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I thought I'd finally write something proper up for this page since I've been on here a lot recently (before I only edited and contributed every once in a while), though unfortunately not often forum-wise.

"HopelessOsaka D" (the D was an accident before I stuck with it) was the username I came up quickly back in 2010-11 or so when I was new to the site and wanted to add some examples and didn't think I'd be on here very often; most of my activity from back then embarrasses me, so I'll keep from talking about it. The only reason I still use it despite my dislike of having it as my moniker on sites I frequent often nowadays is because I'm too lazy to change it.

I'm still somewhat clumsy on the forum side of things, though I'll try not to bother people there too often because of that.

I also have a bad tendency to persistently edit pages for shows I like, sorry; some of that is probably personal syntax, etc., nitpicking. It might stack up (usually only 3 or so for non-personally-created pages).

Recently I've also been starting off work pages, like:

Mostly stuff I didn't see with pages already from the winter 2013 anime season. I've also cleaned up the description of a trope page or two (the one that comes to mind is Motherly Scientist, which was quite inconsistent), but haven't launched any YKTTWs yet.

Works I've been really into lately are (an informal list):

  • Fairy Tail
  • Gangsta
  • Gintama
  • A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Discworld (Have thus-far read perhaps 18? 20? books of the series.)
  • Dragon Age II (I absolutely adore the characters, except Anders because freaking Anders and Sebastian because his character design weirds me out; hopefully Dragon Age III will have better gameplay, though; highly anticipating it.)
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Persona series and Devil Survivor series (and a bunch of other story-involved games, including but not limited to, really obviously, RPGs—Bioware, Japanese, whatever).
  • So much of the non-pulpy variety of BL and yuri manga, including works by Otsuu Hiyori, Takemiya Jin and Takahashi Mako on the yuri side and Yoneda Kou, Est Em, Hidaka Shouko, Yamashita Tomoko, Yamada Yuugi, Hayakawa Nojiko and Hideyoshico on the BL. A BL favorite of mine is Lies Are a Gentleman's Manners; for yuri one would be Himawari-san. There are a few more mainstream manga I follow, other than Fairy Tail—like the adaptation of Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi No.
  • Adventure Time (I've actually watched a lot of recent western animation, including the likes of Futurama, Regular Show, Flapjack and Gravity Falls, etc., but haven't been keeping up with most still airing. Very fond of the Disney Animated Canon from the Renaissance on, Pixar's overall works, and very into Dreamworks' work from How to Train Your Dragon and after. Very much looking forward to Epic from Blue Sky Studios.)

Not-so-recent anime/manga series I'm still incredibly fond of recollecting are Angel Beats!, El Cazador de la Bruja, Gankutsuou, Last Exile (the first anime, not the sequel; it didn't have much impact for me) and Revolutionary Girl Utena, to name a few. Still really in love with Tiger & Bunny (and really want to finish Vassalord); there are a bunch of older fandoms I was once very active on, more or less embarrassingly (in terms of my conduct and fanfiction), including Hetalia. I tend to get out and back into it every few years after my initial fandom-intense period.

I still follow Homestuck regularly too (most recent large fandom experience), although my main interest right now is to do with whatever Dave, Rose, Kanaya, Karkat, Terezi and the Mayor are stuck with being up to. (As of 03/2013 that is.)

I've also been keeping up with current seasons of anime as of the late (I have for a few years, for the most part). There's still a ton I still like from over the years (Ouran, Samurai Champloo, Azumanga, you name it), since I've been geeking out on anime since my pre-teen years. Some other contendors for personally well-regarded series: Lovely Complex, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Baccano!, Soul Eater (mainly speaking for the anime; its animation is gorgeous to me and its story pretty fun) and Fullmetal Alchemist (2003).

I usually recommend the comedic Widget Series series Gintama, Nichijou, Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou and Level E in a neat little package of screwball comedy. Gintama would be the longest running one, though one with a generally large and dedicated fanbase.

Tropes I might use to describe myself as I am right now would be Wangst, probably. My friends over the years have called me a space-based variation of Cloudcuckoolander since I was a kid.

If anyone ever wants to chat you can do so under this silver bar thing.

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