Awesome / Ultraman Max

  • The elderly Chief Tomoika piloting a plane and taking on Flyger, saving Ultraman Max.
  • Kaito managing to kill an Eleking larva with his barehands and then cause a back fire into the Pitt's mothership (exposing it) through sheer force of will. He then tops it by storming the Pitt's mothership and killing both of them, all without the Max Spark.
    • From the same episode, DASH managing to kill one of the Elekings on their own.
  • The Ultra Q film crew managing to defeat a giant monster on their own years ago. Granted, he wasn't nearly full grown, but given they didn't have any real weapons, that's really impressive.
  • Koba tearing his way through Kerus' Mooks to rescue Elly. This becomes even more impressive when Kerus kneecaps him and he keeps going. He then proceeds to beat the alien in a shoot out.
  • In one episode, Ultraman Max and Baltan-Seijin fight as gigantic-ER versions of themselves, more than ten times normal size. The same episode also gives us millions of copies of Baltan-Seijin versus millions of copies of Ultraman Max. Let that sink in.