Awesome / Return of Ultraman

  • Ultraseven's rescues of Ultraman Jack, especially when he gave Jack the Ultra Bracelet, were awesome.
  • The farewell scene in Ep. 51 is this and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • Not to mention the final battle. Keep in mind, Jack had to fight the one alien that the original Ultraman never truly did beat - and won!
  • Alien Knuckle's defeat in his second fight with Jack.
  • The finale of Ep. 1, when Ultraman talks to Goh, who then begins to understand his role as a human host.
  • Goh's selflessness, a prime example being Ep.2's rescue in the oil refinery. Earlier in the episode, Goh got a teammate hurt and he himself was suspended from MAT for being impetuous. Capt Katoh realized then what an asset to the team Goh was.
  • In Ep. 1, Ultraman Jack hovers over Goh in his hospital bed, explains what just happened and what Goh did that impressed him, and fell into Goh! A little Nightmare Fuelish, but still cool.
  • The Ultra Bracelet saved Jack's life in Episode 40.