Trivia: Ultraman Nexus

  • Jerk Sue: Nagi comes off as this. Her cliche tragic past and importance to the plot does little to add alleviate this.
  • Screwed by the Network: Nexus was intended for older audiences, but the network it aired on put it on at 7:30am, as Saturday morning kids television. The change in tone and Misaimed Marketing led to the show getting cut down from 49 episodes to 37 due to low ratings.
  • What Could Have Been: Before being Screwed by the Network, the producers had actually planned another 12 episodes centered on Nagi Saijyo. Artbooks also reveal the designs for Dark Lucifer, yet another Dark Ultraman who would serve as the agent of Unknown Hand during this period. Instead Nagi's arc is abandoned and she gets taken out by Mitsuhiko Ishibori in half an episode despite much plot buildup touting her as the fourth Dunamist.