Awesome: Ultraman Ace

  • Hokuto and Minami's Heroic Sacrifice in the first episode.
  • Ace's Space Q
  • Opening Credits
  • TAC sings their theme song in Episode 28.
  • Transformation sequences, especially the early ones with Minami and Hokuto's last one by himself.
  • Santa makes miracles!
  • Ace's barrier for Alien Metron
  • Ace and Zoffy vs Giron and Aribunta
  • Metron Jr. got the end he deserved...
  • Ace vs Lunatyx
  • Ultra Father gets a moment in the spotlight. Too bad it was a Heroic Sacrifice.
    • More impressive? Despite the tailkicking the Ultra Father dishes out, that was him weakened. So yeah, the Father of Ultra kicked a monster's butt that curbstomped the Ultra Brothers with no effort and barely lost while weakened. From what we see in his later appearances, Hipporito wouldn't have stood a snowball's chance in Hell if the Father had been at full strength.
  • The Ultra Brothers' arrival to aid Hokuto and Minami
  • Seven restores Ace's energy twice; one time, Hokuto was infected with an red alien seed that weakened him and whoever partook in it.
  • Jiro recites the five Ultra pledges.
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