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Tropers: Draezeth
Alrighty, then! Where to begin?

Well, I am Draezeth. It's a random, cool-sounding name that doesn't mean anything.

I'm half American (with Irish ancestry), and half French (girls Squeeing yet?). I speak both languages. Let's see. I like video games a lot, and my best videogaming memories are from playing Hype: The Time Quest! I made its trope page, actually. I love TV Tropes, and was once a full-blown addict, but I've toned down on it a bit recently. I used to play MapleStory and Runescape, but have abandoned multiplayer games in favor of RP Gs and non-gaming activities. I also like Arcanists, which has a very short list of tropes on the FunOrb page.

I love reading and writing, but mostly about Medieval Fantasy. I'm working on a book right now, currently called "Henna" or "Hope Against Hope" until I come up with a better title.

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