Trivia / Atop the Fourth Wall

  • Actor Allusion:
  • Ascended Fanon:
    • Originally, Lewis just referred to Dr. Linksano as "the Dr. Insano from another universe", but fans really latched onto the name "Linksano", so he ran with it.
    • Lewis's commentary on his Power Rangers #1 review reveals that he did not originally plan to use the gun acquired from Cable to defeat Mechakara, and that he put it in specifically to fulfill the fans' expectations of it having been a Chekhov's Gun.
    • "Mechakara" was originally a Fan Nickname. Linkara and allies call him this, he never uses it himself and neither do his allies on Lord Vyce's team, until To Boldly Flee when his... sort of ally Terl calls him "Mechakara". In The Movie, he angrily points out that "Mechakara" is not his name.
    • Fans needed a name for the girl in the Magic Gun in their fanfiction, and eventually decided upon 'Meg'. Linkara eventually noted he liked the name 'Margaret' (which 'Meg' can be short for) on Twitter. Flash-forward to Psychoman #1, and she tells him her name is Margaret.
  • Big Name Fan: In comic book and Power Rangers fandom. He is a member of Power Force, an exclusive group created by Saban Brands, comprised of Power Rangers's biggest fans, and receive exclusive benefits and first looks.
  • The Cast Showoff:
    • Jaeris plays Boston's "Piece of Mind" on guitar in the review of "Spider-Man: Crossfire".
    • In the Anita Blake review, Harvey Finevoice skims the second issue so that he can perform a full-length song number instead.
    • The character of Harvey Finevoice is a lounge singer, which allows Lovhaug to show off his pretty good singing voice.
  • Creator Backlash: Linkara is embarrassed by the self-published novels he wrote in high school, Epic Fantasy novels with a Gary Stu stand-in who adopts the messianic name "Linkara". Whenever they're brought up, he ends up asking that people don't track down the first two and only look for the third, which he is the least embarrassed by.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Some commenters complained about the casting of the girl playing Margaret (the Magic Gun) in Psychoman #1 as an example of this, pointing out that when her backstory had been given in the Silent Hill reviews she had been said to be 13 years old when she died. Linkara replied the actress was actually 14, and apparently Younger Than They Look.
    • For Linkara himself, it's confirmed on the DVD's behind-the-scenes extras, where Lewis guesses his age at about 12-16, despite his creator/actor being in his mid-20's. Lewis decides that it's just keeping with the tradition of 90's kids' shows like Power Rangers using twentysomethings to play teens.
  • Fan Nickname: Each of the Mirror Universe characters have one.
    • Captain Linkara: "Mirrorkara"
    • Doctor Insano: "Mirrorsano"
    • Liz: "Mirror Liz"
    • Pollo: "Tom Pollo"
    • Fans have appropriately dubbed his Super Mode "Pimpkara".
    • The Treehousians have dubbed the spirit inside the magic gun Meg (based on the initials MG for "Magic Gun"). This appears to be Ascended Fanon now, as in the Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #1 review, Wizard Steven refers to her as "Margaret."
  • Funny Character, Boring Actor: Lewis' commentaries are very serious and dry when he's out of character.
  • Hey, It's That Sound!: He uses sound effects from the Descent games to good effect in the story arcs, and especially during the climactic battles. Many of them match events in the scenes that would trigger them in the games. Some sounds may be recognizable from RPG Maker's classic stock sound effects, as well.
  • I Knew It: The Entity turning out to be Missingno. While there were hints dropped, Lewis states in the Electric Tale of Pikachu commentary that he was shocked by how many fans figured it before he revealed it.
  • Milestone Celebration: Every February 15th, Linkara reviews a Youngblood comic because his very first text review of a comic was of a Youngblood issue on that date.
  • Old Shame:
    • When he was 13, he wrote a Self-Insert Fic crossing over the Pokémon anime, Digimon Adventure, and Sailor Moon, copying a story from a Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama. He actually brought that up to Bennett and had him make fun of it.
    • Then, there are his self-published novels, which, while not nearly as bad as above examples, still show that Linkara has come far as a writer since he wrote them (on the bright side, they contain what may well be the origin of his nickname).
    • He admitted during Magfest 9 that the early chapters of Lightbringer were written when he was "young and opinionated", saying he'd even given up on editing them.
    • Many of the comics he reviews are the Old Shame of good writers, or at least are bad writing by good authors. Especially Fabian Nicieza. Nat Gertler actually appeared on AT4W to admit this of Mightily Murdered Power Ringers.
      • In the commentary of the Bimbos BC movie, Brad Jones revealed that the director was actually a good friend of his. When Brad went to the guy to let him know that he and Linkara were going to review the movie, said friend's response was reportedly, "Good Lord, why would you want to watch that?" The two go on to point out that he was about 16 when he filmed it.
    • In "Sinnamon #1", after revealing that (due to no longer owning the issue) he had to rewatch his "Sinnamon #11" review in preparation for this one, Linkara revealed that he "hate[s] watching [his] old episodes"note 
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Pollo's new design.
  • One of Us: During The Situation, Linkara urged many on his Twitter to help support TV Tropes by buying the merch. During his "Top 15 Screw Ups" video, while addressing his mis-pronunciations he put up the discussion of just that from this page's Headscratchers page.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • In Pollo's first appearance, he was voiced by Microsoft Sam, but the voice source was later changed to Speakonia's "American Male #1". As of "ROMTROSPECTIVE: ROM The Space Knight #1-46", he's now voiced by his title card artist, Alex "Masterthecreater" Tansley.
    • NIMUE was once voiced by Allison Pregler rather than her usual voice actress, after Linkara needed some extra lines recorded on short notice.
  • Real-Life Relative: His parents, brother, and girlfriend have appeared on the show numerous times.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • According to Lewis, Linksano was introduced so he would not have to keep asking Spoony to do segments for him and adding to his own workload.
    • Part of the reason for Pollo's abduction by the Entity was because Lewis wished to retire the Pollo prop and build a new one.
      • The in-show explanation for there being no 11/07/11 episode is that Linkara needed a break after the past few weeks with the Entity and Silent Hill, though the actual reason was because Lewis was at Youmacon for the week before, so he couldn't produce and write the following week's episode.
    • In his review of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW) issues 27-28, Lewis and Viga moving into a new house was written in as the apartment tenants getting tired of the constant attacks by super villains and the landlord hiking up Linkara's rent.
  • Referenced by...: In Knights of Buena Vista, the characters wonder why a Show Within a Show game is called "Haxer Force" instead of "Hacker Force", and Dick quotes "Because poor literacy is kewl".
  • Talking to Himself:
    • In the Previously on Countdown segment, Chester A. Bum and The Nostalgia Critic have a long discussion about blowing up the world.
    • Linkara has done this a several times with '90s Kid, Cable, Mechakara, Harvey and Linksano.
      • It's gotten to the point where there are at least four Linkara-acted characters living in the same household and interacting on a fairly regular basis.
    • Iron Liz and Judas Liz.
  • Throw It In: Linkara's commentary for review of the Power Rangers comic notes that in his morphing sequence his glasses reappear and notes that it is excusable by the fact that that kind of thing happens in the original.
  • What Could Have Been: Lovhaug has mentioned an idea to create a "90s Kid Video Game Review Show" in which he would review video games made in The '90s from 90s Kid's unique perspective. So far, only one came up, and that was a gag interrupting a review if anything.
    • According to his commentary he had planned for The Entity to appear as multiple 90s Kids speaking over each over. He also states that he originally planned to fight The Entity with a Quasar Saber, but decided on Talking the Monster to Death, realizing that after all the build he had given it that Linkara killing it in a straight up fight would make him too much of a Gary Stu.
      • Another scrapped idea for the The Entity finale was to reveal that The Entity actually wanted to become an Elder God and would journey to the city of R'lyeh, only for it to discover all the Elder Gods died of boredom long ago.
    • The original plan for the "Linkara Lost" story arc would have had fans submit their own AT4W episodes, but it was instead replaced with the supporting characters doing the episodes.
    • Lewis was approached to make a movie for The Uncanny Valley, but had to decline because he was making an AT4W DVD.
    • In the "Guns and Sorcery" arc, the original reason Linkara's magic stopped working was because the Magic Gun was getting jealous of the Arsenal of Freedom.
    • Harvey Finevoice was going to have his own spinoff where he reviewed event comics.
    • In the Atop The Fourth Wall Movie, Linkara did have plans, in case those who he plan to appear decided not to do the Film.
      • Had Nash not agreed to be in the Film, his Role would have been given to Spoony.
      • Had Obscurus Lupa not appeared, the Nostalgia Critic would have been given a larger role, with a Side Story of how the others don't really like him, with Nineties Kid opening up to him, and trying to be supportive to the Critic?
    • His Patreon-sponsored review of The Spectacular Spider-Man "Persona" was originally going to be a review of Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do, but both parties agreed that it'd better to do something more fun, as opposed to the mini, controversial for retconning that Felicia was raped in college.
    • In his review of Captain Electron #1, he mentions how if he ever did a costume change, he'd want include a top hat. In the comments for the YouTube video, he explains that when he did his costume change in 2014, he ran out of time to find a good top hat for the costume.
  • Word of God: After Holokara is defeated, the Gunslinger is seen entering Linkara's house and picking up the hard-light projector. However, Holokara is not seen in the final confrontation with him. Its confirmed that he forgot about it, and by the time he remembered, it was too late to film and edit new footage involving it.
    • According to NIMUE, her statements of "Information" are a Shout-Out to Zen from Blake's 7.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: At the Youmacon 2014 Q&A, he admitted that while he planned from the beginning that the King of Worms would have a chrome mask, 90% of the final design was made up on the spot.
  • Despite being the show's tagline, only three comics have been physically burned on the show: Superman: At Earth's End, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, & One More Day. JLA: Act of God was set on fire in-universe, but not in real life. Lewis wanted to burn Marville, but ran out of time. Countdown to Final Crisis was torn apart and Ultimatum was simply thrown in the trash instead of being burned (with Lewis even saying, "Fire is too good for it").
  • As of the June 29, 2014 livestream, the top ten fan favourite episodes are:
    10) Warrior #1
    9) Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5
    8) Justice League: Cry for Justice #5-7
    7) Countdown, Part 2
    6) Marville #4
    5) Superman at Earth's End
    4) All-Star Batman #1-2
    3) JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative
    2) Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu
    1) One More Day
    • Lewis noted that Warrior #1 actually placed 9th in the fan vote, but because technically it's an episode of The Spoony Experiment (albeit one with AT4W storyline implications, and one that is included with the "normal" AT4W episodes on the new site), he moved it to 10th in the countdown.