Awesome: The Most Popular Girls in School

  • From the very first episode. This. Just this:
    Mackenzie: I... do not like you.
    Deandra: I feel indifferent towards you.
  • Episode 11. Trisha lets loose on Ashley Katchadourian for Deandra getting maimed.
    Trisha: Do you know what these are Ashley Katchadourian?! THESE ARE A LITTLE GIRL'S ARMS!
  • When Rachel Tice wins prom queen and promptly tells Cameron Van Buren where she can stick it.
    Cameron Van Buren: Congratulations... ugh I can't even say it, congratulations Rachel Tice. You're the 2012 Overland Park Prom Queen. Oh my God.
    Rachel Tice: Oh thank you Cameron Van Buren, from one popular girl to another. You are standing in my light.
    Cameron Van Buren: I'm sorry what?
    Rachel Tice: Hit the bricks bitch.
    Cameron Van Buren: *Scoffs*. I never!
    Rachel Tice: Well now you have.
    • Also, the announcer of the winner was none other than, Bridget Tice, her sister. And the way she said, "Rachel Tice?", she sincerely sounded as baffled as everyone else and she barely expresses her feelings, mind we.
  • Deandra in Episode 17- the robot arm turned out to be a very good decision.
    • And though she may have deserved it after playing two sides of the feud, bitching out the Van Burens about her ripped-off arms was well-deserved on their part.
  • Episode 18. Mackenzie's attempt to lower her stress levels. While it is quite funny, it's also quite obedient of her to actually follow the doctor's orders. Despite Brittnay's protests, she managed to keep her cool. So far, this is the calmest that Mackenzie has been throughout the entire series. And treating the fact that going bald at her age is Serious Business deserves a mention as well.
  • Episode 21: "They can take our hair, but they can never take... OUR HOLLISTER!"
  • Episode 22: Deandra acted quite noble here since she didn't want both the Overland Park and Atchison High cheer squad getting into serious trouble. She keeps warning that the Overland Park cheer squad will tear them apart limb from limb (literally). She herself being a victim of that. Then adding that if they still refuse, she'd get rid of them herself.
    Deandra: They did this to me for a bathroom. Imagine what they'll do for an entire mall...
    • Which is then followed by Tanya Berkowitz's absolute refusal to yield to Deandra's threats, and states that her knowledge of Robocop has given her enough know-how to take Deandra down.
  • Episode 28: GASP! Ashley Katchadourian betrays Overland Park by joining the Atchison High cheer squad... It seems like it's all over for our protagonists... Until, Deandra shows up in Overland Park's cheer uniform! But will she be ready to save the day?
  • In episode 29, Deandra preemptively comes clean about her Mysterious Past, robbing Tanya of her blackmail material and allowing Deandra to join the Overland Park cheer squad.
    Tanya: After all, would be a shame if everyone found out about your little secret...
    Brittnay: Well, actually, we just heard the whole story.
    Tanya: But...how?
    Deandra: I told them! So I guess we're at... eat a dick!
  • Episode 30 has a lot of them, so we'll just have to list them below.
    • Overland Park winning the cheer nationals... by balancing on Deandra's robot arm.
    • Even though Mackenzie had a shot at a modelling career, and Brittnay had a shot at her own TV show, they both gave them up, because it'd mean sacrificing who they really were.
    • Mackenzie, Brittnay, and Trisha all bitching out the Atchison High cheer squad.
    Mackenzie: You know what, Tanya? I have one thing to say to you: who the fuck are you? Who the FUCK do you think you are?!
    Brittnay: (to Taylor) Yeah, you think you can bitch me out? I am the QUEEN of bitch! You look up "bitch" in the dictionary, and you're gonna see MY FUCKIN' FACE!
    Trisha: (to Ashley) Well, I guess it's just you and me, ASHLEY KATCHADOURIAN.
    Mackenzie: I mean, you wanna fuck with my team, and my fucking mall, coming in here with your fuckin' ditzy motherfucking bullshit, like you—You know what? You like Adam Sandler movies? WELL, THE PRICE IS WRONG, BEEYOTCH.
    Brittnay: —in a lazy fucking river? (laughs) Well, the joke's on you because guess who's been giving handjobs to every fucking member of the Atchison High football team? And you know what they had to say about you? Not a goddamn thing! Because no one gives a fuck about you, Taylor! You're a goddamn sidekick. A fucking punchline to Tanya Berkowitz's FUCKED UP LIFE. Hey, knock knock, Taylor, who's there?
    Mackenzie: NO ONE!
    (Brittnay and Mackenzie high five)
    Brittnay: That's right, 'cause you are gonna die alone!
    Trisha: (to Ashley): Well there will be no Armageddon here today, because I'M Ben Afflick! And I'm, I'm on a rocket ship, back to Earth, along with Arrowsmith and Steve Buscemi and ALL OF EVERYBODY ELSE ALRIGHT? And I'm gonna make the fuck out with Liv Tyler! And you're Bruce Willis sitting on a fucking rock, DYING. And you have to press a fucking button because you're gonna fucking die! Well press the button Ashley Katchadourian! Press the button because we're sick and tired of your shit! I hope you enjoyed this fucking ride. YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF ALL THIS! YOU ARE THE REASON THAT SHE HAS A ROBOT ARM! AND YOU ARE THE REASON WE ALL GOTTA FUCKING GO THROUGH THIS SO I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS FUCKING RIDE!!!
    Mackenzie & Brittnay: GO FUCK YOURSELVES!
    Trisha: Go fuck yourselves.
  • From episode 13, Brittnay wins first runner-up for prom queen. However, when you consider the fact that Rachel Tice only won first place because she gave a blowjob to every guy in the school, that likely means Brittnay would've won. Considering how smug Mackenzie was acting, that's pretty satisfying to know.
  • In episode 31, we get to find out what Deandra's response to the bathroom control Serious Business was when she first arrived at Overland Park.
    Jenna Darabond: Can I help you?
    Deandra: Uh, yeah, I need to poop.
    Jenna Darabond: Oh, well, this is—
    Deandra: Yeah, I know, this is some kinda weird territorial cheerleader bullshit, but I have some actual bullshit that is about to become some hallway bullshit, so I don't really have time to deal with all your autocratic bathroom hierarchy bullshit, capiche?
    • The fact that just about every single major storyline the series has had were all the result of Jenna Darabond, who not only instigated the feud between the cheerleaders and Van Burens, but was also the reason why Deandra became involved and the reason the Atchison Cheer Squad got involved not because Jenna told the latter to, but because she burned down their mall just so they would have a reason to be in Overland Park. Even Mackenzie is horrified by this.
  • When Justin Michaelson declares that he's quitting the football team because he's a hipster now and it's what Jenna wants, Matthew Derringer makes it clear that Justin isn't allowed to be a dick about it. Likewise, Matthew states that the football team isn't going to be a dick to Justin because they accept his decision to not want to be on the team anymore and they are still friends regardless.
  • The cheer squad getting new uniforms, courtesy of Shay Van Buren. Not only do they look awesome, but the fact that someone probably had to make all of those by hand is pretty great in and of itself.
  • Mackenzie's declaration that she has had ENOUGH of Jenna Darabond and her hipster bullshit and because Jenna kept pushing it Mackenzie is going to absolutely make sure that she destroys everything and anything Jenna loves.
  • After Mackenzie and the Cheer Squad begin to invade every space Jenna Darabond and her hipsters enjoy by getting there ahead of them to make it look like Jenna is simply following the popular girls, Jenna is so driven off the edge she sets one of the cheerleaders' car on fire (which was an idea Brittnay originally pitched to take care of Jenna.) When Jenna shows up to feign sympathy, Brittnay loses it and punches Jenna in the face. The episode ends over the sounds of Jenna's pitiful crying.
  • Mr. Mack and Veronica Matthews both calling Brittnay "a real fucking bitch," leaving Brittnay speechless.
    Veronica Matthews: Maybe if you open your goddamn ears you might fucking learn something.
  • Deandra delivered Saison's baby in the school cafeteria using her giant spoon arm with Lunch Lady Belinda and Atchison's Trisha in episode 53.
  • In episode 54, Mackenzie has Jenna Darabond reveal to Justin Michaelson that she was the one who blew up Brittnay's car and burned down the Atchison mall. Jenna isn't bothered by this because Justin already knew about the mall and it seems Mackenzie's attempt to drive a wedge between them failed... and then you realize Mackenzie recorded the whole conversation with Deandra's robot arm, which just happens to have a log on it.
  • In episode 57, we get three:
    • Justin Michaelson breaks up with Jenna Darabond after calling her out for being a manipulative and controlling psychopath who's made a big deal about how much she loves Justin but almost never spends any time with him. He decides that supporting his friends on the football team is more important and satisfying than being Jenna's stooge and leaves to watch the game.
    • Ashley Katchadourian's speech about just liking the things you like regardless if it makes you popular or not, and that you should just focus on doing what makes you happy. That said, she decides to stop worrying if football isn't popular and goes to watch the game with Amberlynne and some other kids. All in all, considering this was the girl who was everyone's Butt Monkey since the series began, showing that much maturity is pretty awesome.
    • The fact that Mackenzie apparently called in a fucking S.W.A.T. team to help her take down Jenna Darabond and the hipsters.
  • Episode 58 is just full of events that don't even begin where to properly mention first but here are things that really stand out:
    • Mackenzie has successfully outsmarted Jenna in here BIG TIME! She got arrested for burning down the Atchison mall thanks to a proof provided by Deandra's captain's log via robot arm. Then the following scene in which she revealed her intricate plan leading to her arrest. When Jenna thought she could easily get away from it by simply saying that her dad is a senator, she informed Jenna that her dad had shamefully stepped down from office and will no longer be able to help her thanks to his affair with Cameron Van Buren after they met in the parent-teacher conference which was also thanks to Mackenzie who purposely brought them together by calling them to attend it. Jenna said that there was no way in hell she could've known about the conference... leading to another reveal (she's really on a roll here, folks) that in order to incite one, she had Brittnay punch her in the face after she saw her car blown up which was really done by Mackenzie herself. That's right, Jenna Darabond was being honest when she said she had nothing to do with blowing up her car. While she understood that Brittnay was upset over being used in such a way, she simply said that "I did what had to be done." And that's pretty much it. Bravo, Zales...! Bravo.
    • Than following his heart and deciding not to lose the championship for the football team by tackling Oisin and possibly sexually assaulting him all the while. Thus, the Overland Park football team wins state championships after a series of events that lead to Blaine having to quarterback the team and Justin coming back to the football team.
    • Mackenzie declaring after the football team won the championship:
    • Then it segues to Brittnay crossing out Mackenzie's face from the photograph, clearly upset about what Mackenzie had done to her.
    Brittnay: I am so... DONE!
    • Of course, let's not forget The Stinger in which the most surprising, most unbelievable (and frightening as well) scene took place. Jenna gets visited by someone during her time in jail who simply stated that she had heard that she was the one who burned down the mall. She then fucking stabbed her in the stomach repeatedly over the fact, ending her once and for all.
    Tanya: (whisper) I loved... that mall...
    Jenna: It's so cooooollldddd... (falls over dead)
  • One can only guess what lies in wait if you were able to watch season 3 and the way it ended. Brittnay declared she's done with Mackenzie, Jenna Darabond is probably Killed Off for Real as far as we know it... Indeed, the anticipation itself is awesome.
  • Episode 61, and part of Brittnay's revenge spree includes blowing up one of the goal posts, and doing it in such a way that Trisha was the only one it wouldn't have hurt.