Radar / Superman: The Animated Series

Superman: The Animated Series was a pretty big offender.

  • We'll start with this little example, where it's so blatant even the cast brings it up:
    Lois: (While looking at a photo of Superman) Nice 's'.
    Clark: Excuse me?
    Lois: Right here. (Points at the "S" symbol on Superman's chest)
  • "Warrior Queen":
    Maxima: No one has ever lasted this long with me!
  • "The Main Man":
    • The bar Lobo is introduced in is called "The Steaming Load".
    • Lobo, while brandishing a crowbar, threatens the Preserver with a colonoscopy if he doesn't give back his bounty.
    • Lobo says, as Superman leaves him behind, that he's going to kick Superman's "big red S" (you know, the color the letter is inside the shield. And the color of his shorts).
    • Lobo describes how he and Supes would be tied down and tortured, and throws in a Weird Aside how it would be enjoyable under other circumstances.
    • The Latin American dub gets away with having Lobo outright call Superman a "hijo de perra" ( "son of a, female, dog" a toned down version of "hijo de puta," a "son of a bitch").
    • The Preserver's fembots each have a metal hose in their mouth, which sprays knockout gas on any captive who gets too rowdy. Lobo ties the hoses together, pointing and giving the audience a suggestive look as they grow large enough to press against each other and blow the fembots' heads off.
    • Not only is the Jabba-like alien despot after Lobo basically a huge turd with eyes, but his name is even Emperor Spooj.
  • Pretty much every part of Corben's blatant sexual advances towards Lois is "The Way Of All Flesh."
    Corben: I've been thinking about you a lot... especially these last few months in prison...
    Corben: I... I didn't feel anything... (*gawks at her, obviously distraught*)
    • And then, later on:
    Scientist: You can never get sick, you are invulnerable to injury, you'll never feel pain again!
    Corben: And what about pleasure?
    • And then, later on...
    Woman: (offscreen) It's so big, Mr. Luthor... (Luthor and the woman are revealed to be on a yacht) I've never seen a yacht this size!
    • And then, later on... Corben crushes an apple ("I can't taste anymore!"), throws away a vase of flowers ("I can't smell anymore!"), and walks over to Luthor's woman ("Can't...can't...") and throws her overboard in rage.
  • In a different episode, Parasite reaches to grope Livewire — ostensibly to absorb her powers. But the whole scene, complete with Livewire shouting, "I said no!" comes off like a creepy rape metaphor, but the Media Watchdogs allowed it anyway.
    • Most of that episode was one long Double Entendre. Livewire was the biggest offender, but Parasite gleefully joined in nearly every third line. The crowning example was Superman's solution to combat both Parasite's skin-to-skin-power-stealing powers and Livewire's electric powers: a (clear) full body latex body suit. Livewire's reaction: "Ooh, the boy scout brought protection!"
    • Well, the Boy Scout motto is "be prepared."
  • How about a reference or two to The Oldest Profession? "Brave New Metropolis" has a passing motorist yelling at Lois Lane to "Go stand on some other corner, you tart!"
  • "Fun and Games" has got a big one. when Toyman has Bruno Manheim and lois prisoner, he asks Lois to take notes as he kills Bruno. how does he plan to kill him? Put him in front of a firing squad of toy soldiers. Toyman even puts the blindfold on him.
    • The fact that when Lois was kidnapped she was wearing a towel on he head, and a bathrobe, yet in Toyman's warehouse, she's dressed as a doll.
  • In the episode, "Superman's Pal", Lois is talking to Perry near an open window. During that time, Superman flies outside. Obviously, the flying causes air to blow and Lois talks about how she has to stop wearing skirts. So Perry likely got a view of Lois' intimates.
  • In another episode, when Luthor is unveiling a new weapons system that unexpectedly fails, Lois heckles him: "What went wrong, Lex? Premature product launch?"
  • The second episode: young Clark informs Lana Lang about how he is seeing through things, she asks if he's looked towards the girls' locker room.
    • This ended up becoming Hilarious in Hindsight just five years later, when in the Smallville episode "X-Ray", Clark discovers his X-ray vision by accident and ends up inadvertently seeing into the girls locker room... directly at Lana (and grinning in exactly the way any teenage boy would have who was able to do something like that).
  • In still another, Lois and Jimmy are digging through a pile of plush toy monkeys and squeezing each one in an attempt to find one that will play a particular song to calm down Lois' rampaging giant pet chimp, Titano. Jimmy expresses doubt that they will ever find the correct toy; Lois snaps, "Shut up and keep squeezing the monkeys!"
    • It could be more of a Shout Out to Wizard Magazine which at the time had a recurring character named Keep Squeezin Them Monkeys Lad
  • Similarly, creepy villainess Granny Goodness once spouts the line: "You naughty little monkey! Granny will spank you good!"
  • In Mxyzpixilated, Mxy tells Rodin's "Thinking Man" sculpture (whom he calls McGurk) to "finish his business". Yes, Mxy just said Thinking Man was taking a shit.
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk's wife Ms. Gsptlsnz is so blatantly sex-on-legs that the radar must've just given up on her; she's basically Veronica Lake by way of Jessica Rabbit in terms of figure and hair, sultry voicing, and apparently spends her days lounging around the 5th dimension in a Bare Your Midriff shirt and unzipped Daisy Dukes. It comes to a head in a scene in "Mxyzpixilated" where, in an attempt to distract Mxyzptlk from his crusade against Superman, she gives what can only be described as a Power Perversion Potential montage, changing her look to, in order, a Femme Fatale, a sexy schoolgirl, a pin-up inspired sailor outfit, a frilly bikini, a cheerleading outfit, a tropical dancer, a Betty Grable swimsuit, a bathrobe-bra-and-panties combo, then finally nothing but a towel. Alas, her loving but temporarily obsessed husband is Not Distracted by the Sexy.
  • The scene in "Unity" where Supergirl is wrapped up by the alien tendrils is kind of... suggestive.
  • From "Where There's Smoke":
    • Volcana tries to sell some nautical memorabilia by stating that a whistle "was touched by the President's lips", to which her fence dryly responds "What wasn't?"
    • At the end, instead of sending Volcana to prison, Superman strands her on a deserted island with plenty of provisions, which she accepts. As he prepares to fly away, Volcana, in a bikini, says, "I hope you'll think of me, especially on those cold Metropolis nights."
    • Near the beginning of the episode, before Volcana reveals herself, Jimmy takes a couple of pictures of her, saying she has a "camera friendly face". When Clark Kent points out that she wasn't really "newsworthy", Jimmy says, "It's, uh, for my private collection."
  • Several in "My Girl".
    • Lana Lang, dressed in an expensive dress with a diamond brooch, is surrounded by journalists. One asks "Lana, are the jewels real?" to which she replies, in a flirty tone: "Everything's real, boys."
    • Superman is trying to warn Lana about Lex Luthor. She says "...I know how to handle Lex. I know how to handle most men, in fact. It's only Clark Kent I've ever had any trouble pinning down."
    • And there was a part where Lana goes "And I like powerful men.". Earlier, Luthor is asking Lana why Superman was at her apartment. In her explanation, she says Supes told her Luthor was a "bad boy"... and she likes bad boys, complete with seductive tone.
    • Early in the episode when Clark and Lois attend a fashion show, Lois scoffs at one of the models, saying "The only thing holding that dress up is faith."
    • We also get Male Gaze, courtesy of Lex's point-of-view shot, of Lana's legs and butt.
  • In "Livewire", Lois Lane is doing a live radio interview with the titular pushy DJ, who continually drops hints that she suspects Lois is in a relationship with Superman. Livewire's next line is muffled when the shot cuts outside the building, but you can still quite clearly hear her asking whether Superman's PJ's also have a big red "S" on them.
  • In "Legacy", Superman has been brainwashed into believing he is Darkseid's son and Apokolips' greatest champion. After returning from conquering a planet:
    Lashina: (hugging Kal) This calls for a celebration! (Kal looks at his "father" nervously)
    Darkseid: Go on, savor the fruits of your victory, Kal. You've earned it. (The Female Furies drag Kal offscreen, while Kalibak growls and clenches his fist in jealousy)
    • This is compounded when Lashina refers to Superman as "lover" and "boy-toy" during a later encounter after Superman has escaped the brainwash.
      • And it actually becomes even more obvious later on when we see Superman in his underclothes having a conversation with a partially-dressed Lashina, while sitting on a bed.
      • Which, considering that Superman was mind-controlled at the time, he could not and would not have consented, and Lashina knows this, means that Superman was raped on a children's show
  • In "Fish Story", Luthor orders his men to kill Aquaman, remarking that he is simply "protecting my assets". A few minutes later, as they hear his men being beaten soundly by Aquaman, Lois remarks, "Sounds like your assets are getting kicked."
  • In "Little Girl Lost (Part 1)", when Supergirl reveals herself (complete with tearing off her street clothes to reveal her costume) when facing Granny Goodness and Intergang.
    • Also, this exchange:
    Jimmy Olsen: What are you doing?
    Kara/Supergirl: What do you think? I'm shutting down this psycho-witch!
    Granny Goodness: *gasps* Such language!
  • When Batman shows up in a jetpack in "World's Finest," the Joker asks if he has "propulsion envy."
  • In "World's Finest", Batman is tracking the Joker through an informant who was obviously staying... in a strip bar. Complete with girls serving alcohol drinks and girls dancing in cages. How did that get past the censors?!
    • Not to mention when Batman asks where Joker is, the informant suggests that he's "making ha-ha with Harley Quinn."
  • In "Target", Clark offers to sleep over at Lois' apartment. She gives him (and the viewer) a very amused gaze before he goes on to point out that someone had just tried to murder her.