Video Game / Star Fox 2
Fox, Falco, Peppy, Slippy, Miyu and Fay.
Star Fox 2 (or Star Fox II) was the unreleased SNES sequel to the original Star Fox.

Well, not officially released. Two of the Japanese testing ROMs were leaked online: a 1993/1994 early-development Alpha, and a 1995 late-development Beta. The latter build was actually fairly complete, lacking only some polishing touches for release, but was otherwise quite playable — the English Fan Translation by Aeon Genesis (of Cave Story fame) doubled as a Game Mod to fix this up.

The unreleased game did not go to complete commercial waste — two-thirds of its code was allegedly recycled for Star Fox 64, and several of its gameplay mechanics were partially reused for Star Fox Command. But whereas reaction to Command was very mixed, the near-final Star Fox 2 ROM was well-received by gamers. The transforming walker mechanic was introduced to the series proper much later with the release of Star Fox Zero.

Storywise, Star Fox 2 directly follows the 1993 game. It was the only officially-developed work to do so: in 1997, Star Fox 64 rebooted the series.

Star Fox and Star Fox 2 both represent a Darker and Edgier canon compared to Star Fox 64 and its sequels (though it's far more accurate to say that Star Fox 64 was Lighter and Softer than them).

Star Fox 2 provides examples of: