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    Season 1 
  • From Episode 8, even though it doesn't last:
  • In Episode 10, Trisha reveals she nominated Brittany for Prom Queen. Brittany is legitimately confused as to why.
    Mackenzie: (to Brittany) What fucking idiot would nominate you?
    Trisha: Oh, um, me.
    Mackenzie: What?!
    Brittany: Why?
    Trisha: Well, I think you really are a good friend and you totally deserve it.
    Brittany: (stunned) Wow, Trisha. That's really nice. Thank you.
  • Also, the fact that Trisha really got worked up over Ashley Kachadorian not watching the door just because it lead to Deandra getting her arms ripped off. Even if Deandra played both sides of the feud, the fact that Trisha went out of her way to get back at Ashley for it showed she really is a loyal friend. And, when she learned Ashley really wasn't in charge of the door she felt horrible.
  • Pretty much everything involving Amberlynn. No one seems to have a single mean thing to say about her, and she manages to make everyone feel happier.
    • When she gets nominated from prom queen, both Trisha and Mackenzie stop to comment on how much she deserves it.
    • She states that it's an honor just to be nominated for prom queen, and that they should all just enjoy their time together.
    Brittnay: (tearing up) God dammit, she's so wise!
    • When she wins third-runner up, Tanner genuinely congratulates her.
    • Lunch Lady Belinda calls her the "calm breeze in my fuckstorm of a life."
  • "We accept you, bro."
  • Matthew asking Trisha to prom. He's just so... gentleman-y.
    • There's also the fact that he's Trisha's boyfriend, and that she doesn't care that he doesn't have a penis or testicles because of a birth defect.
  • Brittnay has a hair trigger temper and has shouted at just about everyone she's interacted with, with the notable exception of Trisha. No matter how dumb Trisha acts, Brittnay always responds with a surprising degree of patience for someone who explodes at everyone else. It's kind of touching to see her restrain herself for the sake of their friendship.
    • This is driven home during the video promoting the Indiegogo campaign promoting the fourth season when Brittnay's revenge list is shown on screen. Out of everybody on that list of targets, Trisha wasn't on it. Neither was Tristan, Amberlynn, Jennifer, Deandra, and Trisha 2.

    Season 2 
  • In Episode 14, when the cheerleaders go to find out who is pregnant to mock them, Trisha thinks they should find the girl and congratulate her.
    • When they think Shay is pregnant, Trisha leans close to her stomach and whispers to the (non-existent) baby, "You're so lucky! It's like being born into royalty!"
    • Trisha's motivation behind sucker punching Brittney in the gut is to keep her from ruining her life over a baby. Noble in spirit, if not in action. Mackenzie, on the other hand...
  • Not part of the main series, but in Extra Credit #14, one of the lines that didn't make the cut was Blaine rushing in and saying, "You guys! Matthew Derringer just agreed to be my baby's godfather!"
    • Not to mention the entire football team trying to help Blaine prepare for fatherhood. Even if it... doesn't go as planned.
    • The line while they do that, stating they've been helping Justin talk through his Daddy Issues for weeks now. Awww.
    • For that matter, the fact that Blaine was prepared to give up football team, which he loves (after Saison's only been pregnant for a day), shows up to cheer Saison on at Cheer Nationals, and dotes on his "son" before he's even born. Even if he is a total idiot, it's hard to imagine him being anything other than loving to his future child.
  • The doctor in Episode 18 is exceptionally... kind to Mackenzie despite still being in her usual fiery temper. Understood, since she's going bald at only seventeen and has the right to panic, but the doctor tried to calm her down as gently as possible.
  • Mackenzie only apologizes to Shay after Mikayla threatens her little sister. Not to mention that Cameron came all the way out to Overland Park to defend Shay. It just goes to show that while most of these girls will to to great lengths to ruin each other, they still care a lot about their sisters.
    • Continued in Mackenzie's case in episode 33, where she asks her mother to tone the language down in front of her seven year old sister.
  • Brittnay managed to find someone who she already likes the very first time they meet: Tanner's boyfriend, Tristan. Her first words to him were nothing short of sweet.
    Brittnay: Alright, first of all; you are fucking adorable and I love everything about you!
    • Even after Tristan gets rejected from the cheersquad, he says of course he and Brittnay are still on for a facial that Saturday!
  • Deandra warning the Atchinson High Cheer Squad not to mess with Mackenzie and co. is actually kind of sweet. Despite the fact that she loathes them entirely, she still doesn't want them to suffer the same fate she did.
  • "How about you step up to the plate and be a mommy for once!?" Those lines alone, uttered by Mikayla, meant that though most of the time, she's just as nasty as her older sisters, she can still act her age, being that young little girl who wants to help her mommy.
  • Every wacky moment Trisha and Trisha get together. Despite being enemies, they never denied that they have so much in common.
    • Their annoyed little huffs and sighs in episode 29 when they realize that their squads are currently bitching each other out, meaning they have to go back to being against each other right now. Not to mention Overland Trisha stopping to apologize to Atchison Trisha before "cursing" at the Atchison squad, and Atchison Trisha assuring her it's okay. It shows that not only are they bonding, they really do value their friendship.
  • The fact that, when Deandra explains why she left Atchison, Brittnay and Mackenzie don't make fun of her for it even once. They're understandably grossed out, but they don't mock or tease Deandra, and in fact assist in telling Tanya to fuck off when she tries to use it as blackmail.
  • The highfive between Brittnay and Mackenzie as they tear apart the Atchison cheer squad. Despite the tumultuous nature of their relationship, they're still partners in crime and they seem to respect each other.

    Season 3 
  • Trisha, after learning that Ashley wasn't responsible for watching the door and was seriously Misblamed, decides to stand up for Ashely and asks the others to leave her out of the new web of drama created by Jenna Darabond.
  • Despite everything that's happened over the past two seasons, Shay genuinely considers Deandra to be her friend, happily lets her join her family for Thanksgiving dinner, and chews Cameron out for being rude towards her.
  • When her little sister Kaitlyn embarrasses Mackenzie by taking her clothes off and just generally acting weird, Deandra saying that it's fine, remarking that Kaitlyn actually reminds her of herself when she was two was actually pretty sweet. (Even though Kaitlyn is seven.)
  • Who does Trisha ask to join the squad because they're short on members? Atchison's Trisha.
  • Rachel and Judith's friendship. Social outcasts, sure, but they're quite close and take pleasure from spending time with each other. They're the only ones who show up at Rachel's New Year's Party because Rachel didn't invite anyone else besides her best friend.
    Judith: Great party, Rache. Is anyone else coming?
    Rachel: No, I didn't invite anybody else!
    Judith: Good, I didn't want any other dildos showing up, anyway.
  • After Justin Michaelson quits the football team, the other team members ask Deandra to join, partly to get rid of Than, and partly because of her incredible strength. When she asks if there's any issue because she's a girl, they all basically simultaneously agree, "Nope."
    Matthew Derringer: Listen to Beyoncé, man.
    • After the first game with Than and Deandra playing, everyone raves about how great they did. Even Tanner has something nice to say about Than's performance!
    • The entire football team (except for Than) agrees to shower and change at home so Deandra won't be left out of locker room pre-game talk.
  • If you side with her, Shay finally got to be head cheerleader, continuing on her family tradition, as revealed from Episodes 42-63!
  • In episode 50 we get to see Trisha and her mom, Trish, and compared to Brittnay's Spoiled Brat tendencies with her mom Veronica, Mackenzie trying to keep her mom's swearing under control, and the nightmare that is Jayna Van Buren, it's refreshing to see a mom and daughter who get along great. It helps that she's as smart as Trisha is.
    • Trish apparently thought the parent-teacher conference she was attending was about Trisha dating Matthew Derringer, and she was pissed about the idea that someone had a problem with her daughter dating a Black man. That's not what the conference was about, but still.
    • In a unusual way of Heartwarming, Mrs. Zales congratulates Brittnay and indirectly helps bring out Veronica's tough side so the latter could learn to take some initiative to put Brittnay in her place.
    Mrs. Zales: Please...welcome to Motherhood.
    • Mackenzie took the initiative to call Shay's older sister Cameron to come to the conference, since she knew (like everyone) that Jayna Van Buren wasn't going to show. Seeing how much Shay and Mackenzie hate one another, it was oddly nice of her.
      • She wasn't being nice. She set the whole conference into motion so she could get Cameron and Jenna Darabond's senator father in the same room long enough for Cameron to sink her hooks into him and then destroy Jenna's family in the process.
    • Early on, Mackenzie's mother snaps at her assistant over the phone when he makes a not-so-nice comment about Mackenzie. We can only guess what he said, but apparently Mrs. Zales does have some Mama Bear tendencies, deep down.
  • Saison naming her baby after Brittnay, as revealed in Episode 55. Come Episode 63, where Brittnay actually becomes attached to Saison's baby Brittnay!
  • Ashley Katchadourian's speech about being able to like the things you like regardless if people think it's popular or not saying that, if others do like it then it must be pretty great, and if not that's fine too because you still like them. She then decides to leave the hipster concert to go watch the football game with Amberlynn and a few other kids who're moved by her words.
    Ashley: Guys, I've got an idea, just hear me out. Maybe we should just like whatever it is we like. And if other people start liking it too, it's not bad. In fact, it probably means that whatever it is we like, is pretty good. Only now we have people we can share it with. And if nobody else likes it, well that's okay too. Because it makes us happy.
    Connor: Whoa. You are blowing my mind, Ashley Katchadourian.
  • Tristan's panicked cry of "MY BABY!" when Tanner gets hurt was kind of narmy but still sweet.

    Season 4 
  • One used for comic effect in the season 4 premier; Brittnay vandalizes everyone's lockers with nasty names like "cunt" or "whore"... except Trisha, who gets "You're cool." Aw.
    • And later, she sincerely says that Trisha's safe - Trisha is her friend and never did anything to incur her wrath, so Brittnay would never hurt her.
    • A subtle one in episode 61; when Brittnay blows up the goalpost, Trisha is the only one not in harm's way.
  • Episode 62, where Trisha tells Shay that even though Mackenize is targeted by Brittnay (thereby making the Cheer Squad a target, as well), she's still one of her oldest friends that has her total loyalty (Pictured above). Mackenzie even tears up at that!
    Trisha: If this entire cheer squad is gonna be destroyed, I want Mackenzie Zales by my side. By my side.
  • In episode 67, Mackenzie tries to call off the Expendables and warns Brittnay, because she doesn't actually want her hurt despite their feud.
  • Episode 69: Brittnay and Tristan laughing and having fun together at the party. After all the anger and fighting Brittnay had been through, she must've really needed some quality time with one of her true best friends.
  • In Episode 70, all thanks to Trisha's awesome speech about best friends, Brittnay and Mackenzie are friends again! They apologize and hug like real grown-ups! Also the fact that the only thing Trisha cares about is the Cheer Squad (besides the career of Ben Affleck).
    Trisha: We're not leaving this room until we are leaving it together.
    • A smaller moment to appreciate is that Mackenzie and Brittnay don't lash out at Trisha for yelling at them. They're at first shocked and ask if she's okay, and then, they actually seem impressed at her for taking a stand and let her speak.

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