Trivia / Return of Ultraman

  • Author Existence Failure: This show was being concieved by Eiji Tsuburaya on his deathbed, and his son brought the idea to fruition.
  • Prop Recycling: Detton was made from the deteriorated Telesdon suit from "Ultraman".
    • Kingsaurus 3's head was remade into Femigon's.
    • Ghostron was loosely modified from Earthtron.
    • Alien Baltan, Jr. was remade from the "Ultra Fight" Baltan suit.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, Eiji wanted the show to be a revival of the original, with the original Ultraman returning to Earth and Hayata reclaiming his identity as Ultraman, however Hajime scrapped these plans. It made more sense from a merchandising standpoint to create a new hero.
    • Black King was intended to be the brother of Red King and would have used the same suit.