Super-Cute Super-Powers

Some powers are cool, some are awesome, some are lame, some are strange, and some powers are made of pink faeries and glitter! This is a trope for any power that can be described as very, very, girly. Such as:

This doesn't necessarily mean that the user is a girl, just that the power/s have a certain sort of girlyness to them. Sometimes the super cute power is parodied in-universe by showing itself to be useless, leading the other characters to exclaim "What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?". However, if the cutesy power is Badass, then it falls under Heart Is an Awesome Power.

Just about any Magical Girl counts, even Magical Girl Warriors, with sparkles, love hearts, frills and bubbles galore. Averting this tends to be the exception.

See also: Heart Beatdown (which tends to look cute, but it's not really a subtrope, since its concept is "weaponized power of love"), Care Bear Stare and Tastes Like Diabetes.

Girly Examples:

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    Anime & Manga Sunshine Glitter Attack! 
  • Bleach: Orihime Inoue's attacks with fairies made from her hairpins. Granted, her offensive fairy is a bit of a badass for a fairy and her potential abilities are among the greatest in the work, but on paper it's an exceedingly feminine ability.
    • Riruka of Fullbringers, whose power focuses around trapping people in a dollhouse full of cutesy toys. She also has a cutesy-looking ray gun-like weapon that transforms anyone she shoots with it into a harmless plush toy.
  • Sailor Moon: One power of particular note is the pink haired Sailor Chibi Moon's "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" that's every bit as feminine as it sounds.
  • Played With in the Lyrical Nanoha series: at the start of the original season, the eponymous protagonist is the Token Mini-Moe of her family and her powers manifest themselves in a pink-and-gold staff with a hot pink jewel that shoots pink beams. It then, however, turns out that little Nanoha is a stone-cold badass and her pink beams-o-friendship are weapons of mass destruction.
  • While most Puella Magi Madoka Magica characters avert this (Mami uses magically-created muskets, Kyoko uses a spear, Sayaka uses swords, and Homura uses real life weapons, including grenades and missiles) Madoka plays this 100% straight, with arrows of pink light being her signature weapon. This is to illustrate her All-Loving Hero status, and later her Messianic Archetype status.

    Comic-style super colour attack!!! 
  • Marvel Comics' Squirrel Girl can summon a flurry of squirrels to Zerg Rush an opponent. Though conceived as a Joke Character, Squirrel Girl has defeated Doctor Doom, Thanos and Deadpool, becoming a Memetic Badass in the process.
  • X-Men
    • "Dazzler: Disco Queen", whose mutant power is effectively to make shiny bright sparkling lights in time to music. In reality, her ability is turning sound into light and vice versa, which has staggering implications, but for the most part it's used for her disco image.
    • Jubilee's powers have been described as "sparkles" or "fireworks". When she gets good and pissed they can make explosions, making her an energy-blaster to rival Cyclops. They still look like cute fireworks.
  • Dagger of the Cloak & Dagger series can fling "light-knives" at foes, which can pierce armor and act like scalpels to "cut" the wickedness like tumors from her targets. These light-knife attacks appear wrenching and painful on impact, however.

    Video Game Pink Puffy Puppy Assault!!! 

    Webcomic unicorn blast! 

    Western Animation Pink Sprinkle Surprise! 
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The Elements of Harmony, the most powerful magic in Equestria, are powered by friendship, manifest as jewellery, and when activated fire what is essentially a colossal rainbow cannon, and in season 2 unleash a World-Healing Wave; it's the illustration of the show's Awesome Moments page for good reason.
    • The Sonic Rainboom, a legendary flight move that creates a rainbow explosion as it breaks the sound barrier.
    • Before unleashing their Rainbow Power attack on the Dazzlings, the Rainbooms battle the Dazzlings' spectral avatars with magical blasts depicted as showers of rainbows, diamonds, butterflies, and sparkles. The only reason these weren't enough to defeat the Dazzlings was because the movie's real protagonist hadn't yet joined the battle.
  • In SheZow, SheZow's powers wil not activate if Guy is wearing any colour other than pink. And these powers include the ability to generate hurricane force winds by fluttering his eyelashes.
  • The Phineas and Ferb episode "Meap-less in Seattle" has Meap and Mitch attacking each other with what Phineas describes as "really cute death rays."
  • Pink Raven from Teen Titans Go! is made of this trope. Down to farting on garbage and turning it into unicorns!
  • In South Park, Kenny of all people gets powers like these when he dresses up as a pretty princess. In the show, he becomes a Kawaisa anime girl who instantly charms other men with her extreme cuteness, while in the video game he uses rainbows and unicorns to attack. Subverted, in that said unicorn can impale him rather brutally if he fails his commands.