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Trivia: Dino Attack RPG

  • Actor Allusion:
    • More of an Author Allusion, but Sam Throramebi drew comparisons between Evil Ogel and Makuta Teridax, who are two of Greg Farshtey's favorite villains to write.
    • Several of Atton Rand's characters' names follow a Shout-Out Theme Naming, usually consisting of the surname of the character's inspiration and the given name of the actor who played that role.
      • Similarly, Marco Martinet's surname is derived from the voice actor of Mario, Charles Martinet.
    • Kurt MacReady was the one sent to catch Snake, and the two of them subsequently got into a brawl. They were inspired by R.J. MacReady and Snake Plissken, respectively, both of whom were played by Kurt Russel, and served as the lead to John Carpenter movies released a year apart from each other.
    • Hauk and Angel Eyes, both of whom are inspired by characters portrayed by Lee Van Cleef, are revealed to be cousins.
    • In celebration of LEGO Island's 15th Anniversary, the Brickster referred to himself as "Thumper" and quoted a number of lines from Smartass, the lead weasel of Who Framed Roger Rabbit's Toon Patrol. David L. Lander, the original voice actor of the Brickster in LEGO Island, also voiced Thumper in A Bug's Life and Smartass in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Ascended Fanon:
    • Greybeard's mysterious past was shaped by Toa Antrakha's guess at his origins.
    • The idea that there is a relationship between Kate and Wallace Bishop only came about after Atton Rand noticed they both had the same last name.
    • Rex's physical appearance was based upon Alpha Team Special Agent Zed, who was PeabodySam's BZPower avatar when Dino Attack RPG was created. This was suggested by other members of the RPG during that time, who mentally linked PeabodySam's avatar to Rex's appearance. Similarly, Frozeen's appearance was created by Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG host Victor Draven, who imagined Frozeen with Pepper Roni's head.
    • In an early sketch of Cranky and Kiddy along with the then-unnamed plumber who dropped them off at Adventurers' Island, PeabodySam nicknamed the plumber "Marco". Brikman McStudz went on to use the name "Marco" for his character Marco Martinet, who was eventually revealed to be the same plumber who dropped Cranky and Kiddy off on the island.
  • Author Existence Failure: Many primary characters, such as Databoard and Kotua, had interesting stories that were never finished because their players left the RPG.
  • Based on a Dream: The ideas for the characters of Ben Gunn and Pterisa came to PeabodySam in this manner.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Greybeard had a brief moment of Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping in order for his Shout-Out to Admiral Ackbar's famous line from Return of the Jedi to work properly. Andrewnuva199 later quoted the line as it would have normally sounded in Greybeard's Pirate Accent and cited it as his favorite variation of the meme.
  • The Character Died with Him:
    • If an RPG player is banned from BZPower, his or her primary character is discharged from the Dino Attack Team.
    • Kotua In Space literally disappeared off the face of the internet after 2007. While Kotua is not confirmed to be dead, it is a little suspicious that his cameo appearance during the final battle was a variation of Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts...
  • Creator Backlash:
    • "Backlash" might be putting it too strongly, but while PeabodySam considers Dino Attack RPG an overall success, he is also aware that it failed in several regards, and other LEGO TBRPGs that try too hard to emulate Dino Attack RPG end up suffering from these failures as well. One such failure was the way Story Arcs were handled; while they succeeded in bringing players together, they always suffered from Arc Fatigue. With a group of devoted Dino Attack RPG players and a host who was able to attend to the RPG, this could be overcome, but when the formula was tried by Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand and LEGO Universe RPG, it failed miserably, with hosts too busy to attend to the RPG combined with players who quickly left the RPG following the initial Newbie Boom that all new RPGs face. As such, PeabodySam urges fellow TBRPG hosts to avoid emulating Dino Attack RPG or handling things a certain way just because Dino Attack RPG did it that way.
    • Atton Rand has mixed feelings about Trigger. While he did have some fun going against the primary characters he used to play in other RPGs (young idealistic action girls, some of which may have gone into Mary Sue territory), he does somewhat regret handling the character the way he did.
    • Also see Old Shame.
  • The Danza:
    • The given names of Andrew, Andrew Olin (before being retconned into Leonidas Spartana), Zachary Virchaus, David Norman, David O'Neal, Carl Lutsky, Matthew Cyrista, Sam Throramebi, Samuel Race, and Samuel "Lay" Go are all derived from their respective writers.
    • Kara Wise's surname is derived from avmatoran's surname.
  • Drinking Game: Inspired by a remark by PeabodySam, Atton Rand has created a set-up for a drinking game based off of the Dino Attack RPG. Take a shot every time:
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Snake and Firecracker were originally supposed to get away with their actions before everyone forced Atton Rand to change it because they felt it was unfitting for someone to get away with a crime at the end of Dino Attack RPG, especially when those characters were not especially popular among players.
    • Duke was intended by Toa Ling to escape the high-security prison and continue to be on rampage. Outcries from his fellow RPG players forced Toa Ling to reconsider, ultimately leaving Duke to his fate behind bars and creating a new fresh character, Joe Harry, who was essentially the complete opposite of Duke.
    • Similarly, Cam O'Cozy was originally intended to be locked up in a high-security prison. When imperial officer attempted to let O'Cozy break out of prison and return as a villain during the Adventurers' Island arc, disapproval from his fellow RPG players led to Dropping a Bridge on O'Cozy and subsequently revealing that he was actually a XERRD android.
    • avmatoran originally intended for Dr. Cyborg to be Dr. Rex's long-lost brother, but did not ask PeabodySam for approval first. As a result, PeabodySam and other RPG players disapproved of this plot twist, ultimately forcing avmatoran to retcon it into Canon Discontinuity.
    • During the final celebration, Atton Rand attempted to perform a Deconstruction on LEGO Island, primarily focusing on the fact that the Brickolinis make pizzas hot enough to burn peoples' mouths and to open jail cell doors and what would happen if the LEGO Island Police Department actually did something about this. However, this did not roll over so well with other players for a number of reasons. It was very out-of-character for Nick Brick to arrest Papa Brickolini; it was a Player Punch to players who loved LEGO Island; it presented a completely unnecessary Conflict Ball in what was supposed to be the final celebration; and, most of all, the Deconstruction simply did not work since it tried to present the Brickolinis as completely oblivious to the Brickster using their pizzas to escape, but the Brickster only canonically escaped with super-hot pizza twice (the first time, the Brickolinis were tricked; the second time, they were wary and tried to subvert it, only to be hit in the face by a Diabolus Ex Machina), and the super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizza was never actually made by the Brickolinis (it was a gag intended to Lampshade how hot the Brickolini's pizzas were, but it was never actually supposed to depict the Brickolinis as incompetent and oblivious), so the Brickolinis repeatedly sending super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizzas to the jail and obliviously setting the Brickster free had no canon backing, causing the whole Deconstruction to fall apart. For these reasons, this entire scenario was thankfully retconned into Canon Discontinuity.
  • God Never Said That: PeabodySam was careful to never confirm OOC which temple was actually the Maelstrom Temple, deliberately invoking this trope to keep his fellow players from guessing his true intentions until The Reveal.
    • Some may argue that the Quadrant 14 trap was a case of Lying Creator, but actually this is a case of God Never Said That, seeing as the lie to go find Dr. Inferno's weapon was written IC by Dr. Rex, not OOC by PeabodySam.
  • I Knew It:
    • Kotua in Space and several other players guessed that Rex was actually a mutant. Their prediction was so spot-on, PeabodySam has requested that other players refrain from making such predictions.
    • That being said, the players who think that they have guessed Ben Gunn's true identity are probably correct.
    • An approximation, in that after Kat's death, several players were certain she would return somehow, but did not guess the manner of her return.
    • avmatoran called pretty early on that Rex's Creative Spark would power the Einstein Device.
  • Lying Creator:
    • Jackson Lake stated OOC, at the beginning of one post, that Helmie was going to reunite with his son. At the end of said post, in IC, Helmie does not reunite with his son... instead, he discovers that his son died on Adventurers' Island.
    • Although not explicitly lying, per se, PeabodySam did a bit of... undercover work on the Wild Mass Guessing page in order to fuel the fires of paranoia in the mole hunt.
    • Related to the example with Helmie and Tracer, PeabodySam prefaced a post with an OOC message referring to the post as another episode of "Plot Armor Heroes Who Somehow Survive Everything!", stating that this installment would chronicle Rex and Amanda's thrilling escape from certain death. What happened in the following IC? Amanda dies.
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.:
    • The fact that Shannon (and her father, the original agent Gromtin)'s last name is "Grimton" was intended to be a Shout-Out to the fourth chapter of Five Years Too Many... which was written during the BZPower forum upgrade but was never posted.
    • During the Mindstorms, Inc. flashback, Silencia Venomosa encountered four men exiting an elevator. This was a Shout-Out to a short story that PeabodySam had written, which (despite being published in a local magazine several months prior) was not yet publicized on the internet, meaning that no other player of the RPG caught the reference.
  • Missing Episode:
    • The beginning of the Goo Caverns Story Arc, which was lost in the BZPower Time Slip. Most of the missing content was recovered by means of Google Cache, but the last week or so of content was never recovered.
    • And now that the BZPower Forum Archive has been taken down following a hacking incident in February 2013, the entire original Dino Attack RPG has become an extreme case of this trope.note  Fortunately, over a third of the RPG was able to be recovered by players and compiled into a downloadable archive, but that leaves about two thirds of the RPG Lost Forever.
      • The LEGO Island and Adventurers' Island story arcs were particularly hit hard by this, since very little of the RPG from June 2009 through April 2011 was able to be recovered.
  • Name's the Same:
    • When you say Kate Bishop are you referring to the comic book superhero, the Victorian-era actress, or the teenaged rookie in the Dino Attack Team?
    • Even better, her mother shares a name with a famous Australian painter.
    • Barry Jackson's name was meant to be a shout-out to actor Barry Pepper, but according to Wikipedia, he is also an actor, several athletes in different sports, a theatre director, and a production designer.
      • Of course, to be fair, Jackson is a fairly common last name, so such coincidences are inevitable.
    • Also Alan Pierce is an attorney.
    • Despite popular belief, agent Kevin "Knuckles" Kabrinsky is not named after Knuckles the Echidna from Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • Get this. Dr. Rex Alexander is a former college basketball coach. Now, would we say that his Name's the Same as Rex Alexander or Dr. "Rex" Alexander? Or both?
    • In some instances, there are characters in Dino Attack RPG who have the same names and analogous roles as characters in official LEGO canon, but are intended to be separate characters. For example, there's a pirate named Greybeard who was once a member of Captain Redbeard's crew, and then there's another pirate named Greybeard who was once a member of Captain Redbeard's crew... and his soccer team. There's also a diver named Dan who helped out in recovering the lost Constructopedia pages in the sea where LEGO Island once was, and then there's a diver named Dan who lives in LEGO Town.
    • The name "El Paso" for the town where Clint and Angel Eyes were to meet was chosen partially at random as it seemed to have a suitable Western vibe for the environment. It turns out that is also the name of an actual city in Texas, making the connection surprisingly stronger.
  • Newbie Boom: About the time that the Goo Caverns Story Arc began, Dino Attack RPG met a flood of new players, which helped to bring it out of the dark ages.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • Chronicler of Ko-Koro wanted a name for his stealthy female agent. He went with the first suggestion by another member: Stealth.
    • The Torn World's name was decided in a poll held in Dino Attack RPG, and the name was coined by Zephyria.
    • Not exactly "fan submitted", but Kareem Nazareno's character design was created several years prior to Brikman McStudz joining the RPG by a friend of his.
    • Several character appearances, such as Rockford and Ben Gunn, were created by other RPG members and approved by the characters' respective creators.
    • The appearance of the Iron Predator was submitted by that guy from that show and approved by TakunuvaC01.
  • Old Shame:
    • One of the reasons why PeabodySam has retconned much of the early Dino Attack RPG is because he is embarrassed by some of the early things he wrote. He is also... not proud... of some of the things he said OOC as well.
      • Regarding the character Libo, PeabodySam regrets the way he handled his character. He now refers to Libo as "a neat idea for a cool character who was stuck in the wrong story". When he first came up with the idea for Libo, he was so excited that he just had to put it in Dino Attack RPG... only to realize later on that he had no use for Libo in Dino Attack RPG and was stuck with a character with little relevance to the plot. This is why Libo was Put on a Bus following the discovery of the Dino Island Laboratory and ultimately got a bridge dropped on him.
    • The main reason why Atton Rand abandoned Axle's role in the RPG after his return from hiatus was because he was a bit embarrassed and wanted to focus more on characters he actually created, rather than just using ones already made by LEGO, although most of Atton's later characters tended to be expies of famous movie or television characters.
    • While not ashamed by the character herself, Atton Rand is somewhat ashamed of the fanfic he wrote from which Zenna took her name.
    • Dr. Cyborg as Dr. Rex's brother? Ouch. avmatoran refers to this post being deleted by the Forum Archive hack as the only good thing to come of that incident.
    • Atton Rand has admitted to regretting certain choices he made in At War's End. In particular he has admitted to regret abandoning the idea to have Firecracker perform a Heroic Sacrifice in favor of a Karma Houdini and even talked about writing a Fix Fic giving the character some sort of dignified closure. He has also regretted the way he handled Trigger and Snake, and isn't proud of Plastic Serpent. Also, despite having built The Reveal early on, he is somewhat embarrassed by the reveal of Jenny being Dr. Strangebrick's daughter.
    • Andrewnuva199 feels the "dark conciousness" character in Andrew's head was an awkward and mismanaged idea. It's slightly cringeworthy for him in regards to how he was written into the final encounter with Malestrom!Zach and Ahua, but is at least grateful he was able to wrap it up more or less smoothly there and be done with it.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • In many of Atton Rand's older RPG roles, he often had the tendency to play idealistic women (though they did sometimes become action girls, a handful ended up being simply distressed damsels). In At War's End, he deliberately went against this pattern with the introduction of Trigger, who he intentionally made the complete opposite of what he was known for doing.
    • During the LEGO Island arc, Atton Rand (who at the time was still playing as the idealistic Zenna) misinterpreted the Idealist vs. Realist conflict, and the result was a black and white "realists are evil" scenario. During the Adventurers' Island arc, he tried to go against this by introducing a series of good realists such as Rotor, Cabin, Garry, Snake, and Trigger, all of whom are somewhat more complex and actually have a reason for acting the way they do. Even the infamous Cam O'Cozy, who up that point was basically just a card carrying villain, was revealed to have been an android deliberately programmed to act a certain way, making him far more believable. In addition, Garry and Cabin are both shown to have a mix of idealist and realist characteristics, showing that there is no clear division between the two sides.
  • Production Nickname:
    • Numerous players nicknamed Databoard "Data". The same applied to Databoard's teammates from Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG, Subzero ("Sub") and Frozeen ("Fro"), although Subzero does not appear in Dino Attack RPG and Frozeen has never gone by "Fro" in the Dino Attack RPG.
    • Most people refer to the BIONICLE/Exo-Force crossover as the BIONICLE Meets Exo-Force RPG, as a reference to the fact that it had very little to do with the rest of Dino Attack RPG.note 
    • Toa Antrakha likes referring to Dr. Rex as "D-Rex".
    • Before its name was revealed, most players referred to the Torn World as the "LEGO Island Netherworld".
    • The unnamed XERRD scientist who switched bodies with a Hybrid has been jokingly nicknamed "Gene Rick" by PeabodySam as a reference to his rather generic physical appearance in XERRD: For Science! comics. Andrewnuva199 picked up on this nickname and, in a Steam chat, referred to the scientist as such, meaning that "Gene Rick" might be on its way to Ascended Fanon...
    • Before Cranky and Kiddy's names were revealed, PeabodySam nicknamed them "Tyrant Kong" and "Deadly Kong", respectively. While neither became canon, his nickname for the plumber who dropped them off on Adventurers' Island, Marco, did become Ascended Fanon.
  • Reality Subtext:
    • After the 2009 BZPower Time Slip (also known as the Great Dataclysm), which erased six months of Dino Attack RPG content (including the entire Goo Caverns Story Arc up to that point), the Dino Attack RPG players agreed to start up again at a time and place shortly before the Time Slip occurred. Since this led to rewriting several scenes that were erased by the Time Slip, Sauro-Hunter remarked that he was experiencing deja vu.
    • During his time as a Stromling, Zachary aged at an accelerated rate. The amount of time he physically aged is equal to the time between the end of Dino Attack RPG and the start of Dino Attack: At War's End.
    • According to Dino Attack RPG's timeline, LEGO Themes take place during their year of release unless otherwise noted. Some Dino Attack RPG players were confused on whether or not Pharaoh's Quest is one of those exceptions, since it was released in 2011 but some sources say that it takes place in 1924; however, 1924 was confirmed as the canon date by Word of God. As a result of this confusion, Lord Sam Sinister announced that he was going on an expedition to Egypt in 2011 to recover the golden treasures of Pharaoh Amset-Ra, unaware that Professor Archibald Hale's team had already uncovered those treasures in 1924.
  • Reclusive Artist:
    • Over time in the RPG, many of the players got to know each other on a surprisingly personal level, up to and including revealing their real names (or at least their first name) and a general idea of where they live (so far as nationality and hometown anyway, precise addresses were obviously not given). The one exception is PeabodySam, who, while fairly personal with other players, seems to make a point of stating as little about himself as possible. He has dropped hints, but how reliable any of them are is debatable. The most he has ever said is that he claims to be a 101-year-old man who lives somewhere in the United States.
    • Most players who left the RPG also tended to disappear from BZPower around the same time, and as a result they are all difficult to track down and can be considered reclusive artists, especially due to the anonymous nature of BZPower usernames. There are exceptions, such as Chronicler of Ko-Koro and Canama, who are still active in the online LEGO community. However, by far the most infamous example of this in Dino Attack RPG would be Kotua in Space, who not only disappeared from BZPower but also Brickshelf, MOCpages, and many other websites all at the same time in late 2007 and has not been heard from since.
  • Recycled Script:
    • The idea that Mutant Dinos had traveled to LEGO City via the underground subway tunnels was actually based on ideas PeabodySam had for a Brickfilm he never created.
    • Rex's unused alter-ego Dr. Rex, first conceived in 2005, was adapted into the RPG's new main antagonist in 2008.
    • An interesting example is the mention of Tribe Ugalego, a group of Islanders intended to appear in LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge but were ultimately scrapped.
    • While nothing official has been put forward, Atton Rand has expressed interest in the possibility of adapting the Trigger/Silencia flashback into an original screenplay or short story.
    • Some of PeabodySam's original ideas for the end of the Final Battle, namely the main characters fighting their way through a Mutant Dino-infested Mercy Hospital to reach evacuation on the rooftop, was adapted into Merciful Escape when the idea was left on the cutting room floor.
    • Atton Rand has occasionally borrowed ideas from the RPG for use in short stories he has written, though most of them have yet to be published.
    • PeabodySam and Atton Rand have both expressed interest in writing adaptations of the RPG's basic plot which would cut off all ties to LEGO. Nothing official has been put forward, but the former is interested in adapting the basic plot into a standalone novel (focusing primarily on his characters and occasionally combining their roles with those of other players), while the latter has wondered about it having potential as a television series along the lines of The Walking Dead written in collaboration with his fellow writers. note 
  • Saved from Development Hell:
    • Dino Attack: At War's End was saved from Development Hell by Sisen.
    • Additionally, many ideas that were originally unused, and thus arguably stuck in Development Hell, eventually became used over the course of the RPG's existence.
      • For example, ideas for Amanda Claw's backstory date back to when she was first introduced in 2005. They remained unused until mid-2010.
    • When Merciful Escape was written in early 2011, a second part was promised. It took over three and a half years, but First Assignment was finally finished in late 2014.
  • Sleeper Hit: Considering how BZPower dismissed the LEGO Dino Attack line, it is quite surprising that the Dino Attack RPG was met with huge popularity.
  • Stage Name: Every player in the Dino Attack RPG signs onto BZPower under a Pen Name.
  • Throw It In:
    • When Atton Rand initially told PeabodySam that he was thinking of a love interest for Barry Jackson and was thinking of calling her Teri but couldn't think of a good last name, PeabodySam jokingly suggested the punny last name "Dactyl". Atton was initially unsure but eventually decided to run with it.
    • When Zenna suffered heavy injury, Atton Rand originally wanted to keep the subsequent treatment semi-realistic and not just have her miraculously recover (he'd done that far too many times already, and Kate had only just recently gotten lucky after a mutant lizard bite). He was still trying to decide when that guy from that show suddenly brought her back in a post, in which he quickly threw in a bit about her being paralyzed (this idea was retconned when Zenna came Back for the Finale, though she is mentioned to have felt some degree of pain).
    • PeabodySam intended Kate to stay in the Maelstrom Temple's main chamber so that she could confront Wallace Bishop. When Atton Rand tried to help Kate escape the Maelstrom Temple, PeabodySam decided to incorporate his idea of Stromling illusions by revealing that the Kate found by Atton Rand's characters was actually a Stromling in disguise. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Atton Rand had toyed with a few ideas, most either pointing toward Kate being taken outside whilst her teammates were trapped or being trapped with them, the mentions of suspicion that she was a Stromling was meant to be a cruel trick on Palmer's part (throwing them off the real Stromling), and ironically, when PeabodySam sudden revealed her to be a projection, Atton implied in his next post she was created by Palmer himself. It's also interesting because Atton Rand had already hinted at the idea of the Maelstrom within the temple messing with people's minds, reshaping the interior so that people could not find their way out.
    • When sketching what Dr. Rex might look like without a helmet (since the only image of Dr. Rex at the time, for some reason, showed the scientist wearing a Dino Attack helmet), PeabodySam had trouble drawing hair. In irritation, he just left Dr. Rex bald, and found that he took a liking to it, and so made it canon. This is a Throw It In situation in itself, but it led to some Fridge Logic: why would Dr. Rex be bald if he has been taking the Jugend Serum? Thus led to the idea that Dr. Rex's Minifig body (which was since passed on to Rex) was slowly dying.
    • One of PeabodySam's posts seemed to imply Clint and Angel Eyes were trying to keep the Second Headquarters Squad from blowing up Fort Legoredo because they did not want it destroyed. The actual intended idea was that Clint was realistically looking at the many flaws associated with the plan to push a mine cart down a track to the fort and wanted to deal with the lizards himself because he didn't want the second headquarters squad to mess everything up. Atton Rand just decided to run with this as a secondary motivation.
    • Zelda Frodongan was intended to be killed by Nazareno in Outpost 4 after the first attempt to cure her Maelstrom corruption failed. Before Brikman McStudz could write this post, Atton Rand had the medics strap down Zelda and technically kill her. Brikman decided to roll with this and slowly began to develop Zelda into one of the main characters of his cast.
      • Interestingly, on the flip side of things, Atton Rand originally considered a sub-plot in which the character of Norris (the guy who had the heart attack and turned out to be a Stromling) would be cured, and then he would help provide information on the Maelstrom. However, once the cure was applied to Zelda, she ended up filling this role, so Norris ended up disappearing (he was last seen in an exploding vehicle, but it was left ambiguous whether he actually died in the blast).
    • When Firecracker detonated a large number of explosives throughout Dino Attack Headquarters while a number of PeabodySam's characters were still inside, PeabodySam chose to just roll with it and explain that, due to the fate of the first Dino Attack Headquarters, Brick League United constructed the current headquarters to withstand such explosive power.
    • During the Maelstrom Temple battle, sometime after Adventure's cavalry arrived, Andrewnuva199 wrote about one random Dino Attack agent in the temple who had a phobia of butterflies. While making his "In the Maelstrom Temple" video, PeabodySam used the character model of Adventure to represent this butterfly-fearing agent. Andrewnuva199 decided to Throw It In and make it canon that Adventure was, indeed, the Dino Attack agent that was afraid of butterflies.
    • avmatoran originally imagined Dr. Cyborg as only having his visor down occasionally, but when multiple players mentioned or showed his visor down all the time, he just rolled with it and accepted it as canon.
    • Elite Agent Bacon only appeared once as a voice on a radio during Atton Rand's only attempt at carrying the Running Gag of comm chatter during the Final Battle and was never named. He was never intended to be a major character but Atton Rand added the name to the wiki after coming up with it because he thought it was fitting.
  • Too Soon: After poking humor at Engineer's (very recent) death, Zach immediately backpedaled a little and noted that his joke might have been distasteful.
  • Trolling Creator: PeabodySam when he teleported Ben Gunn to Antarctica without meeting Frozeen. In fact, PeabodySam regarding Ben Gunn in general. Brikman McStudz and Jackson Lake were not amused.
  • What Could Have Been: Each writer of the RPG has had a number of ideas and concepts that were ultimately unused or scrapped. So many, in fact, they have their own page.
  • The Wiki Rule: Of course.
  • Word of God: Used rather frequently on TV Tropes and other websites, such as the wiki. It certainly helps that a number of Dino Attack RPG's writers have contributed to writing these TV Tropes pages for Dino Attack RPG, allowing them to shed insight on their characters and stories that might not necessarily be mentioned in the RPG itself.
  • Word of Saint Paul: This occasionally comes into play, especially regarding Retcons made to stories written by players who have long since left the RPG, such as Kotua in Space or The Castle Gear. For example, the suggestion that Landro was a XERRD scientist who went mad and was babbling nonsense was made by Andrewnuva199, not The Castle Gear.
  • Working Title: Merciful Escape and First Assignment were written under the title "HTTYML", which stood for "How To Train Your Mutant Lizard".
  • Write Who You Know: This was the primary reasoning behind PeabodySam's decision to write Frozeen as having difficulties with social interactions due to Asperger's syndrome, rather than trying to out Frozeen as homosexual, to explain why Frozeen never had a girlfriend in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants:
    • Before the Goo Caverns Story Arc, most writers did this. Even after the arc formula was introduced, elements are still added spontaneously (for example, Ben Gunn) and the story was always susceptible to deviating from previous plans.
    • The character of Clint Wayne literally came out of nowhere. There was no explanation for his arrival and it's been explicitly stated that he was never present at any point during the mission prior to that. Of course, in a case of Fridge Brilliance this is actually not too far off from Clint Eastwood's character in the Dollars trilogy (whom Clint is based on), who is mysterious enough that people still debate on whether he was the same person in all three movies.

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