Trivia / Ultra Series

General Trivia:

  • Of the 4 major Tokusatsu TV seriesnote , the Ultra series is the only one that has not had Jason David Frank audition to play a role in an American Adaptationnote  - aside from Power Rangers, Frank originally auditioned to play the lead in VR Troopers, and almost got the part of Len in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight; however, both cases were unsuccessful due to his involvement with Power Rangersnote .

Trope-related Trivia:

  • No Export for You
    • There are people who hope some of the darker series would come over with a serious translation. Thus far only Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga (out of print now) has gotten it. To be fair it's not like Ultraman is super-popular in the U.S. but still...
    • Ultra Seven is slated for release December of 2012.
    • Averted online legally with Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Eighty, Ultraman Max and Ultraman Mebius- they're legally available to watch on Crunchyroll (Only available in the US, too bad for other countries). And Ultraman X is the first tokusatsu series to be simulcast on the site!
  • What Could Have Been:
    • At least two western movie attempts:
      • Ultraman: the Jupiter Effect, penned by Jeff Segal (who would go on to co-create Exosquad) in 1978: The plot has the alignment of all the planets in our Solar System cause major disasters around the world, causing monsters to invade. Ultraman (whose host would have been a NASA astronaut) appears to save the planet. Things would have gotten so tough that the other Ultramen from the franchise show up to lend a hand.
      • Ultraman: Hero From The Stars, penned by book writer Don Glut (who also wrote for The Transformers) in 1983: The plot would have involved highly evolved dinosaurs attacking the Earth after years of waiting, and a new Ultraman inhabits the body of a Earth Defense Soldier to fight back. Notably, this script featured the death of Ultra Seven during the film's climax. The screenplay was said to be pretty bad however, and it's said it ripped off too many cues from Superman (At one point of the story, the new Ultraman even tries to impress his girlfriend with his gigantic super-powers!).
    • Ultraman was originally going to be in an Ultra Q episode, where he was going to be an alien villain, instead of a superhero.
    • Ultraman was originally going to be a bird-like alien monster named Bemlar. Due to the fear that children wouldn't know who to cheer for, they turned Ultraman into a more humanoid alien. The name for the Bird man was given to Bemlar while it's design would be sold to Toho and be incorporated into the monster Hydra.
    • In the early 2010s, it was announced Tsuburaya were developing a way for the actors in the respective Ultra series to be swapped out, so to speak, for foreign actors by distributors for easier localization. Nothing seems to have come from this however.
    • One rumor about Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills was that the series was originally planned to be an adaptation of the Andromelos spin-off series