Video Game / 1313

Star Wars: 1313 was a LucasArts Third-Person Shooter. It is notable in that it is a collaboration between said company, Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilm Animation, and Skywalker Sound.

The game takes place some time before the Battle of Yavin in Coruscant's vast undercity (specifically, Level 1313). The story revolves around a pair of bounty hunters (one of which is a young Boba Fett) who travel there in order to deal with a problem that they've been hired to deal with. Once they get there, however, it's clear that they're getting way more than they bargained for, and have to deal with a conspiracy taking place in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant's underworld.

The game is one of the few Star Wars games that does not feature the concept of The Force at all, let alone in combat - instead, players are meant to use their own arsenal and their environment around them in order to achieve victory. The gameplay has elements of a Cover-Based Shooter, which is a first for LucasArts.

Unfortunately, the game was put on the shelf after Disney purchased Lucasfilm and its subsidaries. The official statement was that Disney needed to more effort into projects relating to the first installment of the Sequel Trilogy before working on unrelated stories. An employee noted that the game was still in production at that time. Then it was announced that the game was cancelled, following Disney shutting down Lucasarts. As of January 2014, Disney's trademark on the title has expired.

On the bright side, however, it's been rumored that Boba Fett may be the star of one of the many Spin-Off movies that Disney has planned, so the story that was planned for the game might still be told in a different format.

1313 would have provided examples of the following tropes: