Recap: M*A*S*H

The long running series Mash amassed 251 episodes in its eleven-year run, from 1972 to 1983note .

Note: This page is still in progress.

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    Season 1 
  1. "Pilot": Captains Pierce and McIntyre must raise $2000 to send their houseboy to college.
  2. "To Market, to Market": The 4077 is in desperate need of supplies, so "Hawkeye" Pierce, and "Trapper" McIntyre must obtain it by shady means.
  3. 'Requiem for a Lightweight': To keep a nurse at the hospital, Trapper must champion a boxing match for the camp.
  4. 'Chief Surgeon Who?': The camp's chief surgeon is decided.
  5. 'The Moose': Hawkeye and Trapper try to free a camp's sergeant's Korean servant, or 'moose'.
  6. 'Yankee Doodle Doctor': A film is made on the camp.
  7. 'Bananas, Crackers and Nuts': Hawkeye, in need of R&R, pretends to be insane to get leave.
  8. 'Cowboy': A chopper pilot needs to go home to save his marriage.
  9. 'Henry Please Come Home': Henry is reassigned to Tokyo.
  10. "I Hate a Mystery": Someone is stealing from the camp, and it's up to Hawkeye to figure out who...
  11. "Germ Warfare": A wounded North Korean needs a transfusion, but the only person in the entire camp with the same blood type is Burns...
  12. 'Dear Dad': Hawkeye writes a letter home. Hawkeye narrates the entire episode.
  13. 'Edwina': A new nurse arrives, but can't find any romance in the camp, so the other nurses hold off until she does.
  14. 'Love Story': Radar receives a "Dear John" letter from his fiancée, and finds love with a new nurse. Unfortunately, Hotlips and Burns conspire to break up their romance.
  15. 'Tuttle': Hawkeye and Trapper make up a fake identity to make donations to a nearby orphanage.
  16. "The Ringbanger": A zealous colonel with more casualties than ground taken shows up, so Hawk and Trap convince him he needs some rest.
  17. 'Sometimes You Hear the Bullet': Hawkeye's friend turns up, resulting in the first Wham Episode of the series, and what many consider the beginning of the show's Cerebus Syndrome.
  18. 'Dear Dad...Again': Hawkeye writes another letter to his father.
  19. 'The Longjohn Flap': A cold spell hits the camp, and a pair of longjohns becomes a big commodity.
  20. 'The Army-Navy Game': A bomb lands in the compound, and right in the middle of a football game between Army and Nay personell!
  21. 'Sticky Wicket': One of Hawkeye's patients takes a turn for the worse, and Burns help save the patient.
  22. 'Major Fred C. Dobbs': Frank becomes convinced to seek a transfer, so Hawkeye and Trapper must trick him and Major Houllihan into staying.
  23. 'Ceasefire': A ceasefire is declared, but will it last?
  24. 'Showtime': A USO troupe visits the camp, whilst Henry's wife gives birth at home.

    Season 2 
  1. 'Divided We Stand': General Clayton sends a psychiatrist to evaluate the unit with the implication that the unit will be broken up if the evaluation goes poorly.
  2. '5 OClock Charlie': A North Korean bomber with terrible aim attacks a nearby ammo dump. Frank requests an anti-aircraft gun.
  3. 'Radar's Report': Radar reports the happenings at the unit through his eyes while Major Houlihan and Burns attempt to get Klinger transferred.
  4. 'For The Good Of The Outfit: Hawkeye and Trapper want the Army to take responsibility for bombing a North Korean village.
  5. 'Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde': Hawkeye, suffering from sleep deprivation, writes a rude letter to President Truman and sends a latrine to North Korea.
  6. 'Kim': Trapper wants to adopt a lost Korean boy.
  7. 'L.I.P (Local Indigenous Personnel)' An American soldier wants to marry a Korean woman.
  8. 'The Trial of Henry Blake' Majors Burns and Houlihan put Henry on trial for incompetence.
  9. 'Dear Dad...Three': Another letter home to Dad.
  10. 'The Sniper': A sniper takes potshots at the M*A*S*H and everyone takes cover while waiting for help to arrive.
  11. 'Carry On, Hawkeye': Hawkeye is the only available surgeon during a flu epidemic.
  12. 'The Incubator': The Army won't let the 4077th have an incubator for medical testing.
  13. 'Deal Me Out': A big poker game is held in The Swamp, with numerous interruptions.
  14. 'Hot Lips and Empty Arms'
  15. 'Officers Only'
  16. 'Henry In Love'
  17. 'For Want of a Boot'
  18. 'Operation Noselift'
  19. 'The Chosen People'
  20. 'As You Were'
  21. 'Crisis'
  22. 'George'
  23. 'Mail Call'
  24. 'A Smattering of Intelligence'

    Season 3 

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