Funny / Ultraman Max

  • During his first fight with Red King, Red King comes charging at Ultraman Max and he prepares for him...only for Red King to trip and fall face first into the ground.
  • The ENTIREITY of the Mike, Kuro, and Tama episode is one big conglomeration of this:
  • "Toire, toire, toire!"
  • Kaito defeated an alien in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Metron Tea "Oishiiiii!"
  • From episode 20: Max ends up pinned under the super heavy Cloudos and tries to pull himself out...only to yank up an entire tree in the process. He panics and frantically tries to replant it while still pinned under Cloudos.
  • "I'm not Elly, I'm Pigmon!"