Schoolgirl Series

A subgenre of Slice of Life, Schoolgirl Series tend to revolve around a group of female classmates and their antics and adventures during and after school. Depending on how comedic they are, such series may feature a rather unusual school where highly unrealistic things happen. Having a Man Child teacher in control of a Wacky Homeroom is not uncommon in Schoolgirl Series though a Straight Man educator may be swapped in to form a contrast with the outrageous behavior of the main heroines. A Sensei-chan character may be thrown into the mix in order to incorporate some kind of friendly adult perspective.

Schoolgirl Series can also have more serious or romantic elements, but are similar in how their main focuses are on the day-to-day activities of a group of girls in school and the friendships that grow through them. Sometimes there is a main heroine in the story and if that is the case, the series may have some Coming of Age elements.

Male characters may appear, but they rarely enter into the main cast and if they do they are outnumbered by female ones. Occasionally, this element is used to such a degree that one may wonder why Everybody is Single and yet people rarely mention relationships or dating in many of the more comedy-centered Schoolgirl Series.

In Japan, these kinds of series often overlap with Moe and almost always have men as their target demographic. Even so, Schoolgirl Series rarely delve into Fanservice.

Tropes Commonly Associated with Schoolgirl Series:


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • The Four Marys, a long-running strip in the Bunty girls' comic paper in Britain. It's about four girls named Mary that attend a girls' boarding school, and have (usually) age-appropriate adventures. Named male characters come from outside the school and generally appear for one story arc only.
  • W.I.T.C.H. is a mix between this and the Magical Girl genre, as the comics focus as much on the five main characters' lives at home and school as their saving the world. The show focuses a little more on the "fighting evil" side while mixing in the Slice of Life elements as B-plots.


    Web Comics 
  • Destiny Fails Us revolves around a group of girls making their way through their final years of high school.

    Western Animation 
  • My Little Pony Tales could essentially be described as this. It was a Slice of Life with Funny Animal ponies about characters who were regularly seen attending school. There were a couple of token guys, but most of them were girls.