Nightmare Fuel: Ultraman Ace

  • Aribunta's exploits, including opening up a sinkhole that swallowed people up, and melting people with acid secretions coming out of its mandibles (Ari=ant).
  • Yapool's opening a portal into their dimension right in the middle of the sky.
  • Ace Killer's Nightmare Face is reminiscent of a certain victim of Hannibal Lecter's.
  • Suffocating Ultramen in tar!
  • Mutilated choujuu
  • A spherical-shaped Phantom Zone for a certain alien...
  • Early appearances by the Yapool look psychedelic and compressed, obscuring their true form, which is hideous!
  • Ace's heroic RROD at the end of Episode 13, after which he vanishes and transforms back to Hokuto and Minami.
  • TAC brass' plan to avert disaster after the Ultras were crucified.
  • Frank...or rather, Lunatyx

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