch.
  • ...Dr. Claw.
  • ...a Phantasm.
    • Y'know, from Uncanny X-Men 424. Or at least it's the same costume.
    • And Linkara's clone. They both wear black robe and metal gauntlets and it would explain Vyce's hatred for Linkara.
  • ...the physical embodiment of TV Tropes.
    • I had a really good reason for this earlier but I forget what it is now. It sounds awesome so it's entirely justified.
  • ...a Sea Horse.
  • ...Yertle the Turtle
    • "I'm ruler", said Yertle, "of all that I see."
  • Everyone is Lord Vyce atop the fourth wall
  • ...Slaanesh
  • ...a new character
    • He isn't anybody we've ever seen on this or any other show, nor is he a version of them from another dimension. Considering how many Epileptic Trees have been planted about his identity, it would be the ultimate twist!
    • Confirmed by Linkara.
  • ...an AU version of Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz, to go along with the WMG that Linkara is an AU version of Perry the Platypus.
  • ...an AU version of the Nostalgia Critic. All that he sees, he conquers. OF COURSE!
    • Remember how batshit insane and power drunken the NC was as ruler of Kickassia? Well in one special AU he remained in power and Team TGWTG was executed after a failed coup d'état. Without them, nobody could stop the NC from taking over the universe. But that wasn't enough to satisfy his still growing lust for power. Thus Lord Vcye, conquerer of the muliverse was born. In all A Us Linkara is his primary target for two reasons. First of all, he was one of the heads behind the coup d'état. So Lord Vcye knows that he is dangerous. And secondly: A BAT CREDIT CARD!!!
  • Nostalgia Chick: In a alternate universe she succeeded in overthrowing the Nostalgia Critic and became the new leader of Kickassia. She actually managed to rule Kickassia much better than Critic but like him she became corrupt and wanted to expand her power. First it was the US, then it was the world, when that didn't satisfy she then uses Insano's tech to prepare her campaign to take over the Milti-verse. Sure while it's easy to assume Lord Vyce is a guy that could be Nostalgia Chick's way of throwing people off so that they wont figure out it's her.
  • An AU version of the Magic Gun's father.
    • AU!father had somehow failed to create the perfect weapon, and took to conquering multiverses to spread his beliefs. Upon discovering that his real world counterpart succeded, he became determined to get the gun from Linkara. Also, if one wants to take this WMG further, the "Source" is the evil God.
  • ...That Dude In The Suede. Suede was an out-of-dimension tourist who made his character a Mormon in order to have an excuse to leave the dimension every once in a while. Upon returning home and encountering The Entity, Suede tried to warn people about the Entity, but they wouldn't listen. So, just as Lord Vyce said, he conquered them with his hyper-advanced technology in order to protect them. Up until a while ago, Suede was avoiding Linkara's earth to avoid having to fight his old friends. Then he came up with a brilliant solution! He would become the masked Lord Vyce so that he would never have to look his friends in the eye as they asked him "Why Suede, why?". Vyce's ultimate defeat will involve him being revealed as Suede. After Linkara pulls off Vyce's mask, Linkara will convince Suede that the internet heroes of his Earth can bring down The Entity, mentioning how they already took over a micronation.
  • AU Spoony, now fused with Clone!Spoony and Black Lantern!Spoony in that transporter mishap.
  • The Undertaker. Conquering universes is what he does in his spare time. This is also how he keeps "coming back from the dead". He (the character, not Mark Callaway) jumps to an AU whenever he gets "killed off" in matches, kind of like The Fallen.
  • AU Linkara. Think about it.
    • Jossed. Linkara confirmed that he isn't an AU version because he has too many of those already.
  • Working under a sort of Dread Pirate Roberts operation. All those other "Champions" became the new Lord Vyce.
  • A Makuta.
    • Vyce seems to have some sort of weakness connected to his armor being damaged....maybe he's worried his Antidermis will leak out?
  • Earth Prime's Monitor, whichever one that is (I'm guessing Bob).
  • Pokemon trainer Red. If the Entity is Missingno(there are similairities), then it's only fitting that Lord Vyce is from the Pokemon universe. Plus Red is that world's champion...
    • Alternatively, he's Gym Leader Blaine. Blaine was already a genius and his gym at Cinnabar put him right next to the Entity/Missingno.
  • An AU version of the Black Cross Fuhrer from Himitsu Sentai Goranger
Lord Vyce is Lord Vyce
And by that I mean he is an actual lord named Vyce if only because it would be hilarious when Linkara finds out.
Lord Vyce is a corrupted version of Blue, Red, or Ash from Pokemon
. With the recent reveal of the Entity being Missingno, it would make sense that someone from a similar universe would want to try and stop it from corrupting anything else.
  • It makes sense, because what does he do? He goes around fighting the CHAMPIONS of different lands
    • He can talk. Something wrong has happened.
    • He wants to be the very best, that no one ever was
  • Worse, he may have accidentally captured Missingno. After all, if he's Red, he likely captured it since the player wanted it.
Lord Vyce is Ash Ketchum.
Ash and his friends discovered the Entity off the coast of Cinnabar Island. Their every attempt to stop it failed, and one by one Ash was forced to watch his friends get absorbed by the Entity. It then worked on the rest of the world's population, until only Ash and Pikachu were left. For years, the two of them kept moving, trying to escape the Entity. They eventually came upon an old Team Rocket bunker that the Entity apparently would not enter. However, as they were trying to get inside, Pikachu was absorbed by the Entity. Ash swore revenge against the Entity, and used the technology found inside the Rocket base to construct a new power suit and automated soldiers (the Shades) to aid him. He eventually was able to construct a mode of space travel which would eventually evolve into his ship, and later become the Comicron 1. Using technology gathered from other worlds, Ash—now calling himself Lord Vyce—soon gained the ability to travel between universes and time zones. And thus the conquest of Lord Vyce began.
  • Or he's Trainer Red. Red was the original character found in Pokémon Red and Blue, the game with the most glitches in it.
  • Its possible that maybe be Ash after all. Think about it, when you think about Ash you think about a idiot hero as soon you heard of him because of the first impression you all had either by the manga or the anime so he eventually learned psychology and decided that he need to start over if he wants to use that kind of power against something as The Entity and used the Vyce name
Lord Vyce is Arceus
  • The Entity is from the pokemon universe, and its actions caused Arceus to turn into a Knight Templar.
    • How is that possible if Missingno was only around during the first generation?
      • On the other hand...

Lord Vyce is Mewtwo
. Both Mewtwo and Missingno are from the First Gen, originated on Cinnibar Island, are ridiculously powerful, and Mewtwo's humanoid body is a little more befitting Vyce's own looks. After realizing "he" was too late to stop "his" home universe from being consumed, Mewtwo tried to be The Atoner, but lapsed back into "his" Knight Templar behaviors after being snubbed.

Lord Vyce is responsible for the post-Kanto generations of the Pokemon series.
In order to fight against the Entity, Lord Vyce helped design many of the Pokemon games. Why do that? If he wanted to fight off the Entity, it would make sense to use the same type of creature as it. This explains why, say, you're unable to transfer anything of the earlier generation to your Ruby/Sapphire game, or why Missingno has a habit of turning into another Pokemon when transfered to another game. The prescene of Dialga, Palkia and the Almighty Arceus are also examples. And the reason for the Bad Egg? A defense mechanism to destroy anyone trying to unwittingly summon the Entity.

Lord Vyce is Gym Leader Blaine.
Blaine is already a scientist(and even in one continuity contributed to Mewtwo's existence.) Someone like Red wouldn't be able to defend themselves against The Entity / Missingno. Blaine on the other hand, who lives where the Entity dwells, would prepare for it. Furthering on this, the Link Trade capabilities and the existence of Porygon may have been part of Blaine/Vyce's plan: the Link Trade to escape into other universes and get help, and Porygon's abilties to enter cyberspace to fight against the data-based Entity.

Furthermore, this could explain how Lord Vyce is capable of existing in the Channel Awesome universe, considering he originates from a universe created from progamming data. Vyce's suit is effectively a combination of Link Trade machinery, CP Us, a hardrive and the Porygon's capability to exist on a physical plane.

Lord Vyce is the Entity.
[[Spoiler: Basically, Vyce becomes the Entity via a stable time loop after he had become a data-entity, eventually he'll forget who his name originally was.]]

Lord Vyce is The King of Worms
His face is never seen, he has the ability to possess robots and machinery. His "original" body might have just been a machine he possessed. Perhaps his original motive wasn't to rid the galaxy of the entity but to challenge it for power. Then there's the reveal that he was controlling Comicron-1. Or perhaps Vyce is a Tomato in the Mirror and doesn't know he's the king of worms.
  • Then there's the reveal at the end that the king of Worms had possessed a cybermat which in turn possessed Harvey. When Vyce was in control of the ship, Linkara sent a bunch of Cybermat's against him. Could the missing Shade be a diversion from the real thing he uploaded his consciousness into?

    The Entity story arc 
The Magic Gun will be used to defeat The Entity
EPIC FORESHADOWING! 'sides, it's been awhile since it brought down something (outside of itself).
  • This would also make a lot of sense, since originally it was supposed to be wielded by the entity itself.
  • Jossed. Linkara tries to, but it doesn't work.
The Entity is behind the Dark Nella Saga
Four days after Lord Vyce was defeated, Nella recovered from a bad case of bridge, turned evil and claimed to be possessed by a quasi-demonic inter-galactic force of evil.

The Entity will appear in the Ultimatum review
The three-parters tend to have the more epic climatic moments in the story line, plus Ultimatum was a mass cross-over, so it makes sense.
  • Jossed
What happened to Linksano happened to Ninja Style Dancer off screen
What happened to Linksano happened to Ninja Style Dancer off screen.
  • Basically Confirmed

Linksano and Ninja Style Dancer aren't dead
Whatever the Entity did to them will be reversed once it is defeated.
  • Or they wish they were dead. The two may have been merged into the Entity, fully conscious but without a physical body.
    • This line from its book seems to support this theory: "Those that are dead are not dead, they're just living in my head."
    • ...this, from the US-1 #2 comments, doesn't help either.
    dLLLLLLLLLLLDJNVIKARADA!!HELPHELPHELPNSDITWONTSTOPITWILLNEVERSTO Pdfdasssssssssss;ghdasfjdskafefjkreifsdkl;fsdjklncfjncijcf
    • An anonymous comment for the latest Tandy Whiz-kids review seems to clean up as something like @&22̡̡92kidyugottaheeellpppUsSsSsSsHaHaHaHaHzahAhA . Sounds like a message from Harvey.
The Storyline will tie into Lightbringer/Crossoverlord.
The planet Linkara banished Lord Vyce to bears an uncanny remeblance to the fate of the Smiling Man in Crossoverlord given its lack of technology or any sentient life. The truth is... it's the same world. Having reggresed back to his old ways The Smiling Man will use his and Vyce's combined knowledge of different aspects of the multiverse to enable them to escape. Together they embark on a campaign of galactic destruction. possibly joining forces with other interdiemensonal evil doers such as Dark Nella and Doctor Insano. Given the severity of their combined power, Ringo will have to summon both the group from Crossoverlord as well as the TGWTG crew to handle the problem. Which will be easier said than done...
  • Lightbringer and the Nostalgia Critc will but heads, given the Critc's repeated jibs at Bush and Mc Cain contrasted to the 'ever so slightly' conservative overtones of the early issues. This will culminate in the Critic doing a scary slow mo of the Serpent's interrigation...
  • Ant will become the Sixth Ranger Traitor. As a devoted Otaku, she'll be raging at Spoony for Squall's death, prompting Vyce to lull her to the dark side.
Warrior number 4 will be the Entity's downfall.
When the Entity finally attacks, Linkara will wind up thrashed, terrified, and near to death or insanity. He will manage at the last minute to transport himself to Vyce's barren world. Vyce finds him in a near catatonic state, and takes him back to a cave, whewre he musters up enough strength to do a review. His friends will reconvene at that cave, and discuss what to do. Vyce laments that it will be hopeless, as all his assets were shut down by Linkara, sarcastically adding that unless anyone there has something to warp hypertime itself... Linkara suddenly has an epiphany, and tells everyone his plan. They go back to earth, and Linkara partakes in TGWTG.com's third anniversary. After that, he and Spoony will have their final Warrior crossover review. At the end, the Entity is caught like a rat in a trap, and the Linkaras, Spoonys, Lizs and Vyces attack from their own respective universes until the Entity is defeated once and for all.
  • My god. That would be awesome. It also would make a lot of sense. I applaud you.
  • Sadly Jossed
The video static does not mean that The Entity is there
The static is there because The Entity is hacking the show to stare at you.
  • The above Troper is needlessly sadistic.
  • Now I'll never sleep again.
    • Supported by this

The Entity is the reason why Pokémon Gold and Silver can't communicate with Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
There are many hints (listed above) that the entity is connected to Missingno. Gameboy #1 claims that the cartridges are windows to other worlds, and considering how things go on this show it isn't much of a stretch to imagine that it's true. The Entity has been around for many eons, but the first time we ever saw it in our world was viewing it through the original Pokemon games. It had been clawing at the Pokemon world for years, and while we didn't see it, the universe was slowly being destroyed. Red was their Champion, and managed to hold it back so that we didn't see it, but eventually the original pokemon universe fell. Nintendo, fortunately, was able to recreate the world, but by then the Gold/Silver/Crystal cartridges were nothing but husks that could only replay events before the death of the world, whereas the Ruby and Sapphire cartridges connect to the real pokemon universe, meaning they can't communicate. It also explains why Red is silent: he remembers the events of the previous universe and is traumatized that he failed, and even moreso by the knowledge that, with so much space/time mucking about going on, The Entity could easily return.
  • Maybe Vyce is Red? The original Red, who fled his doomed reality. If that's the case, Vyce may have some Pokemon he and Linkara can use.

The meaning of the Entity poem:

The Entity poem probably has some symbolic meaning. This troper feels that the poem in its entirety it a warning of some sort, but is not positive.

Beneath the seas, beside the flame
Off the coast where the lost beast came
To bring the world misery and shame
A piece of the world is missing.

This verse seems to directly describe the Entity. 'Beneath the seas, beside the flame' might be a reference to the sunken city of R'lyeh, from the writing of HP Lovecraft. It would certainly fit the Eldritch Abomination theme.

'The lost beast' definitely fits Eldritch Abomination.

The path you should have never crossed
The beast exacts a heavy cost
The number of the beast is lost
You will know it by its hissing

'The path you never should have crossed' could refer to Vyce's defeat, especially since Vyce claimed to only want to protect worlds from the Entity, and the next verse is 'the beast exacts a heavy cost.' After the defeat of Vyce, the Entity began to show itself. 'The number of the beast is lost.' This troper is not really sure what that could mean. However, 'you will know it by its hissing' most likely refers to the static-ey laugh the Entity has.
  • The "Heavy Cost" is losing everyone around him(So far The Entity has taken Linksano, Ninja Style Dancer, and Harvey Finevoice and 90's Kid, Liz and Pollo are all next.) and the number being lost most likely refers to how many it takes away.
    • Oh! That makes sense! The 'number of the beast is lost' doesn't necessarily have to refer to the Entity itself.

    The bones from hell you cannot tame
    Devour your life and all your fame
    That is the price to play its game
    And all while you're reminiscing

This passage could actually be describing Linkara himself, especially the lines 'devour your life and all your fame' and 'all the while you're reminiscing.' Linkara has a decent amount of fame, and the reminiscing part can refer to his reviews. 'That is the price to play its game' is pretty self-explanatory.

'The bones from hell you cannot tame' is somewhat more complicated. If, indeed, the verse is describing Linkara, the line could refer to his use of magic, namely, his magic gun. Bones from hell—the girl inhabiting the magic gun was tortured to death, so death from torture. Death-bones, torture-hell. If one wants to get more detailed about that, Linkara didn't really tame his gun per se. She chose to work with him.

  • A lot of lines make sense with the Missingno theory. You encounter Missingno on the shores of a volcanic island, catching it carries a heavy cost to your save file, it occasionally appears as a fossil skeleton, and it comes from a retro game.
    • It's most noticed screw up is to corrupt the Hall of Fame data, "Devour [...] all your fame"?
      • Missingno. The number of the beast is lost.
  • The Entity is in fact Missingno.

Ninja Style Dancer will return as a servant of The Entity.
  • Jossed.

We will see Mechakara's homeworld.
Why? Because it would be awesome, the Entity is a threat to all creation, and we get to see badass rebel fighter counterparts to the TGWTG crew. The AVGN is their leader, thanks to being able to handle defective programming(aka the terrible video games.) The Nostalgia Critic will be dead, and the Nerd will be angry at the death of his finest opponent. There will be Ho Yay between Rebel!Spoony and Linkara. Insano will be forced to have an Enemy Mine with Spoony. Other survivors will include the Cinema Snob(who will host "personal entertainment" to help restore the population), Bennet The Sage(who is capable of scaring the robots away) and Ma-Ti(who will be an example of Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome, finding some way of making Heart useful). On the robot side is Burton(who may or may not talk), a collection of all the terrible gaming consoles becoming a sentient entity(the brain is the Atari Jaguar, who has shown to be sentient), and a Black Lantern Linkara as their dragon(since this Linkara was killed off, and BL Spoony seemed fine in allying with a Robotic Psychopath bent on killing off organic life itself.)

Mechakara will become one with the Entity in a moment of Hijacked by Ganon
  • Right after it is revealed to be Koh, the face stealer from Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Jossed, jossed, and REALLY jossed.

If Missingno. is the entity, Linkara will just shoot it and make it an anti climax
Missingno. has a defense stats of 0, even Magic Gun is based on special, that's a 6, and with 33 base HP, anything can kill it. Harvey was just doing some A-Team Firing and missed every shot.
  • Jossed.

Then PC 4 SH/u/p T show up
(They are the obscurer ones with base stats better than Arceus)
  • Jossed.

Speculation on how or what Harvey knows about the book

Linkara states here that there is a clue somewhere in the show.
  • Family or friends of his were somehow involved with the Entity, possibly in connection to the people responsible for the magic gun. During the Ewoks #9 review, he exclaims 'What in Ava Gardner's forbidden past was that?!' in shock at one point. Ava Gardner actually starred in a movie called My Forbidden Past in which her character's grandmother has a shady past (the specifics are not revealed)
  • The above Entity = Missingno WMGs are correct, and Harvey was making the connection where Linkara didn't (for whatever reason). He seems to play the games, as evidenced by the 'Who are you, the name rater from Pokemon?' comment in the Anita Blake review and the fact that he was playing a DS in the Barbi Twin Adventures review.
    • True, Linkara in the commentary for Electric Tale of Pikachu admitted that most of his characters have pleasures you wouldn't expect, like Harvey is a huge fan of Pokemon, and 90's kid is a fan of Care Bears.

The Entity isn't evil.
Lord Vyce claims that it's evil, so he has an excuse to conquer universes. He conquers worlds because he wants power. It attacked Linksano because he's still evil. It went after Ninja Style Dancer because he ran away from it, and both assumed the other was evil. Harvey was attacked because he started firing at it.
  • Doubt it. If Vyce only cared for power, he wouldn't bother with an excuse(he's already feared by the rest of the multiverse, so he can't trick alternate worlds). As for the Entity, it's still responsible for eating away pieces of the world. Plus it's Evil Laugh. The very best we can hope for is that the thing has no clue what it's doing.

The Entity will get his own countdown.
It will be like Mechakara's "He's counting down from X." and Lord Vyce's "V-Minus X."
  • I think it just be the number of days remaining with nothing else because it is so evil there's nothing to say about him.
  • It would probably be something like "The world disappears in X days"
    • Or "X days until his fame is gone."
  • Jossed

Alternatively 90's Kid is a servant of the entity
Because he distracted Linkara when it took Ninja Style and he was the last person to see Harvey before the Entity got him. Just saying there is alot of evidence here.
  • Sorta confirmed... The Entity took on 90's Kid's form.

The "i'm always watching" message is from the next threat, rather than the Entity
  • Do you mean that Linkara will basically going to fight (a) God after he's done with the Entity.
    • Thinking more along the lines of a Big Brother-esqe power, possibly a hivemind. Although, if he keep going up the Sorting Algorithm of Evil, an actual god is about all that's left, assuming that the Entity doesn't already qualify.

The Entity is trying to break Linkara.
It seems strange that an Omnicidal Maniac of an Eldritch Abomination hasn't just killed Linkara immediately. That's because the Entity needs him alive. Remember when Mechakara said that magic items tend to respond to their owner? And that the soul of the Magic Gun is Linkara's friend? Since it's connected to it, the Entity wants to neutralise the threat/gain the power of this weapon. To do this, it must perform More Than Mind Control and Mind Rape on our hero. It attacks people in terms of their importance to Linkara, and subtley manipulates his potential as The Caligula. Dr Linksano and Harvey Vinvoice have been taken-the next targets are 90s Kid, Iron Liz and Pollo. Pollo will be manipulated into becoming rouge(not humanity hating, but at the least a sadistic hatred of Linkara), reflecting the possibility that he'll turn into Mechakara. Let's face it, villanious manipulation is a standard trope on this show, and it would justify why Vyce took such extreme measures.

Next week's comic (Mightily Murdered Power Rangers)
  • Is the Power Rangers/Youngblood crossover mentioned in the Power Rangers Zeo #1 review
    • The review it was mentioned in has the commentary note it didn't happen.
  • Is a parody of both Power Rangers and the Dark Age
  • Jossed. It was a parody comic of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.

We had seen The Entity before we even know of its existence
The quote "You've seen my bones before" might refer to something that we had seen in the show before or in the background that we may have ignored.
  • Maybe it's the book that Linkara found in Silent Hill Dead/Alive #5? The book has shown up in later reviews, with new messages.
  • That may fit with the "Entity is Missingno" theory. Two of its forms are fossil versions of Kabutops and Aerodactyl.
  • We DID see Missingno itself in The Dark Knight Strikes Again part 2, when Linkara commented on some weird pixelization in the comic: "Did somebody catch Missingno? The comic's starting to glitch out!"
    • And this appearance was directly before Vyce was first foreshadowed in Sultry Teenage Super Foxes #2. Probably just coincidence, but still...
  • What if these "bones" refer to the couch? Think about it, we've seen the couch in every single episode. No matter how many episodes you've watched, you've seen that couch before. It's completely unexpected. Couches have a habit of being doombringers: Darkseid sits on couchs in Countdown, and breaks reality while sitting in a couch. Clearly, the Entity is connected to the couch.
  • Has anyone seen Bear lately?
  • Confirmed. We've seen the Entity, during the 90s.

The text flashing in the credits will include the next stanza of the Entity's poem
  • Maybe not - In The Stinger from Kamandi: At Earth's End, Linkara does the "I AM A MAN!" punch, but hits something & bounces off. At the point of impact, some text flashes up (Which took this Troper several rewatches to fully read) reading "Can you see me?". It's possible that the Entity lives beyond the fourth wall & is trying to break through onto Linkara's side of the wall.
  • Not credits, but the comments of US-1 #2 contain a possible continuation

The Entity is living in a child's body of sorts, placed there by the same cult that made the magic gun, and is playing a game for Linkara and the world
It uses the world-pieces it's stolen to build a dollhouse (finding itself a home), and took Harvey, the NSD, and the Kid because it thought they'd be fun. Then, it decided that Linkara would make a better doll, and the vanished characters are playing a game with it—they win, and the Entity leaves in peace, they lose and Linkara gets taken. The Entity currently thinks said game is already won.
  • And that child? It could be Linkara.
  • Jossed

The Entity is now among us
Think about it. Anonymous comments popping out with weird messages? He's here and worst of all, he could be any one of us. He could be in this very site. He could be you, he could be me, he could even be...........

It's more than a piece refers to Arc Words "A piece of the world is missing"

Linkara will not defeat The Entity
Iron Liz will. Lewis will remain as completely obvious to it's existence as he is right now.
  • Jossed.

So (more than) a piece of the world is missing...
Hey, we haven't seen the spaceship in a while. Or Pollo and Liz.

The entity will be defeated by...
Resetting continuity. If it is missingno, the only way to get rid of it would be to reset the game, it will take place during the twilight zone episode and will tie into the DC relaunch.
  • Nah, that seems a bit too anti-climatic.
  • Jossed

The meaning of The Entity's words.
Since Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster, the Entity has been talking to us. Its been leaving many cryptic comments. What do they mean? Let's see

  • "I'm always watching." Pretty obvious. It means the Entity has Medium Awareness. And had watching since the mid-90s.
  • "The lost beast has found a home." The Entity has firmly established itself in the Channel Awesome universe, or part of the show.
  • "You've seen my bones before." Meaning we've seen a part of the Entity before. While I personally think it's the couch(which, even in episodes that Linkara did not appear, was still there), it's probably referring to the Magic Gun(it was made from the Entity). Or rather, it's fossil Pokemon forms.
    • When was it said that the magic gun was made from the Entity?
  • "I've already won the game." Either the Entity has already won, or it's actively screwing around with us. Anything it says is suspect.
  • "Can you see me?" Obviously referring to Linkara punching it.
  • "You are blind to what lies ahead, before the end, we'll all have met. I already won and you did lose. End's like a bomb with a lit fuse. The darkness shall embrace you all. When I exist, mankind will fall." The Entity is threatening us. The first sentence would mean that we have no idea what it is planning, yet we've somehow met it before(fits with "You've seen my bones before.") The second sentence means that its doomsday plan has begun. The third is an active threat, symbolizing that it shall murder Real Life itself. The fourth means that, when the Entity becomes real enough(or at least a powerful form of Memetic Mutation), we shall die.
  • "I live in the static. I live in every dream. My plot is chaotic. You can't know my scheme." We don't know what its plan is(thus "My plot is chaotic. You can't know my scheme"), and our minds are getting wrapped around in it(hence "I live in every dream"). The static refers to the glitch.
  • "All the world is mine to take, as the champion's followers shiver and shake. Darkness falls and the Fourth Wall will break. As the lips of death you're kissing." The Entity is trying to kill us all, and is taunting us with the fact that its plans are about to become reality. The "Champion", of course, is Linkara, while the "followers" refer to us, his fans. "Shiver and shake" refers to the fact that we fans are all frightened and scared of it (there is a sizable portion of horror dedicated to the Entity), while Linkara remains oblivious to it despite our repeated attempts to warn him about the glitches and strange comments on the videos. It's playing games with our heads. "The Fourth Wall will break" either refers to the fact that it will escape from the confines of the show and enter our reality, or that it wants to destroy the show itself.
    • Or, it's referring to Linkara's friends that it's taken- Ninja Style Dancer, Harvey Finevoice, Pollo, and Linksano. And it make you wonder what it's doing to them.
ITWONTSTOPITWILLNEVERSTO Pdfdasssssssssss;ghdasfjdskafefjkreifsdkl;fsdjklncfjncijcf?
  • There's been speculation that message is Ninja Style Dancer (NSD) calling for help.
  • from the comments of US-1 #2
Hjegdrw\rsd17583658264irYwdnwo The feeble mind cannot comprehend, Your will shall break and bend, A wound that will not heal or mend, All you know is lost and missing. dwiYkajnr52953720Hwsktiwheofor4h

The Entity is scheming to break the Fourth Wall, and, in doing so, make Linkara the character and Lewis Lovhaug the writer meet
  • Organized in bullets for readability. This theory also channels Grant Morrison.
  • The Entity seems to want to encroach on Real Life, but for what purpose we're not sure. It could be to kill everything, but it could be for another purpose entirely.
  • It takes time for the Entity to build up enough power to do certain things, like snatch people and effect the credits. Clearly, it is gathering its power to do something massive.
  • The Entity has taken residence in Linkara's house, professing an interest in Linkara- affecting only his blog, his forum, noting on the TGWTG site itself. The Entity has taken several people around Linkara, but hasn't done much to Linkara himself.
  • Because of the nature of AT 4 W, the separation between Real Life and fiction is flimsier than it would be in, say, a comic, a movie, or a book. If the Entity wants to break into Real Life, it is best to do so on AT 4 W.
  • Why would this ever make Linkara and Lewis meet? Well, despite the frailty of the Fourth Wall in AT 4 W, there is a definite separation between Linkara the character and Lewis the writer. If the Entity succeeded in its (assumed) goal of collapsing the Fourth Wall, the character Linkara (possibly with baggage like his space ship and his magic gun) would intrude into the real world. As the Entity is based in Linkara's house, the first breakage in the Fourth Wall would be in Linkara's/Lewis' houses. The end result would be Linkara and Lewis meeting.
  • However, this has the unforseen effect would be that Lewis could write the Entity out of existence. Despite being able to break into Real Life, the Entity still retains its fictional properties.
  • Jossed- the Entity wants to assimilate all reality.
  • This is a good idea. This leads into this trooper's theory that...

The reason the "real-life" Lewis can't see or comment on the Entity's glitches and messages on the AT 4 W blog is because the "fictional" Entity is getting stronger.
  • Lewis always posts OOC on the message boards, right? And the reason he claims he hasn't seen them (while we can) is because he thinks the fans are trying to drum up hype for the story arc and doesn't want to ruin their fun. The short glitches in the videos are almost imperceptible ( or possibly only appear after he's already uploaded the video), so of course he'd shrug it off or be in denial. The only reason they appear here is because The Entity's getting stronger- because it's fed on so many beings in story, it has the power to send its messages through the Fourth Wall of fiction to us real world fans, trying to make us fearful and gain strength from the hype fans on our side of of the Fourth Wall have created, pasting it everywhere over the Internet and thus take over both realities...

Linkara can't see the Entity's messages because he is possessed by the Entity
  • And he doesn't even realize it yet.
  • how would that work exactly?
  • Linkara blacks out, the Entity takes over his body, does something evil, erases Linkara's memories of it, Linkara wakes up oblivious of what's happened and the Entity waits in his subconscious until it decides to attack again.
  • This troper disagrees.

the entity is making Philosophers Stones with entire universes
The Entity is Father Up to Eleven .
  • Jossed.

'As the lips of death you're kissing' refers to Iron Liz
It's possibly more proof that she's connected to the Entity
  • or maybe Judas Liz in disguise

The Entity storyline is Green Lantern related
In the original Black Lantern/White Lantern story, there was a thing called The Entity.
  • Different Entities. The Blackest Night Entity was a being of life and light. This one....isn't.
  • Jossed.

Linkara knows The Entity's weakness
And that's why he doesn't care about what happens. He's LETTING the Entity come to him where he'll instakill it with some form of tech or magic that we haven't seen onscreen yet. He's stated that he's made constant upgrades to his arsenal and he's often working on projects. As a result, he'll simply obliterate it, restore ninja Style Dancer and Harvey (as well as anyone else that gets taken) back to life.

Or instead of killing it, he'll make it his pet or something. I mean, he took Vyce's ship as his own.
  • Jossed

Subtley, though. The reason why Linkara doesn't notice the Entity is because it's possessing him. Not directly, mind you, but possessing his subconscious. It's power affects not just the Linkara we know and love, but every single Linkara in the multiverse. This includes his Real Life version, which is why it's threatening us.
  • Jossed, he was possessing 90s kid

The Entity is gonna be reborn through Mechakara's body
Mechakara has been the only villain not to be touched after Vyce. And with Pollo being taken by the Entity, it would make sense for it to use Mechakara as its body. Also Mechakara is one of the more eviler characters.

The Entity is assumes an inanimate form to keep people from noticing it.
May just be me but when Pollo is taken we see 2 green ranger helmets instead of 1
  • Jossed, he was assuming the form of the 90's Kid.

Linkara will need to recruit Lord Vyce to fight the Entity.
His allies are disappearing one by one, and Vyce is the only person in this universe who's had any experience fighting it in the past.
  • Jossed.

The Brotherhood of χάος has something to do with the Entity.
Twilight Zone #9 - "(translated from the Codex of the Brotherhood of χάος ) Genesis: It is said when an infant is born it is driven solely by a force called the Id. The universe is no different, for when it was born in the firey womb of the dawn of time there was a force of pure consumption and destruction. A creature that exists in a form our pathetic 3 dimensional minds cannot ever hope to comprehend, a force called χάος." χάος means chaos, disorder, or mess in Greek. I guess we have a name for the entity now, Khaos.

That's all I'm Saying 9-14-11 - "(translated from the Codex of the Brotherhood of χάος ) War: Just as in time an infant gains a Super Ego to quell it's Id, a force rose to appose χάος, Αἰθήρ. Αἰθήρ is a life form consisting of pure thought, the currents that ebb and flow throughout the entirety of the multiverse. Αἰθήρ and χάος battled, and eventually Αἰθήρ triumphed and locked away χάος from his rightful domain in a prison that spanned the entirety of the multiverse." Αἰθήρ means Aether in Greek. In simple terms Aether is pure goodness. Is the entity (Khaos) going to end up as a dark version of Linkara (Yin and Yang)?

Superman and the TRS-80 Whiz Kids: The Computers that Saved Metropolis- "(translated from the Codex of the Brotherhood of χάος ) Procreation: Though χάος was locked away it still lapped up the fear and hatred dripping through the dimensional wall, the growls reverberating from it cracking continents, and his appendages clawing at the walls of its prison. Over time some of the locks weaken, letting out the tiniest slivers of itself. These slivers spawned horrendous creatures of tendrils and gaping maws that exist on the verge of our nightmares. Beings with power comparable to gods. The fear and worship they evoke feeds χάος from beyond the veil." I think we're dealing with an extension here.

Silent Hill: Paint It Black- (translated from the Codex of the Brotherhood of χάος ) The Green Knight: As χάος and it's spawn slowly spread their influence they eventually attacked the home of a powerful being known as Vyce. Vyce survived and swore to destroy that which destroyed his home to protect other worlds from suffering the same fate. The green knight tried to warn many worlds but was ignored at every turn. Eventually Vyce decided that he could protect the multiverse better as a king than a knight.

Linkara has trapped everybody in a Groundhog Day loop
  • Now, maybe I'm just reading into this too much but... rewatching the Gameboy review, note how Linkara jokingly points out a flaw in the story and theorizes about wether Mario goes through the same events over, and over, and over. I find it hard to believe the Gameboy review does not hold a clue of some significance, given that the Entity makes repeated reference to games ('you've already lost' etc...) Now, Linkara has expressed a feeling of 'familiarity', like he's studied for a test but as he's taking it his minds gone blank. That is called Deja Vu. Given that we already know the Entity is keeping Linkara from seeing its messages, how do we know that he's keeping Linkara from remembering?

    You are blind to what lies ahead,
    before the end, we'll all have met.

    I already won and you did lose.
    End's like a bomb with a lit fuse.

    The darkness shall embrace you all,
    while I'll exist, mankind will fall.

Maybe Linkara has already played the Entity's game, and already lost it. The above pieces of the poem could reference the future it is intentionally blinding us to, where a piece of the world went missing; and it was mankind. And so Linkara managed to find a way to reverse the clock and replay the game. However, he's forgotten all about it and The Entity has been growing strong enough to influence people's minds and sense that he's already won. If he has to actually 'win' some sort of game with Linkara in order to destroy us, then he knows he's already won, and instead of playing all he has to do is wait for people to remember losing and then he can claim them as his prize.

Of course, the above is just conjecture, the main theory is that Linkara has already faced The entity, perhaps multiple times, and cannot remember it. Everything points to it; the fact that future Linkara (who was supposed to have been erased from continuity by present Linkara moving house) did the 'previously on' segment before the arc began. Harvey Finevoice knowing (or remembering) something about the Entity before it took him.

'You have seen my bones before'. Maybe we have seen his bones before and just haven't

  • Or someone (Oh Hai there Entity) re edited the text after he finished. *shrug*
  • Jossed
The Entity will become memetic

  • The guy who posted above? He didn't finish his sentence. Either Linkara is posting hints among us tropers, or else other people besides Linkara are going to be doing the Entity thing now, and it'll become the next Candle Jack or Slender
  • Jossed
  • Not entirely jossed. The Entity certainly hasn't become a fully fledged meme like Candle Jack yet, but he has been popping up more and more frequently on the intern
  • Well, it depends on your point of view, but it already is.

The Entity is going to affect other people on the site.
Let's face it, the thing's dangerous enough to do this. And after taking away a billion people, I think the other reviewers are going to notice something else. I expect something like it's creepy laugh or glitches to appear randomly with the other reviewers...
  • And the first reviewer to be affected will most likely be Spoony, since he and Linkara often share storylines.
  • Spoony has been taken as of Silent Hill: Paint It Black.
  • MarzGurl too as of Silent Hill: Among the Damned.
  • Benzai and Sadpanda have been taken as of Silent Hill: Paint It Black.
  • Has taken everyone, everywhere, in the world.

Mechakara, Vyce, Linksano, INSANO, Mirror Linkara and all of the other baddies will join forces to save the multiverse
Self Explanatory really. I think all of them would rather NOT have the universe dissolved from under there asses. So they would join together and fight it off. Then get back to being villians once it's over.
  • Jossed

The extra poems left in the comments, garbled comments, twitter accounts and Brotherhood messages are all fake.
The poems especially. The three stanzas of the poem spoken in Linkara's October trailer are the only ones that were shown in his videos. These poems don't strike me as well-written at all and the lack of Linkara giving official mention of them in his latest video raises further suspicion (heck, that voice only reciting the three official verses could be a way of Linkara debunking these poorly-written fakes). Plus, these new poems are said as if from the Entity's perspective, something the "official" poems never do.

Then there's this.

"Li Nk Ar A... LEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN-KAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-RAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Your clown is gone. 90s Kid is gone. Harvey Finevoice is gone. The ninja is gone. None of your friends are safe. I will get them all. They will all suffer by my hands. You cannot save them. You cannot save this world. I will feast on your souls. I will warp your minds with horrors undreamed of. I am older than time. I stood by as your universe was created. And I will feed on your fear. The dream will become a nightmare. The hero will be broken. And this time, the little girl won't save you. This time, I am not controlled by anyone. The rules have changed. I am all around you. See you soon..."

Does that first line not look silly to you? Plus, 90s Kid is still around despite what this poem suggests (Yes, I saw the speculation about whether it's really 90s Kid. I honestly think the poster just made a mistake and gave himself away).

Lewis has never posted anything plot related outside of his videos, and these poems and messages with their mistakes and general poor writing just reek of the fandom screwing with people.

Lewis is probably not debunking these comments because he is keeping in character about being unaware to the Entity's fourth-wall breaking in the videos; if he responded to them he'd basically be saying he knows the Entity is breaking the fourth wall and has been lying (and that's been part of Lewis' schtick for these videos lately).

  • what about the mp3?

  • I suspect that's a fake too. Simply a matter of copying audio. Creepy enough admittedly, but I doubt it's official.
    • Just one problem: ALL of the posts on Linkara's blog and by extension the videos MUST be approved by Lewis himself. That means he reads every single comment, and he's stated sevral times that he reads EVERY SINGLE comment. (To add to his awesomeness factor with the fans, he even occasionally checks out this very wiki.) That's why we haven't seen many replies to those posts other then here. He's denying them from being posted.

Plus, with all they hype this place is generating as well as the videos themselves, do you think he would risk potentially sabotaging his story arc when it's so close to the end? He knows people. This is all genuine.

Or some of them are real, some of them aren't, and he's letting the fake ones through to add to the effect and make us all more paranoid. Hell, the Entity itself could be posting incorrect things to confuse us.

Confirmed by Word of God

Linkara will fight other hoards of chaos.
the brotherhood says chaos creates creatures to feast off of. what if the entity is just one of them? He'll spend his episodes trying to destroy the othertendrils of the entity

80's Dan was nearly a victim of The Entity's ploy:

Think about it for a moment: he was originally used as a one shot character before getting erased. But since he had the power of Reb Brown and other 80s action heroes in him, 80's Dan fought his way out.

The Entity didn't take Pollo
It took everyone else. Pollo calling for help is just the Entity messing with us.
  • Jossed

The mystery Entity showdown will be a Pokemon comic
There has to be at least one western comic, official or otherwise, bad enough to warrant a review.
  • Confirmed: the final Entity battle takes place in "The Electric Tale of Pikachu."

We're only helping the Entity.
The Entity is trying to make itself real, so it's using the power of Memetic Mutation to do so. After all, half of the Nightmare Fuel entry and much of this very page is focusing on the Entity. That's what it wants. Through becoming a meme, it will spread across the internet. Slowly but surely manipulating the fandom, causing them to become more obsessive and paranoid about it. This will cause a chain reaction, until issues in Real Life will be affected. Starting off small and minor, then becoming major. Eventually it'll lead to war, then devestation and then the apocalypse. It can't be stopped, we're already obsessing over it.
  • One excerpt of the Codex of the Brotherhood did state that it's feeding off the fear and awe caused by its various offshoots, and this isn't much of a stretch beyond that...
  • Jossed

The end of the Street Fighter review was the Entity taking the viewers.
Which means we're now observing a different reality to ours as we are obviously not Entitizednote  but reality hole punching is kind of AT 4 W's thing. I don't know about you, but I'm foreseeing the Entity consuming the universe save for Linkara, his couch, the wall behind it, some comics that suck, and the purdy hat.
  • That does explain that part of the poem "Devour your life and all your fame" We the viewers and the fans are Linkara's fame, so it took us away from him.
  • Jossed: All the other reviews in the CA-verse are fine. Which wouldn't be the case if this was true, since the fourth wall will not stop the Entity. I think the inverse has happened: the Entity has swallowed up Linkara's room.
    • Jossed: Though there have been many guest stars and references to the continuity of the CA verse (most common examples would be Silent Hill Dead Alive mentioning Kickassia and NB Comics mentioning Suburban Knights.) AT 4 W has its own continuity, and unless that continuity says otherwise, it won't effect anything outside AT 4 W-verse. Otherwise the entity would have taken NC or Angry Joe, or any of the other Channel Awesome Guests that have appeared on the show.
      • Maybe it did, and it's taking a while to properly affect the rest of the universe
      • Confirmed: The Entity has taken Spoony.
      • Partial Jossed: True Spoony is a member of Channel awesome....However both him and his characters are on the Recurring list for AT 4 W as both frequent appearances as himself and recurring appearances as Doctor Insano, Linkara's nemesis. Even if he wasn't a memeber of channel awesome, he would have been taken anyway due to his status as recurring. I am only claiming partial jossed, because many of the other channel awesome shows and sites are still intact.
    • Only one way to find out, watch the halloween special.
    • Or watch the second Silent Hill comic review- MarzGurl got captured too now. Think the Entity will go three for three?
      • Partial Jossed: Much like Spoony, Marzgurl has been on the show numerous times. Here is a list of CA characters that have been recurring in the AT 4 W universe:
      • Spoony/Dr insano, Relationship: Best friend/First Arch Enemy
      • MarzGurl, Relationship: Friend, possible former love interest.
      • Angry Joe, Relationship: friend and ally in the Arsenal of freedom.
Those people outside of AT 4 W had key points in the series. Joe for example lead his army of Joes onto Vyce's ship inorder to render him powerless. Characters such as Nostalgia Critic, though had minor roles and joint reviews haven't made much of an impact on the show. Nostalgia Critic played a silent hill version of himself as well as Dougsano and Lori Prince during the ending to Godyssey 1. Aside from that most of his appearances have been on his own show with Linkara and Spoony, doing joint reviews such as Superman IV and Alone in the Dark. Unless he or Nchick or Snob or Paw etc have been taken be it on their own show or AT 4 W appearence. CA universe is safe from the Entity. If not, then that long speech would end up like the plot of a 1950s horror movie and odds are for not believing it would happen the entity would take me as well.
  • Though if the entity did take Critic it would be funny to see him scream like a wimp.

The reason the entity took Spoony.
Spoony was about to post the review of warrior, right. Maybe the entity thought Spoony was going to mess up hyper time, so he took him away before he could upload it.
  • doesn't explain how just uploading it would mess up hypertime. Since warrior 4 already happened in-universe, why would uploading it make a difference?
    • I (Pink Puppy) have another theory on why: just saw Spoony's Phantasmagoria Let's Play, and at the end where something is trying to get him to review Final Fantasy VIII. Now, it causes static on his computer, has an evil laugh, and attempts/succeeds in warping reality. There's also the myterious text (part of the game but...) Spoony unknowingly has already encountered the Entity and fear of him recognizing it or something and therefore the Entity has captured him. Maybe MarzGurl has as well (she's expressed an interest in FF VIII).
      • Also, Burton was/is possibly being controlled by the Entity due to the claim of 'The Burton Experiment' in an effort to break Spoony.
      • Wait....Burton disappeared at the end of one of Spoony's recent reviews....the Entity took Burton, which mean th-
      • The Entity might either or also be trying to break Linkara even before facing him by taking away those he's closest to. Iron Liz and Pollo might want to watch out if I'm right...
      • Yep.
    • Okay, Pink Puppy is back. Spoony is holding up Warrior #4 when he's captured. Yesterday he posted his and Linkara's review of it. DOES NOT COMPUTE. The vlogs I'll let slide but this? Plus MarzGurl has reviewed Rock-a-Doodle now. It looks like they fought their way out or were rescued off-screen.
      • Also... I'm starting to worry there's a connection between the Warrior reviews and the Entity. Just a gut feeling, really, besides the whole wanting to conquer everything vibe both scenarios have.
      • And maybe he if could have seen the Entity Spoony would have recognized it. However, Spoony has a tendancy to yell out his foes' names upon first seeing them (Squall! Insano! Tidus!), thus why the Entity didn't show itself to him. MarzGurl is a bit more dramatic, so the Entity felt sure that he could capture her before she could say his name- and the Entity was right.
      • MarzGurl has made appearances in the Warrior reviews... hm.
  • Linkara said that his plots are self contained, meaning they will still be uploading content.
The Entity's "bones" are Lord Vyce's armor.
When Vyce first encountered the Entity, is was corporeal being, humanlike yet extraoradinarily powerful, like Vyce was. The two fought and Vyce destroyed its body, crafting the skeleton (or shell? who knows, with these extradimensional beings) into his armor. Of course, as we've seen, the Entity isn't limited to a mere physical form...

Linkara will resurrect everyone (know to him at least) that was eated by the Entity with the help of Vyce
Because we aaaaaaaaall know he cant keep an internet show without them. So may as well just use that book to teleport to the insides of the Entity that looks suspiciously like a greenscreen effect of a wall with meat moss ala Silent Hill
  • Confirmed

The surprise review will be Warrior number 4
Considering what the reviews for the last 3 issues caused, it makes sense that the last one could be crucial in beating the Entity.
  • Jossed

The Entity is Marzgurl
  • At the end of Silent Hill: Among the Damned, The Entity took Marzgurl. The last thing Marzgurl said was "That just not possible! There's no way you can be m—" this Troper suggests that she was going to say 'me' before she was cut off. Alternately;
    • Of all people, Marzgurl is the only other reviewer to appear after being eaten by the Entity. That means that either Real Life Marzgurl is reviewing, Marzgurl is the Entity or the Entity is disguised as Marzgurl.
  • No, the reason for that is Lewis isn't going to have them stop uploading for his story lines, so they will continue to upload, but in AT 4 W continuity, they're still missing
  • Jossed
  • She was going to say Missingno

The Entity takes the shape of whoever or whatever it's going to eat next.
  • See the quote above. It would also explain why some of the victims were so shocked to see it.
  • Jossed

Based on the previous two WMGs, the Entity will appear as:
Mati, from Captain Planet.
  • Jossed

The Entity attacks comics and the people viewing them

Judging by the takings of Spoony and more recently [spoiler]marzgirl[/spoiler] The entity took them because they were either looking at a comic review (commentary in one case) or about to review a comic (warrior 4). Comics seem to have something to do with this.
  • That was a commentary for a tv pilot, not a comic book.
    • Still counts because it's comic related.
Jossed. It took Benzai and Sad Panda without them being near a comic book.

The Warrior Comics are related in some way to the Entity.
Think about it: it's hinted that the Entity is getting more powerful the more people obsess about it. The Warrior Comics have been revealed to devestate reality the more people care about them and try to understand them. My thoughts on the matter? The two are related. This would mean that

The magic Gun and The entity will have a No Holds Barred Beat Down fight.
The Entity is the god the sect worshped. The little girl's spirit in the gun was sacrificed in order to make the weapon. Since she pretty much killed every member including her parents. So what better way of revenge than viciously making their god suffer before killing it.
  • Jossed.

The Entity just wants to be friends
On some level, it's just a lonely pokemon, wanting a trainer. But it's extreme power made it unbeatable, the only person ever getting close being Lord Vyce. And missigno can't just give itself over, it has to be beaten and humbled by a superior force, like any other pokemon. It's not exactly evil, but after years of being alone with god-like powers, it's gone insane.
  • Jossed

It all makes sense now why the entity took these specific people.
  • It took Linksano because he was a scientist on Vyces ship and probably had some knowledge on the entity.
  • It took Finevoice, because he recognized it in 90s Kid Form
  • It took Pollo because he knew the energy trace and would have helped pinpoint The Entity's whether it was disguised or not.
  • It captured Ninja Style Dancer because he had a clue to the identity of it. It's Voice is not its own meaning it had impersonated someone.
  • It took MarzGurl, because as an anime reviewer she recognized it as Missingno
  • It took Spoony because as a video game reviewer he would help Linkara figure it out faster for the same reason as MarzGurl. Not to mention in effect took Insano too whom could have helped Linkara battle it.
  • It took, Liz as well as the ones mentioned by Linkara through communicator because they would have helped him fight Missingo in the end.

The Entity will torture the Nostalgia Critic.
  • It's already taken everyone from Earth, including the Critic. It wants revenge on him for giving a bad review of the pokemon movie. Maybe it'll force him to review the Yu-Gi-Oh movie or say something good about pokemon? If not, I call They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.
  • Extremely unlikely. Linkara's storylines are self-contained. Outside the TGWTG anniversary mass-crossovers, his plotlines don't affect the other reviewers.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.
  • Jossed

Linkara will beat the entity with pyramid head.
  • Jossed.

Boffo will return.
I don't believe Linkara would create a character, just to kill him off.
  • Confirmed, he's a new character.

Linkara will defeat the Entity while reading another gameboy comic
It would fit, since Pokemon was originally on the gameboy.
  • Jossed by the latest title card.
The origins of The entity.
The entity was originally from the Pokemon game, just like here. However, someone brought it out into Vyce's dimension, possibly a member of the cult, in a similar manner to what happened in the game boy comic.

Linkara will defeat the entity by...
  • Turning it into Victini. After all, Victini is number 000 just like The Entity...
    • Jossed.
  • Punching the universe again. It's a glitch in reality, so Linkara will essentially try to "reboot" it. Also basically the only way to get Missingno off of your game. As a side affect, Donna Troy will get yet another origin story.
    • Jossed.
    • Or even further, he will punch the entity hard enough that it becomes part of Donna Troy's backstory.
    • Jossed.
  • He'll team up with Lord Vyce
    • Going to go with this, combining it with a previous mass guess that Lord Vyce is actually Red from Pokemon. What does this mean? : I'm guessing we'll get some more... heartfelt backstory for Vyce, (come on, a once famous trainer looses all his beloved pokemon, his voice, his fame, eventually-his entire world, and still has the strength to carry on as a total badass knight templar, trying to protect worlds? That would UTTERLY redeem the guy, even in my eyes. Give him that Pyramid Head, Linkara... Which would be fskin' awesome.
  • Letting it devour him, then shooting from the inside. Presumably with the help of the rest of the world's population.
  • Causing it to self-destruct. Afterall, he said that tricking a cosmic threat into destroying itself was a clever way to resolve a plot, but poorly executed in Planet of the Symbiotes.
    • Confirmed.

There are no other glitches
Linkara said that Missingno. had many names, the other more dangerous pokemon glitches are actually Missingno.'s evolved forms and "the entity" is it's final evolution
  • Or they were just different forms, like the alternate forms other legendaries take.

Linkara will be sent into a Lost Silver-like sequence
It will take place in the original games, possibly even showing bits of Lord Vyce's backstory. The known effects of Missingno and the other glitch pokemon will be prominent. The ending will be much like Lost Silver, with an 8-bit remake of the review room, Linkara's sprite nowhere to be found, and the text box saying "There was a comic reviewer here. He's gone now."
  • Jossed
90s kid was taken by the entity back in the freak force review.
More specifically, during the ending. He was playing the game as the credits rolled, possibly for hours. Maybe the entity took him while playing, and then used his image to created the 90s kid we've been seeing.
  • Jossed. He was organizing his Bloodgun comics when he was taken.
Next weeks comic will be a pokemon or gameboy comic.
Lewis has stated hat all of his arcs and villains end up relating to various nerdy thigs he enjoys. Mechakara was power rangers, Lord Vyce was Dr. Who, And the entity is pokemon. Now remember what comics ended these arcs? The mechakara arc ended with a power rangers comic. The Lord Vyce arc ended with a dr. who comic The entity arc will end with a pokemon or a gameboy comic.
  • It was mentioned there was more than one Gameboy comic coming eventually at the end of the first.
  • Confirmed by the latest title card.

Going by the logic above the mystery comic will be MST3K
A quick Google says there was one made, but never printed. The website is old, so it could have been leaked eventually.
  • Jossed.

90's Kid will be changed by his imprisonment.
90's Kid was held the longest and might go through some sort of angst phase that involves wearing black and impractical spikes.

All the people taken by The Entity were transported to a specific place
Namely, the barren universe Linkara trapped Lord Vyce in.

Linkara will defeat the Entity by resetting his universe
Unfortunately, Linkara's universe has been too consumed by the Entity to restore it properly without resetting the whole thing. Linkara will end up resetting the world to a time before the Entity arrived, and will briefly forget everything that happened. Linkara remembering the Entity (including the Vyce and Linkara Lost arcs, as they include the Entity) will be the plot for the next arc.
  • The obvious connection to the DC New 52 makes this a popular theory. However, given that Lewis clearly planned this storyline way before the New 52 was announced (The first clues appeared as far back as the Dead/Alive review), this isn't likely.
  • Jossed

Linkara will defeat the entity by.
Feeding it a rare candy, turning it into Kangaskhan.
  • Jossed. He has it kill itself

The Entity didn't kill itself.
It just left to go find another Outer God (or possibly an Intergalactic Quasi-Demonic Force of Evil) to kill, and then see what happens.
The Entity has an enemy more powerful than Lord Vyce
Just something that struck me about the following conversation:
Entity: My cry went out across the multiverse and brought forth converts to my cause, but also an obstacle.
Linkara: Lord Vyce. He'd been trying to destroy you.
Entity: *hysterical laughter* He was a nuisance, not a threat. He could never hope to destroy my magnificence.
Perhaps it's reading too much into something, but the way the Entity burst into laughter when Linkara named Vyce as the obstacle and immediately mocked Vyce's attempts to kill it sounded like the Entity didn't think much of Vyce as an enemy. It did admit that Vyce could diminish it to a degree though, and sought a way to get rid of him without allowing Vyce to diminish it any more. Maybe the Entity really did fear him...or maybe there was another force battling the Entity for control of reality, an obstacle that would overpower the Entity if it was at anything less than full strength?
  • I don't know, nuisances can be obstacles. At the very least, Vyce prevented the Entity from grabbing several universes. Maybe Vyce found a way to stop the Entity, but not to destroy it. It's also possible the Entity was overestimating its own abilities. Not likely, but possible.
Following this, another Pokemon glitch serves as the Entity's true foe.
Which glitch, you may ask? Why, the Bad Egg of course! Traditionally, the Bad Egg is designed to deal with cheaters. If we're going by the fact that the Entity is Missingno, the Bad Egg was created to counteract the effects. It targets and attacks anything in reality that shouldn't be there.

The entity didn't kill itself.
It acted as it did, and is still possessing 90s kid.
  • Then it was very nice of the Entity to give back everything it ate.
    • Probably because the Entity didn't know what to do, so it decided to start a new life for itself.
    • Worse yet, he knows the concept of making living beings suffer for his amusement so this is likely a way to prolong its existence by restarting from zero and see how could he absorb all reality again in the most fun way possible over and over for all eternity until someone actually figures a way to kill it permanently so it isnt much as being nice but giving the sheep the illusion of freedom or because he is a video game character then he is most likely reseting the game to play again as a self imposed challenge that involves lots of fun for him.
    • So the Entity is a video game player? Well that certainly puts a new spin on things...and it kind of removes the scary if the Entity just keeps on resetting everything when it feels like it.
    • Alternatively... "those who are dead are not dead, they're just living inside my head" ergo, the entity is not dead

The other universes are released after Entity's death.
  • If Earth was restored after being 'eaten' by the Entity, maybe the other worlds were restored as well and will be explored in later episodes.

The next story arc will feature...
  • Linkara's descent to evil. I may be looking into something that has no real meaning, but given how he was shown to still have his pride as a flaw after defeating Vyce (as evident by his "I HAVE A SPACESHIP" reliance) and the Entity, it seems as though it's being used for something else. It would also explain the alternate universe episode, foreshadowing the next arc.
    • Seconded. It's been seriously hinted at over the past year.
      • as of the beginning of September of 2012, this is actually the current plotline: he's slowly turning evil. So, Confirmed.
  • Pollo gaining his new body.
  • Linkara's secret origins.(I.E. where he gets all his weapons.)
  • The after-effects of the Entity. Researching the following:
    • Who is Lord Vyce? What kind of Pokemon universe was his?
    • The cult, and what led them to worshipping the Entity.
  • Lord Vyce will be driven to near insanity by the solitude of his planet, and return for revenge. Perhaps by also leaving Linkara marooned for all eternity.

The Deconstruction of The Entity was also a Take That against Lovecraft Outer Gods......but failed
The Entity COULD be defeated because its a video game glitch and didn't have any purpose to begin with so pointing out its lack of real motivation or meaning actually works here. But as soon The Entity began saying that he was a Outer God struck me that Lewis was actually referring to the Outer Gods from Lovecraft instead of being just ramblings of delusional divinity in part from The Entity. You see, The Outer Gods (unlike the rest of the horrors mentioned in other works of Lovecraft) actually have a purpose in the universe they exist because are related to natural forces and constants like Radiation, Time and Space, Childbearing. So their existences actually makes the universe work as it is and trying to question it is like complaining about why the speed of light is always the same or why it looks like the Universe seems to be ‘fine-tuned’ to make life possible because the fundamental constants appear to have exactly the right values. If they were slightly smaller or bigger, atoms, stars, planets and people simply wouldn’t exist! Of course, you could try to question it but if those concepts are actually sentient beings then reminding them why are they actually doing the job of maintaining the universe may not be a good idea. However they are either: 1)too alien to question their existence 2)they may actually know what is going on behind the walls of reality 3)they know about the absurdity of their existence but they keep doing it because someone has to or reality will fall apart taking everyone if they do otherwise, its like the job of taking the trash every day or cleaning septic sewers, its not pretty but someone has to do it.
  • Ironically, this accusation of failure also does not work: The type of being Missingno. was wasn't actually a Lovecraftian beast, but what people think a Lovecraftian beast is: An "unclean violation of natural law". Well, Missingno. was one. It was also rather pathetic, beyond it's power. A deconstruction of the Elder Gods, rather than an Outer one. Hastur, not Yog-Sototh.
    • That was the point, Missingno isnt what you could think as a godlike creature but people and even Linkara make nonstop references like it is and specially towards the Outer Gods and i cant of other reason other than he messed up or really believes that "this is what happens if the world is really meaningless as Lovecraft puts it, not even the Outer Gods could survive this universe this hostile"

There is no 90s Kid
We don't know how long The Entity was in Linkara's universe. Sure we heard it lots of times but that doesn't mean that it hadn't been here WAY before that. Simply put, 90s Kid was ALWAYS The Entity ever since his first apperence. Some minor support to this evidence: even in the first appearance, 90s Kid was wearing sunglasses. Possibly to cover the glitch eyes.
  • Jossed. The real 90's Kid appears at the end of the Electric Tale of Pikachu review, unaware of what had happened to him.

Douchey Mc Nitpick will suddenly appear sometime in the next episode
Why? Because Linkara said it himself, he wasn't around to point out that he went against his top 15 comics he wouldn't review by reviewing a manga.
  • Jossed.

Lord Vyce will come back in a homage to Wrath of Kahn
"I shall leave you as you left me; marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet... buried alive! Buried alive...!"
  • Jossed.

Lord Vyce will do a heel face turn.
With the Entity destroyed he has no reason to continue his plans of conquest. Since it was destroyed with just a question, it will render all of Vyce's conquests futile, bringing all the guilt of the atrocities he's commited crashing down on him. Seeking to atone for his past sins, Vyce will renoune his title and swear to protect the inhabitants of the Multiverse from other possible threats. Naturally Linkara will be reluctant to trust him at first, though if Vyce proves himself he may loosen up or even let him join the regulars.
  • Perhaps......but this theory will hold if the Entity is really dead and didnt hit the reset bottom on purpose to start from zero and conquer the world again in a more entertaining way for his amusement. Vyce who has been around hunting it for too long will just look with disbelief to Linkara when he announces that The Entity is gone, and Vyce in a moment of Properly Paranoid will just REFUSE to listen to him and Linkara will believe that Vyce actually is a power monger dictator and now there is no excuse for looking for The Entity. Of course my theory only holds too if The Entity didnt eat Vyce before the reset bottom to make sure he doesnt come back in the new world, he was after all the one with more knowledge about The Entity and possibly knows how to kill it for real, and for that reason The Entity should have killed Vyce
    • The above is right. Lord Vyce doesn't believe that Linkara killed the Entity, and is ready to search for it.

The Real Master Mind behind the Entity saga was the Game Glitch Gremlin
In The Angry Video Game Nerd's Glitch video he talks about 'Me Glitches,' implying that all glitches are his work, which would logically include something from the Pokemon games such as the Entity. Of course, this raises the question of why he would go to all the trouble of creating it when he's virtually all powerful already? Well, thanks to the Nerd the Channel Awesome crew and much of our world already know the Gremlin's weakness to Q Tips, so if acted directly then it would be easy for Linkara to exploit this. So he created an intelligent servant, of equal power but also totally subservient to him to act on his behalf. Of course, with the Entity gone the Gremlin's plans have been frustrated, but he will try again. And when he does there will be only one man Linkara can turn to help for... The Fuckin' Nerd!
  • Unfortunately for the Game Glitch Gremlin, the Entity rebelled...

Linkara will go to the alternate dimension where he left Lord Vyce.
He will tell him that he beat the Entity. Vyce will either believe him and be allowed to leave, or he will doubt Linkara's claim and try to kill him.

The Entity ignored Linkara and overwrote everything.
It just got bored, as he said, after becoming existence itself and not having anything left to do, nothing left to conquer. So it thought back to him and decided to re-create and role play from that point, as if it had decided to kill itself. It's still everything, but aspects of it are acting like air, people, laws of nature, bad comics... That's why the updated version of that video has it speaking with his voice, briefly, as it tried it out, and that's why there are weird inconsistencies that people who'd just 'returned' pointed out.
  • Alternatively, it decided to absorb everything, but keep them unalterated. Right now, it's a Genius Loci covering all of creation.

The Entity didn't kill itself

It went to kill other outer gods.

Linkara's very words were "What happens to an outer god when it dies?" To which it replied "I will find out."

The evidence to support it: When he was asked the question he was more than eager to do it judging by his smile. That wasn't a suicide smile, it was a Slasher Smile.

  • Jossed by Word of God. In the commentary for the episode (as can be viewed here), Linkara confirms that The Entity is indeed dead. And even if the Entity didn't kill itself but instead tried to kill other outer gods, it would find out that they too had killed themselves, after realizing the pointlessness of their existences, ala Who Wants to Live Forever?.

The Entity will return
If you had watched the Ravage 2099 review, you noticed that the message that Linkara got which read:

6355431186 798 5964 71 073086
Pretenders sit upon my throne
7 93179134 90 63170
I remember my death
611 63274 82 13 4165 371 631 83056
The world is at zero, six and seven
021 31896516986 5371 512 83021
The Babylonians knew the truth
6 85 8130557 0320 1321 68347118
I am looking over your shoulder
72036240 46 4031 721 18 901090
Continue to wait for my ascent

And in the comment section in the Doom 2099 review, there's a comment that cropped up that resembles the mysterious comments during the Entity storyline. So, it could be the return of the Entity or something worse is coming.
  • That could just be a random poster, which Linkara suggested happened last time (though the timing is odd).
  • Possibly noteworthy: the two looking over Linkara's shoulders as he reads the message are Snowflame (on the viewer's left) and Pollo (on the viewer's right).
  • Another mysterious comment appeared in Kamandi at Earth's End #4 which reads "You will suffer the same fate soon enough. Soon enough"
  • And another mysterious comment done in the same corrupted style has popped up in the "Star Trek:The Next Generation/X-Men: Second Contact" review. This time it reads "The time will come. I promise you it will come."

    The Entity is really… 
The Entity is Slendy
The video distortion says it all. And no, this isn't just a random for fun theory. Considering the fact that Linkara is a Power Ranger registered with Star Fleet posessing three Sonics and the fact that Linkara is constantly on the internet, this is possible.
  • And the Ninja Style Dancer will be his Masky. He will be a mysterious creature that shifts around the shadows to physically assist in ruining Linkara's life, as The Slentity will be unable to do so.
  • This theory is starting to show weight. Linkara is paranoid, thinking that someone is always watching him. Plus a book he found has similar insane writing to Just Another Fool and Marble Hornets
    • The above theory is becoming disturbingly possible. The Entity is a "lost beast" that travels through dimensions, causes insanity and cannot be stopped. Lord Vyce, much like Alex, is fighting a war of Blue and Orange Morality. People are disappearing into mist, losing their free will, hearing voices. I really hope Lewis isn't taking this direction, though.
  • The last few episodes have had glitches with subliminal messages, Linkara claims he's unable to see them and has no idea what people are talking about. Similar to how the boys from Everyman HYBRID can't see disturbing clips in their videos.
  • This might have gained some weight recently - Lewis has mentioned Slender Man in his and Liz's V-Log about Apollo Eighteen, indicating he knows about the mythos.
  • Possibly Jossed. The Entity's latest message said "I'm not that thin". Could just be a red herring though.
  • Jossed

The Entity, Nemesis of Lord Vyce, is...
  • A Chaos God, or a C'tan. Vyce's logic of "conquer everything to prevent it from being destroyed" sounds an awful lot like Imperium of Man logic. Besides, he looks kind of like a Candian Stormtrooper.
  • The same God that magic gun girl's parents sacrificed her to. Think about it. Linkara mentioned Lovecraft several times in the Silent Hill Dead Alive reviews. Foreshadowing maybe? And it would be good Arc Welding.
    • That part's actually confirmed-he tweeted that the journal in the Dead/Alive review describes it.
  • Missingno. Vyce called what he was hunting a "glitch" in the universe; Missingno. is one of the more famous glitches out there; maybe this just makes sense to me, but it sorta fits.
    • Or it's going to be the deja vu cat.
    • It's 'M, who's far more dangerous than Missingno.
    • I'm gonna add some more support for this one after his Gameboy #1 review. First off, he mentions how he only played pokemon on his Gameboy, but they'll get back to it later. Then when reading the book, he says that the entity seems familiar, like something he had studied but forgot. He's a pokemon fan, but can't put together the facts that The Entity is related to Pokemon. And in the book itself: IAMTHENEVERSHOULD and EVERYONE IS GONE. Glitch pokemon were never supposed to exist, and keeping certain ones around can completeley screw up your game, which means you'd lose your pokemon.
      • At the end of the Barbi Twin Adventures review Harvey was playing with an Nintendo DS (the latest handheld Pokemon is playable for) with a shot of Pokeballs in the background. Seems like Foreshadowing to me.
      • It's meant to be a scanning thingy going by dialog, though Finevoice's namerater comment says he is familiar with the franchise, and he does recognize the entity when it attacks him....
      • Confirmed.
  • The Entity. Or The Entity. Or maybe even The Entity.
    • Hell, it might even be The Entity.
    • Or, given the fact that, obviously, since Linkara reviews comic books, the Entity may actually be the Entity.
  • Iron Liz, or at least possessing her. She appeared not long after Lord Vyce showed up, with The entity subliminally telling her to board with Linkara because it knew he would protect her. Also notice how she was conveniently out of town when it happened...
  • Dr. Linksano. He was trying to take over the dimension before Vyce showed up, and had a bit of a panic attack when he showed up. He also mentioned that he was fleeing the last dimension he was in. Obviously he's just been Obfuscating Stupidity the whole time.
  • Bennet the Sage. He is the Devil.
    • It's obviously Bear. The Entity is supposedly already in his universe. It's been lampshaded a lot. Most importantly, the bears are everywhere man.
  • Ask That Guy. In a alternate universe Ask That Guy dethroned The Devil and became the new ruler of hell. Like Critic from Kickassia he became crazy with power but in a even more nightmarish way than Critic was.
  • Son of Insano. Depending on which direction they take it, it could be hilarious or surprisingly tragic considering that Insano seems to genuinely love the little pink ball.
  • The Nothing.
  • One More Day. You know it's true.
    • Or possibly, by extension, Joe Quesada.
  • 90's Kid.
  • Beppo, the Invisible Monkey
  • Care Bears. They're watching you.
  • The Guardian that The Ultimate Warrior was taking orders from in The Spoony Experiment. It's entirely possible that he's gathering evil ringbearers to fight Lord Vyce with.
  • That Dude In The Suede. That is, if he's not revealed to be Lord Vyce.
  • Related to the Ultimate Warrior. Think about it. Not only is the Ultimate Warrior utterly mad, but a comic written by him was enough to cause dimensions to intersect and break reality. It's likely if the Ultimate Warrior isn't the entity, then he would be a worshipper.
  • Dark Nella as she is a quasi-demonic intergalactic force of Evil.
  • The green futon! It’s been there all along, watching… waiting…
  • BEN. You can't tell me that creepy laughing didn't sound like Skull Kid.
  • Crazy Steve
  • Christian Weston Chandler. He's Obfuscating Stupidity to screw around with us. The only way to pacify it is if Linkara reviews Sonichu!
  • The Beast Below it is described as "lost beast". And Linkara having the feeling is watching him from behind his back? It's a time beetle! Well he did mention a beetle on his show.
  • Chaos. Linkara is a Sailor Moon fan.
  • The Continuity Alarm. He has to cleanse all the contiuity errors from Linkara's reviews.
  • It's missingno
The Entity is actually a glitched computer program/ computer glitch made manifest and its goal is to absorb all universes into a singular digital entity as in a digital/virtual world
Remember Vyce's word the Entity is considered to be a glitch. It is possible that the Entity was originally a computer program designed for a purpose(something more on the line of a virtual world program) but for some reason, the program itself was glitched. The program's creator(Vyce) tried to fix it only for the program to create a physical form and escaped from Vyce's home universe and proceeded to digitizing/devouring other universes to complete it's programming. A part of the world is missing is actually Vyce's problem in the creation virtual/digital world, a part of the programming code is missing and every attempt to fix it failed. Vyce hunted down the program in an attempt to destroy it but the program, learning that its creator try to destroy it, went into hiding and possibly tricked the inhabitants of the multiverse into believing that Vyce is evil while the program waited for a perfect opportunity to consume the entire multiverse to complete its program.
  • I don't know if it makes sense but this is the best my imagination can think of besides the obvious Cosmic Horror story.
That Aussie Guy is the Entity and Suede is Lord Vyce.
  • Doug knew this and banned Aussie before he could influence the other critics to join him. Suede knew this and left to throw Aussie off that would explain how he knew about Linkara.
  • Jossed

The Entity is the Midnight Entity
"Its voice is not its own"? Hoo boy...
  • Oh sweet AZATHOTH.
  • Jossed

The Entity is a failed attempt at creating life.
It's described as a glitch and a beast. Why? Perhaps it is just that. The people in Vyce's universe essentially were playing God, trying to create life out of nothing. The result was an Eldritch Abomination with the mind of an animal, who "glitched" reality due to defying the very laws of physics(namely, the conservation of mass.) This may be why no-one listened to Vyce-because his universe was responsible for the thing.

The Entity is Cthulhu
Seriously, read the first section of the poem. "Beneath the seas, beside the flame" Referencing the Sunken City of Ry'leh "Off the coast, where the Lost Beast Came" Cthulhu is supposed to rise from the ocean, so "off the coast" "To bring the world misery and shame" sounds like Cthulhu to me. "A piece of the world is missing" No idea how this fits Cthulhu...
  • Jossed

The Entity is Linkara's mother.
In the setup for the best/worst your mama joke ever, the Entity is Linkara's mom. It's already in his house, and if it's capable of doing what it's capable of, it has unheard-of powers. And we know Linkara himself has reality-warping powers to an extent...

Lord Vyce is Trainer Red, and the Entity is Missingno.
The Entity is described as a glitch, has a similar glitchy effect on-screen that it did in Pokemon Red and Blue. If the Entity is Missingno, then Vyce could easily be his world's Champion; he did defeat Team Rocket, beat the Elite 4 and even capture all 150 Pokemon. Both of them are from the original Red and Green games. In Vyce's universe, beings like the Entity would be considered incomprehensible gods of insanity. And yes, I'm aware that Red is a Heroic Mime. Vyce may have gained an artifical voice, and the Entity stole his original one. This is why no-one wanted his help-they thought he would bring glitches to their own reality. And when your Red and Green games fail due to glitches, it's their universe slowly being eaten away.
  • Partially-Confirmed, the entity is Missingno.

Iron Liz is the Entity
Or atleast, the human form of the Entity. She made her first appearance at the start of the Lord Vyce arc, and the Entity's voice sounds a little like Liz putting on a creepy voice which is then digitized.
  • Jossed.

The Entity is a sentient Hostess Fruit Pie
  • Linkara jokes about Hostess products really having power over people during his Comic Book Advertisements video, only to develop an uncontrollable urge for Little Debbie's brand snacks. Since we've already seen that prepackaged desserts have some power in this universe (even if it was for a one-off joke), who's to say Linkara's right about Hostess snacks not having control over people? Perhaps there's a very good reason why they're shown as all-powerful in those old ads. (Besides, you know, the obvious)
    • Also, the poll on his blog about the video contained the option 'Only focus on the Hostess ads', the only other options being Yes and No. The Entity subtlely influencing him, perhaps?
  • Jossed

The Entity is Missingno.
While stated a few times in sub bullets, it isn't in its own yet. Let's compile.

"Beneath the seas, beside the flame
Off the coast where the lost beast came
  • The traditional method to find Missingno. is the coast beside Blaine's fire gym with a volcano and brunt down building.
To bring the world misery and shame
A piece of the world is missing"
  • Missing/place holder data is the cause of Missingno.

    The path you should have never crossed
    The beast exacts a heavy cost
  • Missingno. is dangerous.
    The number of the beast is lost
  • Missing number: duh.
    You will know it by its hissing
  • Missingno's buggy Nidoran♂ cry is associated with it.

    The bones from hell you cannot tame
  • "Lewis" is one of the names that will produce the rarer Kabutops fossil Missingno. due to the third character being w (at level 165 due to e being the 2nd character). Additionally, it's not a good idea to catch any varriant. (for the record, it also produces Charmeleon)
    Devour your life and all your fame
  • Corrupts the hall of fame data.
    That is the price to play its game
  • While it will corrupt the Hall of Fame, it DOES have neat "good" effects.
    And all while you're reminiscing
  • Red/Blue is nostalgic.

Harvey is familiar with Pokemon and knows The Entity. The Entity takes time to attack after appearing (it only knows Sky Attack, though the fossil forms can know more than that).

The Entity is also a "glitch", it's "voice is not [its] own", being a Nidroran Male's.

"I'm not that thin" refers to how fan made "models" of Missingno. depict it as a Paper Mario style flat being.

  • Also? "Off the coast where the lost beast came"? Mewtwo came from Cinnabar Island as well and, let's not forget, was a clone of Mew - which was considered to be an extinct ("lost") Pokemon until it was rediscovered. Let's not forget either that Missing No is a "Missing Number" and since the Pokemon world is made up of coding, being a videogame, a "Missing Number" would be a literal piece of their world.

In light of MarzGurl's abduction by the Entity, her addressing the Entity as "M..." before being cut off and disappearing fits this theory to a T.

  • Confirmed.

90's Kid is the Entity.
The piece of the world that's missing? Good taste.
  • Partially correct.

The Entity is The Observer.
In Tribe Twelve, we've never seen all of The Observer's power, but it's obvious he's not human. With that 'i'm always watching" in Linkara's credits, he's gone back to his old ways. The Observer can insert frames into videos without the maker knowing. The static in Linkara's videos when someone is taken? It might be related to the effects in The Observer's videos (as in, not a style choice, but the guy distorting the data like Slendy does). The Observer's holding back his power when dealing with Noah Maxwell (prefers to freak him out), but he will use his full power against Linkara, who has the Arsenal of Freedom.
  • Jossed

I am the Entity.
I can see you.
  • O RLY? Attack me entity!
    • It was just a guess.

The Entity is Missingno and 90s Kid is its trainer/controller.
Assuming that the entry "The Entity is Missingno" is correct (I think it's completely plausible based off the peom and Harvey's name rater comment), then I believe that 90s Kid is controlling it (though if it IS Missingno how it came to exist outside a Gameboy is still beyond me!).

Flashback to NSD's last scene. His second message was "IT'S VOICE IS NOT ITS OWN", as if it's implying that the Entity is being controlled by something or someone. Since Missingno is a Pokemon I'd imagine it wouldn't speak. The thing we hear when it laughs could quite possibly the laugh of its controller. Now, if The Entity is Missingno, remember that Missingno is, essentially, a Pokemon. Pokemon are controlled by trainers, and so if the Entity is Missingno, if it is being controlled by someone, that someone is likely its trainer. Whom I believe is 90s Kid.

Since Pokemon was a huge part of 90s pop culture, it seems fitting that 90s Kid would be the one controlling Missingno / The Entity. Now, some of you might have noticed that 90s Kid is one of only two non-Linkara Lewis-played characters left in the show now that Harvey and Linksano have been taken. It seems fishy to me that 90s Kid is still alive, and when NSD was taken it seems to me like his phone call to Linkara acted as a way to distract him so that The Entity / Missingno could attack NSD.

If 90s Kid is comtrolling the Entity, we still don't have any idea of how The Entity (if it's Missingno) could possibly exist, nor do we have any motive for the destruction it's caused.

Minor notes: -"I'm 90s Kid, and what you see is what you get... or is it?" -The Entity's laugh sounds to me like it was made by Lewis, implying it was done in the show by one of Lewis' characters.

  • The bones from hell you 'can not tame''. The laugh is his because Liz is the only other person able to do the voice for it, so its 50/50 at best/worst.
Confirmed, although Missingno. is taking the form of 90s Kid.
The Entity is Joe Quesada.
Ninja Style Dancer and Harvey are popular, well liked characters amongst Linkara's fanbase. Quesada has secretly bought a few shares of Channel Awesome and is retconning their presence because he feels he's more 'interesting' without those two. He's treating NSD's disappearance like an important plot point so he can trail onto something else and pretend it never happened, and the Harvey's disappeared line is just nothing more than a handwave. Judging by his track record so far, his eventual target will be Liz. Linkara will be more 'interesting' without her.
  • Jossed

The Entity is Lord Zedd
Linkara admitted that he was/is a power ranger in silent hill dead alive #5. Linkara will review the comic, then the lord zedd will come in carrying the heads of the rest of his team and will need the help of a lot of the power rangers to stop the Entity.
  • Supported by this.
  • Jossed

The Entity is The Entity.
Just try to prove me wrong.

the Entity is a Weeping Angel
Think about it: IT'S VOICE IS NOT IT'S OWN
  • Jossed

The Entity is a Troper.
Given that it's actually posted the comments section, it being a troper isn't too much of a stress. Who knows, some of the entries here may have been the Entity's handiwork. Or even mine. Tell me if I'm just faking it or not, mortal.
  • All the world is mine will take. As the champion's followers shiver and shake. Darkness falls and the Fourth Wall will break. As the lips of death you're kissing.
    • Entity, is that you? Or are you someone putting down what has already been seen in the anonymous comment section. Or is this the anonymous comment?!

The Entity is made from fear
  • That's why it's being so sneaky and intimidating. It needs fear to survive, and that's why it latched onto AT 4 W and Linkara's house, to get as many people afraid of it as possible. This means that if you stop being afraid of it, it stops having any power. The solution here is to stop being afraid of it. Of course, this doesn't explain why it hasn't made Linkara as paranoid as the viewers, but the Entity might be doing that on purpose to make sure AT 4 W lasts as long as possible.
    • That is eerily similar of the Fear Demon. It preyed on weaknesses and made you believe into something. And in a case of Your Mind Makes It Real, Linkara hasn't yet to believe in The Entity, which is why it hasn't made itself known to him. Its because its preying on that weakness to hide.
      • Well in that case, he'll just smoosh it and we'll all have a good laugh at the special effects failure that it is.
  • Jossed
Bear is the Entity.
This is self-explanatory.
  • Jossed

The Entity is NOT Missingno.
The hype about Missingno is WAY to overrated. If you actually look at the coding, fans have proved, via HACKING THE GAME'S CODE that Missigno cannot cause lasting harm to your gameboy or save file. Instead, it's one of the other, VASTLY MORE DANGEROUS glitch pokemon. See the full list here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Glitch_PokA9mon
  • Jossed

Seriously, compared to some of the others, Missingno is a regular mon.

The Entity is the Bad Egg.
Now you're probably wondering why I chose the Bad Egg instead of other glitches. Well, it's for these reasons
  • It allows a lot of creative freedom. We've got no idea what's in the Bad Egg, because You Cannot Comprehend The True Form. It could do anything from break the trainer's mind to end everything.
  • Lord Vyce said that the Entity shouldn't exist. This could refer to the fact that it's an Eldritch Abomination, or it could refer to the fact that you can't get it in the game without cheating.
  • "It's voice is not it's own" hints that something is controlling it. Could it refer to the person who hacked their game to get it?
In conclusion, the Entity is what happens when the Bad Egg hatches. This lead to Fridge Horor: that there could be contless versions of the Entity. It could also mean that the Entity is an Enfante Terrible. Which may explain it's giggling.
  • Partial-Confirmed. The entity is all of the glitches

The entity is Beppo
Linkara literally has a monkey on his back. It's invisible, that's why you don't see it. That's all I got.
  • Jossed

The Entity is Giygas or an alternate counterpart of Giygas
That photo form Harvey's twitter looks familiar, doesn't it?

The Entity is Liz.
Or possesing her, or something like that. First, the "lips of death" thing. And the newest message? "I am beautiful". Now, when Linkara was first asked who provided the Entity's voice, he only said "That would be telling". The Entity, when it laughs, sounds JUST like Liz to me. I would gamble on this one.
  • Jossed

The Entity is M...

  • comfirmed


-Me (as in MarzGurl)?

-Ma Ti?
  • Jossed.

-'M‎, another glitch Pokemon?
  • Jossed.

The Entity is Juno the Sorceress
It would explain why MarzGurl recognized it when she was abducted. Also, there's the Evil Laugh...
  • I could believe this.
  • Jossed

The Entity and Lord Vyce are alternate universe Linkaras
Lord Vyce says something about almost every universe having a champion, this could just be his word for different Linkaras.
  • Semi-Jossed.Neither Lord vyce or the entity are AU linkaras, but champion may mean AU Linkara, as Vyce himself is not a champion.
  • Jossed. Ensign Munro is the champion of his universe, but he isn't an AU Linkara

The Entity is...
A Woodchuck.
  • Jossed

The Entity is a Fog of Doom
It is a fog, spreading throughout the world, absorbing people into it, leaving non-organic things, such as Warrior #4 when spoony was taken, alone.
Sad Panda knows something about the entity.
He was so specific, it's hard not to thing he knows something about what's going on.
The Entity is an Energy Being.
  • Jossed
    • Maybe not, if you consider computing data a form of energy.
The Entity is not only not the only one of its kind, but is also the weakest
  • If the Entity is Missingno, it only makes sense that we'll be seeing other Glitch Pokémon down the line, most likely 'M.
    • Each of them could have their own names/relations to the Entity/Missingno.
      • The Source could refer to Glitch City.
      • Yellow Missingno is significantly more powerful than its original counterpart. one-winged Missingno?!
      • I suspect none other than motherf***ing Ghetsis is going to try and control these things.
      • Considering their similarities, M Block is the more powerful "brother" of the Entity. Call it "The Incarnate."
      • The Bad Egg is the child of the Entity, spreading horror to a new generation.
      • Glitched trainers and Pokemon are those mutated or closely worshipping the Entity and its brethren. Call them "The Accursed."
  • Jossed. It's heavily being implied all glitches are actually just the entity.
The entity is a symbiote.
IT has no voice or physical appearance of it's own, it has to use others. This suggests to me it bonds with the person, meaning that some of 90s kid is still in there. Plus, the entity was revealed during the planet of the symbiotes.
The entity is not Missingno.
Or at least, the Pokemon connection is not as literal as it appears, similar to Vyce being being similar to a Power Rangers villain but with key differences. This is a last layer of misdirection to make the arc finale all the more shocking. While the first and second verses of the poem are satisfied by this explanation, the third is not unless it just means a corrupted save file. "The bones from hell you cannot tame Devour your life and all your fame That is the price to play its game And all while you're reminiscing"
  • Bones from hell=fossil Missingno., which would appear to a trainer named "Lewis".
The Entity is the God worshipped by the family that made Linkaras Magic Gun.
Something interesting struck me a while back, Linkara was reading the story of the origin of what we learned to be his magic gun. He was nearly driven insane, almost enough to kill himself, but the gun stopped him, calling him a friend. The thing is that the anger of the gun still manifested something that tried to attack him. He apparently got the information on the gun from the book that also talked about the entity. What this would imply is that the entity is iteself the deity that was worshipped, and the gun was made to kill enemies of that God. This might also be why it hasn't taken Linkara, maybe it can't, the gun itself might actually be a sort of protection from entity field, where it can't directly grab Linkara. It would also explain why the entity was staying in or near Linkaras home, and why Vyce mentioned he was sure where it was, this happened after Silent Hill grabbed Linkara again during his second wave of comic reviews.

The Entity became so powerful by absorbing the other glitch Pokemon.
Despite referring to itself as Missingno, Word of God has confirmed all the other glitches to be different forms. Why is this? In order to gain more power, the Entity absorbed all other glitches in its path.

The Entity comes from the same/alternate universe as Wreck-It Ralph.
Wreck-It Ralph is a film based in a universe where video game characters and settings are real. As it turns out, the Entity is Missingno, a glitch in a video game. While only arcade games are seen, keep in mind that its equally possible handheld games are also alive, and that Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow can connect to Pokemon Stadium...aka an arcade game. While glitches supposedly can't leave their game, you can still trade Missingno. Its possible that the Entity used this in order to flee its game, hijack an important computer and then search for a highly advanced piece of technology that would allow it to express its Eldritch Abomination nature outside of the game.

    Silent Hill 
Silent Hill Dead/Alive is the comic sent by Vyce and Mechakara to destroy his mind
Mechakara said that in order to destoy Linkara they must first destroy him mentally with a bad comic, and Dead/Alive (the sequel to the horrible Dying Inside from last year) has already began to take its toll on his sanity with its awfulness, due to the reveal at the end that he was just hallucinating Liz and Finevoice talking to him during the review. It also seems like Dead/Alive will make him lose his understanding of magic since he doesn't understand why Christabella doesn't just use her demonic powers to change her appearance, as well as why the witch Lenora even needed Christabella for her plan and Christabella acquiring her sister's demonic powers. Confirmed
Linkara isn't hallucinating.
It's all Mechakara+Holograms. The Pollo who tells him he has been alone is a decloaked Mechakara and either the Liz and Harvey are real and just left or are holograms.
  • Plausible, given the official reveal of much of the hallucinations being Mechakara's Gaslighting}.

The "her" Mechakara referred to that Linkara supposedly killed isn't Iron Liz
Its Marzgurl, who was heavily hinted to have been with Linkara before Iron Liz entered the picture. Linkara left her for dead at some point before meeting Iron Liz and may not know she's still alive, and his guilt over it is what keeps summoning Silent Hill to him.

The "purified" Magic Gun will develop new powers
Up until now, Linkara has just been using the gun as well... A gun. He never knew it's true origin or abilities. But now, not only is he familiar with the gun, but he's made contact with the spirit of the girl and has a new understanding and bond with her and the weapon. Furthermore, Dolorem, the personification of the girl's pain and suffering, has been expelled, and I think that this left the gun "purified", so instead of being only destructive, it may have other capabilities. This was hinted at when the gun let out a beam of white energy, instead of it's usual red "shot". With Linkara's new understanding of the magic gun, he may be able to unlock new power.
  • Well, besides the red "shot" and white beam, as of Suburban Knights it can shoot bullets, if you count that as a new power...
  • It may function like a Zanpakuto. If Linkara can contact the spirit within again and learn her name, he can unleash its true power.
    • Linkara with a Magical Device... My god, Linkara is our universe's Nanoha. Oh god this means that Spoony is our universe's Fate.
      • Nah, they never properly Befriended that way, he's more of a Yuuno.

Linkara killed himself in Silent Hill Dying Inside.
You heard the gun click,and a white light (SYMBOLISM!) envelop him. Everything that happened afterwards was his Dying Dream, and Pollo is producing a clone of him
  • Um, the gun didn't click.

Linkara is not the "protagonist" of his Silent Hill encounters
The magic gun is.

The random bullcrap was important.

The path you should have never crossed. The beast exacts a hevey cost. The number of the beast is lost. You will know it by its hissing.

After all it came from the Silent hill tome
  • Confirmed somewhat-it's part of the Entity's Poem.
The parents who sacrificed the girl are the worshipers of the entity.
We know that Linkara didn't sacrifice the girl, but someone else did. Someone who worshiped an evil god. Also in that review a few of the lines in the book speak of her not getting to Heaven. And the weapon i.e. the magic gun was made to wipe out all things, as told by Linkara in the intros to the Silent Hill Dead Alive Reviews. Then when Linkara first met Vyce he said the people who worshiped the entity claimed it was the end of all things. In an even earlier review Mechakara wanted the magic gun because it could destroy all life in the multiverse. Coincidence?
  • Confirmed.

A possible plot of the next Halloween special.
To help with the horror, let's show what may happen if Linkara has a Heel–Face Turn. You remember Mechakara and Mirrorkara? Well, let's say you put their personalities in a blender. You add it to an Enemy Within Linkara, embodying the dark side of his soul. Then give it the Valeyard route. Picture a guy with the suave nature of Linkara, all his intrests...but bloated pride, control of the soul and a cold, twisted soul. You have Evilkara. A demented sociopath with zero restraints, who will crush all he encounters for power. Twisted hero, destroying his friends and family for power. A world coated in blood, under the heel of the Entity's messiah. Distored, blood-choaked screams of the pitiful slaves, under the DESPOTIC HORROR OF EVILKARA! SCREAMS OF THE AUDIENCE, BEG FOR MERCY AND RELEASE!
  • Hate to quash such a fantastically terrifying idea, but he stated in the commentary for the Dead/Alive finale that he's probably going to go more light-hearted like the Dying Inside reviews.
  • Jossed
Linkara's in hiding.
He's wearing a mobile emitter in the Silent Hill: Paint It Black review, which probably means he's projecting an image of himself from a safe bunker or island or spaceship somewhere.
Linkara is using Silent Hill to Stop the Entity.
He wand the Silent Hill to come and ask it to Stop the Entity.
  • Jossed
The surprise review, to end the Entity story arc, is another Silent Hill comic
How (rejected prototype? An exception to the no manga rule?) No clue! But the "final Silent Hill comic I'll have to review" at the end of Among the Damned seems to indicate it.
  • Silent Hill: The Grinning Man
  • No, that's next week's review, the OP's talking about the "surprise" review on Halloween. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it was another Silent Hill comic, probably not one by Scott Ciensen though.
  • No, the final silent hill comic he mentioned IS the grinning man, there are no other bad ones he's read.
  • The unpublished Silent Hill graphic novel from 2000.
  • Jossed
Whatley succeeded in his plans.
Whatley's goal was to spread the terror of the entity. However inadvertently, that's exactly what happened. We are scared of the Entity, just go look at the nightmare fuel page. The order's plans have succeeded.
90's Kid is not 90's Kid
IIRC, there was a comment that mentions that 90'Kid is gone but oddly enough he wasn't abducted like the rest of them. What if the 90's Kid that we see is not THE 90's Kid we know and love?
  • And let's not forget (I forget which review this was at the end of):
    90's Kid: I'm 90's Kid, and what you see is what you get!... Or is it?

    • Confirmed.
Otherworld 90s kid was really the entity.
Anyone else find it odd that during Dead Alive that he started speaking normally. Many could argue that it was Vyce Mechakara and Silent Hill messing with Linkara. However since AT 4 Wverse's Whatley revealed that [[spoilers: The Entity is the god his sect worshiped.]] Makes me wonder...
  • Jossed, the Dead Alive 90s kid was a fake, just like all the others.
Linkara lives in Silent Hill
He randomly wound up in a Dark World version of his house at the end of his Silent Hill: Dying Inside review, with two Pyramid Heads randomly showing up. His massive supply of shitty comics is probably his punishment for whatever he did wrong.
The Girl sacrificed to the Entity was Leaf.

Going with the " The Entity is Missing No theory." The Magic Gun spirit was officially described as female. Missing No was only available in Generation I when Leaf didn't exist. It could be the reason she's not around in Generation I is due to her parent's murder.
The magic gun has access to Silent Hill's Otherworld.
He probably asked it to take him there in an emergency.

    Mirror Universe 
Liz wasn't sent into an Mirror Universe...
...she was sent into a Mirror Multiverse! Think about it - why else would Mirrorkara's intro have clips of him fighting Mechakara and Vyce? Because he actually fought "MirrorMechakara" and "MirrorVyce," who in their multiverse, are not evil. I haven't watched the episode in a while, so I'm not sure if they say "universe" but even if they did, how would they know the difference?
Mirror Universe Linkara is BF Fs with Mirror Universe 90's Kid
Mirror Universe!Linkara has admitted to like Rob Liefeld (shudder), it would make sense that he and that universe's version of 90's kid would be the best of friends.
Mirror!90's Kid actually has taste
If main world 90's Kid is all the negative parts of the 90's (confirmed on Brows Held High) than Mirror!Kid has very good taste and despises the Liefeld era.
Mirror Mechakara is to Mirror Insano what Batman is to Superman
One could argue that it should be the other way around since Insano has the gadgets and Mechakara has the nigh invulnerability but their personalities would say otherwise. Mirror Insano's lines sound like something Superman would say, heroic but modest. So in theory if there were a Mirror Mechakara he would probably be a hero too like Mirror Insano. However his (Mechakara's) personality would much be in line with Batman's.
Mirror Universe WMG.
  • The Nostalgia Critic and Film Brain have reversed roles. NC calls himself The Millennium Overviewer, and Film Brain is still Film Brain. Ask That Guy is Affably Evil, and Chester A Bum is a rich film snob. Douchey Mc Nitpick is a white knight, to the point of intolerance. And adoring his idols.
  • Spoony is still with Channel Awesome, and played by Miles Antwiler.
    • Noah is a police officer, and his favorite running gag is "You're standing in my spot, sir."
  • Rob Liefeld is a great writer, yet a terrible artist. His writing more than makes up for this.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd still reviews bad games, but he's in constant sarcasm mode. The Irate Gamer is basically the Chester A Bum of game reviews. He's even better than the AVGN, but still regarded as a rip-off.
  • Bennet...is the same. He's so evil, there isn't a single good version of him. And if there was, an alternate Bennet would kill that good version.
  • The Cinema Snob reviews kids' shows, yet is a sleazy individual who equates adult situations with the show.
  • The Distressed Watcher is a beloved individual on Channel Awesome, and his Ask Skeletor show is a hit. However, he's a case of Nice Character, Mean Actor—his Youtube personality is The Fundamentalist on the level of callousness that Jerry Falwell had.
  • Nash's show is an exhibition of human goodness and kindness, where the constant Florida stories always involve stuff like saving drowning puppies or curing AIDS.
    • Assuming the mirror universe from WTFIWWY is the same as the one from AT 4 W, confirmed.
  • Nella is the Nostalgia Chick and constantly humiliates Lindsay.
  • The Chick/Todd/Lupa triangle is reversed, whith Lupa pining after Todd who pines after Chick, who isn't interested in either.
  • JesuOtaku is from a large city in New England and her reviews are emotional rather than analytical.
    • Professor Otaku reviews only good anime or likes the bad ones he reviews, Arkada is afraid of narwhals and emits peanutbutter in their pressence. Vixen enjoys the Fanservice corner but is not sexualized and does not review any of the anime that show up there. Malakye and Tsubake are heroes who want to save the world. Rabbit had her American accent stolen and was reviewing anime before Vixen, and Hitch beleives Sex Is Evil. Kagami is not in the brigade. She was killed by her boyfirend, who is terrible at making AMVs.
  • Oancitizen reviews late night infomercials.
  • Ed Glaser's Deja View shows him talking about the worst movies of Greek Cinema.
  • Linksano is called Spoonsano and is a Hero with an F in Good.
  • Ninja Style Dancer is now a Pirate Style Dancer.
  • That Dude in the Suede lives in our dimension replacing "Suedezaie", (he has dimension travelling powers) and "Kiwy".
  • Mirror Mechakara is actually a cyborg version of Linkara. That, or he's from The Matrix.
  • One More Day turned out to be one of the greatest comics ever created.
    • But, due to the Spidey/Mary Jane relationship being the Creator's Pet in that universe, it's only one of the greatest comics in our reality.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd was first, and The Angry Video Game Nerd is second. The Irate Gamer is incredibly original.
  • MarzGurl HATES Don Bluth...but loves The Land Before Time sequels because he was not involved with them.
  • That SciFi Guy is the same, except he gets his background information from Professor Uncyclopedia.
There is no Mirror Linksano or Mechakara
Because they're already alternate versions of Linkara and Pollo respectively.
Mirror Universe and Mirror Universe seen in The Cartoon Hero show are one and the same
. Diamanda Hagan is a part of TGWTG crew and she has good counterpart in Hero's mirror universe.
In Mirror Universe 90's were very successful period for comics and are well-regarded by most of people

90's Kid however, who is calm and sophisticated gentleman, sees comics as what they are and appears on Mirror Linkara's show to complain about their flaws, making well though, reasonable arguments based on deep analysis.
  • Wait...there's a version of Youngblood that's decent?! OMGWTFBBQ quaaa...
    • But this is also the same world where Jim Lee has not revived the X-Men with his spectacular run with the Cyclops-led team, rather he traded talent with Pat Lee and originated Dull Surprise instead.
Mirror Universe 90s Kid...
... is a huge fan of the greater mainstream appeal indie comics enjoyed in the 90s with books like Ghostworld, and is a total hipster who smokes pipes and wears tweed blazers with logo tees of bands you;ve never heard of. His theme song is an accoustic cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
Multi-Multiverse - Multiple, Interconnected Multiverses
Linkara's foes often stem from alternate universes, so there is at least one multiverse (henceforth dubbed the Normalverse). The intro for Mirror Linkara showed him fighting Mechakara and Lord Vyce, both of whom are among said multiverse. It seems unlikely that they are the same individuals that regular Linkara fought, so this implies that there are alternate universe copies of them for Mirror Linkara to battle... and if we operate by Mirror Universe rules, they might be more heroic versions of their Normalverse selves. This suggests a Mirror Multiverse. In addition to these two, the Warrior specials have had hypertime distortions that brought together multiple Doctor Insanos. Given the existence of at least one Insano in each multiverse, a potential Insanoverse intersects through the other multiverses. Unless similar patterns arise, it is fairly safe to assume there are at least three interconnected multiverses: Normalverse, Mirrorverse, and the intersecting Insanoverse.
  • Alternatively, it's the same Vyce. We didn't see his body, and this could be the universe that convinced him to "force the issue."
  • "There is no continuity. There is only Insano." Rather than being part of some intersecting multiverse, Insano instead stems from some kind of "insanity wound" in hypertime, resulting in all manner of Insanos across multiple realities. Perhaps not even "multiple", but just one Insano entity (albeit not THE Entity) fractured into multiple personas and forms.
Mirror Insano is really Mirror Linksano
Alright, I'm reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy late with this, but it makes sense. Dr. Linksano is referred to as an alternate universe version of Dr. Insano, and Mirror Insano is played by Lewis, so maybe because its a mirror world Dr. Linksano has Insano's name and vice-versa. Also this would mirror how Linksano was a Harmless Villain.

Mirror Harvey Finevoice is a rock-n-roll singer.
  • Keeping with the pattern of "similar but different" as established in Star Trek as well as in Atop the Fourth Wall.
The reason why Mirror Linkara worships Rob Liefeld is...
  • He wanted to absorb 90's Kid's time warping nature to be eternally young, so he ate him. While he failed to gain his unique time-stasis nature, he absorbed his OCD-like adulation of the 90's style comics and artistic style of Rob Liefeld instead.

     Pollo's New Body story arc 
Mechakara will take over the cybermat
If you didn't know, Linkara has been building a cybermat for awhile now, saying he's going to use it this November. I'm guessing, that since Mechakara went from the hand to Pollo v.02, he will go into the cybermat.
  • Jossed

Mechakara will gather all the "machines" on the show (Pollo 2.0, the Cybermat, etc.) and use him in his new plans...
What if he has the power to possess machines now and uses it to turn the various doohickeys that Linkara uses on the show against him?
  • Jossed

Linkara will lose Comicron-1 eventually.
Especially now that Mechakara has just managed to sneak onboard. Perhaps in the final battle against Mechakara, or in a desperate last resort move that destroys both the ship and Mechakara, resulting in a Pyrrhic Victory for Linkara and crew.
  • Jossed, on both accounts: the ship remains intact and... it's Lord Vyce, not Mechakara.

Mechakara is trying to reach Lord Vyce
Linkara is doing a 3-part review of Star Trek 2, which deals with an antagonist's revenge for being abandoned on a desolate planet by the hero, just as Linkara did to Vyce. Mechakara is the means by which Vyce will escape and seek revenge, mirroring the plot of the comic.

Nimue will do a HAL 9000 on Linkara at the end of his ‘The Wrath of Khan’ trilogy.
Think about it for a minute. Linkara programmed her with ‘honesty and ethical guidelines’ to stop her taking over the word. However, her job is to protect Comicron-1 and, at the end of the last review, Linkara said he’d be willing to blow up Comicron-1 rather than let Mechakara take control it. Maybe it’s just the fact Nimue looks like HAL but I can’t see her being too happy about that.
  • Jossed: While she has stated what she woulda done had she followed the guidelines. She also mentioned a subroutine that in layman's terms that should an event like that put her in that situation, her answer in Linkara's words was "Screw them it's not my problem."
    • Not jossed yet: She said that it would be a waist of her time and recourses to take over the world because her job is to run and maintain Comicron-1. However, she didn’t say what she’d do if Comicron-1 was threatened.

Her exact words when asked if she would take over the world were, “Such an action would be entirely illogical and ill-advised. This unit’s function is to maintain a spaceship; its programming carefully fine-tuned for that purpose. And, as such, assuming direct control over humanity would be a drain on that task since it would require micromanagement of the populous in addition to the deaths of people who would undoubtedly disobey and attempt to disrupt this unit’s work. As such the answer is to maintain orbit and allow humanity to do what it wishes.”

Linkara summarised by saying, “Screw them it's not my problem,” but threatening Comicron-1 would very much count as her problem.

  • Ok now I’ll admit it’s Jossed.

Pollo will be destroyed

His old body will be destroyed trying to re-balance the engines in a homage to Spock's death in Wrath of Khan. Confirmed
  • Not quite. The old body was destroyed due to the radiation frying his circuits, but Pollo was able to download his conscience somewhere else. Moreover, take into account of the Search for Spock. Next part of the story arc is likely to be the team searching for Pollo and finally getting him his new body.

Pollo downloaded his conscience into Neutro

Neutro is big enough to house Pollo’s conscience and it has no mind of its own.
  • Jossed: He was in Linkara’s model Tom Servo

Lord Vyce will be back before the arc's over with.
Recently on Twitter, Linkara said he's lucky it snowed where he is, because he needs some "outdoor snowy shots" for an upcoming episode. He tried to cover it up by saying it might be for a Snowflame reference in the New Guardians review or "lots of other reasons," but I'd bet dollars to donuts it's for Lord Vyce's prison dimension.
  • Jossed. Snowflame did appear.
  • However, that doesn't mean Vyce won't show up again sometime in the future...
  • Confirmed, as of the "Youngblood #4" review... in vocal form, at least.

Lord Vyce will land on Pluto.
Warning: all of this is spoileriffic. Linkara blasted Vyce-kara out into space, and they were already in the distant solar system. Note that, in the comic which Neutro appeared, he was created by the Plutonians for conquest. Given Neutro actually exists in the CA-verse, its a safe bet that they do here(not to mention it'll give us a big Brick Joke.)

The way I see it going down is this: Lord Vyce ends up trapped in Pluto's orbit, and is found by the Plutonians. Vyce is pleased that they don't know who he is, so decides to help them out: he tells them that their Neutro has been stolen and hijacked by Linkara, and gives them enough information so that they consider upgrading him a good idea. His new apperance is a more mechanical version of his Vyce shirt, but with some Neutro-esque looks and a hint as his nature as someone from a Pokemon game.

When Linkara comes looking, he'll find Vyce gone. The actual Vyce will be sending an invasion to Earth in order to distract him, so he can hack on the V-Ship again. During this, he'll scan the planet, to see where Linkara's "haughty claims" come from.

Lord Vyce will find himself back on his own world...sort of.
At the end of the His Blue Soul story arc, it was revealed that Lord Vyce had converted himself into a being of pure data, similar to the Entity that he hated so much in his own words. Soon after, he was left adrift in space, vowing that he wasn't finished.

This will kick of a series of events where Linkara will come into conflict with Lord Vyce again at some point in the future. Vyce will push Linkara to the point where he has to take extreme steps to stop him continuing to enslave, conquer and destroy entire worlds. With no other option, Linkara will use technology stolen from Dr Insano to open a rift in Hypertime which he will throw Vyce into. After sealing the rift, Linkara will believe Vyce destroyed.

But due to Vyce now existing in data form he will survive, but not unscathed. Trapped for relative centuries or more outside of any real existance, Vyce will be damaged, ravaged, and corrupted, his mind broken and barely functioning. And then finally he will fall out of Hypertime into a world and time that he should find familiar from long ago in the past. But in his insane and amnesiac state, he won't remember the world, his reason for living, or anything except for one single phrase that defines him - "All that I see, I conquer". And he will continue his mission of conquest in the only way he can now, his reasons like his memories, his past, and his name... Missing...

Lord Vyce will reappear in the Fourth Year Anniversary.
The anniversary has been revealed to be sci-fi based, and Vyce was last seen floating outside the solar system. He could hitch a ride on one of the spaceships and attempt his revenge against Linkara. Plus it wouldn't too hard for him to be to be in the special, all Lewis has to do is bring the Pollo 2.0 body for filming certain shots.
  • This would be pretty fitting. Lord Vyce, and his antagonist the Entity were depicted affecting things world-wide. What would show how far-reaching his threat is? Have him play a part of the Fourth Anniversary!
  • Jossed.

    Some THING new/Halloween 2012 
Linkara is the Thing.
Think about it- Nimue only detected the unknown thing after Linkara walked in the room.

90's Kid is the Thing
  • I'm sorry, but after the Entity arc, I don't think Lewis would do practically the exact same thing again.
    • For the record is strictly a Devil's Advocate statment as I agree with the above troper. It could be that Linkara knows that people would assume he's not in 90's Kid because of the Entity storyline and BECAUSE of that did people would expect; put it in 90's Kid. Linkara has said that he likes playing around with expectations.

Linksano is the Thing
If one of them has been taken over/replaced by the Thing than it’d make the most sense (from the Thing’s prospective) to choose Linksano. I mean, think about it for a second - Linksano's the one who has the most chance of working out if anyone else has been taken over because he could come up with ways to test their humanity. He's also, apart from Linkara, the one with the most control over the computer systems, both on the ship and in the house, and could've easily disabled them if he wanted.
  • Im not sure if I buy this- I'm getting the vibe that it's something else. I mean, Linkara's main beef with the Starscream and Thing sequel comics is that the Thing should've stayed in the background and waited for everyone to destroy themselves out of paranoia and fear, not draw attention to itself- and especially not give its enemies good ideas. If it did possess him, it would be put into a position where everyone was expecting him to know what to do- and while it could use this to its advantage by providing false information, it would still be drawing unwanted attention to itself. Better to choose someone like Harvey.

Harvey is the Thing
This makes sense- Lewis has already done a "possession no one suspected" plot with 90's Kid, and it doesn't make sense for him to do it again. Harvey is essentially The Heart of the team, has known Linkara for a long time, and therefore has the most sway over Linkara's morals and choices. If the Thing was smart, it would possess him and use his influence to spread doubts about Linksano- who has been on the team for the shortest time, not to mention was once evil- and about 90's kid, considering the Entity arc.

Nobody is the Thing
It's just a plot by the Gunslinger to screw with everybody's heads in an attempt to get Linkara "angry" and take the magic gun. He wants the gun, not necessarily a rematch with the guy who nearly killed him with little effort.
  • Confirmed. His explanation suggests that he's a good guy though...

The Thing is or is related to The Entity
Nimue said an "unknown entity" was in the apartment. Also, Vyce and Mechakara have come back multiple times, so why not The Entity?
  • Jossed- Lewis said in his Electric Tale of Pikachu commentary that the Entiry really is dead, and barring a really good idea for a sequel, it won't ever come back.

The shadow at the end was the Ninja Style Dancer
I don't know why exactly he would be there as a shadow, but the general shape of it looks like NSD, we haven't seen him in a long time, and he is a ninja, so of course he'd hide in the shadows.

The shadow is Todd in the Shadows
You can see that he's wearing his trademark hoodie.

The intruder is NOT the Thing.
Just because Linkara is reviewing the Thing comics and borrowing the basic plot doesn't mean the Thing itself will make an appearance. And with all due respect, Linkara's special effects aren't all that good, so I don't see how he could include the Thing's special mutations without looking unbelievably Narmy.

The shadow is in fact Mysterior
What does he want? It's a mystery!

     Guns and Sorcery 
This arc will be a prequel or involve a flashback.
Linkara has previously teased that his secret origin will be for another time. Perhaps this is that time. After all, we still don't know the In-Universe explanation of how the magic gun came into his possession, or the rest of his weapons, for that matter.
  • Confirmed at least as far as his Arsenal of Freedom is concerned.
  • In a Q&A panel, Linkara mentioned he wanted to show the origin of Linkara for Secret Origins Month, but the amount of work during October made him take a break from story lines for a while. We might get his origin next year though.

After this arc, there will be a new theme song.
Because we'll learn the answer to "where'd he purchase that?"

The Magic Gun took away Linkara's magic.
The Magic Gun, seeing that his pride was getting the better of him used her power to strip him of his magic to protect him from falling down an evil path.
  • Confirmed in the ending of Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2.

Linkara's turn to evil is what is making Holo!lLinkara evil.

Holo!Linkara was made to perfectly mimic Linkara while he's on his quest to retrieve his magic. If Linkara is turning evil, then it stands to reason that Holo!Linkara will turn evil as well by mimicking him. The reason it's happening faster is that Holo!Linkara isn't the original and thus has no ultimately moral center to hold him back. He's simply following his programming. "Mimic Linkara and review comics." He threatened 90's kid because Linkara on some level wants to use force to make him go away. Because Holo!Linkara isn't bound by morality, just his programming, he sees no reason not to attack and threaten him. All he has done is do as Linkara would do. It all comes back to Linkara steadily growing more evil. In fact, without the Magic Gun's intervention (See above for that theory) it's possible Linkara would have done something similar in time.

Confirmed. Linkara did state that if it weren't for Margaret, he would be evil.

The new ‘villain’ is not actually evil.

He just assumed that Linkara was because he uses a gun powered by the soul of a little girl and he was just trying to free her.
  • Perhaps he's a Hero Antagonist and is trying to prevent the Magic Gun from falling into the wrong hands. He gives me a St. Germain of Castlevania fame vibe with that pocketwatch, too...
    • confirmed

The finale to this arc will homage "The End of Time".

It has already been pointed out how the start of this arc concerning Linkara's ego and the gun turning off homaged "The Waters of Mars" (concerning the Doctor and the Time Lord Victorious). Considering how much of a Doctor Who fan Lewis is, this was most likely not accidental.
  • Now we have an explanation of how the gun stopped working. However, giving the timing of it, I'm not sure this has been Jossed yet.

It's not the Magic gun that stopped working.
All magic in the world has gone! Gunslinger is the inter-dimensional time traveller (hence the pocket-watch, that seems to be his source of power), who travelled back in time to destroy all the magic.
  • Alternatively, magic could've been destroyed by the some enemy of the Gunslinger, who tried to stop him and destroy all the magic guns in existence.
    • Jossed, the gun's magic is only being suppressed by an Anti Magic Field of some kind.
Linkara will realize he's going a bit mad with power...thanks to SNOWFLAME!
By one of two methods:
  • Snowflame will use some cocaine metaphor about power to try and get Linkara to use cocaine. Linkara will instead realize he'd getting a bit power addicted and snap out of it.
  • Snowflame will randomly spout good lessons learned form PSA comics and my My Little Pony, making Linkara realize that something can have An Aesop without sucking, and helping him be less cynical.

The little girl deactivated the Magic Gun from within
She heard Linkara's arrogant rant and wants to save him from himself.
  • Confirmed in the ending of Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2.

Dr. Insano was only partly responsible for the anti-magic barrier
Dr. Insano started working on the anti-magic barrier, but never got around to finishing it, or finished it, and just never used. Then, the Gunslinger got his hands on it somehow.

Insano finally found someone to sell the anti-magic field generator kit to...
... The Gunslinger!
  • Jossed

Dr. Insano isn't responsible for the loss of magic in Linkara's apartment.
It's the black gate that appeared in Spoony's bedroom. Like in most Ultima games involving the Guardian, he probably deactivated all the magic in the world, thinking the Avatar (AKA: Spoony) used magic.
  • You're probably right- When I heard that, I felt it was too simple and obvious an explanation for it to be purely Dr. Insnao's fault. However, I don't believe the Ultima storyline and AT 4 W storyline are connected.
    • Confirmed

Mechakara is responsible for the magic being suppressed.
  • The fourth year anniversary is comign up, and it involves sci-fi. Linkara's ship still works (mostly because it isn't magic), but all magic is being suppressed. In the Alternate ending to Suburban Knights, Mechakara finds Malachite's hand, giving him control over magic... Thus mechakara is responsible for the loss of the magic!
  • From a outside story perspective, Linkara, because he has access to his ship in the anniversary, plus mechakara is a villain, means that all his story lines are active, which means consequently his weapons were too. To prevent him from being over powered compared to everyone else, magic became the source of all his gadgetry, and mechakara was given a way to nullify magic. Plus it leads into the fourth year anniversary.
  • Linkara has stated on Twitter that this arc does not tie in to the Fourth Year anniversary, and the DVD ending of the 3rd anniversary is only related to the fourth year.

Insano is out to get Bibleman
Insano still wants revenge on him for his prison rape, but since God screwed him over the last time they thought Insano put up the Anti Magic field on a gobal scale to stop God from getting in his way again. Unlikely as it may seem we can assume that in the TGWTG universe God has some limits to his power as he either did nothing to stop the entity or was taken by it himself.
  • Well if the Nostalgia Critic can accidentally kill Santachrist...

Insano is going to at least try to team-up with whomever made Linkara's magic stop working
Insano will find out who made Linkara's magic to disappear, and ask if they want to team-up, because they will both have things to help defeat Linkara. Whether they take him up on that offer...

Linkara told Dr. Insano that his magic wasn't working on purpose.
As a means of getting him to try something against him so he could investigate further.
  • That's Jossed, Linkara seemed pretty mad at himself about spilling those beans an episode later.

Malachite will appear in the future.
Hey, Cloak #1 made an appearance in Battle For Bludhaven #1 and 2, though he wasn't much help (since his knowledge of advanced magics were somewhat limited). Malachite however has been around for a loooong time, and thus must has very extensive knowledge on almost every kind of magic there is. Sure, he's now stuck working at the cafe and likely stripped of his powers, and is one of the most despicable villains out there, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

There's more than one Holokara.
In the current arc, Linkara will be Walking the Earth in an attempt to break the curse put upon him by the Gunslinger. He's leaving behind his holographic doppelganger at his house, who will continue doing reviews and such.

But consider how adamant Linkara was on doing this alone. This is because the Linkara who's walking the earth is another Holokara, and he's hiding this fact from his allies in case the Gunslinger finds out where he's going. The real Linkara will just hang out on his spaceship for the duration of the arc until the curse is broken or he otherwise gets his magic back. Lazy, sure, but Comicron One's the safest place he could be at the moment.

The reason for Holokara's aggressive behavior
In the stinger at the end of the Rock N Roll #31 review, Holokara punches through 90's Kid and grabbing his heart threatening 90's Kid to not interrupt him. Now, I theorized that either Mechakara had started seeping into Holokara's programming or that Holokara is Linkara only without the restraint and the humanity that the original have.
  • Or worse, many things comic book and villain of the year alike that would have not been able to drive the real Linkara insane, are slowly doing that to Holokara, but since he is programmed to endure till Linkara returns, he comes under the impression that he is running the show. (Something Mechakara wouldn't do.) If Linkara comes back from his Journey he might have to fight Holo the same way Black Lantern Spoony fought Clone Spoony.

The Gunslinger works for an organization that functions as a Guardian of the Multiverse.
And a very vast and expanding group at that. For the sake of this WMG, let's call them "The Guardians." The Guardians are a huge group of thousands, if not millions(or way, WAY more) teams across The Multiverse, recruiting various individuals in alternate versions of "works of fiction", eg Power Rangers, Doctor Who, ect. Their job is to sort out multiversal threats and reality-distorting items, in order to protect reality. Linkara may have actually gotten all his wonderful toys from their agents, directly or indirectly, and the Guardians want to deal with this.

The Gunslinger is...
A Silent Hill resident, or another past victim of the town, hence his knowledge of the way magic guns are made, and possibly even some valuable knowledge in other subjects.

The Gunslinger is a Final Fantasy based villain
Given his anime appearance.
  • That would make sense. He’s already done story lines that pay homage to Power Rangers, Silent Hill, Doctor Who, Pokémon and Star Trek. So I’m sure, this one will be a homage to something else. We can only hope that one day he’ll do a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic story line ;)
  • Wait, he's a Brony?
    • No, he isn't, according to the Animinneapolis 2012 panel.
  • The Gunslinger is almost defiantly from Final Fantasy. After all Doctor Insano got the idea for the anti-magic field generator from Final Fantasy.
    • I support this WMG, first time I saw the Gunslinger I thought he looked like something out of Kingdom Hearts.
  • While it's possible that it could be Final Fantasy based, it could also be possible the that the story is inspired by anime and manga, with the two biggest inspirations being Fullmetal Alchemist, due to the Gunslinger resembling Edward Elric and Mahou Sensei Negima!, as it's possible that the Gunslinger is like Chao and is travelling back in time to stop a major disaster (in this case, Linkara turning evil), with him using his pocketwatch to travel through time and space

Gunslinger is an Alternate Snowflame
Same actor, similar long-haired appearance (Even if the colors aren't right). Snowflame's sandwich making did something that could have called the Gunslinger, or affected him somehow.

The Gunslinger is the little girl's brother
He thinks Linkara is with the cult and want to save her.

The Gunslinger is an alternate dimension version of Linkara.
He has his own magic gun AND his own pocketwatch. Also, the theme song being called "Gunslinger Theme" presumably means that Linkara is a "gunslinger", just like this guy.
  • Adding to that, he is a manga reviewer. Just look at him.
  • In addition, it was shown in the stinger of the Marville #3 Review that the Gunslinger worked with an AI that may be similar to Nimue, named Sierra.
    • Sort of confirmed. Before he became the gunslinger we know, he was an online critic with access to magic and advanced technology. However, he reviewed music rather than comics and there's no real evidence that he's specifically Linkara's counterpart.

The Gunslinger is from the future
He was sent to the past to kill Linkara before he turned completely evil.

The Great Wizard Aplos was either lying or misinformed
Because evil does not work that way.
  • Personally, I see evil as wishing to harm others, or otherwise lower the amount of joy/pleasure/health in the universe in some way. Linkara never seemed to be acting in that way, so I don't think it's possible that he's really turning evil.
    • No, he is. Look at Linkara's history over the last two years: he's always had a problem with letting his pride (and victories) go to his head, thinking he's all high and mighty when he so clearly isn't as much of a saint as he thinks he is, and his cockiness has put himself and others in danger multiple times. If he hadn't lost his magic due to his Time Lord Victorious style rant, he probably would've gone on a path similar to that of Mirrorkara.
      • Prideful =/= Evil. He's no saint, but he's clearly a force for good in the universe, having saved the world from evil forces several times, and his arsenal is only there to ensure that it is protected. Underestimating an enemy is not a sign of being evil, just prideful. IMHO, there does not seem to be any logical progression without outside intervention from where he currently is, an admittedly arrogant defender of the innocent, to one who harms them for his own personal pleasure/gain.
      • Linkara was repeatedly hitting the Gunslinger even after he was down. If the Gunslinger haven't used his watch, he would have died. Linkara was showing signs of being touched by the dark side.
      • Yeah, sorry. The C Go G #2 review reminded me of a few petty things that did nothing but hurt people that he did, which I had forgotten about, also there's hope that his "turning evil" can be prevented at this point.

Linkara isn't actually turning evil
At least, not by choice. He isn't willingly pulling a Face–Heel Turn but rather, is slowly being corrupted, possesed, or having his mind controlled by some form of great power.

Linkara's turn to darkness disconnected him from "good" sources of magic
The evil flash during which the magic 'failed' was really where I saw the start of it- and all the failures can be traced from there. The gun failed because, well, it's a weapon of good and Linkara's turning evil. The spells failed because they were learned when he was 'good' and as someone giving in to rage, hate, and constant smug self-superiority due to constant victories, he can't connect with his magic in the same way.

Although that does leave some options open- obviously Margret (as a sentient artifact) will remain useless to Linkara if he continues down this path, but now that he knows the problem, it should be relatively straightforeward for him to accept his faults and relearn how to cast his spells to adjust for his new mindset.

Holokara's only becoming evil because the real one is

As a holographic backup, continuous runtime is taking its toll, and Holokara is becoming increasingly erratic. But what would normally be a typical nervous breakdown is now a major threat as Holokara is patterned directly off of Linkara himself, and thus is becoming more erratic down the path of evil the longer it remains operational.

Moreover, while Holokara is strictly a creation of technology and thus unable to use magic, as an intelligence patterned off of Linkara that was never meant to be run this long (nearly 3 months), everyone in the AT 4 W cast could be in big trouble. He could also be the reason Linkara lost contact with Comicron 1- Holokara has acess to all Linkara's codes due to being based off of him, and not due to the mineral deposits of southern Canada screwing with communications (although that's also a possibility).

The Gunslinger is part of a group testing Linkara

To me, it didn't seem like the sort of assault that a serious attempt on Linkara's life would utilize, especially from another magic user.

He knew where Linkara was, when to attack him (when he was alone), and had a means of escaping if things went bad. But he didn't seem to do any major damage... so I'm of the opinion that he was probably acting either on his own accord or for some greater community to test Linkara- and see if he, as a veteran of many conflicts and a survivor of all the crap the universe throws at him, were still on the straight and narrow, or beginning the downward spiral that gave rise to so many of his foes.

It's a test which I suspect is still ongoing- simply losing his magic and beginning down the path to the dark side is not a "make it or break it" moment that forever dominates Linkara's destiny, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Where will he go from here, now that he has the knowledge he is slowly moving toward the darkness he so often fights? What will he do do correct it?

As a hero, he's acquired potent magics, powerful artifacts, and very advanced science and technologies- and as a villain all these things would be at his command to use against the very people he now seeks to protect. And they're all things that only Linkara is able to stop- who in the world would stand against him if he loses the ability or desire to distinguish between right and wrong?

Who would he trust to fight him when he becomes that which he most fears?

Linkara will destroy Comicron 1, for real this time.
Notice how many of the flashbacks showing him turning evil involved him abusing the fact that he has a spaceship. Also note the fact that, further up the page, it's mentioned that Holokara comes from the ship's holodeck. Thus, it seems like destroying the ship would be a good way to not only stop the evil hologram but also demonstrate selflessness and humility, putting himself back on the level of other people. Of course this would result in him getting back the power to do magic. But it's the thought that counts.

  • This actually makes sense- why else would To Boldly Flee take place before Guns and Sorcery? Because he uses it in To Boldly Flee to help his fellow reviewers, and and in this arc the ship gets destroyed, so it wouldn't make sense for the ship to still exist!

The Gunslinger was there to save Margaret.

He was probably on a mission to find cursed weapons and free their souls. The Gunslinger probably thought Linkara was evil since he was wielding a gun powered by a forsaken little girl.

Linkara will confront Holokara, and in doing so, admit his failings, leading to the restoration of his magic- which will be even better and stronger.
To this troper, Holokara is shaping up to become (and represent) the real Linkara's evil side, all the things Linkara would've eventually become if Margaret hadn't disabled his magic. Linkara's had a wake-up call in regards to his almost Face–Heel Turn by the wizard Steve, and seems very shaken by his revelations. When Linkara eventually returns home, he'll learn of Holokara's evil doings, and confront him in a major battle to protect the others- on Comicron One, where most of these troubles began (considering most of the evidence of his turning evil begins after Linkara got the ship), and where Holokara plans to subjugate the world to his will -building on a statement by Lewis on his blog about Linkara's only turning evil saying that:

"It's building up to a point where he could suddenly decide "you know what? Maybe I should use my big, powerful spaceship to make people do what I want."

If Holokara is based directly on Linkara and has no real moral compass besides his programming, it's not too far fetched to think that Holokara would eventually do this. During this supossed battle, Holokara eventually has Linkara on the ropes, his friends captured in front of him, and things are at their bleakest. Linkara- weak, powerless, and unable to think of any other option- will attempt to talk Holokara down from whatever scheme he's planning. Holokara won't listen, and will eventually - in an attempt to demoralize Linkara- claim that he and Linkara are Not So Different, that it's pointless to fight against his "true nature", and the only difference between them is that he's not saddled with the morals Linkara has.

Linkara will agree with this, stating that he (Linkara) was an asshole and jerk to everyone, not a saint, and not proud of his previous actions- however, he's changed for the better, will never be so full of himself again if he can help it, and will die to protect the Earth (and his friends) if necessary, as he just doesn't care about himself anymore. He'll say it's his fault for creating Holokara and making him do what should have been his own job, and no one else should have to pay for his(Linkara's) own wrongdoings, imploring Holokara to stop and that he doesn't want to have to destroy him if he can possibly avoid it. Holokara seems to be moved by this - but he's beyond caring about human morality any more, telling Linkara that he'll kill everyone Linkara loves to make him suffer- starting with 90's Kid. He reaches a holographic hand to stop his heart - but with a scream of "No!", Linkara jumps in the way, taking the blow himself. Holokara mocks Linkara for his attempt to save his friend, tosses him to the floor, and leaves him for dead. However, Linkara is Only Mostly Dead, and his honest statements before, coupled with his Heroic Sacrifice, will be enough for Margaret to know he's not going to become evil, that he committed a selfless act of his own free will. Linkara's magic will then be restored, healing him and allowing Linkara to defeat his double by destroying his mobile-emitter and the ship as he can see no other way to reason with or stop Holokara (but not before Nimue transfers herself into the Vigilant or something).

After this arc ends, it will be a new era for the show.
Linkara seems on the path to becoming a better person (if the end of Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2 is any indication). If all goes well, Linkara will be a more noble, better hero, not nearly as self obsessed and glorified. He'll maybe change his costume to one he's been wearing on his travels, as his other clothes will only be a reminder of the selfish guy he used to be. Comicron One will probably be gone, Pollo will have a new body, and nothing will be the same again.

The body Holokara built for Pollo is a Restraining Bolt.
Isn't it a coincidence that Holokara made a body for Pollo in the same episode where he starts showing his nasty side? Perhaps Holokara made the body to ensure that Pollo wouldn't stand up against him. After all, Pollo doesn't have any organs to crush, so making unable to fight back would be a major advantage.
  • Confirmed

There was no Gunslinger.
He was actually an illusion made by Margaret. Seeing that he was starting to become arrogant, she created the Gunslinger in the hopes that Linkara being defeated would humble him. As we saw, Linkara actually managed to defeat the Gunslinger and became even more arrogant, so Margaret had to use drastic measures to try and stop him.
  • Considering we see him in his own base of operations after Marville #3, I'd say this is jossed.

The next review's story bit
Considering Lewis' next appearance at Meta Con this weekend, he could include this con appearance in his next story bit where he is contemplating his character. Also, considering some former Power Ranger actors will be there, that could make for a neat cameo, alongside LittleKuriboh's appearance.
  • Jossed

Holokara will use Comicron 1 to take over the comic book industry.

As an extension of Linkara, Holokara could control the spaceship. He might use the spaceship to force the Editorial Staff of DC and Marvel comics to write the type of comics he wants.

Confirmed. He was planning to force Marvel Comics to retcon 'One More Day' and force the comics industry to write the type of stories he wants.

This arc was deliberately made to change Linkara's character from a self-centered egotist to a better hero.
Two instances got this troper thinking:

During the ''One More Day" review, Linkara says this:

"I want a good story. I want characters to look back on their past actions and grow from their experiences. I want them to change and evolve. There's nothing about the idea of growth that prevents good stories from being told.''

Also, 2 things Holokara said during Psychoman #1:

1: (in a sarcastic response to the comic saying supervillains are a "crutch"): "I mean, who would have a character act like an asshole with their powers?'''

2: (near the end): "I mean, who wants to follow a fictional story where the main character is just a doucebag who you can never relate to or sympathize with?"

This troper though about both things for a while and realized: "all of these things are describing AT 4 W up to this point.

Over the last 4 years of Atop the Fourth Wall, Linkara (despite all the things that have happened to him), hasn't really changed- he's a selfish, unsympathetic jerk (despite his label of "hero" and his good moments) who no one- save his immediate circle of friends- wants to follow or be around due to his off-putting actions and abusing his power- notice how in To Boldly Flee (set before this arc), not one of the other Channel Awesome reviewers follows his show enough to know he reviews comics instead of lamps (or about his own rogue's gallery), yet still know he has a spaceship? It's because he uses it to bully them to get his way. So it makes perfect sense why they wouldn't follow him - they think (rightfully) that he's a jerk.

And isn't it fitting that his major complaint with Peter in One More Day is that he never seems able to change and get out of his teenage selfish mentality despite the fact he's an adult, when Linkara himself displays the same tendencies? This comic wasn't chosen willy-nilly- both One More Day and Psychoman #1 were chosen to show why this arc was needed in a subtle manner, even if some people didn't initially realize it at first - Linkara was stuck in a never-ending cycle of gaining more and more power, beating everyone he faced either through pure luck, skill, or guile, and subsequently letting his pride get to his head, treating his friends like crap instead of realizing how much he needs them to help him in these confrontations and how important they are in keeping him from going to the dark side. So in response to this change was enacted, forcing Linkara to go on his quest and reflect on what he'd done, growing and evolving into a better person as a result.

Holokara made Nimue change the ship's location in an attempt to destroy Linkara, and take over his life.

Something Holokara said at the end of Psychoman #1 got me:

"Who wants to follow a fictional story where the main character is just a doucebag who you can never relate to or sympathize with?"

By this point, Holokara is caught up in Pride. As Steve said, Linkara's inherent selfishishness and egomania would've gotten to the point where he would "see no one but himself." However, Linkara is beginning to take the steps necessary to make himself a better person, while Holokara can't - he's a static being that was made from a brain scan at a particular point in Linkara's life and can't really be changed. Since Holokara essentially is Linkara, he'll think he's doing a better job of reviewing, the others are just annoyances bogging down what he perceives to be his show rather then then the friends they really are, and that all around- and most disturbingly- he's doing a better job at living Linkara's life. Therefore, he decides to get him out of the picture as he thinks Linkara fits the above quote, not realizing (in his It's All About Me - induced haze) that he's the real monster.
  • A variation of this idea: given how the review after Psychoman #1 is going to be Marville #3, and having already being made to review a comic series that Linkara despises with the Silent Hill comics, Holokara is possibly heading to Canada to force Linkara into reviewing this issue as a means of torture.

Insano's responsible for Holokara's decent to evil.

After Linkara's slip of the tongue that his magic wasn't working, Insano realized Linkara's magical wards and defenses over his apartment were down. He then snuck in at night and used his tech to alter Holokara.

Insano and the Gunslinger are in cahoots.

Together, they'll attempt to kill Linkara- Insano for obvious reasons, and the Gunslinger as he believes Linkara to be evil.

When Linkara comes home, he'll have to fight Holokara

Holokara has pretty much turned evil at this point. When Linkara returns, he'll have to destroy Holokara, and this will also give him a demonstration of what could have happened to him if he went the same route.
  • Thsi is pretty much expected, as it's the whole point: Holokara's supposed to represent what Linkara would've eventually become if Margaret hadn't disabled his magic after his Time Lord Victorious style rant- and what better finale to this arc about Linkara facing his dark side then for Linkara to fight himself?

We'll get to see what Margaret can do at her full power.
Margaret told Linkara that she's been "holding back" due to her uncertainty about what he could do with her if she "really cut loose." During the final confrontation with Holokara, Margaret will unleash her awesome power to help defeat him.

Linkara's universe is toxic to the Gunslinger because of The Entity's influence.
It's possible that when The Entity died, it released all its energy into the universe, since it had more or less absorbed everything in it at that point, causing the universe itself to be poisoned with its "essence," so to speak. The reason no one in Linkara's universe is affected is because they were all absorbed, except Linkara. Linkara is safe because of either his hat, which he has said protects him from the negative effects of magic, or his Magic Gun protecting him. The Gunslinger, however, had no such protection.
  • Possibly or perhaps the AT 4 W universe is just very different to the Gunslinger’s universe. Don’t forget each universe is different - Lord Vyce could walk in some unprotected, but the AT 4 W-verse was so different from his own that he needed his suit just to survive in it.
    • Unlikely. From what we've seen of the Gunslinger's universe, its more of a traditional parallel universe via For Want of a Nail(they have internet critics and soul-guns like Linkara's universe).
  • Perhaps the universe was normal for the Gunslinger, but became toxic after the Critic's Plot Hole merge. Any universe which has become unstable and merged with a living being isn't going to be tolerable for anyone else.

The events of To Boldly Flee motivated Margaret's recent behaviour.
Seeing Ma-Ti undergo a Face–Heel Turn and try to basically destroy the entire universe itself aggrivated her pre-existing fears about Linkara's own slipping moral compass, especially with regards to his treatment of the other TGWTG characters and personalities. The disruption caused by the Plot Hole is also why she's never appeared in person before.

Holokara will become like Mechakara.
Now that Holokara and Linkara appear to be ready to face off, it seems likely that Holokara might remain evil while Linkara has become good again. What may happen is that Holokara's hologram emitter may become damaged, and as such might develop the eerie mechanical resonance heard in Mechakara's voice. Especially since Mechakara seems to have been destroyed permanently in the explosion of the Death Bomb in To Boldly Flee, Holokara may act as a neo-Mechakara.

The Gunslinger obtained his magic guns from other universes Champions.
In Cry For Justice #5-7, Lord Vyce mentions that every universe has a champion, someone to defend it from threats. Vyce claims to have taken down 16 champions already. We know that the Gunslinger knows about Vyce, he can travel to other universes, and that he has a significant arsenal already. Perhaps champions are defined by their magic guns; after all it said Linkara has yet to unleash his own guns full potential. When Lord Vyce killed the champions, the Gunslinger merely jumped into the champions universe to steal their magic guns. The time delay between the dimensions explains why he came so late, he thought Vyce already took care of Linkara.

The final villain of this arc will be Harvey Finevoice somehow.
The first major villain was Mechakara, who's a robotic doppelganger of both Linkara and Pollo. This was followed by the Entity, who was possessing 90's Kid. The trend will continue with the next major villain being an "evil" version of Harvey in some way.

The final villain of this arc will be Harvey Finevoice's son.
It'll be revealed that, like the magic gun, the cult that worshipped the Entity used his son to help power their god. They resurrected him as a weapon, which either failed or succeeded. The results of the experience will turn the reborn son as an Axe Crazy maniac who wants to try and revive their god. This would fit with the theory of the Gunslinger being a Hero Antagonist-he wants to take the magic guns to destroy the cult's influence. This would also make links to previous arcs, and be a great, scary Tear Jerker moment.

A Toon killed Harvey Finevoice's son via Piano Drop.
It'd be kinda cool if Phil Buni played the Roger to Harvey's Valiant.

Linkara will follow the Gunslinger to his home dimension using Comicron 1.
As of All-Star Batman and Robin #5, the Gunslinger has snuck into Linkara's home, shot him in the back, and stolen his Magic Gun. When Linkara wakes up, he's going to be pissed. And since Comicron 1 has dimensional travel abilities, it'll be child's play to track the Gunslinger down.
  • Inverted. In the finale, Linkara volunteers to bring Gunslinger home to his dimension aboard Comicron 1.

The Gunslinger's universe is one where SOPA won out and got out of control.
It's all but confirmed at this point, what with the nods and jabs in Jarvis' vlog.

     Ghost of the Machine 

Mechakara is the ghost who has possessed Comicron 1.

Mechakara's spirit survived the explosion in To Boldly Flee but needs to find a mechanical host. He was a machine to begin with after all. The infection is a la the Psycho Ranger in Power Rangers in Space. In the TBF commerntaries, Linkara called Mechakara semi-retired in the same way Doug did for the Nostalgia Critic. Now the Nostalgia Critic is back full time, so why not bring back Mechakara?
  • Jossed.

Lord Vyce had set up a back-up plan on Comicron 1.

In the Star Trek III episode, when Linkara, Harvey and Nimue where entering the self-destruct code, we get this dialouge.
Vyce: "Computer, over-ride priority V-0."
Nimue: "That code... is not recognised"
Notice that Nimue paused during that dialogue, perhaps that was a sign that Vyce was activating a hidden program of some sort to corrupt Nimue.
  • Lord Vyce did corrupt Nimue, but it was by downloading bits of himself into Nimue's hardware.

NIMUE was possessed by Dolorem
All of the malfunctions and overtaxing workloads were just a coincidence, and do not stem from any malicious hardware or software. However, even in her seemingly foolproof code she had just a hint of resentment towards Linkara for making her do so goddamn much all the time. Dolorem saw that and latched onto it, forcing all of NIMUE's negative feelings towards Linkara to increase exponentially.
  • Jossed.

NIMUE has been Dead All Along
Whatever the "ghost" that possessed NIMUE is has been around for a long time, either within her systems unnoticed or actually posing as her, and has been waiting for its moment to strike, and with Linkara and Gunslinger about to try and reclaim Jerris' world, it would be a perfect time to wipe them all out.
  • Which leads to the seperate WMG that the rulers of the Gunslingers world knew where he was all along; possibly the "ghost" was intended for his ship not COMICRON-1
  • Jossed.

NIMUE has been taken over by the spirit of Judas Liz
Yes, this seems like a REALLY WILD guess, but let me lay it out for you.
  • Fact One: During one of the V Logs with Iron Liz, Linkara mentioned he wanted her back on the show at some point, to which she was agreeable.
  • Fact Two: At the End of the Star Wars 3D review, when NIMUE glitches out and turns red, it sounds as if it is not the same voice. and actually has similarities to Liz's voice patterns.
  • Fact Three: The last we saw of Judas Liz was aboard Comicron-1. Slinking off as Vyce listened to Linkara taunting him.
  • Fact Four: Despite time moving FASTER on the ship, Vyce took an entire episode to beam down and respond to Linkara's taunts
  • Fact Five: Vyce has the ability to turn himself into living data.
  • Fact Six: Vyce was paranoid about needing to stay around to stop the Entity. He wouldn't use untested technology on himself.
With these facts in mind, I think that Vyce spent the time on the ship before going to confront Linkara testing out his tech to transform living beings into data on Judas Liz, punishing her for trying to leave and betray him. He then went about inserting her into his ship control system once he had succeeded. Linksano's sabotage, and then later NIMUE herself, kept Judas Liz repressed, until recently when NIMUE was too overtaxed to keep an eye on everything, allowing Judas Liz to take over her systems. This would also give Iron Liz's fans some closure on that particular plot point that they might not get otherwise, since she has said she will be stopping creating videos. And Voice Over work would be a considerably /less/ time consuming way for her to be back on the show, as she is getting back into school and will not has as much free time.
  • Jossed.

Doctor Insano made the ghost
he did steal neutro and the only way to get past NIMUE would be to hack her.
  • Jossed.

NIMUE developed a split-personality
NIMUE has two main functions she must obey, follow Linkara's orders and to make sure Comicron-1 is functioning properly. Over the past year, NIMUE has been pushed to her limits by following what Linkara tells her do, compromising the ship's vitality. This presents a paradox: follow Linkara's orders and risk permanent damage to Comicron-1, or ignore Linkara's orders to keep the ship functioning. NIMUE decided to Take a Third Option, develop a seperate personality that is willing to disobey. And we all know what happens when computers disobey...
  • Jossed.

Lord Vyce is hijaking NIMUE.
Comicron-1 was his ship, and NIMUE was likely the reprogrammed A.I. Even without his original body and trapped in space, he's familiar enough with the technology and can use the Pollo body to remove the NIMUE programming. The reason it took so long is because Vyce is at the edge of the solar system, with messages taking several hours to reach NIMUE and being limited to the Pollo body.
  • By the end of the Spider-man: Crossfire review, it seems Vyce is somehow responsible for Nimue going haywire.

NIMUE has been taken over by her Mirror Universe counterpart.
Think about this for one second, NIMUE was uploaded to Comicron-1 during an ion storm, the same ion storm that switched Iron Liz with her Mirror Universe double. So it is possible that part of Mirror-NIMUE crossed over during the ion storm and became a part of Prime-NIMUE's programming. Sort of an AI split personality if you will. All the random malfunctions are caused by Mirror-NIMUE atempting to sabotage the vessel and bring it into the Mirror Universe, and when Prime-NIMUE started to get suspicious, Mirror-NIMUE took over completely, possibly aided by the fact that Prime-NIMUE has been very overtaxed, since (to continue the split personality analogy) one cause of Multiple Personality Disorder in humans is severe stress.
  • Jossed.

Nimue will try to wipe out the human race by changing the Moon's orbit.
Whatever has happened to her will cause her to see humaniy as something that needs to be destroyed. She will attempt to use Comicron 1 to change the Moon's orbit, creating devanstating natural disasters throught the globe. This will give Linkara a chance to quote a certain line of dialog.
Hey, rustbucket! Let go of the frickin' moon already will ya?!"
  • Or maybe she'll take a page out of Majora and try to throw the Moon at the Earth.
  • Jossed.

Nimue is this universe's Mechakara.
Not Mechakara taking over, but notice that Linkara now berates her more than he does Pollo. Maybe she finally snapped.
  • Jossed

Nimue knows about the meteor.
One has to wonder why the now insane NIMUE decided to just chill out in orbit for several months on end as opposed to just nuking the planet into oblivion. It makes perfect sense, though, given that Sephiroth has conjured a meteor that is about to wipe out all life on the planet anyway. NIMUE decided not to bother wasting energy on something that was inevitably about to occur naturally. This goes the other way too. Why doesn't Linkara get involved in attempting to prevent the meteor from striking? Because NIMUE hasn't given him any sort of warning that there's anything wrong in the first place. Why would she? Because she wants it to happen, she just decided to sit back and not interfere in any capacity.
  • Jossed.

Doctor Linksano will be exiled by NIMUE.
Linksano will figure out what's wrong with NIMUE, so she'll teleport him away before he can tell Linkara. She'll tell Linkara that he's been sabotaging her.
  • Jossed.

The Entity is back.
First of all, we have creepy Anonymous messages showing up in the videos again, such as this one from Tandy. Ben̡e͞at́h ̷the wąves̷ ̛įts ͝bo͞nes ̵wer̢e̡ fou̶nd,̧ Y͞ou’͡r̴e̕ ͝c͏ha͝r̡acte҉r ̸s̛ḩo̢úl̶d h́ave d͢ŕo̕wn͡ęd̡,̀ De̷ath̕ ̢h̛o͝l̵ds͜ ̡n̨o̡ ͢s̶wa͡y̨ ͝f̷o͟r s͝o̕ul͠ś u͢nboun̷d, Yơu’rȩ ̀free͝dơm i̕t͝’͘s ̷d̀i͞s͡m̸i͟śs̕ing.̵ Awfully similar to when the Entity was screwing around with everything isn't it? Secondly, NIMUE is being infected by a virus, a lot like the Entity. She also specifically stated that "He has seen me." He. The Entity was male. Finally, State of the Wall has announced an upcoming event called: The Culling and specifically has Linkarae reviewing three #9 issues in a row. 999. Flip that, and you get 666, the number of the Beast. If you add in the interference in the videos that is happening already, all signs point towards the Entity screwing around with everyone again. Besides, who's to say it actually died?
  • Linkara?
    • I'm flattered, but no, this is User:Terror Toad here. I do have further evidence of it being the, or at least part of, The Entity: The static lives inside your head, it's too late you're already dead, when it was cut, glitches are all it bled and all that's left is missing. Static, Glitches, Missing. All evidence so far is pointing towards it being back. Sweet dreams!
  • Jossed.

NIMUE has been infected with a Contagious A.I. from the Gunslinger's universe

The reason Pollo can't find anything wrong with the code is because the AI is doing exactly what it was programmed to do: Secretly taking over NIMUE. The AI is probably a surveillance program made by the government to watch for "copyright infringement" and it hates Linkara for being the opinionated, open reviewer he is, which is why it taunted him through the "Are you afraid of me?" question, since it works by intimidating dissidents into silence. It is possibly named MERLIN (and has a male identity) to keep with the theme naming of Arthurian/Celtic mythology. It attached itself to the Gunsligner's ship after the disastrous rebellion attempt, but since he knows what to watch for when a government AI begins taking over, it remained hidden until it could jump to NIMUE, since Linkara has no idea.

By the way, if I'm right about the gender, this also involves a very male AI gradually infesting and destroying a female one, enjoying it all the while-and for the love of God, I hope I am wrong. Depending on how evil Linkara wants to make the AI, "MERLIN" will understand the Unfortunate Implications and taunt Linkara and NIMUE about it, or reveal that he didn't understand them himself and become seriously nauseated. In the latter case, he'll have a Heel Realization and figure out that a government that creates a metaphorical rapist, let alone an AI meant to cannibalize other AIs, isn't something he should serve.
  • Jossed.

NIMUE is being infected by Tony.
The second robot Linkara made for his MST3K fan movie alongside Pollo, which has since fallen apart due to shoddy construction. But it's mind survived, saw Linkara's revitalization of Pollo, the creation of NIMUE and giving her a body in the form of a spaceship, Neutro being tamed, and dozens upon dozens of cybermats. Clearly he's jealous that after all this time, Linkara has devoted his attentions to new machines instead of caring for his original, and is trying to go against him the best he can.
  • Perhaps something similar to this is what led to AU!Pollo becoming Mechakara.
  • Jossed.

Her programming hasn't been corrupted, she isn't being controlled by a villain-NIMUE is going through a completely genuine Face–Heel Turn. This is a result of the stress of her job, the villains and general strange happenings and the potential power of Comicron-1. NIMUE is going mad through her own will.
  • Jossed.

The book about the Entity was mistranslated.
It was actually written in Swedish originally. "The King of the Worms" was a translation of "Maskkungen" which could either mean "The Worm King" or "The Mask King", a quite appropiate title for someone who always wants to hide his face.
  • Whether Lewis is actually going with this or not, there is a definite "mask" theme here!

90s Kid is defending himself.
90s Kid looked angry but very determined as he picked up the book containing the story of the King of Worms/Wyrms, and Linkara has detailed him as a technological savant and he is also the weapons upgrader for the team. He is still upset/angry/scared about being taken over by the Entity and wants to educate himself or create a weapon so that it does not happen to him or his friends again.

The King of Worms is actually a Red Herring.
NIMUE isn't being taken over by it, NIMUE's just going through the A.I. version of insanity.
  • Confirmed.

NIMUE will turn on Linkara
And he'll show the difference between him and the Gunslinger by proving that he trusts NIMUE and won't threaten it.
  • Obviously she did turn and Linkara only shut her off rather than reprogram her, so this is confirmed.

  • Now that he's abandoned subtlety and has just ordered his new toy to bring Linkara to him, NIMUE is consciously aware the King has hacked her and is trying to work around the paranoid schizophrenia.exe he inserted in her-when she's whispering menacingly, it's actually the King's virus speaking directly, and her weird Talkative Loon messages are as close as she can get to helping-the King's Jester she references is the hidden file forcing her to work for him.
    • Confirmed, except it's Vyce not the King of Worms.

Lord Vyce joined up with the King of Worms.
In Spiderman: Crossfire, it seems that Lord Vyce was the one who infected NIMUE. But all the hints seem too strong, with NIMUE using dialogue that seemingly refers to the King of Worms. Also, it feels to me that it would be a very hard case of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot if the King was a Red Herring, which is why I believe the King is the real deal. Maybe Vyce somehow met with the King in space and they allied with each other for some reason. If Vyce still refuses to believe the Entity is dead, he might have forged a deal with the King to get back at Linkara, steal back his spaceship and take on the Entity.

Going on the above theory, Lord Vyce
is the "court jester". NIMUE's ramblings imply that the King of Worms has a helper, who serves as the Dragon-in-Chief to it, and regards said King of Worms as a fool. Vyce has been reduced to pure data, thus making him like the Entity and by extension the King of Worms. Also, Vyce would easily play the Dragon-in-Chief to the King of Worms. Lord Vyce is willing to ally with the King of Worms partly due to degenerating sanity, and partly out of desperation due to being trapped in space. The King of Worms is allying with Vyce primarily because it wants to study the fear Vyce causes and feels. Given how gradually mad Vyce is becoming, the King of Worms might replace him as the main threat.

The return of Vyce
won't happen until after the next story arc
  • Every time Vyce has returned, it's always been after an arc he didn't appear in. Lewis is probably saving him for every other arc, and thus keeping him away from the limelight to avoid the character growing stale.

     The Machinations of Worms 
The missing Shade is a Red Herring.
  • Vyce has actually infected the Cybermats while they were distracting him and Linkara was busy reinitializing Nimue.
    • Jossed, the King of Worms is behind the Cybermats.

Linkara will be forced into an Enemy Mine with Vyce.
  • The King of Worms is an Eldritch Abomination that most likely wont be able to be beaten in the same manner as the Entity was. Vyce, even as decayed as he has become, still has the most experience in fighting and destroying these things. In order for them both to survive they may have no other choice but to work together for the time being.
    • Jossed, but Vyce does say he could have killed it, and 90's Kid seems to have teamed up with him.

Some ones going to die, permanently.
  • This is also a slight, added hope here, but let me put this out there: Linkara has dealt with the realities of superheroing in a few ways already, he's had his morals called out, universal threats he had to face by himself, had his mental fortitude tested, and the ties of his friends with him tested.... But he hasn't dealt with something that every comic book character has had to deal with at some point, and that is to have some one you have fought beside die. Lewis himself has said that if a character has served it's ultimate purpose in the grand scheme of things, he can approve of killing them off if they go down in the right way. This kind of plot element could open up more then a few stories in the future, too. It doesn't have to make Linkara or AT 4 W darker, but it can give things an extra weight of "this stuff is actually pretty dangerous."
    • He's dealt with the deaths of Spoony (who he ultimately cloned) and Ma-ti. Not actually on the show but both happened in the continuity of it. And he sort of dealt with the loss of Pollo and Nimue, granted the former ended up surviving and the latter has backups but he still acted like they were dead for a short time. As for characters who could be killed off and stay dead the only ones really expendable at this point are the Ninja Style Dancer and Boffo the Clown. 90's Kid is too relevant to the ongoing show, not to mention has his entire personality and backstory to yet be filled in, Harvey Finevoice has only just gone through a lot of character development so killing him off now would be a waste, and Dr. Linksano exists to provide SCIENCE! and give Spoony a break so Linkara doesn't have to keep asking him for cameos every other week.
    • The King of Worms is the only character that dies in his arc.

90s Kid will get a chance to prove himself.
  • In 2012's Halloween storyline, he vehemently denied Harvey's accusations of being an idiot. Additionally, the end of the King Of Worms arc had him stealing the book of magic spells. Finally, Linkara has stated that he has a name and backstory for him planned out, but doesn't have any plans to reveal them, as of now. I think that he's going to be a Big Damn Hero at one point. And, he will die, based on the previous WMG.
    • He seems to be planning something with Lord Vyce, so we'll see.

Harvey is soulless because of the infection that the King of Worms hit him with at the end of Space Odyssey 2001 #1
  • Alternatively, he could just be possessed by the King of Worms like 90s Kid was by the Entity.
    • Confirmed, he's been made into a servant for the King of Worms.

Moarte will play a significant role.
The King of Worms is based around fear, and who knows more about fear than Moarte?
  • Jossed

Making "clockwork soldiers" takes time.
Linksano, who we now know for sure is under the King's control, advises against waking up the Ninja-Style Dancer. Is that because it would interfere with whatever process of mind-control is going on?
  • If you can save someone from the mind control after they've been zapped, whether it's as simple as waking them up or not, it's 90s Kid who's going to figure it out, and that's how he'll save the day (and not die). He did take the Grimoire, after all, and he probably has strong feelings on the whole subject of Eldritch Abominations who control people...

Linkara's mysterious immunity is thanks to 90s Kid.
Now that the King stands revealed, the two big mysteries remaining are why he couldn't directly control Linkara and what 90s Kid has been up to with the book all this time. Having the answers to those two questions be the same would streamline the story nicely.

Linkara's mysterious immunity is a left over piece of the Entity.
When the King Mind Raped Linkara, the last image we see is the Entity laughing, then suddenly stopping and looking not at the viewer, but off a bit, then the image fades and the King is screaming. It seems to me that some part of the Entity's power is protecting Linkara, perhaps as some kind of 'thanks' for giving it a purpose of a sort.

Linkara's immunity is literally Plot Armor, and the discovery which scares the King of Worms to death is the realization of his fictional nature.
When the King of Worms probes Linkara's mind we see a sequence of images from the Anniversary specials, before a long-standing shot of the plot hole. In To Boldly Flee, the real world was what lies beyond it. We are not seeing Linkara standing behind a camera reading the script for a review. We are seeing Lewis Lovhaug reading the script for his next plot scene.

What terrifies the King of Worms so much in the end? The realization that he exists as nothing more than a thought. A thought inside of the head of some random human who likes to review comics online.
  • In other words: After years and years of Atop The Fourth Wall, the one time Linkara is unable to actually defeat the arc's villain in any way.... The Fourth Wall is literally the one that defeats the villain.

"Living inside my head"
When the King of Worms looks inside Linkara's head and is scared to death, one of the visions is of Mechakara who recites the "Those who are dead are not dead, they're living inside my head" rhyme. This rhyme refers to the Entity. After the Entity apparently committed suicide, it actually hid inside Linkara's head, doing everything it could to make it appear that it was dead, as well as blocking the King of Worm's attempts to control Linkara without confronting him in person. Eventually, the King of Worms abducted Linkara to investigate the Entity's death, and when it accidentally contacted the Entity inside Linkara, which killed the King and therefore fulfilled its intention of finding out what happens when an Outer God dies.

Vyce and 90's Kid are aware of this. Vyce is annoyed that no one else has apparently realised this, and 90's Kid's comment that [[spoiler: "Hopefully they'll stand with us, not against us." refers to the hope that the others will side with them to fight against an Entity-possessed Linkara rather than be persuaded to fight alongside the Entity believing it to be their friend.

     The King of Worms is Really... 

The King of the Worms is Another Pokemon
Linkara said that the Entity had 'cousins'. What is the Entity? Missing No, a glitched pokemon. And the 'cousins'? All of the other pokemon.
  • Maybe it's an evil Darkrai?

The King of Worms is Giygas.
Giygas has a long, twisted form reminiscent of a worm and both an intimate relationship with fear, either by indirectly confronting his enemies through robots and slaves or having his face transformed into the personification of fear itself, and never show their true forms until the end. Giygas does, and The King of Worms will most likely show itself near the end of the arc or in the show eventually.
  • Fitting the glitch motif, this is the un-used Giygas boss in MOTHER 3. While Giygas as a character has existed before Missingno, the Giygas glitch boss in MOTHER 3 is younger than the Entity. In Earthbound, the player was the one who dealt the last blow to Giygas, meaning it could have deduced the fourth wall. It could have used Memetic Mutation and Creepypasta to spread and understand fear.

The King of Worms is Parallax.
Parallax is an Eldritch Abomination based on a bug. Bugs can be used as a catch-all term for small invertebrates, which include worms. The King of Worms was mentioned to be the first of its kind to feel fear and the origin of Parallax is that it was the first creature to ever feel fear. And while Parallax was technically introduced in 1994, the modern version wasn't introduced in 2004; making it younger than Missingno (introduced in 1996).
  • This is supported by the reappearance of Jaeris, and his status as a reviewer and hero from another universe, similar to all the assorted aliens from the Green Lantern Mythos. Perhaps the finale of the story arc, which is on Halloween, will have to deal with Parallax or possibly another look at the Black Lanterns?

The King of Worms is King Worm.

The King of Worms might be V'ger or something like it
  • Based on the stinger in the The Thing From Another World: The Climate of Fear review, there is a sound that is quite similar to the signature V'ger sound.

The King of Worms is a literal computer worm.
Like the Entity, a computer worm exists on the digital plane, fitting with the theme of Lovecraftian monstrosities that used to be computer programs. Because they'd both be computer programs, it could be considered that they are related in some sense. Being a computer worm, it would be easily within the King of Worms' capability to infect and tamper with NIMUE, and may explain why the King of Worms is significantly weaker than its brethren: it started out as a simple virus, while the Entity was a major part of the programming of its world. The worms it is king over are the computer worms it has spawned. Being a young member of its family could come from being created earlier. The Nightmare Face? A .gmp the King of Worms is attached to

The King of Worms IS Lord Vyce.
The King of Worms was said to always hide his face and use clockwork soldiers. Vyce was always seen wearing a helmet, and used robotic minions. Linkara even asked: "sounds like someone you know?" when reading about the King, probably refering to Vyce. NIMUE mentioned the King several times, so we know that he is involved. But we also know that Vyce was involved in the sabotage of NIMUE, and was most likely the one who posessed her since he asks Linkara: "Are you afraid?"
  • Considering how Vyce has become more and more like the Entity, this would fit well. It would also deconstruct Vyce's Motive Decay-he's devolving into the psychotic beast that the Entity/Missingno was.
    • He only wore his helmet all the time because our universe was toxic to him, in less hostile universes he didn't need it. He also defies the backstory given to the King, he understands fear just fine and was stated to only 'conquer' other universes to protect them from the Entity. Nimue's mention of the King was likely due to the glitches in her system accessing the data from Comicron-1's memory banks, so she may know something she doesn't realise quite yet.

The King of Worms is a Cybercontroller.
  • Cybermen are emotionless but know fear because they cause it. They seek to understand and assimilate. And it appears they've already found a way into those adorable little Cybermats Linkara loves to build.

The King of Worms is Mr. Computer.
The King of Worms is The D-Reaper
  • The clockwork soldier thing definitely fits and we know that Linkara watched Digimon.

The King of Worms is Slender Man.

     The Sleepwalker 

Freddy will be a Joke character, Lethal Joke Character, or the dragon, and will be killed by the real villain before the end.
  • He was never Hinted at before and would make no sense to have him be the final boss of this arc.

Or He won't be in the story at all

Something is wrong with Linkara
  • His line at the end of Batman: Shadow of the Bat #58, "Time to move some pawns", along with the way he was acting, indicated that something is off with Linkara. There's a few ideas for what specifically is wrong with him, from been corrupted, mind-controlled, or worst of all, possessed by an elder god.