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Trivia / The Most Popular Girls in School

  • Acting for Two: Many of the voice actors/actresses have multiple roles.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Yeah, but not as many as you might think. About half of the girls are voiced by men.
  • Defictionalization: They've done several episodes of "The Trisha Show" and "Judy And Red In The Morning".
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Mark and Carlo use the term "Popular People".
    • Carlo's also trying to get mpgis-hole going as a nickname, to mixed results.
  • Hilarious Outtakes: The "Extra Credit" episodes include bloopers and alternate lines for their corresponding episodes.
  • I Knew It: There have been several WMGs regarding Deandra's secret for leaving Atchison High. Most of which that were included was her, pooping all over the place in the middle of a cheer routine and they were spot on!
    • See Alternate Character Interpretation regarding Jenna Darabond, who finally appeared towards the end of season two's final episode.
    • Many fans correctly guessed that Jack, Lily's young baby, would voice Saison's little baby (named Brittnay).
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Afton Quast admits to being not hip whatsoever, all the while is being known for playing Big Bad hipster, Jenna Darabond.
  • The Merch: The creators talk about it in this video.
  • The Other Darrin: For Mackenzie's first two appearances, she was voiced by Marian Bruno. Replaced by Kate Frisbee after that and has been doing her voice ever since.
  • Rule 34 Creator Reactions: Mark Cope, one of the creators for this show and Dr. Havoc's Diary, fully encourages Rule 34 fanart of his characters (and when asked about erotic Fan Fiction, his response was basically Sure, Let's Go with That).
  • Schedule Slip: Episode 17 wasn't uploaded on the regular date, that was Tuesday.
  • Throw It In: Since most of the cast is experienced with improv, a lot of the lines in the series aren't in the script. In the Behind the Scenes video, the creators have stated that some of the funniest lines were made up on the spot.
    • Special mention goes to Bridget Tice's dialogue. Pretty much all of her lines were made up by the actress.
    • The famous scene from season 1 that is being dubbed the "Trisha monologue" is improvised as well.
      • And what we heard was only a portion of the full speech Garrett (Trisha's VA) made up. In fact, in other important episodes, Garrett makes up more of these "Trisha Monologues"!
  • What Could Have Been: Lots.
    • This is what Mark Cope reveals in this video:
      • MPGIS wasn't originally supposed to be a serialized show with a bunch of episodes. Episode One was just called "Bathroom Hierarchy".
      • Mikayla was originally not a van Buren.
      • Jenna Darabond and Jenna Dapananian would've showed up in Episode 5.
      • Deandra was originally going to be hailed as some sort of prophet, as in to save Overland Park, and humanity.
    • Trisha was supposed to be voiced by a girl when they were creating their very first video but her actress didn't show up. So they settled for one of the guys to do her voice. Of course, due to the current state of things, nobody would want it in any other way.
    • The characters' mouths would've moved à la Robot Chicken, but was dropped after it proved too difficult, creepy and weird — and to a certain extent, because the crass dialogue turned out to be much funnier when juxtaposed with the molded smiles on the dolls' faces.