Trivia / Ultraman Neos

  • Direct-to-Video: During the time of scandal which caused Ultraman Cosmos's premature finale, Ultraman Neos was aired in Cosmos's timeslot. When the charges were dropped, Ultraman Neos abruptly ended and Cosmos picked up right where it left off.
  • What Could Have Been: If the cards had been arranged a little differently, this would have been the entry to reintroduce the Ultra Series in the nineties.
    • The Zamu-seijin were set up to be the new Baltans for the series and TV Magazine comics, but were rendered more sympathetic in the DTV series.
    • An apatosaurus-like monster, Dlen-Geran, appeared in the pilot but was not brought over into the DTV series.
    • Also, according to Tsuburaya, the show was originally supposed to be the first with a female captain and Neos' transformation item was to be called the Esplender.
    • On that last note, even without the series, it became the first Ultra series to headline two Ultras—an element that would also carry over into Ultraman Gaia.