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Have fun smelling my poops, bitches!

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     Season 1 
Episode 1: The New Girl
  • Trisha being concerned about who's watching the door while Deandra and Mackenzie are arguing.
  • The noises Deandra makes while she's in the bathroom stall.
  • "Have fun smelling my poops, bitches!"

Episode 2: French Class
  • Brittnay's complete and utter hatred of Saison Marguerite and her tendency to say "how you say" before words she "clearly" understands, including French words.
    Brittnay: Really?! You're really asking how to say "ménage à trois?" IT'S A FUCKING FRENCH WORD YOU LITTLE BITCH!
  • Brittnay informing Saison that she also lets boys "fuck her in her butthole" and not her "growler."
    • "What the fuck is a growler?"
  • Brittnay yells at Rachel Tice when she starts talking about Gossip Girl, and tells her to "go eat a roly-poly like [she] did in the goddamn third grade". Rachel then starts crying and runs away. Brittnay's reaction?

Episode 3: Sister Act
  • All three of the Van Burens coming into the bathroom and asking the same question.
    Van Burens: Where the fuck is Mackenzie Zales!?
  • And when Mikayla comes in, Trisha still wonders who's watching the door and how a nine year-old got in.
  • Trisha throwing up in the stall when Cameron Van Buren, the most popular girl in the Blue Valley School District, says hi to her.
  • Shay Van Buren stopping mid-sentence to cover her nose and commenting that the bathroom smells terrible to which Mackenzie tells Shay that somebody literally just pooped in there.
  • Cameron threatening to tell all the colleges that Mackenzie applied to that she eats dick burritos if she doesn't apologize to Shay.
    • Mikayla also threatening that she'll tell the elementary school that Mackenzie's younger sister has cooties.
    Mikayla: You know Mackenzie, it'd be a shame if your sister fell down a flight of STAIRS!!
    • By the way, the "dick burritos" line is a Throw It In by Cameron's actor.

Episode 4: The Most Popular Boys In School
  • Than. Just... Than.
    Than: State, huh? More like, uh, gay.
  • This exchange:
    Than: Fuck you.
    Matthew: Suck my dick.
    Than: Okay.
    Matthew: What??
    Than: Drop trou'. I'll suck your dick right now!
    Matthew: (backs away) Dude, that was an expression. Right, am I right? That's an expression, right, guys? (the guys murmur assent) Not an invitation.
    Than: I'll suck ALL your dicks! Go 'head, push 'em together like a little sandwich, OMNOMNOMNOMNOM. I'm hungry for LUNCH!
  • This exchange:
    Than: You're gay!
    Tanner: Yeah, so?
    Matthew: We accept you, bro.

Episode 5: $57 Lunch
  • Deandra's big lunch order that ends up being a total of fifty-seven dollars.
    (in reaction to the total, simultaneously)
    Shay Van Buren: What the FUCK?
    Cameron Van Buren: Holy shit!
  • When Mikayla Van Buren introduces herself to Deandra in episode 5.
    Deandra: Jesus Christ! Is that a fucking gremlin!?
    Mikayla Van Buren: No ... I'm a third grader!
    Deandra: Whatever, just no one feed that fucking thing after midnight.
  • Cameron specifically referring to the war with the cheerleaders as a blood feud with "those DNA guzzling cheerleaders".
  • On the news of Mikayla having head-lice, Lunch-Lady Belinda snaps:
    Lunch Lady Belinda: Excuse me, I will cut a bitch if I find any lice in my chilli.

Episode 6: The Letter Zero
  • Brittnay talking with her mother on the phone about her yeast infection.
    Brittnay: "I don't know, mom! WHY DON'T YOU ASK THE BREAD LOAF THAT'S BAKING IN MY VAGINA!?"
  • When Brittnay meets Deandra:
    Deandra: Hey.
    Brittnay: Fuck off.

Episode 7: The Least Popular Girls In School
  • Pretty much everything Bridget Tice says.
    • Specifically, what she says to Judith.
    Judith: H-hey, Bridget. H-how's it going?
    Bridget: Well, I'm 27 and I'm still living with my parents in Overland Park, I have an art history degree from a night school, my cat just died, I've lost twenty-five percent control of my sphincter muscles, I get a clicking sound in my jaw when I eat, I drive a 91 Dodge Neon, I have ovarian cysts, sometimes I pee the bed still, I have alopecia. The only man who wants to fuck me is my 48 year-old manager at Pizza Street. PS: He only has one ball. So I guess...better than you.
  • This:
    Bridget: I'm gonna go watch Girls.
    Rachel: [worried] Gossip Girl?!
    Bridget: No, Girls. On HBO. S'like Gossip Girl but with more tits.

Episode 8: Third Grade
  • Throughout the show, all of the characters have mentioned certain events that happened in the third grade. The fact that said events are finally shown in this episode is hilarious.
  • Even at nine years-old, Matthew Derringer had a really deep voice.
  • Tanner's "speech inpwediment".
    Matthew: Figure out how to speak. You're nine years-old, god dammit!
  • Brittnay yells at Matthew for hitting Shay with his Ryan Cabrera promotional hacky sack and ends up beating him up for it. This somehow leads to the two making out.
  • When Shay gets hit.

Episode 9: Semen on Root Beer
  • The episode opens with the cheerleaders in the bathroom having explosive diarrhea because Shay Van Buren mixed laxatives in their drinks. The whole scene and their lines are hysterical.
    Brittnay: Oh my God, I feel like I'm having an abortion!
    Mackenzie: Why would God do this to me??
    Trisha: Ehhhhhhhhh SQUIRTLE!
    Mackenzie: How the fuck did this happen??
    Trisha: (stops pooping) I think someone may have put laxatives in our pre-Pep Rally energy drinks... (starts pooping) HIGHGUYGONNAMUFFIN!!!
    Brittnay: Really, Trisha? Really? YOU THINK?!
    Trisha: Well, I mean, that's just my best guess; I really couldn't say for sure without doing a— (starts pooping) WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH!!
    Mackenzie: GODDAMN YOU, SHAY VAN BUREN!!!!!!
  • Shay and Mikayla arguing over how much Ex-Lax to put in the cheerleaders' drinks:
    Shay: Mikayla, I'm six feet tall and I weigh a hundred and five pounds, I think I know how to mix Ex-Lax into a drink.
    Mikayla: If you put too much in, the Ex-Lax will just sit on top, like semen on root beer.
    • Then it turns out Mikayla is right, according to her mother.
    Jayna: Listen, girls, if you mix in too much of the Ex-Lax, it'll just sit on top, like ... well, semen on root beer.
    Mikayla: I told you!
    Shay: [under her breath] Shut up, lice-head.
  • Mackenzie screaming "Get Out...! GET. OUT OF. MEEE!!"; Kate Frisbee even says that particular line was her favorite improvisation moment.
  • The cheerleaders announcing that they need to fuck Shay Van Buren's life.
    Mackenzie: Fuck it right in the ass!
    Brittnay: No lube!
    Trisha: Fisting!
    Deandra: With a big, black dildo!
    Mackenzie: THE BIGGEST.

Episode 10: Gay Van Buren
  • Brittnay's continuing annoyance with Saison and Blaine.
    Blaine: Oh, Saison. I wanted to know... do you want to go to prom with me?
    Saison: Oh, Blaine. How you say, oui.
    *Cut to Brittnay banging her head against the lockers*
    Saison: Oh, hello, Britt-a-nee. Is everything, eh, bon?
    Brittnay: Oh, it's just fine, Saison. I was just trying to put myself into a coma so I wouldn't have to listen to the two of you dipshits tryin' to talk and breathe at the same time.
  • The sounds Trisha and Matthew Deringer make while french kissing.
  • Brittnay's distrust of Deandra turning into a rant about one of her exes to no one in particular.
    Brittnay: I'm telling you, I don't trust that bitch.
    Trisha: Um, Brittnay, you don't trust anybody.
    Brittnay: Yeah, with good reason! The last girl we trusted was Taylor McDevitt!
    Mackenzie: Oh Jesus...
    Brittnay: We're supposed to be having a fun day at the Overland Park Community Center Pool. I turn my back for one second and Taylor's playing "Hide the Finger" with my FUCKING BOYFRIEND in the Lazy River!
    Trisha: I could totally go for a swim right now.
  • Gay van Buren. It will haunt her forever...
  • Deandra's reaction the fact that she has been nominated for Prom Queen.

Episode 11: Deandra's Arms
  • Cameron and Brittnay's little insult battle.
    Cameron Van Buren: Oh hey, Brittnay, I didn't smell you there. How's your chlamydia circus doing?
    Brittnay: Oh, it's fucking gone thanks for asking! How's your fucking cock-eyed nipple?!
    Cameron Van Buren: It's looking both ways. I heard you farted in biology and it smelled like your dad's dick.
    Brittnay: Heard your fourth abortion was free. Gotta love those free punch cards!
  • Trisha's completely epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Ashley Katchadourian at the end of episode 11 is one of the most simultaneously awesome, heartwarming and funny moments in stop motion history.
    Ashley Katchadourian: Oh hey Trisha, Jenna Dapananian said you wanted to see me.
    Trisha: Ashley. Katchadourian. You were supposed to be watching the door.
    Ashley Katchadourian: Oh, no, I know, it's just my family and I we went to Pearl Harbor for 2 weeks, so that's kind of a thing we do every year. Didn't you get the vacation request form I submitted before I-
    Trisha: You... were supposed to be watching the door...
    Ashley Katchadourian: Well, yeah, I know, but I submitted the form and I was going to-
    Trisha: You were supposed... to be watching the door! Ashley Katchadourian!!!
    Ashley Katchadourian: Um, Trisha, are you ok-
    Ashley Katchadourian: Really, Trisha, I-
    Ashley Katchadourian:: Okay, but-but I was-
    Ashley Katchadourian:: Uh- I....was at Pearl Harbor.
    Ashley Katchadourian:: *cries and runs away*
    Trisha: LIVE WITH THAT!
    • In the extra credits addition to this episode, some of Trisha's rejected lines are equally funny, which include her screaming about Deandra getting shots from a doctor, screams "AND NOW... I HAVE TWO BASEBALL BATS IN MY HANDS", saying that Ashley "rammed the goat" by going to Pearl Harbor, defining what just happened as a "shit show" and that people died today, and then finally:
      Ashley (crying): I-I was at Pearl Harbor!
    • Then there are the outtakes of Brittnay and Cameron's fight, which include Cameron saying "I'm not the one who's vagina fucking slurps up all the oxygen like a black hole."
      Brittnay: I heard your fourth abortion was free. Gotta love those fucking punch cards, right?
      Cameron: Mmm yeah, I didn't want to be your step-mom.

Episode 12: Prom Pt. 1
  • When Saison Marguerite is now turn to take a picture with her prom date, Lunch Lady Belinda sighs for a million years.
    • Blaine prepares a speech for Saison...
    Lunch Lady Belinda: For a picture!?
  • Theme of the prom: All Dogs Go to Heaven Under the Sea, in Hawaii.
  • Brittnay telling Trisha that Ashley Katchadorian was indeed in charge of the snacks.
    Brittnay: Uhm, you know she's in charge of snacks...right?
    Trisha: Wait, what?
    Brittnay: Ashley in charge of snacks.
    Justin: Jenna Darabond is in charge of the door.
    Trisha: (horrified) Oh my God. I've made a terrible mistake.
    • Prior to that, Trisha had made Brittnay make out with Justin, Ashley's boyfriend.
  • Bridget Tice meeting Tanner Christensan's Camp Gay boyfriend Tristan McKee.
    Tristan: You're probably familiar with Tanner's work. Well, probably not in the way I'm familiar with it. I'm talkin' about sex. Sweetie, what's the name of that thing you are again?
    Tanner: I'm the quarterback of the football team, Tristan.
    Tristan: So much technical jargon! Jesus Louises, leave us ladies in the kitchen where we belong, right Red? I'm just kidding, obvi!
    Bridget: I'm being paid fifty dollars to stand here, not to talk to Rip Taylor's bottom. Go away now.
    Tristan (laughing): God isn't she great?! She's like the love child of Daria and Miranda from Sex and the City!
  • Bridget meeting Brittnay:
    Bridget: Hello, and welcome t—
    Brittnay: Fuck off. (walks away)
    Bridget: Don't mind if I do. (walks away)

Episode 13: Prom Pt. 2
  • Granted, the entire series could be considered as one, but certain moments stand out such as Lunch Lady Belinda's fangirl screech at the start of episode 13.
  • Lunch Lady Belinda and Bridget Tice converse about Cameron Van Buren:
    Lunch Lady Belinda: She is so eloquent.
    Bridget: You smell like maple syrup and meat.
    Lunch Lady Belinda: What did your father do to you?
  • Mackenzie finally has enough after the football team starts their totally random dance routine and interrupts the announcement of prom queen:
    Mackenzie: Enough! Get OFF my stage!
    Matthew Derringer: Uh actually-
    Mackenzie: GETOFFMYSTAGE!!!
    Matthew Derringer: Yeahokayweregonnagetoffthestage.
    Mackenzie: I have been waiting all night-
    Trisha: Uh actually we've only been waiting for like thirty or forty-
    Mackenzie: Shut UP, Trisha! I have been waiting my entire life for one moment, and that moment keeps getting pushed back by dance routines, armless girls, and the bickering of blond idiots, oh and whatever the FUCK that is!
    Tristan: Oh me? I'm a Pisces but keep going I am loving this, you are so presh!
    Brittnay: Okay, I know you did NOT just-
    Mackenzie: SAVE IT, JUDAS!
    Cameron: I'm sorry, do you know who the FUCK you're talking to?!
    Mackenzie: DO YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK YOU'RE TALKING TO?! I am Mackenzie Zales! Head cheerleader, homecoming queen, PART-TIME MOTHERFUCKING MODEL!

     Season 2 
Episode 14: Pregnant
  • New character Desmond's debut screaming at leftover poop in the girl's bathroom, calling it "demon poop" and threatening it to:
    Desmond: You stay away from me and you stay away from the children!
    • Especially considering his ridiculously odd Jamaican accent.
  • Trisha's horrified reaction to discovering someone left a positive pregnancy test on the floor of the girl's bathroom, after mistaking it for an iPod shuffle.
    Tisha: Oh, oh right, wait WHAT? WHAT?! Oh... NO. NO! NO!
  • The Running Gag of Brittnay getting punched in the stomach. Such as the first time:
    Brittnay: What the fuck?!
    Trisha: You are one of my very best friends and I can not stand by and let you throw your life away like this! You're too young! You're too beautiful!
  • How Deandra chose her mis-matched prosthetic arms.
    • The flashback showing how she wanted to look human/robotic is also a Call Back to how she wanted either diet coke or strawberry shake.
  • Mackenzie Zales exclaiming "Jesus Fucking Yellow Penguins!" when she thinks Shay Van Buren is pregnant.
    • The fact that Mackenzie discretely called Shay a bitch by saying "we heard the Van Buren family is adding another pup to their litter."
  • Brittnay's utter euphoria when she learns the pregnancy test belonged to Saison Marguerite and she's having Blaine's baby, which she finds so completely hilarious she gets down on her knees and announces she's no longer an atheist, telling God he can "do with [her] as you will!" in thanks to making this the best day of her life.
  • The cheerleaders trying to determine which one of them is pregnant - it can't be Brittnay because she's saving her vag-ginity for somebody special, Trisha's boyfriend has no penis or testicles, and Mackenzie is in the middle of her period (known to the other girls as "Shark Week").

Episode 15: The New Reality
  • Bridget Tice huffs paint fumes with homeless men behind the Ambica Food supermarket just to feel alive.
  • Judith greeting the cheerleaders as if they were friends.
    Judith: Hey, what's up sluts?
  • There's something comically suspicious about Ashley Katchadourian.

Episode 16: Fatherhood
  • Matthew tries to teach Blaine how to take care of his baby by using a football as a simulation of said baby. He keeps throwing it.
    Matthew: (football narrowly misses his head) Was that the goddamn baby!?
  • Than, yet again, disturbs the football team in the locker room with his Transparent Closet-ness and Accidental Innuendos.
    • To prove that he's straight, he asks Brittnay to have sex with him... and she agrees but only to make Blaine jealous... wow, she never let that go—that's, like, since Episode 2.
  • Blaine thinking Saison's going to have the baby tomorrow- when she only found out she was pregnant the day before. He's got, like, 9 months.
    Blaine: Nine months? That's like two years!
    Matthew: Not even close.

Episode 17: Justice And A Slim Jim
  • Cameron arrives at the Van Buren home and, of course, greets with the signature "Hiiii!" and then her whole family follows, resulting in some sort of harmonic, acapella like, Valley Girl call; one's voice following the other then another.
    • And if you listen closely during the "Hiiii", you can hear someone laughing.
    • For another Cameron moment, she first tells her family she just broke up with her 29 year-old boyfriend...for a brand new, 31 year-old one.
    Cameron: Suck it, bitches!!
    (The whole family cheers)
  • The mere implication that Shay brought home many girls so she could investigate their vaginas. Jesus Christ...
  • This bit for it's randomness:
    (after all of them gasped when they found out that Shay was inviting Deandra for dinner)
    Mrs. Van Buren: Wait, why am I gasping? I already knew that.
    Shay: Mom, are you talking to yourself again?
    Mrs. Van Buren: Girls night!
  • Apparently, when Mrs. Van Buren was sober, she made her children... pray?
  • Shay's "plan" on how to purchase wine:
    Shay: Just this for today.
    Blake: I'm gonna need to see some ID—
    Shay: Never mind.
  • Cameron then tries her plan to buy the wine. Said plan is showing her boobs to the cashier.
    • Then it's revealed that the cashier was her ex-boyfriend in high school whom she dumped for her 29 year-old boyfriend.
  • After the rest of the sisters failed to successfully purchase it, Deandra decides to take matters into her own hands—her robotic one, might I add—and threatens Blake to sell it to her or she'll sell his organs to the black market for the delay that's getting in the way of her, supposed to be eating dinner right about now.
    • Even better, moments later she decides to buy herself some snacks; specifically, some Funions, a Slim Jim, and a Twix... no, Snickers... no, Twix... no, I don't wanna ruin my appetite... both..."
  • Mikayla threatens Shay after she eats the last pack of Gushers, telling her to "sleep with one eye open". Mrs. Van Buren warns her about making threats she can't keep. When Mikayla assures her mother that she will keep it...
  • The fact that Deandra automatically assumed that she'll be eating a dinner of "chicken-fried prime rib" at the Van Burens despite the fact that A: no one has ever made any mention of it, B: Cameron has no idea what chicken-friend prime rib is, and C: Mrs. Van Buren apparently only knows how to make corn dogs.

Episode 18: Atchison
  • We first see Mackenzie in the doctor's to see what's up with the bald spot. First, she had always thought up until now that you couldn't get pregnant in water, oh Jesus... At the same time, she mistakes FPB for a sexually transmitted disease and her reaction when the doctor revealed what it really means.
    Mackenzie: What. the. FUCK?
    Mackenzie: (laughs) Well, that's the first time I've ever heard a man say that.
    • She's then asked if she always finds herself in a stressful environment. We're treated to a flashback of Mackenzie's Christmas, Prom Night (her Villainous Breakdown scene), and at the launders when trying to get the stain off her uniform. Her reply: "Okay, maybe a little..."
    • The doctor said it's not too late and nobody might've noticed it... Mackenzie thinks otherwise.
    Mackenzie: Oh trust me, (aside glance) everybody has noticed.
  • The introduction of the new characters—the cheerleaders from Atchison—with the first one being Taylor McDevitt (specially mentioned in Episode 10).
    • Then finally, the girls completely show up with Trisha mentioning Tanya Berkowitz and 'some other girl'.
  • Brittnay's reaction to Tanya's... "insult".
    Brittnay: Suck my dick, you cunt.
    Tanya: (gasp) Wow, Brittnay. Aha, nice language. Who taught you to speak? Sailors?
    (The Atchison cheer squad laughs)
    Brittnay: ...The fuck?
  • Trisha explains the laws that govern the malls of the great state of Kansas:
  • The conversation between Trisha and Trisha, the two not finding out that they both have the same names until all the girls loudly exclaimed "TRISHA!!!" Then they discuss if they spell it with a T in the beginning.
  • Just... this line:
    Brittnay: "Conflicted"? Mackenzie what the fuck is your deal? Tell these cum-hungry demon whores to go fuck themselves with the pointy ends of their grandfathers cocks!
  • Brittnay describes them talking to the cheerleaders as if they're arguing with the cast of DuckTales, which then leads to Tanya's closing sentence that they'd be so lucky to argue with anyone from DuckTales and then describing Scrooge McDuck who is worth 4.4 billion dollars and despite having "fragile baby duck bones", still manages to dive in to a pile of coins every single day.
    Brittnay: (Beat) What the fuck does duck bones have to do with anything?
  • When Taylor nearly loses it after Brittnay comments about her... gag reflex. The actress' delivery is perfect.
    Taylor: My what? Uh-uh, oh hell naw, LOOK HERE BITCH
    Tanya: Taylor!
  • And then this line:
    Taylor: We'll see you at Nationals, Brittnay, where rest assured, I will be opening a can of whoop-butt on you! *leans in close and whispers* And by butt, I mean ass, as in the ass I'm gonna be fucking you in, bitch.
  • And again Ashley Katchadourian trying to help other people with overthrowing the cheerleaders. Especially Trisha.

Episode 19: Reality Bites
  • Lunch Lady Belinda's back! She reminds Saison that she cannot sell anything that she cannot spell. She suggests rolls which she spelled as "R-O-O-L-S".
    • "Oh wow, look; they're making reality shows about French people now? What's it called? 'Put your oui oui in my poo poo'?"
  • Saison is starring in a reality TV show called "Babes Having Babies". The producer describes that it's like 16 and Pregnant but with hot chicks.
  • Brittnay, no matter how much she has to suffer, is willing to pretend to be Saison's best friend so she could be on TV. No matter how many times she has to hear Saison "how you say" before every word she knows.
  • Belinda causing Squick in the Producer.
    Belinda: Have you ever thought about producing an exposé on the secret lives of lunch ladies? I call it: "Meat Flaps".
    Producer: Nope. Not once. Not ever. I just threw up in my mouth. Please stop talking to me, and walk away.
  • Amberlynn Weggers, though has a brief appearance (as always), manages to lighten up someone's mood again.
    Lunch Lady Belinda: Oh, you are the calm breeze in my fuckstorm of a life that I'm living. Thank God, we're having hotdogs today.
  • All of Saison's favorite things when Shay asked Brittnay about them.
  • The producer asks for three of the girls to kiss and say "We're having a baby!". They all say in unison with Saison coming behind due to saying "how you say" again.
  • The producer notices that every girl in the school are attractive...
    (cue Judith Dinsmore and Rachel Tice walking by)
    Judith: Heyyyyy!
    Producer: Spoke too soon. Man, I'm just barfing all day today.
  • Shay Van Buren suggesting a spin-off of her own series. Her story began with saying that she was born into a dynasty of high school socialites up until ripping up the arms of one of her friends.
    TV Producer: Who the fuck would wanna watch a show like that?
  • Brittnay bangs her head in the locker. It was a long day. Than joins in.

Episode 20: Babes Having Babies
  • Trisha's hilariously horrible attempt at insulting Shay van Buren after Mackenzie already gave a good insult.
    Mackenzie: I always assumed you just poured your food directly into the toilet just to save yourself the step.
    Trisha: Ha ha, yeah I thought usually put your your butt...cause um...
    Mackenzie: Trisha, are you having a stroke or-
    Trisha: No, no, no, no, you put your food in your butt, and then you...poop...
    Mackenzie: Trisha no.
    Trisha: You poop from your butt and...I'm sorry...
    Mackenzie: Mine was better, just leave it.
  • Trisha's ongoing freak out over her belief that she is either in Inception or The Matrix. Later followed up with her being told she is not on a show, as the links to subscribe to the YouTube channel pop up around her, leading her to beg the viewers to subscribe or keep watching or she'll die when the show ends.
  • Shay Van Buren's rather apt description of Brittnay Matthews:
    Shay: Brittnay Matthews is not my friend. Brittnay Matthews is a monster. If Satan himself crawled out of hell, landed on earth, and vowed to destroy all of humanity with a fiery apocalyptic plague, Brittnay Matthews would *BLEEP* him in the ass with his own pitchfork until he bled out and died. And if that doesn't paint a clear enough picture of her, I once saw her watch an entire sneezing panda video without cracking a smile once. I will not stop until she is revealed once and for all for being the two-time, potato-mouthed whore bag that she is.
    • This is mixed in with her passive aggressively screwing with Mackenzie and baiting Brittnay to have a nervous breakdown over Saison's... well over Saison period, leading up to her having a Cluster F-Bomb on camera.
    • Yet despite that, Shay suddenly asked to both Saison and Blaine if they want to watch Dora the Explorer.
  • Brittnay's assertions that Saison suffers from clinical denial and suffering from delusions of being from France, and then politely saying she watches over Saison like a little, female dog, which is known as a bitch, so technically Saison is a bitch.
  • Brittnay punching Than on the stomach. Really, Than, it's not a good idea to suddenly approach your girlfriend who just got out of a hissy-fit. Especially Brittnay.
  • The first thing Blaine asks Brittnay when he shows up to the lunch table in the nicest tone.
    Blaine: Hey Brittnay! Are you here to yell at us again?

Episode 21: Cheer Practice
  • Jenna Dapananian's utter confusion about the situation with the rivaling cheer squad. It doesn't help that Mackenzie's saying things that would've made sense in context. Can't blame her though, we never got to see her back then.
  • Mackenzie ends up Chewing the Scenery after her Soapbox Sadie speech.
    Mackenzie: Let the world know that they may take our hair, but they will NEVER take our HOLLISTERRRR!!!
    Brittnay: Steve Madden!
    Trisha: Sbarro!
    Jenna: Uh, Clair— no, um... Ann Taylor's... loft...! Lofts!
  • The cheer squad forming a pyramid... then falling all over themselves.
    • Also, their reactions to the accident:
    Brittnay: MOTHERFUCKER!!
    Trisha: Yup, that's a hernia.
    • Meta example: There's also the fact that the sudden switch from Stop Motion to merely a bunch of dolls stacked up and then collapsing makes it somehow doubly hilarious.
  • Ashley Katchadourian is such a Bad Liar. And it's official; she's plotting something with the Atchison High cheer squad.
    • No hard feelings at all between Trisha and Ashley.
  • For another random Trisha moment— seriously, she should get her own page in here.
    Trisha: What was the name of the Disney Channel show that Shia LeBouf was on?
    Deandra: Even Stevens.
    Trisha: Thank you... That has been bothering me all day. (To the others) It's Even Stevens guys!
    Ashley and Jenna: Oohhh...
    • The way she said, "thank you" in a really deep, drawn-out voice made it even funnier.
  • The implications of Deandra's Dark and Troubled Past and her outrage over being told there was pie when there is no pie.

Episode 22: Miss Cinnabon
  • Who knew Deandra's arm also acted as a Captain's Log?
    Deandra: Note to self: corndogs and Mountain Dew, do not mix.
  • Trisha 2's overall paranoia on everything she hears.
    • Her terrified gasps, for some reason.
    Trisha: Am I a Ghost Whisperer?
    Tanya: Trisha!
    Trisha: What?
    Tanya: There's no way you'd be the ghost whisperer(...) She's talking about the other Trisha.
    Trisha: (gasp) The other Trisha is a ghost whisperer?
  • Ashley Katchadourian's "psst"-ing to the Atchison cheer squad to get their attention. Made funnier when she makes it louder, leading to a very impatient sounding "psst!" which sounded like "PSST-UH!!" and "PUH-SSST-UHH!!!!"; the strain in her vocal chords sounding so visible.
  • Taylor McDevitt's description of Ashley's disguise: a lesbian Inspector Gadget.
  • Ashely's lame attempts to gossip about something juicy regarding the Overland Park cheer squad. Then she shocks the Atchison cheer squad with Saison Margeurite's pregnancy... Too bad she's not even a cheerleader.
    Taylor: When we said "we wanted dirt", we meant real dirt.
    Trisha: Yeah! As in, soil, like, the stuff in the ground, idiot!
    Taylor: No. Dirt as in, here's your life; here's some dirt; and then I'd ruined your life, with my dirt and now you dead...
    Trisha: the ground, which is where dirt is! Full circle!
  • As Ashley explains her own squad's routine (in a pretty basic manner), Trisha responded saying to Tanya that they stole their routine. Tanya snaps, saying to her that "that's everyone's effing routine!" which shocked both Trisha and Taylor.
  • Deandra singing while strolling around the mall. After the last few verses that include making a stop to the food court, she spots the Atchison cheer squad promptly exclaiming "AAAAHHH SATAN!!".
    • She tries to defend herself by saying she's not Deandra:
    Deandra: My name is... um... um... Cinnabon! Yeah... Juliet Cinnabon!
    • With that in mind, Trisha expresses her total passion to her products which leads to Taylor bringing up that she had a fat freshman year.
  • Tanya laughing at her own "human filth" joke while Deandra repeatedly explains that it's nothing short of an insult.
    Tanya: (giggling hysterically) It's like you're trash and you're here!
  • Upper-Class Twit Tanya refrains from letting Taylor speak even a scintilla of the word with "damn" in it. She was forced to change it into "gosh darn business".
  • Trisha's continual obliviousness to Deandra's change.
  • Even after all the warnings by Deandra, the Atchison cheer squad refuse to leave, so she threatened them that she will use her robotic arm against them to forcibly expel them from Overland Park. Taylor thinks she's bluffing. To show that she's not, she throws a "disguised" Ashley Katchadourian in the air, right into the fountain.
    • Deandra didn't know as she always thought she was just a tiny flasher.
      • Ashley screamed "FUCK!" afterwards. Almost unusual since she rarely cursed. With her boyish, almost monotonous, voice, it's funnier to hear her say such.
  • "Goodbye Deandra... (whispers) I mean, Miss Cinnabon... wiiiink!"
  • Ashley's closing dialogues, saying that she's still in the fountain. No one bothered to help her.
    Ashley: Okay... No, I get it. I would walk away from me, too.
  • "Extra Credit 19" reveals that originally Deandra would've gone off on a rant about her missing limbs, culminating in her asking the Atchison Squad "You think I was out in the woods, in the 1800s, with my paw-paw and my sister Laura Ingalls-Wilder?!" and "You think if a girl loses a limb in the woods she makes a sound?! Well she does." Apparently the voice actors had tried to rework this bit a few times but they just couldn't control themselves, so apparently they just cut it.

Episode 23: Date Night
  • For the first time, we see Tanner with Tristan going on a movie night.
    Tristan: Anyone who spends a majority of his adult life in speedos and boots is definitely a bottom. Oh my god, I'm so bad!
    Tanner: I wouldn't mind putting my rock in his bottom!
    Tristan: OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO BAD!!
    Tanner: Thank you.
    Tristan: Bad boys, bad boys/What are you going to do?/What are you going to do when they come for you! Have gay sex
    (both laugh)
  • Though not much, Than's description of the prize he got from the claw machine.
    Than: Cute little fuck.
  • Tristan laughing that Than is out with a girl then noticing that he's the only one laughing until realizing it's not a joke. Tanner explains that, well, you know. Then their extended exchange with yeah's and oh's.
  • "Oh sweetie, because you're gayer than Perez Hilton's asshole."
  • Than explained why he never wore a shirt, then cut to Tristan with his shirt already off and then spinning it around with his arm.
  • Brittnay and Tristan's little bonding together.
    Brittnay: Alright, first of all; you are fucking adorable and I love everything about you!
    Tristan: My god, right back at you, bitch!
    Brittnay: Oh my god, you're the bitch, you bitch!
    Tristan: No, you're the bitch.
    Brittnay: Bitch!
    Tristan: Bitch!
    Than: Someone call me bitch...
    Tanner: Okay, we get it! You're all bitches.

Episode 24: Pizza Street
  • Soooo Mrs. Van Buren isn't really pregnant at all... Though she first thought that she just lost her baby. This leads to the sisters talking about abortion. Mikayla said this isn't something to be laughed about then Cameron talks back, saying that she's the reason why it should be legal. Their mom had this to say:
    Mrs. Van Buren: Girls, girls! You're all treasures. Lovely, accidental treasures. Mistakes... but treasures!
    Doctor: Uh, you can't go to sleep here.
  • Bridget Tice... that is all.
    Mikayla: Byeeeee!!
    Bridget: Dieeeee!!
    (Shay Van Buren walks in)
    Shay: Hieeeee!!
    Bridget: Eugh... Welcome to Pizza Street.
    • Her recalling with her manager's attempt to have his way with her:
    Bridget: Get it? Get it? Sausage pizza...? I'm talking about my penis...
  • The bitch off between Cameron and Bridget. The latter maintaining her "composure".
    Cameron: How about I come back there and KICK YOUR ASS!?
    Bridget: How about I give you an IQ test?
  • The manager proudly stating that he's a survivor of testicular cancer while Cameron just stands, disgusted at every escalation of its mention.
  • As soon as Bridget Tice mentioned the $4.25 all you can eat buffet, Deandra runs in with five dollars on her hand, telling her to keep the change.

Episode 25: Fun Times At Oak Park Mall
  • "So if I wanna call you a bitch, I'ma call you a bitch, ya BITCH!"
  • Upon noticing that Mackenzie Zales is going bald, she quickly proceeds to tweet about it.
    • Tanya promised to help keep Mackenzie's stress levels to a minimum. She next mentioned running into her ex-boyfriend, Steven Carmicheal. Needless to say, she responded with much shock.
    Mackenzie: YOU WHAT!!?!? I mean... you don't say!
  • Trisha and Trisha are really bonding on this one! It couldn't get any more hysterical. Especially when they declared that they have so much in common despite supposedly hating each other which leads to them grunting over the confusion, noise making.
  • The E-word? Funny thing is, nobody knows what it is. Dammit, Tanya!
  • The No Fourth Wall ending strikes again! This time, with both Trishas.

Episode 26: Cheer Tryouts
  • The cheer squad laughing at a joke Brittnay made while Mackenzie kept saying "I pissed a little!"
  • The montage of Judith and Rachel doing their part-time jobs.
    • Judith trying to park while Rachel leads her from behind. Until...
    Rachel: (wham!) MY SHIN! (slumps) Too far.
    • "WANNA BUY SOME KNIVES?" (Door slam)
      • This is especially funny if you're familiar with the infamous Vector Marketing MLM scam, which involves selling Cutco knives.
  • Trisha's reaction to Tristan:
    Trisha: Wow, she was really beautiful.
  • Lunch Lady Belinda also attended the try-outs. She takes off her coat, revealing that she's wearing their uniform and Mackenzie saw that it didn't even fit. Which meant showed her lower parts, causing Brittnay to puke on cue.
    • Her cheer routines at the end.
    Lunch Lady Belinda: 2, 4, 6, 8! This is how I masturbate.
    Brittnay: Please, God no.
  • The "Epic Cheerleader Meltdown" video which is basically the uncensored version of Brittnay's Cluster F-Bomb from "Babes Having Babies".
    • And Trisha apparently not realizing it was Brittnay in the first place until Brittnay points it out, at which point Trisha asks for her autograph.
  • Jenna Darabond's lack of appearance has been noted by Mackenzie and Trisha, whom the latter mentions has not been tagged in a Facebook photo since the winter carnival and that her last Facebook update period was the simple line "I am the one who knocks". To that end, Trisha has had six freshman watching Jenna's house in 24 hour rotations.

Episode 27: Epic Cheerleader Meltdown
  • On the way to the locker room, Than kisses Tanner which was no surprise to anybody why he'd suddenly do that...
    Matthew: Wow! So...this is happening.
    Than: Yep. I'm gay.
    • As is what happened ten minutes earlier, this was Than's weird way of proving his heterosexuality. To Brittnay, by the way.
  • While Brittnay was looking at the views and comments of her "Epic Cheerleader Meltdown" video, Than told her about the parody videos which are none other than the winners of this contest.
  • The clear assumption that Than is gay by Brittnay and then mentioning that every time they had sex, he cried.
    • He said that he had allergies. To what? So Brittnay lifted her skirt up to show him her, uh... Anyway, it did not do so well judging from how Than reacted.
    Than: Oh my god, it winked at me!
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech by the football team... for a particular reason due to the guys using the F-word repeatedly but still sounding serious.
    Justin: Listen, Jonathan! We're glad you're finally able to come out. But that has nothing to do with why we don't fucking like you.
    Matthew: We don't like you for a whole bunch of reasons.
    Tanner: Reason #1: You're a fucking douchebag.
    Blaine: You also like to give nicknames to yourself! And no one else!
    Justin: You also like to loiter in the boys' locker room.
    Matthew: You also like to make fun of people with congenital birth defects.
  • Than, shoehorning so much the typical attitude of a gay person, it's insulting Tanner.
    Than: We know, Tanner! Does everything have to be about you? God, calm yourself, girlfriend!
  • Tristan showing up suddenly. Heaven knows how the hell he knew Tanner was making out with someone.
    Tanner: Wait, did you run here all the way from Blue Valley?
    • When Tristan found out that it was Than.
    Tristan: Ah! You bitch!
    (cue Bitch Slap)
    Than: Awesome!
    (Then they make out)
    Tristan: There! Now we're even.
  • Blaine is confused as always, but so is everyone else.
    Justin: Very much so, Blaine... Very much so...
    Tanner: Don't worry guys. This... this is very much one of our normal Wednesdays.
  • The last comment regard Channing Tatum's name which they think is a dumb name. Including the surname which meant he has a "double terrible name". Concluding it's a "stupid idiot name".

Episode 28: Cheer Nationals Pt. 1
  • TWAT: Television For Women & Tweens
    • Also funny, is the 'A' part in TWAT is actually 'And'. Yet when it's laid out, it's presented as an ampersand.
    • Grace Helbig as Jeannie Halverstad and while hearing her curse is funny—
    Jeannie: Jesus titty fucking Christ!(...)Well, you smell like a skunk's taint.
—the prior is her mentioning the channel they were being aired on which she mentioned without even a flinch on how awkward it would've been to say that.
Jeannie: We'll be right back after this. You're watching TWAT!
  • Overland Park finally makes it to cheer nationals and then cut to all cheerleaders saying "Who the fuck are you?" to each other.
    Brittnay: Jesus Christ. What a fucking shit show.
    Producer: Cut! ...I think you meant to say "what a fudging poop show"!
  • Jenna still not up-to-date with everything.
    Jenna: Is this a TV show?
  • A Staten Island School For Girls cheerleader plans to wager with Overland Park but they're already rivals with another opposing team. She asks if Austin has a rival yet and when they said no, she promptly turns to them.
    SISG cheerleader: Hey Austin! You bunch of hipster, cowboy, weirdos! Who the fuck are you!?
    Austin cheerleader: (from afar) Who the fuck are you, partner?
    • Even better, the SISG cheerleader apologizes for making assumptions when she learns the Overland Park squad already has rivals.
  • Mackenzie is not allowed to curse because she'll lose more of her hair and Brittnay is also not allowed because she's currently on camera. So it's up to Trisha to put those 'b-words' in their place. Before proceeding...
    Trisha: I'm sorry about this.
    Trisha 2: (In a quasi-ominous tone) Do what you must...
    Trisha: I'll never forget you... (turns to them) You girls are shit. From a butt, that smells like...bitch. Which is what you are, as well, so fuck... in your butts. All the shit that bitches are, and- and you fuck that shit that's all in your butt and you put it in the f— the bitch that is your face (Brittnay starts to cut in), 'cause you're a fucking, butt!
    Brittnay: (Facepalming) Trisha, please stop.
    Trisha: (sighs in relief) Oh my god, how did I do?
    Trisha 2: You're great!
    Trisha: You're ALIVE!!
  • The boys also managed to make it to cheer nationals. Than followed Tristan and Tanner and he's dressed in more typical gay clothing which included a pink tie up top and red short shorts.
  • When the girls are now on the verge of giving up due to Ashley Katchadourian secretly joining Atchison, Deandra shows up to save the day, already in their uniform.
    Jenna: Oh great, the robot girl... Whatever the fuck that means!
  • Trisha and Trisha 2 in The Stinger again, but this time, they have a freestyle cursing and having a big laugh whenever they come up with a dirty word. Trisha eventually came up with "gall bladder". They went along with it as the episode ended.
    Trisha 2: Shove a penis in your gall bladder!
  • Mackenzie's jab at Saison who made the cheer team, but didn't show up until the week of Cheer Nationals. That was actually a reference to her baby bump. It's still pretty funny the way she says it.
    Mackenzie: And by the way, Saison, I'm really glad that this is the week you decided to start showing.

Episode 29: Cheer Nationals Pt. 2

Episode 30: Cheer Nationals Pt. 3
  • Than in order to be friends with Tanner had to give a blowjob to some random guy who is implied to be Bert, Jeannie Halverstad's judging partner. What's more, Bert himself seemed to know little about whether he just got a blowjob from a man or a woman.
  • Mackenzie's words of encouragement to her squad before they go on.
    Mackenzie: Okay girls! Here we go. Don't fuck this up!
  • Than and his "Character Development".
    Than: Wow! My ex-girlfriend's on stage; my new gay friends are sitting next to me; I just blew a dude; a lot of character development for Than these days—
    Tanner: For the love of Micheal Bay, stop talking.
  • Tanya and her Villainous Breakdown after losing to Overland Park, along with probably the most ear grating Cluster F-Bomb ever said by anybody in the show.
  • While the guys are discussing the anonymous blowjob Tanner gave someone, Matthew's Team Dad qualities show. His hurried tone sells it:
    Blaine: You mean a glory hole?
    Matthew: Blaine, Blaine, sweet Blaine... don't get involved.
  • When Than decides he's not gay after all:
    Tanner: You are the gayest of gay.
    Than: No, Tanner, you're the gayest. ...Well, no. (gestures to Tristan) He's probably the gayest, actually.

     Season 3 
Episode 31: Mr. Mcneely
  • "Jesus, Jenna, when did you get so fucking dark?"
  • "Yay, me with arms!"
  • The savvyness that is Deandra:
    Jenna Darabond: Can I help you?
    Deandra: Uh, yeah, I need to poop.
    Jenna Darabond: Oh, well, this is—
    Deandra: Yeah, I know, this is some kinda weird territorial cheerleader bullshit, but I have some actual bullshit that is about to become some hallway bullshit, so I don't really have time to deal with all your autocratic bathroom hierarchy bullshit, capiche?
  • Deandra interrupts Jenna Darabond's evil monologue.
    Deandra: Excuse me, are we just gonna skip over the part where everyone ripped my fuckin' arms off?!
    Jenna Yeah, didn't have anything to do with that. That was super fucked up.
    Deandra: Thank you!

Episode 32: Hamlet
  • The cheerleaders using Hamlet to make analogies regarding the ongoing strife between the three seasons, with Deandra comparing herself to The Ophelia and stating "And maybe if everybody would have the chilled the fuck out Ophelia would have still had her goddamn arms!"
  • Jenna Darabond's plan to change the concept of popularity that would ruin the cheer squad's reputation.
    Mackenzie: Seriously, what the FFFFUCK, are you talking about?!
    Jenna: I'm talking about (puts on Nerd Glasses) Hipsterism...

Episode 33: Little Miss Overland Park
  • The Van Buren's simultaneous "Hiiii!" and Cameron decides to hold it for a few more seconds.
  • Kaitlyn Zales's voice.
  • Mrs. Zales's laugh. A dying duck, I tell you!

Episode 34: A Very Deandra Thanksgiving
  • Deandra's eating arm which is basically similar to her regular robot arm but with a big spoon on it instead of the hand.
  • "Gobble gobble, motherfucker. Gobble gobble."
  • Deandra's fake sob story which had something to do with her family forgetting all about thanksgiving, which is a complete lie since she just had a blast eating dinner with her family as she bids them goodbye. When she first tells it to Shay Van Buren, a sad, overly-dramatic piano score plays in the background.
  • Mrs. Zales's version of Grace.
    Mrs. Zales: Dear God, thank you for the food, thank you for my family, and if you let the NASDAQ drop another 15 points, I swear to your son Jesus Christ I will personally go up there and rip your fucking balls off!
    • Speaking of which, Rachel's overly long Grace where in she prays to "bless" everything she could think of.
  • Katelynn being a Cloudcuckoolander at the table, much to her older sister's embarrassment.
    Katelynn: (Naked) I'M A TURKEY!
    Mackenzie: Goddammit, Katelynn! I'm sorry, Deandra.
    Deandra: Oh no, no problem. This girl actually reminds me a lot of myself when I was two.
    Mackenzie: ...She's seven.

Episode 35: Farmers' Market
  • Almost everything Lunch Lady Belinda says to the organic juice guy.
    Lunch Lady Belinda: Look out, Overland Park. Lunch Lady Belinda's gonna make Jamie Oliver look like fucking Captain Crunch. Ahoy, bitches.
  • Trisha running into the door, not realizing it was locked.
  • Brittnay's reaction to having to pay $9.50 for juice.
    Brittnay: The fuck? I said juice, not a fucking gallon of gasoline!
  • When LLB asks about the juice that the Farmer's Market sells.
    Lunch Lady Belinda: (confused) ...FFFUH-ROOT? [fruit] Okay, well, wait. Let me ask you, like, this- I serve juice every single day, we have got two flavors: red and purple. Which one is this?
    Organic Juice Guy: Oh, well, what you got there is a real nice watermelon-ginger-lemon-kale-cayenne blend. It's got a lot of Vitamin B- some real killer omegas in there.
    Lunch Lady Belinda: Ooookkaaayyyy, I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. I feel like, you're just, like, making up words.

Episode 36: After-School Activities
  • Misspelling cheer squad to "CHER SQUAD" which lead to people assuming it's about well... you know.
    Brittnay: Nobody cares about fucking Cher you fucking asshole!!
    • When pointed out that it's actually misspelled.
  • Brittnay beating up a guy for calling her a bitch behind her back. It becomes a Funny Background Event later on.
  • "Fuck my ass with a spoon!"

Episode 37: Bestie Day
  • The extended time we see Brittnay hanging out with Tristan. The things they do together and say to each other...
    Brittnay: Oh my god, Tristan, you are such a slut!
    Tristan: Well if that isn't the pot calling a kettle a slut!
    Brittnay: What did you say, you little bitch?
    Tristan: You heard me, bitch!
    Brittnay: Whore!
    Tristan: Skank!
    Brittnay: Cunt!
    Tristan: Fucking twat!
    (Both giggle)
  • Tristan telling her about the some guy named Pablo. Brittnay knows him as "the one with the—" and Tristan cuts her off. The fact that it may never be disclosed what the deal with Pablo was is somehow funny.
  • Blaine asking Justin if he should also follow his (Justin's) example. What sells it is Matthew's obviously annoyed reaction.
    Blaine: Hey, Justin! Do you think I should start drinking coffee and quit the football team too?
    Matthew: No, Blaine. Dammit, Blaine! Dammit. Just stand there, and stop asking questions.
  • Than falls out of a bathroom stall. Overhearing that Justin quit, he volunteers to fill in his spot. The football team speechlessly tells him is pants are still down...

Episode 38: Mall Santa
  • The introduction with Bridget Tice, dressed as the elf for the Mall Santa, and her delivery as you can expect, is as jolly as the life she is living.
    Bridget: Hello everybody, and welcome to the North Pole: the happiest place in Overland Park!
  • "TRICK OR TREAT!" "Katelynn, it's Christmas. Not Halloween."
    • "Remember last Christmas when you had to get your stomach pumped?" "NO, I don't remember. I was sedated!"
  • Trisha saying that Katelynn reminds her of herself when she was 11. Mackenzie tries to say that she's 7 but decides to drop it. This is also funny if you compare Deandra saying that it reminded her of herself when she was 2 back in the Thanksgiving episode. Trisha's is funnier for a subtle reason.
  • When Santa needed to take a break, Trisha is quite displeased. Worth noting, she's been a bit nicer since the first three episodes when she was a bit bitchy and apparently, she still has that attitude with her. It's almost giggleworthy seeing her angry like that...again, after for so long.
    Trisha: Boo! Boo! (...) This is fucking bullshit...
  • Mall Santa revealing he had a fling with Belinda in the past and she keeps egging him on continuing his bad habits. There's also Belinda's rather disturbing Christmas themed unusual euphemisms.
    • When she cut in front of Trisha to sit on Santa's lap.
    Mall Santa: Belinda! Jesus, get off my dick!
    (everyone gasps)
    Mall Santa: Oh... I am so fired.

Episode 39: New Year
  • Mackenzie realizing how shitty parties are without friends. Then cut to Rachel and Judith whose plan of partying is watching episodes of Gossip Girl all by themselves.
  • The entire flashback prior to the start of the series which revealed the squad's friendlier past.
    • Brittnay legitimately thought Saison was cool and believed she's actually French and they are going to be best friends. That is until Jennifer McMinimen revealed that Saison is actually from Montreal and things just go downhill from there.
    Brittnay: You know what? I am pretty tolerant of most things. But if there's one thing that pisses me off, so much that I wanna stab a baby, it is people that lie about their ORIGIN STORIES!!
    God, Montreal? What a fucking (flashback ends) BITCH...! God, I fucking hate her.
  • The ending with Rachel and Judith actually watching Gossip Girl. Then they recall what it was like for them last year in which nothing actually changed. In that flashback, they pretty much say the same thing and recall what it was like last year back then. It's also similar but the only difference this time is that Rachel is sitting on the right side of the couch.
  • "To 2014. May it not totally fuck us in the ass."

Episode 40: This Is Gonna Suck
  • The "list" with only Deandra's name in it. Jarringly, it's Trisha, of all people, to make clear that it's not so much as a list but just a piece of paper with her name on it.
  • Trisha panicking over being ignored by Mackenzie and Brittnay, assuming that she had turned into a ghost when she is left unnoticed over her confusion on what they were planning.
  • Brittnay tries to recruit Saison for the squad but she stated that Brittnay made clear that she was off the team. Then a flashback from Cheer Nationals showed her burning her cheer uniform. Then throws her plane ticket in the fire, simply for the fact that they'll be sitting next to each other.
  • Mackenzie's overwhelming reluctance on asking Shay Van Buren to join the cheer squad, almost sounded like she was about to puke.
    • Shay will join the cheer squad provided that she be head cheerleader. Mackenzie is disapproving.
    Mackenzie: You can be in charge of suckin' this DICK!
  • Lastly, Trisha arrives to someone's home feeling nervous asking the particular person to join the squad. As soon as who the person she's asking is seen, it was none other than Trisha 2!

Episode 41: Taco Taco
  • When Deandra is offered a spot on the football team she asks if it's an issue that she's a girl. The boys briefly huddle, and you can just make out Mathew muttering "well c'mon, they run the world" and "listen to Beyonce, brother".
  • The flashback of Deandra taking the book club she had previously joined a little too seriously. "No, Tammy! Billy Pilgrim becomes unstuck in time, he doesn't travel through time you fuckin' idiot! Oh don't cry! Don't fucking cry!"

Episode 42: Dr. Greg Converse
  • Mackenzie breaking down on Brittnay after announcing Shay Van Buren as the new head cheerleader and the following...nigh unintelligible (you can still make out the words though) screaming.
    • Brittnay pukes at said news.
  • Then there's this:
    Shay: For my first order of business as head cheerleader, you guys are fucking garbage.
    Mackenzie: That's constructive.
  • Brittnay getting bitched out into silence by Dr. Greg Converse.
    Greg: Oh wow, you know what I just heard? Whine, whine, whine!
    Brittnay: I'm not whining, I just—
    Greg: Oh, I'm sorry, do you not want to be here? Would you rather be at home with a nice glass of red wine, sitting next to your pet Weimaraner while you guys wind down your day by catching up on old episodes of Mad Men, created by Matthew Weiner? Is that what you'd like?
    Brittnay: No... no.
    Greg: That's right. You gonna come in this doghouse, you're gonna get bit. Got it?
    Brittnay: ...Got it.
  • Trisha half-assed attempts to insult Dr. Converse. Cue Facepalm from him.
  • Trisha 2's complete and utter failure at attempting telling a juicy secret—and she had just happened to do so in Shay's non-functioning ear.

Episode 43: New Uniforms
  • "I'm sorry Whiny McBitcherface (Brittnay) but we really don't have time for your whiny mcbitching!"
  • Brittnay passing the "Art of the Tease" by luring Than with tickets to a Ryan Gosling movie marathon (or as Than calls it, "GosCon").
  • Trisha 2 trying to bitch out on Judith with the help of Mackenzie. Though her tone is what sent Judith, well, not completely crushed but really confused instead.
    Trisha 2: (happily) Um, Judith. Would you like to go fuck yourself?
    • Before that, when Dr. Greg Converse tells Trisha 2 to get mean.
    Trisha 2: (in a forced angry voice) How are you today, Judith?!
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus during the Training Montage, you can see the "Cheerleaders Only" being misspelled as "Cheeleaders Only". Guess the person responsible?
  • Dr. Converse complaining why their uniforms simply have the word "PARK" pasted on them when they actually go to Overland Park.

Episode 44: Hipster Coffee Shop
  • After interviewing Jenna Darabond and saying goodbye to her with hopes that her days be filled with "pixie wishes and unicorn hugs"... as if that wasn't enough, she suddenly did this:
    Amberlynn: (singing) Do you want to build a snowman?
  • Jenna Dapananian complaining about nobody wanting to make out with her. The camera backs up with Judith seemingly paying attention to her until both deciding to turn away from each other.

Episode 45: Hipster Baby

Episode 46: Pizza Street Buffet

Episode 47: Vintage Cheer Uniforms
  • Mackenzie and Brittnay's WTF reactions seeing Jenna Darabond and Jenna Dapananian sitting on their table wearing their old cheer uniforms.
    • In the end, Lunch Lady Belinda walks up to the two wearing another old uniform (as we saw her in Episode 26). Cue Jenna Dapananian about to hurl.
  • Trisha lampshading Deandra's lack of appearance in a few recent episodes.
    Trisha: You know, we never see her enough. You know?
  • Brittnay beating up a guy (who was the same guy who asked about the "CHER SQUAD") commenting on the old cheer uniforms which lead to another Funny Background Event.

Episode 48: Van Buren Family Strategy Meeting
  • Mackenzie then-currently gives a speech having had enough with the hipsters and that they need a plan to fuck them up, then Shay interrupts her reminding that as head cheerleader, she's supposed to take the lead. When Mackenzie unexcitedly admits, Shay just repeated everything Mackenzie said a few moments ago.
    Mackenzie: Is this ever gonna get old for you, Shay?
    Shay: No, it is not.
  • The Trishas suggestion about starting a Wikipedia page about Jenna Darabond and filling it with lies, leading up to the backing of the "burn train", to which they start beeping ("Beep, beep, beep..") until Mackenzie points out that's not what trains sound like.
    • The sound of a backwards train: "OOCH, OOCH, OOCH, OOCH..."
    Mackenzie: Please, for the love of God, stop.
  • Shay taking out plans from the movies she's watched (which were mostly teen flicks, like She's All That, Mean Girls, and The Breakfast Club) and her last two involve the Home Alone movies.
  • Apparently, lighting their cars on fire is a big no-no in one of their plans.

Episode 49: Follow The Leader
  • The cheerleaders being simply ahead of the Jennas just to fuck with them. And every time they run into each other and the ensuing conversation.
    • When the cheerleaders had beat them once again.
    Brittnay: (singing from offscreen) Following the leader, the leader, the leader...
  • Brittnay's running gag of saying "fuck you".
    Mackenzie: Oh Brittnay~♪, don't you remember somebody saying something about not respecting boundaries and how the idea of groups, owning spots was antiquated and— I'm sorry, what was the word for it?
    Brittnay: Fuck you.
    Mackenzie: Close enough.
  • "I'm not a fucking follower!"
  • "IT'S A POSSUM!!". Given that it's said by Trisha, It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context.
  • When a quarterback from the opposing team threatens the Overland Park football team and then gives his final words before signing off:
    Oisín: Suck my dick.
    Than: Ask and you shall receive.
  • Mackenzie, Brittnay, and Shay's simultaneous "what the fuck" is still funny despite the fact that it's because they've just seen Brittnay's car set on fire.
    Shay: You know, I'm just gonna say this: Nobody ever blew up a car in The Breakfast Club... or in Mean Girls.

Episode 50: Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Trisha's mom... 'nuff said.
    • Her introduction, especially.
    Trish: Hi, everybody! I'm Trish Cappelletti. Not to be confused with Trisha Cappelletti. No relation.
    Trisha: Oh no you didn't!
    Trish: (laughs) I'm joking!! [...] She came out of my vagina.
    Trisha: Yeah I did! (high fives)
  • "A fucking leaf, mom!"
  • Veronica embarrassing her daughter with a childhood story involving Brittnay still wetting the bed at age 3.

Episode 51: Role Play

Episode 52: Boobs Boobs Boobs
  • Episode 52 should be called: "Overly Long Gag: The Episode."
  • Trisha's punishment is that her mom is going to limit her exposure to possums.
    Trisha: Oh COME ON! THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT! I hope it was worth it guys.
  • Mackenzie's punishment:
    Mrs. Zales: Mackenzie what do you like to do?
    Mackenzie: Uh, I'unno, like, shopping?
    Mrs. Zales: Alright she can't go shopping for a week.
    Mackenzie: WHAT?!
  • Brittnay getting Laser-Guided Karma in the right timing at the end by Mr. Mcneely and her mother after attempting to escape punishment.

Episode 53: Cafeteria Baby
  • Belinda's Thursday lunch rush running for the hills when Saison loudly declares that she is having her (Saison's) baby.
  • Brittnay beating up Jenna Darabond's locker with a baseball bat, only to find out later that it's not hers at all and she just walks away, whistling.
  • Poor Trisha 2 seemed to be scarred for life after seeing the baby's head come out of Saison. Trisha nicely sums it up.
  • For one, when Saison's baby finally came out:
    Deandra: (holding up the baby on her eating arm) Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba!
  • Desmond having to clean up Saison's mess from giving birth. Not to mention, it's only his second appearance and it's very brief.

Episode 56: State Championship Pt. 2
  • Jenna getting high on brownies filled with ecstasy. Try watching her with a straight face. It's impossible.
    Rachel: Jenna, Jesus Christ, put your shirt back on, you fucking bitch!
    Jenna: (Running around in her white underwear with her clothes on her head) TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!
  • During Deandra's speech to the football team, we get this moment.
    Deandra: Now look up. (Football team looks up at the ceiling) Haha, made you look.

Episode 57: State Championship Pt. 3

Episode 58: State Championship Pt. 4
  • This moment:
    Mackenzie: Oh Brittnay, I think you're gonna find the next five minutes very entertaining.
    Trisha and Trisha 2: Ooh, puppet show! Jinx!
    Trisha: Double Jinx!
    Trisha 2: Triple Jinx!
    Trisha: Quadruple jinx!
    Trisha 2: Infinity jinx!
    Mackenzie and Brittnay: Trisha!
    Trisha and Trisha 2: Jinx! (both laugh)
    Trisha: We got em!
    Trisha 2: They all have to buy us cokes.
  • When Mackenzie first presses Deandra's robot arm for Jenna's confession, we get another one of Deandra's Note to Self about her homemade Doritos Locos Choco Taco experiment having failed, once again. Deandra is left to a stammering wreck before she says that it's all, uh, copyrighted.

     Season 4 
Episode 59: Bring Me Everyone
  • It's a horrible thing but Mackenzie's reaction to seeing the cheerleaders' lockers smashed and vandalized.
    Mackenzie: FUCK ME WITH MY OWN FIST!!
    • The words scrawled on the Trisha's lockers. Trisha gets "YOU'RE COOL" (doubles as heartwarming given the context) while the other Trisha gets "I don't really know you enough to pass judgment but you're kind of annoying already so for now you're on thin ice."
  • Saison trying to read the word scrawled on her locker.
    Saison: What is a, how do you say, "whore"? (later figuring out what it means) Oh! Whore! It says "whore" like a prostitute! (beat) Aww. But... not nice.
  • This.
    Mackenzie: Shay, bring me everyone.
    Shay: What do you mean "everyone"?
    Mackenzie: EVERYONE!
  • Deandra comes over about to threaten Mackenzie if she was being lied to about the pie again, so Mackenzie has it prepared for real this time.

Episode 60: Brittnay's First Day
  • The return of the Third Grade flashbacks. There are lots of Call Forward-ding here. Remember this quote?
    Shay: [after Mackenzie hits her in the face] (crying) SON OF A BITCH BASTARD!

Episode 61: This Isn't Going To End Well
  • The Vomit Discretion Shot has greatly improved. Why? It now includes splattering sounds. Judith pukes all over Rachel's feet due to Deandra stinking up the bathroom while recording her song.
    Jenna: ...and there's the drop! Woo!
  • Lily Vonnegut says the following improvised line was as traumatizing to say as the "grandfathers' cock" line:
    Brittnay: Fuck no! I would rather dig up your dead grandfather, then jerk off his decomposed corpse dick until he cums in my mouth.
    Mackenzie: (Beat) Wow. Alright, I deserved to hear that.
    Shay: I didn't.
  • Saison declaring she is with Brittnay, followed by her chasing Brittnay around the other cheerleaders declaring how great it's gonna be that they're working together, with Brittnay getting more and more annoyed at her.
    Saison: Brittnay, you do not have to stand alone anymore.
    Brittnay: No, stop. I want to stand alone, that's the point-
    Saison: We will stand together and form our own team!
    Brittnay: I don't want a team! Go stand over there with everyone else!
    Saison: Oh, Brittnay, it would be so magnifique! We will be like Thelma, and how you say-
    Brittnay: Louise. No, go stand over there with everyone else. I work alone!
    Saison: (follows Brittnay)
    Brittnay: Stop it!
    Saison: Oui, stop oppressing Brittnay!
    Brittnay: No, you, stop following me!
    Saison: Oui, let us march and protest! A circle unbroken!
    Brittnay: Oh my god!
    Saison: Our voices shall be heard! La resistance!

Episode 63: Mercenary Cheerleader
  • The Clarissa Explains It All joke between Brittnay and Trisha, by way of Trisha coming into Brittnay's room via a ladder outside her window, weird guitar chord and all. And it seems this is a regular thing they do.
  • When Rachel accidentally gets hit in the face by Deandra's robotic arm when they are practicing dancing: "Ow, my face! What's gonna bring all the boys to the yard now?"

Episode 64: Cheer Tots
  • Annnnndddd Katelynn Zales makes a comeback! "I'M A GNOME! I'M THE HUNGRIEST GNOME!"
    • She eats a fucking roly poly.

Episode 65: Van Buren Family Reunion
  • The embarrassing video Mackenzie made of her acting out Twilight using balloons that have Edward and Jacob drawn on them, to the point that it's clear she's going to have sex with them. She is then horrified when the Jacob balloon breaks.
    • Brittnay breaking into Mackenzie's house while trying and completely failing to be stealthy about it. Although Mr. and Mrs. Zales don't even notice she's there as the two are arguing, until we find out Mrs. Zales knew Brittnay was there the entire time and just didn't care.
    • Right after Brittnay gets the video:
    Mrs. Zales: Hey, easy on the ass, I'm still a little sore from last night.
    Jack: Yeah, same here.
    • Shay found out about said video because Mikayla bribed Mackenzie's sister with scented markers.
  • The Van Buren Family Reunion. Get ready for the loudest, biggest, simultaneous "HIIIII!" ever (with some of foreign languages)!
    Van Burens: HI-EEEEEEEE!
    Latina Van Buren: Holaaaaaaaa!
    French Van Buren: Bonjouuuuuuuur!
    Cowgirl Van Buren: Howdeeeeeeee!
    Jayna: (last one holding it) eeeeee! Mommy always wins.
    • Brittnay's response to meeting all the Van Buren women:
      Brittnay: Jesus FUCK they have an army.
    • The Hollywood Dress Code going on at the reunion, every Van Buren cousin dressed like either their profession or their country of origin, also seemingly a rare direct Barbie reference poking fun at Barbie's various careers.
    • Cameron arriving, announcing she's got a new 47 year old boyfriend, and then losing her shit when she learns Brittnay is there.
    • Lunch Lady Belinda, who is catering said reunion, screaming from joy when she learns Cameron has arrived. Including the scene of Cameron suddenly surrounded by hearts while Belinda moans in ecstasy. And then we find out Cameron has a restraining order on her.
      Cameron Van Buren: Belinda! What did the judge say?! He said 800 yards! This is not 800 yards! Don't you have an Amber Alert you should be running from?!

Episode 66: Featuring Daft Poop
  • The entirety of Judith and Rachel struggling to see and hear in their new music helmets.
    Rachel: Aah, what's touching me?
    Judith: What am I touching?
    Rachel: What's touching me?!
    Judith: What am I touching?!
    Rachel: What's touching me?!
    Judith: Ew, it's gross!
    Rachel: What's touching me?!
    Judith: What? Do we have to have this music piping directly into my helmet?! (Rachel smashes into a wall)
    Rachel: WHAT?! AM I OUTSIDE?!

Episode 67: Crank Hard With A Last Action Cliffhanger
  • When Shay, Brittnay and Saison are being attacked by Mackenzie's gang of Mercenary Cheerleaders, Shay panics.
    Shay: (hyperventilating) Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God...!
  • Pretty much all of Brittnay versus the Mercenary Cheerleaders. Especially some of her one-liners.
    Brittnay: (aiming a bazooka) I wanna pump you up! (fires)
    • That particular Mercanary Cheerleader says "Oh, biscuits!" in response to the above. In a Kermit the Frog voice.

Episode 69: End Of The Year Party, Pt. 2
  • Shay absolutely going ballistic and beating up Mackenzie.
  • Brittnay and Tristan's bonding during the party, doubing as Heartwarming. Brittnay's lines sell it:
    Brittnay: Earlier, before I got here... I killed four men.

Episode 70: End Of The Year Party, Pt. 3
  • Deandra's awful singing performance without the beats and the crowd's reaction to it. They boo and complain, but Deandra sure has got sass when people start throwing food at her!
    Deandra: Throw food at me, I don't give a fuck! I'm fucking Queen D, suck my dick! You throw fruit, you ol' son of a bitch! Tell you what, why don't you throw some of those wings, too? Aw, throw some wings? Ha ha! (Wings get thrown) Jokes on you. I enjoy food being thrown at me. I give a special prize to the person who gets it right in my mouth, but don't throw wings in my mouth, 'cause they have-they have bones and I'll choke and then I'll die. And I don't want to die. I'm not gonna die today, you jerks! I will not! Die! Today! (leaves the stage)
  • The video that got premiered at the party was... Shay's drunken rant. It was all Trisha's idea to switch videos to save Mackenzie's and Brittnay's asses!

    Season 5 

Episode 71: Summer Abroad

     The Trisha Show 
w/ Deandra the New Girl

w/ Reby Sky
  • Both Trishas asking simultaneously to Reby, "You live in a forest?" Then Trisha 2 concludes that she's renting a forest.
  • When thinking of a wrestling names for themselves, they suggest to each other they want theirs to be Trisha and vice versa.
    Both Trishas: Ooohh! THE TRISHAS!!
    Trisha 2: We'll punch your gall bladder!
    Trisha: Yeah, we're gonna— we're gonna rip your face... with our— with our butts!
    Trisha 2: Yeah, butt face rip!
    Trisha: The Trishas!!
  • This.
    Trisha: So I heard you're engaged (pronounces it as ''en-gahzhed''), is that true?
    Trisha 2: It's "engaged" (properly pronounced)
    Trisha: Oh, you're engaged as well? That's amazing.
  • Both suddenly going crazy after Trisha said "love at first fight".
    • When Reby admits that it definitely was, they actually find it heartwarming complete with aww's
  • Reby wants to demonstrate a wrestling move but needs a volunteer. Trisha suggests Trisha 2. Hilarity ensues by the end.
    • Before signing off, Trisha 2 is thrown to the background and clattering metal sounds can be heard.

w/ Lindsay Seim from INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2
  • Lindsay confirms that as an audience member when it comes to scary movies, she's a "pretty big chicken". The Trishas being well...the way they are, you know where this goes.
    Trisha 2: Yum...
  • Trisha 2 consider Milo And Otis a scary movie. Trisha labels it as the scariest movie ever, simply because they think that a dog and a cat should not be together.
    Trisha 2: Those are boundaries that aren't meant to be crossed.
    • There's also a bit of Fridge Brilliance with why they considered it. The movie itself gets unnerving to watch because of the dangerous things they go through and the animals used were real. There's also the rumor of the more than thirty cats having died over the course of the production but we'll just leave it there.
    • Trisha 2 believing that Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is a sequel to said movie and is just as equally terrifying.
  • The Trishas misunderstood the point of a "based on a true story" after Lindsay said that she couldn't help but the things that happened in The Conjuring have happened to actual people. Thinking that the scenes James Wan filmed were real.
  • The return of the Trisha Lightning Round.
    Trisha: Trisha, what's her score?
    Trisha 2: We don't keep scores.
    Trisha: Yeah, you win!!
    (Both Trisha 2 and Lindsay cheer) YAAYY!!
  • When Lindsay said she gets scared easily, Trisha 2 attempts to startle her, as always, juvenile attempts of imitating sounds. Of course, she wasn't at all scared but Trisha, meanwhile:
    Trisha: (hiding behind the desk, shaking) What are you...? Who are you...?
    Trisha 2: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
    Trisha: That chilled me, like a cooler...
  • Trisha 2's hope in coming back as a "sexy ghost".
    Trisha 2: Look at that ghost, she's so hot like... a ghost!
    Trisha: (deadpan, staring into space) I wanna come back as Patrick Swayze...

w/ Brittnay Matthews
  • Brittnay's still worked up about having been 1st runner-up for prom after Trisha asked what it's like.
    Brittnay: Well, my dad always says 2nd place is 1st place loser so, to answer your question Trisha, it was f***ing terrible!
  • Trisha 2 recalls a story of how her popularity is affecting her life which simply includes some random student asking where the auditorium is. Trisha shares her surprise with how super popular Trisha 2 is.
  • The new segment on the Trisha Show, "Ask Brittnay".
    • Trisha blatantly admits to hacking Brittnay's Facebook page in order to choose the best questions, sent by fans.
      Trisha: And then we illegally hacked in to Brittnay's facebook page and chose the best questions.
    • Brittnay is curious with how they even got her password. It was, "brittnay"... Oh god.
  • The second question's answer on the segment involves a boy trying to lose pounds for the homecoming dance.
    Brittnay: I eat whatever I want...
    Trisha: Yeah, who cares if you gain a few pounds?
    Trisha 2: Yeah!
    (all laugh)

     Judy & Red in the Morning 
Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, "Witney" Matthews
  • Judy identifies herself as a Katy Perry fan. While explaining, a picture of Katy Perry in her "Last Friday Night" music video appears beside her.
    • Rachel when describing Judith to other people, she describes her like a firework. And then Judith describing about a firework.
      Judith: Yeah!! A burst of cool colors and sh[bleep]!
    • It gets better at the blooper reel in the end when everybody laughs soon after she said it.
  • Their literal samples of the new singles released by Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are what the singles' names make it out to be, them being "Roar" and "Applause", respectively.
  • Judith gets Kim Kardashian a baby gift but only to be sent back. Rachel gets her a gift too but it also got sent back. If it has nothing to do with sending knives for the baby, then we don't know why. She stated that it could be useful for cutting hair, oh Jesus...
    Rachel: Then that brings us to our sponsor.
    Judith: "BLADE CO"!
  • The caller online named... pshh, "Witney" Matthews. She starts out acting all soft-voiced and sweet, telling them that she's having a party at Saturday and she'd like for them to come but she asks them to do one thing first:
    "Witney": (goes back to her regular voice) EAT A BAG OF F[bleep]NG D[bleep]CKS!!! (hangs up)
  • "I'm getting heated, bro! I'm getting real heated!"

Emmy Nominations, Celebrity Crushes, Breaking Bad
  • Rachel is asked what show she'd want to win in the Best Comedy category. She answered Gossip Girl, yet Judith pointed out that the show ended and it wasn't even nominated.
  • Rachel saying Louis C.K.'s name like she was going to cough up something, the minute she reached his surname.
    • Made even funnier when in the blooper reel at the end, everyone bursts out laughing at that.
  • In the first few minutes, Judith visibly pities Rachel's obsession with Gossip Girl.
    Judith: So there's one show that has more nominations than any show—
    Rachel: Gossip Girl.
    Judith: (shakes her head) No Rach...
    Rachel: What?
    Judith: (rolls her eyes) Jeez louise...
  • Their "clip" of American Horror Story.
    • Same with their "clip" of Breaking Bad, especially Rachel's hilariously poor costume of Walter White.

Dan's Dirty DVR
  • When Rachel and Judith are reading the titles of the shows in Producer Dan's DVR, they completely miss the point of what it's really about due to most of the titles being double entendres and unusual euphemisms.
    Judith: We got "House Wives Orgy 2"!
    Rachel: I believe it's pronounced, "House Wives Orgy (or-guy)"
    • The moment Judith says the word 'stud' when reading the description, Rachel promptly thinks it's about a horse.
    • "Biracial Hook Up 6" being about tow truck drivers.
      • The "we take tight sexy women..." and the "we stick them with the thickest men" description being too funny too say when they were first recording it. It's almost impossible since Rachel has to say it with much enthusiasm and energy as possible.
      • Same for "Gigantic Toys In Small Holes" description bearing the words "squeeze massive sex toys", also said with the same energy.
      Carlo: I need to read these before I actually say 'em!

     Meta and Non-Canon