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Greets there all, you can call me Prime for short. I've wanted to put together one of these pages forever now and finally gotten chance so I'll see what I can do. This whole page is a work in progress now basically.

Own Works

Works I enjoy

Favorite Tropes

Disliked Tropes

  • Token Romance
  • Romantic Plot Tumor
    • There's a large range of emotions we can feel towards one another. Although I am a romantic at heart, romance as a whole is overrate. Let's celebrate the myriads of love! Besides, people who simplify everything to romance irritate me. It waters down something that is grand and treats it as the end all, be all.
  • Men Are the Expendable Gender
  • Stay in the Kitchen
  • Positive Discrimination
    • I dislike people feeling the need to prop up characters due to external stuff like that just as much as I dislike people doing it to put down. As someone who is a minority, I rather just be treated as human as everybody else and see portrayals which aren't tainted by feeling it's there for the sake of an agenda as opposed to it being organic. I want to feel I can judge someone based on their character (character being our essential nature that's revealed when we act), not their characterization (our genetics & accumulative experiences). Plus A part of me feels that some of it is just a shell of actual diversity that is meant for branding/about making oneself feel good as opposed to actually seeking to help others. Plus when I feel that's happening, I can't support it.
    • I've another thing to add with regards to character. Although I am aware of all the varying problems in media, there is something I have considered: it's easier to portray white cis men as leads because people as a whole will (typically) judge them for them and give you room to have flaws. With all of us minorities, there's this "damned if you do, damned if you don't" element I've found. When flawed or not top tier, often criticized for that. If on top, people push too much to Mary Sue or Magical Negro route for representation stuff. It's just exhausting. I'm not saying we shouldn't argue against such things. We should! I'll give an example of it done both wrong and right. I hate the takes of Black Panther as a Mary Sue character who is so amazing and great because he's black. It irritates me. I like the takes like, say, Captain America: Civil War, where he is competent but still has flaws to outgrow. Anyway, all I'm saying is to not put people on pedestals. My desire with all these things is normalization. I don't want to celebrate being an outsider and try to make every other character an outsider. I don't want to change the status quo so that what is considered normal is now hated. I just wish for inclusion and equal opportunity.
  • Humans Are Bastards
  • True Art Is Angsty
  • Technician Vs Performer: It's a false dichotomy. We need both the internal foundation, the spirit, and the external foundation, technique. The spirit gives us something to say. Technique allows us to communicate it. An artist without technique is self indulgent.

About Me

  • Anti-Nihilist
  • Artifact Title: The whole Prime of Perfection thing. It's something I used when I was a teenager first intentionally when playing a villain role for something. I built it as an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy persona. As myself, it got shortened to Prime by a number of those who know me and at this point I just maintain it since I've had it for years.
  • Berserk Button: They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot & Token Romance are two of my most hated tropes. Actually, I dislike most bad writing, with the exception of So Bad, It's Good or... hmm... complicated to put it. What truly irritates me is bad writing in something that was otherwise great or when something I enjoy that bad writing is holding it back from reaching its full potential.
    • Authoritarianism. I have huge issues with anything I perceive as an authoritarian. Even if, and especially, they're aligned with my beliefs because I fear what harm they'll causd my agendas. Or worry they're using it as a pretext.
    • Downplayed, but whenever someone just replies to something with "Lol." IT'S SELDOM AN ACTUAL RESPONSE! HOW THE HELL IS SOMEONE SUPPOSED TO REPLY TO JUST "LOL"?! IT'S LAZY!
  • Big Brother Mentor: How I tend to come off to others who are younger than me or around my age.
  • Black and Nerdy: I'm black and I have no issues admitting that I am definitely a nerd.
  • Brutal Honesty:
  • The Charmer: And I feel like a narcissist already for putting this down. -.- But if I'm to act objectively here, I often am this.
  • The Chessmaster: Anybody can claim to be one. I decided to prove it. I sweeped the Liar Game and won in every single category. I possess the most trophies by a margin, I'm the richest player with over a billion yen, and I arranged it so I won the tournament.
  • Chivalrous Pervert
  • Compassionate Critic: Whenever it comes to feedback or anything on my opinion, I prefer to be this. I make it a point of complimenting or criticizing whatever as honestly as I can if someone seeks it and I'm not all that fond of holding back because I feel not giving someone your all is only going to get in the way of them drawing out their best. I do, to note, like giving advice on where I think things can be improved and why, as well as big on to going into the how and so on. If I boo, it's because I want to cheer.
  • Ditzy Genius: While I dislike calling myself a genius outside of joking around, I can't deny I fit this well. Friends, family, and ex-girlfriends alike have all commented that most of the time I seem really brilliant and knowledgeable about various things, but can then end up doing something really dumb or things I really don't grasp immediately. When it comes to sensory details or finding things, I'm not the best IRL unless I have exact directions, which I make sure to get whenever I can. As an aside, this can also be annoying sometimes as I hate when people expect me to have all the answers or whatever and forget that I'm as human as anyone else. Intelligence isn't something that can be just broken down into one core thing.
  • Enlightened Self-Interest
  • Fatal Flaw: Wrath, undoubtedly. It's something I like keeping in check even though I think I have progress to make.
  • Guile Hero: I prefer using my wits, connections, social skills, planning, and so forth to solve problems more often than not.
  • Hates Small Talk: Downplayed. I really don't like talking for the sake of talking or when people just tell me random things with it going nowhere. Really, I need a focal topic to start discussions on (well, I usually select the topic) and for me to be invested in or have something I can truly add to it. Plus just chatting for the sake of it seems banal to me given that it's time I can use for something else. That having been said, I am fine with just chatting with my friends and all if it's just us having fun, joking around, figuring something out, or whatever. I just prefer it to have a meaning on some level or another beyond doing it for the sake of doing it.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: Eh, I won't deny that I can sometimes be a really cynical bastard and get frustrated by so many different things. I experience as much temptation as plenty of other people for so many things. But I couldn't live with myself when going through with it and I do genuinely believe there is a right way to live, that virtue does exist, even when it's not easy. Hell, it counts most when it's not easy.
  • Large Ham: When I feel like it because it's fun and I feel it's the best way to really express my passionate side.
  • Mood-Swinger: Truth be told, internally, I'm really stable and pretty consistent there. It's less that I change internally and more it depends on what mood I feel like expressing. Externally I switch between a very energetic side and my more stoic, calmer side quite often.
  • Paralysis by Analysis: This is a weakness of mine as a writer when writing first drafts. I know editing exists for a reason, but something bothers me to have it perfect from the start. I'm getting over it. Recognizing and admitting it helps.
    • Can say I've gotten over this now! I'm glad for the experience given that the struggle forced me to go through plenty of things which helped me grow. Plus I better understand a quote from one of my idols.
  • The Philosopher: I can get really caught up in this stuff sometimes and do like putting philosophical thoughts into own work or mindset behind things and so forth.
  • The Perfectionist: When it comes to something I have to actually present to others, I want it to be its absolute best.
  • Pretty Boy: I've been told I'm overall really attractive and I myself know I don't fit the whole "rugged" appearance type or whatever. It's comment on by plenty that I have a really great face. If you want proof, though, ask!
  • The Roleplayer: When it comes to RP games.
  • Self-Deprecation: I actually enjoy making fun of myself at times, especially when I screw up on something so long as it isn't serious.
  • The Social Expert: Social skills as a whole are actually one of my strongest skills, though I don't think I'm perfect or anything. I can identify all kinds of flaws in myself I wish to conquer progressively.
  • Think Nothing of It: Mostly adding this now after a couple of people have pointed out to me and I concede they have a point. My reasoning is simple: It wasn't a big deal to me or I got something out of it as well, so it's not as if I'm acting purely out of the kindness of my heart or anything like that.