Nightmare Fuel / The Most Popular Girls in School
A girl lost her fucking arms, Ashley!!

  • Deandra getting her arms ripped off by the cheerleader and the van Burens. The bloody results are pictured above.
  • For a short time. In Episode 25, Mackenzie's sudden roar of 'YOU WHAT!!?!?' could do more than just rumble your eardrums.
  • The fact that Jenna Darabond burned down a mall is pretty disturbing. There were probably still people in there!
  • Cargo Shorts' jarring facial expression in s03e36, and the fact that she's slient as she walks by doesn't help.
  • Episode 58 is a pretty dark episode, and not just because it takes place almost entirely outside at night. Mackenzie orchestrated the arrest of Jenna Darabond, Senator Darabond being caught in a sexting scandal, and was the one who blew up Brittnay's car. Oh, and Tanya Berkowitz stabbed Jenna, repeatedly, with a knife, over her being the one who burned down Atchison Mall. There will be revenge next season, that's for sure.
  • Season 3 is really where the show began using a background score and they use it to the most fitting of levels for the sake of ambiance. The most notable would be the synth sting that blared so suddenly when Mackenzie said that she was the one who blew up Brittnay's car.
  • In Episode 67, Brittnay fights and kills all four of The Expendables. There's blood splatter and arms blown off.