Nightmare Fuel: Ultraman Ace

  • Aribunta's exploits, including opening up a sinkhole that swallowed people up, and melting people with acid secretions coming out of its mandibles (Ari=ant).
  • Yapool's opening a portal into their dimension right in the middle of the sky.
  • Ace Killer's Nightmare Face is reminiscent of a certain victim of Hannibal Lecter's.
  • Suffocating Ultramen in tar!
  • Mutilated choujuu
  • A spherical-shaped Phantom Zone for a certain alien...
  • Early appearances by the Yapool look psychedelic and compressed, obscuring their true form, which is hideous!
  • Ace's heroic RROD at the end of Episode 13, after which he vanishes and transforms back to Hokuto and Minami.
  • TAC brass' plan to avert disaster after the Ultras were crucified.
  • Frank...or rather, Lunatyx
  • Muruchi's gruesome death at the hands of Doragory: Having his lower jaw and most of the skin on his stomach being torn off, along with one of his legs! The scene is so graphic, that when the scene was revisited in Ultraman Retsuden, Alien Valkie (the host of the particular episode) was horrified by it and had to censor the scene as well, all while screaming like a little bitch.

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