Trivia / Ultraman Max

  • Contest Winner Cameo: Ruganogar from Episode 28 was the winner of a contest Tsuburaya held for children to create a monster to appear in a series.
  • Shown Their Work: Episode 29 showed a fictionalized behind the scenes look at the 1960s Ultra Q. At one point, the three humans are filmed with a smaller camera then with a bigger, more advanced camera for a shot that will have footage of a monster composited/split-screened in. That's precisely how the Ultra shows were filmed back then: filming most of the stuff on 16mm film to save costs but filming shots that would be optically combined with monster footage or other special effects in 35mm. That way, when the shots are combined, printed to 16mm film, and edited with the original footage, there was no loss in quality (the same principal is also how high budgeted films of the 1970s-90s were filmed, only with 35mm as the smaller format). It probably helped that two of the recurring characters were played by actors involved with Ultra Q and Ultraman.
  • What Could Have Been: Ultraman Xenon's role in Episode 13 (Zetton) was originally going to be Zoffy, but they decided to make a new Ultra instead.