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The Sociopath: Anime & Manga

  • The Dragon Ball franchise gives of us Tao Pai Pai, Frieza, Cell, Dr. Gero, Babidi and his father, and Super Buu/Kid Buu.
    • Kid Buu doesn't really qualify as sociopath as opposed to complete psychopath.
  • Seishirou Sakurazuka mori from Tokyo Babylon.
  • Darker Than Black: The Contractors are this in theory (and popular belief in-universe), but Hei at least is proof this isn't necessarily the case. Then again, Hei isn't a true Contractor, and he's arguably more sociopathic than most, since his most pronounced character difference seems to be that he can become angry.
  • Akagi has some sociopathic qualities. He has no regard for his own life, can't be threatened, doesn't care about rules, will cheat if he can and generally doesn't really care about other human beings. He isn't really malevolent, however, unless you manage to piss him off.
  • Light Yagami, the Villain Protagonist of Death Note, becomes one as the series progresses and his ego expands. By the time his father dies, Light is more upset that his father failed to do what Light wanted of him than the fact that he's dead!
    • Light was probably a successful psychopath all along, the kind who make up a large percentage of world leadership rather than the kind that make up a large percentage of the prison population; he degraded into the more antisocial kind with the possession of the nasty book of death. He's slightly more empathetic in his relatively nice and highly-socialized period where he'd lost his memories.
    • Mello's also a strong candidate, given his aggression, tendency to put himself and others in danger, and superficial charm. On the other hand, the author has pointed out that he doesn't think Mello was an inherently bad person, because he shows genuine empathy for his accomplice Matt, and there are moments where it seems like he doesn't actually hate Near as much as he thinks he does. While he has strong aggressive personality disorders, he probably isn't a full sociopath.
    • Misa Amane, too. The histrionic kind. In one of her earliest appearances she's quite calmly contemplating how to kill Rem just because it would probably be more convenient. The fact that she fiercely and insanely pair-bonds to Light doesn't actually make her less of a psychopath, it just makes her one with poor self-esteem.
  • Sakyou from YuYu Hakusho is a textbook example. As a child, he lived a normal life and had loving parents and siblings, but later got a job in a pet store, abusing and killing animals for the hell of it. Then he became a gambler, and then a crime lord, and by the time of the series, has plans to open a portal linking Demon World to the human realm just because "life would be more interesting" that way.
    • Even though Sakyo is still a sociopath, he remembers his happy childhood with a warm fondness, genuinely loved his family ("My parent were decent and kind people; it was what you could call an ideal family") and blamed nobody but himself for how he turned out, the English dub added a lot of changes to his narration, making him hate his parents and swearing he would kill himself if he became a white-collar worker.
  • Azusa from Hot Gimmick. Some have said that Ryoki qualifies as one, but he seems to be more of a Borderline, or perhaps Narcissistic Personality. Hatsumi, meanwhile, seems to have some traits of Dependent Personality Disorder. Actually, most of the characters are probably diagnosable with some sort of mental illness or personality disorder.
  • Due to brain damage suffered in infancy, Kazuo Kiriyama of Battle Royale cannot form meaningful connections to anything (a condition known as pseudopsychopathy in real life). The manga shows him mastering painting and the violin... and immediately throwing out both his artwork and his instrument when he's finished with them. He only associates with his "friends" because they won a coin toss; when they lose a second coin toss on the island, he slaughters them.
    • Interestingly, he is VERY self-aware that he is a sociopath. One of his lines, is that he sometimes gets 'confused' on right and wrong. When he slaughters his friends, he takes no pleasure in it. It is just something he has to do. Afterwards, however, he becomes a Determinator, dedicated to winning, with few lines.
    • Kazuo seems more of a Schizoid than an actual Sociopath. Sure he doesn't have a set moral compass but it's not because he doesn't like following the rules, he just doesn't care. He's never had a close friend (aside from his gang which he barely hung out with) and is completely indifferent to the circumstances surrounding him (such as when Mitsuko tried to flirt with him, but ended up getting herself killed instead.
  • Let Dai: Dai doesn't understand empathy or why Jaehee cares about anyone other than Dai and himself.
  • In the 2003 anime of Fullmetal Alchemist, Envy, Zolf J. Kimblee, Frank Archer, and Dante are all examples of this. Envy and Kimblee are excellent examples of low-functioning sociopathy, while Archer and Dante lean towards the high-functioning end of things.
    • In the FMA manga and Brotherhood anime, Envy, Pride, Shou Tucker, and Kimblee are this as well. This version of Kimblee is a particularly chilling example of high-functioning sociopathy, being an extremely intelligent, extremely self-aware psychopath in the vein of Hannibal Lecter, masking his lunacy beneath a Faux Affably Evil facade and a bizarre code of honor.
  • Agon Kongo of Eyeshield 21 is this, along with having every single trait that characterizes antisocial personality disorder. Fortunately, with the series' scope being limited to high school football and a shonen jump title, most of his truly horrendous acts are stopped before they could follow through.
  • Grings Kodai from Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions. He fits all of the above criteria plus is one of the most sadistic monsters in Pokémon history.
  • Lloyd from Code Geass cheerfully refers to himself as a sociopath. An odd version in that he's not really a villainous character; he's very indifferent to all the fighting, manipulating, and killing that goes on around him, but really all he wants to do is fiddle around with the latest high-tech gizmos For Science!. There are Alternate Character Interpretations, though, such as Ambiguously Disordered.
    • A true sociopathic character from the same anime is Brittanian knight Lucciano Bradley.
    • Prince Schneizel is an Affably Evil version. Lelouch points out towards the end of the show that Schneizel's inability to care about other people turns out to be his Achilles heel.
  • 'Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest features quite a few examples, such as Yandere Nightmare Fetishist Ryuuko Kounuma, the Knife Nut Kuroda brothers, and especially'' the Yandere Haguro Dou.
  • From Naruto we have Hidan, who unlike most characters in the series has no positive traits and never did. He slaughtered his village simply because he was disgusted with their pacifistic way of life, and performed gruesome rituals to attain immortality for himself. He's also Axe Crazy and cruel for its own sake. On top of that, even the series itself seems to posit him as the most unsympathetic major villain, as he's exempt from the Cycle of Revenge Aesop pervading the storyline with his Fate Worse than Death (though it helps Shikamaru's case that Hidan has nobody who would care about his cruel fate barring potential allies, and also that just killing him would be impossible).
    • Both ROOT and the Bloody Mist era of Kirigakure were dedicated into turning their shinobi into merciless killing machines without any emotions or who knew right from wrong. Sai, a member of ROOT who becomes a member of Team Kakashi claims the practice of killing the people closest to them is discontinued, but honestly struggles most of the story with dealing with emotions, figuring out what is right or wrong, and basic social interaction due to his training.
  • Big Bad Naraku from InuYasha. As a conglomerate consciousness nothing about Naraku's psychology is normal, but he loves to manipulate people, play with their feelings and/or corrupt them, using them and later discarding them, without any remorse whatsoever.
  • Medaka Box: A lot of the characters are sociopaths to some degree (the title character narrowly escaped becoming one herself), but Ajimu takes the cake: not only does she regard people as things she's a Physical God. There's also Shiranui, who pitted her friends against an Irish wolfhound (a giant dog that was used to hunt wolves in Ireland) because it was funny.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Gauron is a Combat Sadomasochist and Death Seeker with a Hair-Trigger Temper, No Sense of Personal Space, No Social Skills, an utter Lack of Empathy, and an obsession with the hero that borders on the ephebophiliac. His successor as Big Bad, Mr. Gates, is worse, being an example of psychopathy at its purest. Like Gauron he's a Bad Boss with a ridiculously exaggerated Hair-Trigger Temper, and a total Lack of Empathy. He's also a Large Ham and a sexual predator who is implied to have slept with two teenage girls, jacks off to images of squirrels and kittens, talks about the many, many uses for a dead body, and takes a completely insane delight in causing as much damage as humanly possible; he's also oddly unconcerned about his own death in the TSR finale. Averted by his replacement, Leonard Tesstarossa who's more of a Narcissist than this.
  • In the first couple of episodes of Black Cat many of Train's assigned targets seem to posses sociopathic traits.
    • Big Bad Creed Diskenth has many of the characteristics of Antisocial Personality Disorder; it hurts him rather than helping him as he is oblivious to his underlings' opinions of him.
  • Izaya Orihara of Durarara!!, who has absolutely no Freudian Excuse for the crap he pulls. Upon first introduction in the novels, he organizes a fake suicide group and talks to two suicidal girls about why they want to kill themselves with a big ol' smile on his face, mocks them for wanting to end their lives, and he's even taken aback when one of them tells him that he's wrong. He then drugs them, stuffs them into suitcases and asks his courier to "plop them on a park bench somewhere". It's outright stated that this is nowhere near an isolated incident and implied that he's even sold his past victims to loan companies. This scene isn't much better in the anime, where he orchestrates a girl's kidnap and rescue, mocks her thoroughly, holds her over the edge of a building, then watches from the sidelines with a gleeful smirk when she decides to jump (thankfully, someone cared about her safety a little more). It's also likely that he's the one who sent her photos of her father with another woman, which caused the start of her angst in the first place. Throughout the course of the series, he manipulates humans and supernatural beings For the Evulz, breaks many a cutie, orders hits on his enemy, manipulates a ten year old Yakuza princess into attempting to kill said enemy, stomps on a girl's cellphone while laughing like a maniac and generally hurting and using anyone and everyone who comes in contact with him and not even giving a shit about who gets hurt and sadistically enjoys every minute of it.
    • However, it becomes clear that he isn't a complete sociopath when we learn about his past and realize that there is at least one person he cares for - Shinra. It's so extreme that he's more or less Yandere for him (though not in the romantic sense) to the point that he's stalking the man who hurt Shinra and setting him up for two huge crimes even though he realizes that he could get into trouble too. He even gets close to breaking down at the thought that he might have to betray his only friend to advance in his own goal.
    • Also, Izaya's never said that he is unable to love, just that he simply has no ''desire'' to.
  • Sosuke Aizen from Bleach He puts on an affable façade, is the most manipulative character in the manga (with the possible exception of Kisuke Urahara), sees people as little more than pawns and tosses them aside once they've outlived their uselessness, harms people just because he can (just look at what he made Hitsugaya do to Momo), and tortured and killed who knows how many shinigami in order to create the Hogyoku, just so he could 'stand in Heaven'. He's responsible for the creation and near-execution of the Vizards, and came pretty close to destroying Soul Society itself. Mayuri has sociopathic tendencies as well, given the lengths he goes to in the name of 'research'.
    • Mayuri is definitely a sociopath. As his "evil-counterpart" on the villain's team, Szayel Apporo Granz, and quite a few other Arrancar, and by definition all normal Hollows. That some Arrancar aren't this is actually the remarkable part, but plenty of them aren't, even among the total bastards.
    • Nnoitra Jiruga and Kenpachi Zaraki also count.
      • Kenpachi is spared from being a total sociopath since he has at least three MoralityPets, including his adopted daughter Yachiru. If he were a true sociopath it's unlikely he would have bothered to spare her life, much less raise her and make her his squad lieutenant.
    • And now it looks like Aizen has a contender in the equally Affably Evil and manipulative Shukuro Tsukishima.
    • Incredibly, another contender has come along, with none of the Affably Evil of either, yet the A God Am I mentality of Aizen: Giriko Kutsuzawa. He kills his wife to test his ability.
    • Current Big Bad Yhwach is this. He treats everyone as pawns and as things to be replaced, seems to be warring against Soul Society since its there (not due to the old Quincy Genocide which probably a lot of his followers joined up to enact revenge for), reacts with zero emotion when he kills most of the 'impure' Quincy when his powers return, and doesn't care if the Vandenreich tears itself apart when he names Uryu Ishida as his successor.
  • The Caligula Delphine Eraclea from Last Exile is a decadent aristocrat with zero empathy and manipulates everyone around her for her own amusement.
  • Millions Knives, Big Bad of Trigun seems to have developed this as part of his Face-Heel Turn when he went mad from the revelation that Humans Are Bastards. He Used to Be a Sweet Kid, though children are generally a bit patchy at empathy given they're not fully cognizant of other people as individuals. Given Knives went into his Roaring Rampage of Revenge when technically about a year old, he never seems to have gotten past this developmental stage, emotionally. Though in many respects he's a Magnificent Bastard.
    • As well as completely disregarding human feelings, which doesn't really count since he hates them, he mindslaves his psychic 'sisters' into a giant million winged angel without really noticing they didn't want to, and torments his twin brother.
  • Nakago in Fushigi Yuugi will go to any means to achieve his goal of godhood, and manipulates anyone who can advance his goals, and kills them when they are of no use to him. He manipulates Yui into making him a god, and knows that she would be eaten by Seiryuu after wards, and kills one of the Seiryu warriors when he has no other need of him.
  • Hody Jones from One Piece; Fukaboshi's description of him fits the definition, as he's done many horrible things including revoking the prejudice of humans by assassinating the queen and blaming it on a human he had hired to work for him only to betray him and later taking over the kingdom and killing anyone who got in his way.
    • Since it's a manga about pirates, One Piece is full of sociopaths. Blackbeard, Doflamingo, Kuro, Morgan, Krieg, Arlong, Spandam, etc...It's actually harder to find a villainous character who's NOT a sociopath than one who is.
  • Despite some fan objection, this sums up Griffith from Berserk. His high intelligence and charismatic and charming nature allows him to be quite ruthless behind closed doors, and he's fully aware of any line that he crosses so long as it brings him closer to his goal. Funny thing is that his counterpart, Guts, is himself a bit of a psychopath, but he has a working moral compass that prevents him from going that extra mile of no return.
  • Though there's plenty of Axe Crazy to go around in Baccano!, there is so far only one canonically confirmed sociopath is revealed in Children of the Bottle. Against all odds, this is not the unrepentantly callous Huey Laforet (who is capable of truly caring for a small few) or even the gleefully sadistic Fermet (who can understand and experience strong, genuine emotion), but rather the unrelentingly optimistic Elmer C. Albatross.
  • The culprit to Tokyo Dismembering Murders in Murasakiiro No Qualia fits the trope quite well, from putting the selfishness in achieving the answer to their prized philosophical question, to their perfect Lack of Empathy.
  • Johan Liebert, the titular character from Monster. Any description of his sociopathy would become a plot summary.
  • Gundam has had a few:
    • Gihren Zabi, de facto Big Bad of the original Mobile Suit Gundam is an Evil Prince with a Lack of Empathy so severe it's almost awe-inspiring. Caring nothing for others, Gihren turns his brother's funeral into a political rally, condescends to his other siblings, isolates his father while plotting to steal his position, and uses Weapons Of Mass Destruction to lethal effect. Ambitious, overconfident, manipulative, and a brilliant orator Gihren lacks the sadism and For the Evulz motivation of many psychopaths and sociopaths, but nevertheless profiles as a charismatic, Machiavellian personality taken to such an extreme that there really is no other word for it. He also has the shallow affect, limited emotional range, shamelessness and total fearlessness associated with the most extreme psychopaths—even at the end, when his sister has a gun against his head it never seems to cross Gihren's mind that he could possibly lose.
    • Zeta Gundam has Sociopathic Soldier Yazan Gable, a thuggish Blood Knight who admits that he only joined the army so that he could legally kill and injure people. Willing to kill superiors whom he disagrees with, and loyal only to those he considers stronger than him, Yazan's a low-functioning sociopath who has managed to find his niche in the world.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ has Glemmy Toto, a superficially charming and affable young man, who views everybody around him as a means to an end. He treats Leina and his army of Puru clones as tools to be discarded at will, becomes stalkerishly obsessed with Roux after meeting her once, and demonstrates no loyalty whatsoever to any of his superior officers. The series also includes Rakan Dahkaran, a higher-functioning Yazan expy who fights for whoever seems strongest, and is willing to do any job, no matter how vile, if ordered to.
    • Katejina Loos, of Victory Gundam, is an interesting Character Development example. She starts out as one of the heroic main cast with Uso. However, even then, you could see signs of her true nature rising to the surface. After she is captured by the Empire, she charms her way into joining the BESPA and manipulates everyone else around her. She then turns against the Federation Forces and tries to kill Uso on multiple occasions. She kills off five of the established cast members. She does all this to fuel her own ego and to take advantage of any situation given to her.
    • Muruta Azrael of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. He's smug, arrogant, condescending, misogynistic, loses his temper at the drop of a hat, finds the very idea that he could lose to be inconceivable, and views his subordinates as expendable pawns in his personal vendetta against the Coordinators. His superficial charm cannot cover his inner monstrousness for long, with continued exposure to him alienating even his staunchest supporters, and while he's bright, he has a definite inability to learn from experience. Even his bravery — he does after all, lead the assault on ZAFT from the front — stems from his arrogance, and he's far more afraid of losing than he is of dying.
    • In Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, Azrael's successor, Lord Djibril, is a classic example of a low-functioning sociopath. He's short-sighted, has an explosive temper and No Indoor Voice, and his first reaction to any sort of rebellion or insubordination is to deploy Weapons Of Mass Destruction against the target. He's also a General Failure and Dirty Coward who leaves his subordinates to clean up his messes, and generally has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has Yazan expy and Psycho for Hire Ali Al-Saachez, who will do anything if the price is right, enjoys violence for its own sake, and can't keep up the facade of being an actual human being for more than a few moments at a time. He once used religious rhetoric to create an army of child soldiers, despite the fact that he himself has no belief in God. Why? Somebody paid him to do it.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam AGE has sociopathic child soldier Decil Galette, who views his own troops and his enemies as toys in a game he's playing. As an adult he persists in this attitude, and is absolutely hated by his own side for the way that his egoism and Lack of Empathy impact their efforts.
  • Kayaba Akihiko, the Big Bad of the first arc of Sword Art Online, is a surprisingly realistic sociopath. He clearly has trouble seeing people as people, and he built his death game not because he wanted thousands of people to suffer, but simply because he wanted to build a world, and it wouldn't have been real if it wasn't populated. Nothing he does has any malice in it, and he played by the same rules as everyone else, always intending for the game to end with his death. Kirito especially slowly gains a grudging respect for him, if only because it's hard to hate someone like that.
    • A straighter example is Nobuyuki Sugou, who high-jacks the minds of 300 of the SAO victims (including his then-fiance Asuna) and traps them in his own game ALFheim Online to experiment on them.
  • Several characters from Gantz. The most predominant examples are Joichiro Nishi, Shion Izumi, Hachirou Oka, Kyou Hanaki, Kazuo Kuwabara, Nobou "Knob" Muroya, Shimaki/George and the Three Sadists.
  • Ana Satsujin has Rio Miyaichi, who is a mostly unrepentant serial killer and also our main character's new girlfriend. While she claims to only kill criminals, she also makes it clear that she's perfectly capable of killing anybody she feels like, and at one point randomly kills a police officer for no apparent reason aside from simply not liking his tone of voice while he was questioning her about another killer (while she herself wasn't under direct suspicion at the moment), and justifies her actions by saying that cops aren't people.
  • Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul appears to have been one. A beautiful young woman, she used charm and manipulation to lull victims into a sense of ease and then brutally killed them. Her appetite earned her the title "Binge Eater", for she frequently killed simply for the amusement while completely unconcerned about the consequences of her actions. Among Ghouls, she was infamous for moving into a Ward and throwing it into chaos with her sprees, then skipping town once her actions had brought in the authorities. If she had an ounce of empathy or compassion, she never showed it and stated she only cared about enjoying herself. Even other Ghouls found her selfish and cruel.
  • Silas Edwards and Allen from Mother Keeper are both this, Silas buys slaves, drugs them and forces them to fight to the death for people's amusement. Allen was a part of this and kidnapped the person closest to one of Silas' slaves and forced them to fight to the death.

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