Is The Answer To This Question "Yes"?

"Does a bear poop in the woods?"

The standard form is "Is the sky blue?" Another commonly-parodied question is "Is the Pope Catholic?" There are several vulgar (but funny) versions. The kiddie version is "Does a bear poo in the woods?" (Adults use it too, but with stronger language, or mixing it up with the above versions for amusement). Bonus points if someone then points out a relevant exception to the obvious statement.

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    Comic Books 
  • In one Archie Comics story, Jughead asks Reggie if he likes money. Reggie replies, "Is there snow at the North Pole?"
  • In the first Spider-Man-Superman Intercontinuity Crossover, when Superman leaves the fight against Doctor Octopus to stop a tsunami, he asks Spider-Man if he can handle things there. Spidey, snarky as ever, replies "Do Warner Brothers make films?" (which in a huge in-joke, had been a sister company of DC Comics for four years)

    Films — Animated 
  • Treasure Planet:
    Mr. Arrow: We're about to get under way. Would you like to observe the launch, Doctor?
    Doctor Doppler: Would I? Does an active galactic nucleus have superluminal jets?
    Doctor Doppler: [sheepishly] I'll follow you.
  • In Cars 2, Mater at one point asks "Is the Popemobile Catholic?" (We later see said Popemobile).
  • Phineas And Ferb Star Wars: At the Death Star, one worker asks if the other wants donuts and the other asks if Darth Vader wears a funny hat.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Ghostbusters 2:
    Ray: You think there's a connection between this Vigo character and the... slime?
    Egon: Is the atomic weight of cobalt 58.9?
  • In Free Willy, the owner of the park asks Jesse if he can have Willy ready to perform? He replies, "Do dogs pee on brick walls?"
  • Guest House Paradiso:
    Eddie: Is the Pope a catholic?
    Richie: Yes.
    Eddie: Is he? I never knew that.
  • In The Flintstones film, Fred answers a question (affirmatively) with, "Is the world flat?"
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze:
    Leo: You sure this will work?
    Mike: Is, like, Arnold Schwarzenegger hard to spell?
    Mike: Yeah.
  • From The Usual Suspects:
    Agent Kujan: You know a dealer named Ruby Deamer?
    Verbal Kint: You know a religious guy named John Paul?
  • In The Big Lebowski, the two most common American versions of this are combined by The Dude to make "Does the Pope shit in the woods?"
  • The hardware store owner in Ernest Scared Stupid had loads of these, using them in commercials to promote his store.
  • In The Smurfs...
    Patrick: You guys drink coffee?
    Papa Smurf: Is a smurf's butt blue?
  • Little Giants: When Becky asks Kevin if his daughter likes Junior, Kevin asks if Veronica likes Archie.

  • The Discworld Hold Your Hippogriffs versions are "Is the High Priest an Offlerian?" and "Does a swamp dragon explode in the woods?"
    • Susan uses "Does a bear poo in the woods?" in Thief of Time, with a footnote explaining that that's what teaching primary school does to you.
  • The Foundation prequels used "Is the Emperor fat?"
  • The Fourth Bear has "Do I shit in the woods?" (said by a bear, naturally).
  • In the Doctor Who-Sherlock Holmes crossover All-Consuming Fire, Ace says, "Does the pope wear a funny hat?" Watson, who met the pope earlier in the story, replies, "Not the last time I saw him."
    • In the Shakespearian Script Fic short story "The Trials of Tara" by Paul Cornell, one Taran uses "Is the Archimandrite's hat not silly?" As viewers of "The Androids of Tara" will know, yes, it is.
  • In one of The Savannah Reid Mysteries novels, Savannah asks her friend Dirk if he wants some ice cream. He begins with "Do bears sh-" and Savannah cuts him off, explaining that there's a minor in the house.
  • In the Redwall novel Martin the Warrior, Brome asks Felldoh if he'd like some cordial. Felldoh replies, "Does a fish like water?"
  • Marco from Animorphs has his own, whenever he's asked if he can do something: "Can King Kong climb?" He turns into a gorilla.
  • In the first Artemis Fowl book, when watching a tape, Root asks Foaly if he can zoom in on Artemis' face. Foaly responds, "Can a dwarf steal the web from under a spider?" Root replies "yes", and Foaly tells him that it was a rhetorical question.

    Live Action TV 
  • In one episode of Friends, one of Ross' girlfriends (Cheryl) asks him whether he'd like to come in, and he replies, "Did Homo erectus hunt with wooden tools?"
    • In another episode, Chandler is asked by a collegue whether he wants a cigarette. He responds: "Would Joey like two pizzas?" She doesn't get it, since she never met Joey.
    • And in another episode Phoebe is asked if her two boyfriends know about each other.
    'Phoebe: Does a dog's lips move when he reads?
    • The DVD version of "The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress" has one.
  • In Scrubs, JD answers a question with this:
    JD: Do chickens wish they could fly?
    Kevin Casey: I don't know.
    JD: Oh, I like to think that they do.
  • Kelly in Married... with Children mixes up the two most frequent examples, saying: "Is a bear Catholic?"
  • In the Red Dwarf episode Emohawk, when Starbug is on fire and Lister spots a planet with an ocean:
    Lister: Can you get us there?
    Cat: Does mouse shit roll?
  • In Will and Grace: "Does a gay bear have anonymous sex in the woods?"
  • In Trailer Park Boys when Randy asks if Bubbles' model rocket will really launch, Bubbles responds "Does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?" At ~3:05
  • In According to Jim, Jim uses "is the Pope Catholic" when his daughters ask if he can do a headstand. He has to explain that the Pope is Catholic, so that means yes.
  • In The Middleman, comic geek Wendy Watson asks "Does Usagi Yojimbo kick ass?" Yes. Yes it does.
  • In The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, in one episode, a teacher asks Cody if he's a bird watcher too. Cody responds with something like, "Do hummingbirds consume their own body weight in nectar every x number of hours?"
  • The Vicar of Dibley has a scene where Jim reveals that he's written to the Pope and asked him to make Geraldine a saint.
    Geraldine: The only problem is the Catholic issue.
    Geraldine: ...Yes, that's the problem. And I'm not.
    Jim: You're not?
    Geraldine: No, Jim, none of us are!
    Hugo: We're Church of England, Jim.
    Jim: Since when?
    Geraldine: Since 1534.
    Jim: Well, you learn something new everyday.
  • Played with in The Young Ones in a cutaway featuring two dim-witted policemen:
    Policeman 1: We had a row, and I said something about the Pope.
    Policeman 2: That's a bit stupid, you know she's Catholic.
    Policeman 1: Yeah, I know she's Catholic; I didn't know the Pope was.
  • In an episode of British cop show spoof Lazarus and Dingwall, when the titular officers (played by the same actors as in the Young Ones example above) attempt to question an unco-operative film director:
    Director: Does a bear shit in the woods?
    Lazarus: [clearly uncomfortable with this question] Well... If he can get to them in time he does. But if those woods are more than a fifty-yard bus ride away, forget it! He'd do it right where he was standing!
  • From the premiere of Moonlighting, Addison once says "Do fish swim? Do birds fly? Do ducks duck?"
  • In the Atlantis episode "Song of the Sirens".
    Pythagoras: Are you sure this is a good idea?
    Jason: Are the gods Greek?
  • Supernatural: Played with. Frank has some interesting notions on what is or isn't obviously true.
    Dean: Think you can crack it?
    Frank: Can a dog play poker?
    Dean: ...I don'tó
    Frank: [exasperated] The answer is "yes."
  • The Daily Show played on the familiarity of two such questions with, "Does the Pope shit in the woods?"

  • Carter USM, "Is Wrestling Fixed?"
    Am I un-H-A-P-P-Y? Does a newborn baby cry?
    Did Elvis really die? Did Little Red Riding wear a hood? Did the Three Bears shit in the wood?
    Is Humpty Dumpty fat? Does the Pope wear funny hats?
    Is wrestling fixed?
  • A classic subversion: Thomas Dolby's song "Airhead" from the album Aliens Ate My Buick has this lyric:
    "You ask me if I love you/Does the pope live in the woods?"
  • The Cole Porter song "Do I Love You?"
  • The Rowan Atkinson - Kate Bush song "Do Bears...?" has a chorus that is made up entirely of these, although as the song progresses it starts to include questions like "Is the Bible fiction? Is 'true love' a contradiction?"

    Newspaper Comics 
  • In the comic strip Nancy and Hugo, Nancy is inquiring whether Hugo finds her pretty. He responds with, "Does a leopard have spots?" She takes it as a yes; turns out he was doing biology homework.
  • In an early Garfield strip, Jon asks Garfield, "Did you ever think you could win a cat show?" Garfield responds, "Does a baby go goo?"
  • The Far Side had a cartoon in which one bear asks another: "Is the Pope catholic? Does a bear... well I know you do, Angelo." It couldn't be run in newspapers, so no Getting Crap Past the Radar here.

  • From one of Rick Mayall and Adrian Edmonson's Bottom stage shows:
    Richie: Oh, Eddie. Does my breath smell? [Breathes in Eddie's face]
    Eddie: ...Does the Pope shit in the woods?
    Richie: I don't know, why?
    Eddie: Because it smells like he's shat in your mouth.
  • From Nunsense 2. Sisters Regina and Hubert accidentally drink some sake and start getting tipsy.
    Hubert: I'm starting to feel a little dizzy. How about you?
    Regina: I feel divine. *takes a swig*
    Hubert: Are you sure?
    Regina: Am I sure? Is the bear Catholic? Does the pope poop in the woods?

    Video Games 
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, CJ has a tendancy to reply to Cesar Vialpando with, "Does the Pope shit in the woods?" whenever Cesar asks him if he was interested in making money by car racing. Confusion ensues.
    Cesar: Why you keep asking me that, holmes? I told you, I dunno. Where his Holiness does his business, is his business.
  • The answer to "Is the Pope Catholic?" occasionally gets subverted in Europa Universalis' After Action Reports. Hilarity Ensues.

    Web Animation 
  • In a rare example of "Is the answer to this question no?" comes this exchange from the Homestar Runner short "part-time job":
    Strong Bad: Uhh... say, Bubs. I'm gonna need now off. Is that cool?
    Bubs: Is Strong Sad cool?

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons:
    • Professor Frink used an obscure one ("Is Bismarck the capital of North Dakota?"), and the entire family turned blankly to Lisa, who told them yes, it was.
    • In the episode "Husbands and Knives", in which Bart is so impressed that Springfield's new comic book store owner (voiced by Jack Black) actually cared about his opinion that he asked if the guy was serious; he answers, "Does Galactus eat planets?"
  • In Futurama, the favored variant is, "Is the Space-Pope reptilian?"note 
  • Class of 3000 had an episode that used this as a running gag. One memorable instance involves Madison asking Sunny a question, only to have Sunny respond with "Is my shoe closet visible from space?" (Which it is.)
  • On Angela Anaconda, Angela asks Nicky if he's serious about them being cast in the Abatti's Pizza commercial. He replies, "Hey, is the Pope Italian?" Gina, of course, corrects him (then Pope John Paul II was Polish).
  • In South Park, Stan's grandpa uses the "Does the pope crap in the woods?" variant.
    • And Cartman's version: "Is the Pope Catholic? And making the world safe for child molesters?"
  • In Phineas and Ferb:
    Candace: Rubber ducks? Are you serious?
    Captain Kidd: Does a penguin fly?
    Candace: No.
    Captain Kidd: I'm tired of this conversation.
  • Sonic in Sonic SatAM makes use of this: "Is grass green? Is water wet? Do bears hibernate?". In one instance, Sonic was cut off just before the word "hibernate", which makes one wonder if that time they meant to evoke a different question involving bears.
  • In Sealab 2021 two executives from Grizzlebees combine the two most common variants in a very uncommon way
    Dan:Can you drive this thing?
    Don:Does a bear shit in the Pope's hat?
    Dan:Umm, yes?
  • In The Looney Tunes Show, after Lola skims a driving test guidebook, Bugs asks if she's really ready for the test. She answers, "Does a red light mean 'go'?"
  • In Batman Beyond:
    Max: Do you think there's a connection?
    Terry: Is Jar-Jar lame?
  • In Chowder:
    Chowder: You know a lot about women, right?
    Mung Daal: Is a frozen forbinplam purple?
    Chowder: ...
    Mung Daal: Yes. Yes, I do.


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