Recap / Tales From The Crypt S 6 E 15 You Murderer

Plastic surgery makes a criminal look like Humphrey Bogart.

  • Actor Allusion: Many considering that the lead is a computer generated Humphrey Bogart
  • And I Must Scream: "You, Murderer" is completely from the point-of-view of the protagonist, even when he dies shortly into the story. Thing is, he is still in his body afterwards, but no one can hear him, and he can still feel pain. Only the last one is of any concern to him (because he finds it annoying), as he has the unfolding story to narrate and concern himself with.
  • Anti-Hero: In a rare instance of this trope in Tales From The Crypt, the narrator of You, Murderer continues to have our sympathy in spite of being a wanted criminal who has killed, robbed and cheated many people. One of the very, VERY few instances when an amoral character is actually portrayed sympathetically on the show.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Lou's backstory. He genuinely changed and tried to make up for his past.
  • Shout-Out: The book ends to Forrest Gump, which was also directed by Robert Zemeckis.
    Crypt Keeper: Scary is as scary does.