Funny / Ultraman Dyna


Episode 3
  • Asuka lands his jet on the ground before he tries to transform into Dyna...twice but it didn't work. Cue Hibiki staring weirdly at him when this happens before...
    Hibiki: What is that fool doing? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, YOU IDIOT?!
Episode 9
  • Asuka still has remaining effect of being an electric human. Mai uses his head to light up a bulb and later chased by Asuka. Poor Hibiki got electrocuted when Asuka accidentally touch him during the chase.
Episode 11
  • The first time Nakajima and Asuka encounter Hanejiro was funny. They were scared as the cute monster appeared all of a sudden and began flying.
    Asuka: It's flying! (After a moment of takeoff, Hanejiro crashed onto the ground). And it fell right after I said that.