Pet The Dog: Fan Works

  • In The Masks We Wear Azula informs the imprisoned Mechanist all the benefits of formally becoming a Fire Nation colony - autonomy, good relations with the Fire Nation homeland, complete support in case of dire need, the Mechanist's son getting pardoned for when he gets caught being with the Avatar, etc. - as well as the consequences of opposing the Fire Nation when Sozin's Comet finally arrives. The man quickly submits to the Princess and is implied to have accepted her offer for his people to become Fire Nation colonists.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfiction Queen Of All Oni (a part of Project Dark Jade), once Jade turns evil once again, she has her minions kidnap her dog Scruffy and steal the Dog Talisman to make him immortal once more, and pampered him on several other occasions.
  • In Kage, a crossover story between Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H. (and a part of Project Dark Jade, like Queen Of All Oni above), after Jade is banished by Drago from their universe to the WITCH universe through the Shadow Realm, she ends up becoming quickly a Hero with Bad Publicity on Meridian (where the tyrant Prince Phobos has just been overthrown) due to the heroes' prejudices and misconceptions and Nerissa's manipulations and is forced to join the Knights of Vengeance in order to survive. The one person who has so far shown Jade more concern and respect than anyone else on Meridian is Raythor, the Knights' leader and Phobos' loyal servant. His much better treatment of Jade (in comparison to the heroes, who almost killed and locked her up for life) has earned him her liking and respect.
    • Later we get a literal example of this trope. When Jade gives some food to Sniffer, the dog's owner, the Tracker (another Knight of Vengeance) unexpectedly helps Sniffer adjust to Jade so that they can interact with each other. And in the next chapter, Jade plays with Sniffer without the Tracker interfering anyhow.
  • Gerald Langer from the Mass Effect series Uplifted. He's a Nazi, literally. An anti-Semitic, homophobic Waffen SS officer who took in a young Joachim Hoch and raised him as his own son, and probably the only reason Joachim didn't end a complete sociopath. He is one of the most genuinely caring characters in the series.
  • Luminosity: Santiago works for the Volturi, who are...not nice people. And yet, she appears to genuinely care about everyone she works with, to the point of giving children dance lessons and needing Chelsea to cut a bond to a human so she doesn't mourn too much.
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC. Green Goblin seems to actually care for Harley Quinn, and gets angry whenever the Joker hits her.
  • The My Little Pony/Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover Chaotic Harmony: Sonic is a huge Jerkass thanks to no action over the course of a year. He completely ruined Cream's birthday party, split all ties with his friends, and thought about deserting his friends in Ponyville after they were transported via Chaos Control. But even after all of that, he couldn't resist helping Rarity finding her missing goggles that she needed to finish her design. (That Sonic helped model, no less.)
  • In the A Song of Ice and Fire fanfic, Times Like These, gives a surprising one to Aerys of all people. Apparently, Aerys had a portrait of Steffon Baratheon, Robert's Father, as a babe placed in the Throne Room, because Steffon was loyal and, considering Aerys' state of mind, states that he misses him! Stannis was surprised to see the portrait in such a public place to say the least when shown.
  • The Nuptialverse: Near the end of Families, Olive Branch admits that he was planning on reporting Speedy Delivery's abuse of Scootaloo as soon as the latter was no longer needed. The author points out that this doesn't make Olive Branch a good pony; he just has a shred of decency.
  • Christine Hargensen might have been a mean Alpha Bitch who enjoys tormenting her classmates, but in the Carrie fanfic "BF Fs?" she appears to be a caring friend - even going so far as to cuddle one of her clique when she has a nightmare.
  • A series of Casper fics, the Whipstaff Tales, are basically one big series of pet the dog moments for The Ghostly Trio. Stretch in particular, who ends up in a rather sweet uncle/niece relationship with Kat's daughter, Amy.
  • The Rise of the Guardians story, Lullabies, has a moment for Pitch. While he only gave the Guardians parenting advice because his daughter asked him to, he really didn't have any personal gain in saving Jamie and Jack from drowning.
  • An In-Universe example in the Star Trek: The Original Series fanfic Heroes: observing Kirk's gentleness with Spock makes Surak hopeful that he's "a warrior by profession, not at heart."
  • Safe and Sound, a Star Trek fic, has Khan adopting Lucille Harewood after she loses her mother. While he considered her as a replacement for the child he lost, it's still rather sweet considering who this guy is.
  • In The Havoc Side of the Force while Harry does come across as a Jerk Ass at points (partially due to being a Fish Out of Temporal Water), his first actions after completing a successful job with Anakin is to take a job to Tatooine so Anakin can buy his mother's freedom with his cut of the profits.
  • In A Cure for Love Light has a big pet the dog moment when he calls up his Astraea contacts and chews them out for their attempt on L's life, obviously being very protective of L.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, a pair of Heel-Face Turns result in some metaphorical puppy-cuddling.
    • Jackie helps an aged Maya with research on the extranet. Her whole contribution to various starship designs may also count.
    • Mad Moxxi taking in Jackie—sure, she had another motive but considering Pandora's tendency toward Crapsack World status it was more than most others managed.
    • Garrus beats the crap out of some criminals, being more of an Anti-Hero than Samantha Shepard, paragon. In the same stroke, he convinces a wannabe-criminal Street Urchin who was tagging along with them to seek a better life.
    • For someone programmed to destroy things, Sarah shows an odd proclivity toward caring about the students who volunteered to be transformed back into Living Batteries, since worrying about "hurting" people would be the last thing one would expect the queen of Might Makes Right to concern herself with. She also steals a ship and destroys security systems...but deliberately avoids killing guards while making her escape as obvious as possible. Nimitz theorizes the Siren has done this on purpose.
  • In Mega Man Recut, Wily considers killing Proto Man to stop him from becoming The Starscream, but decides against it and admits to himself that he likes Proto Man as a friend.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, ProtoMan does this more and more as the series goes on.
    • Even Wily gets one in a twisted way when he attacks an hallucination of his father after it threatens ProtoMan.
    • Wily invokes and weaponizes this in Episode 11, using a hug with Bass to hurt ProtoMan.
  • In A Black Heart before he heads to Soul Society Ichigo, who's an unrepentant mass-murderer, calls up his accountant and tells them that unless he gives them explicit instructions otherwise within the next two weeks, to transfer everything he owns to his adoptive sister Tatsuki.
  • In The Illusive Emperor, Britannia is a remarkably popular Pilgrimage destination for Quarians due to being one of the few places in the galaxy that treats them well. Naturally, Ambassador Euphemia li Britannia petitions for them to be allowed a new homeworld every time Britannia discovers a new dextro-based planet.
  • Naruto and Xanna in the Reaching for a Dream series tend to be Trolls or Jerkasses to most people they meet. But in Sekirei? Is that some new species of little sister?, both treat Akitsu very well and make sure to assure her that they never intend to replace her. Several characters note that regardless of what she's doing, Akitsu always looks happier when she's near one or both of them.
    • In the sequel, Xanna promises to Akitsu (at her request) to kill the Sekirei in her sleep if they ever tire of her. Since Akitsu views abandonment as a Fate Worse Than Death, this basically guarantees she'll be happy for the rest of her life.
  • In I Against I, Me Against You, Grif actually becomes a pretty nice guy around Fluttershy, but only because she reminds him of how Sister used to be when they were kids.
    • South of all characters gets this as she dies, seeming to express sincere regret at what she's done and giving Delta's message to Twilight.