Trivia / Ultraman Nexus

  • Screwed by the Network: Nexus was intended for older audiences (like Ultra Q Dark Fantasy it preceded), but the network it aired on put it on at 7:30am, as Saturday morning kids television. The change in tone and Misaimed Marketing led to the show getting cut down from 49 episodes to 37 due to low ratings.
  • Prop Recycling:
    • Kutuura, Frogos, and Rafleya were recycled from the Ultraman Gaia kaiju Deents, Bokurag, and Lezite respectively.
    • Banpira was modified from Ultraman Cosmos' Chaos Bug. Likewise, Lizarias was created from Neldorand, Arakunia from Yamawarawa, and Nosferu from Vadata.
    • To create Izamael, the producers took parts from every other Space Beast suit and put them on the Galberos suit.
  • What Could Have Been: Before being Screwed by the Network, the producers had actually planned another 12 episodes centered on Nagi Saijyo. Artbooks also reveal the designs for Dark Lucifer, Dark Zagi's proposed Super Mode born from a fusion of all the Dark Ultras in the series. Instead Nagi's arc is abandoned and she gets taken out by Mitsuhiko Ishibori in half an episode despite much plot buildup touting her as the fourth Deunamist. Zagi meanwhile is taken out the very episode he assumes his true form.
    • A movie was intended for the series. However, Nexus' early cancellation led Tsuburaya to modify and recycle the script for the Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers movie.
    • The whole series (along with prequel movie Ultraman: The Next) was intended to be a complete and total remake of Tsuburaya's Ultraman character! For better or for worse, the Ultra Series would have stayed that way if Nexus wasn't Screwed by the Network. The next series saw a return to the traditional aspects of the franchise, and due to how successful it was, the franchise has widely abandoned Nexus.
    • Nagi Saijyo's Junis form would have been Junis Orange.