Analysis: Ultra Series

The use of Christian imagery throughout the Ultra Series
  • Eiji Tsuburaya, creator of the Ultra Series, was a very devout Roman Catholic and often incorporated Christian imagery into his works.
    • Starting from the original Ultraman, Ultraman's finishing move is the sign of the cross, and one episode has the Science patrol visiting Mount Ararat, where Ide directly mentions Noah's Ark was rumoured to have been built.
    • Ultraman's relationship with his host can be taken as a symbol of the two natures of Christ (God and man), as seen in the episode "The Forbidden Words",
    Mefilas: What are you, Ultraman, an alien or a human?
    Ultraman: I am both.
    • Ultra Seven gets even more blatant with the Christian imagery. In one memorable episode "The Crucifixion of Ultra Seven", Ultra Seven is put on a cross by the invading aliens of the week. Now in anime this is strangely normal, with crucifixion not really having a meaning in Japan outside of standard execution. But for Tsuburaya, crucifixion is Author Appeal, with Seven himself being a Messianic Archetype directly meant as symbols of Christ and Buddha.