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  • The characters saying "damn" and "hell," despite being in cartoons made for kids.
  • The (over)use of "Rubbish!"
  • According to Dingo Pictures' official website, they can offer help with animation and have licensing to rights for video-on-demand and DVD distribution. Just think about this for a moment.
  • It's no secret that Dingo Pictures makes their films on a really tight budget. What made this funny is whenever they try to animate more complex scenes with their limitations, they pulled a lot of shortcuts which made those moments unintentionally hilarious. Some of these examples include characters skipping over rocks, falling down a pit, or riding on a magic carpet.
    • At many points in the movies you can see how characters and objects are cut off at the sides of the monitor. Also, often you can see parts of another background behind the actual background.
    • Often, the narrator tells things that don't happen onscreen. Maybe they did that so that they could avoid the animation.
    • You would also notice that in the dubs, the spoken lines don't sync up with the animation at all. Why is that? It's because they're recording their lines as they're watching the film live. This is hinted in some films where the voice actors either stutter or interrupted each other. Funnily enough, this doesn't happen in the original German version.
    • Also, in various films that were dubbed into English, there are some characters that was obviously voiced by a woman. It's not like the voice actor did it so well you couldn't tell, you can easily pick up that it's a woman who voiced her lines in a deeper pitch.

  • The opening song:
    • The guy who bobs his head from left to right.
    • The monkey's (lack of) dance moves. It just stomps in place while swinging its arms.
    • Freeze-Frame Bonus: If you look in the background during the crowd shots with the old man, you can actually see Aladin is one of those who is listening!
  • The song Soraya sings when she first appears sounds pretty corny.
    • It doesn't just sound corny, the German lyrics are just laughable bad and unimaginative
    • Like every other song in this movie, by the way.
  • While the original German dub is overall at least bearable, the English dub of "Aladin" is simply dreadful. There are just two or three teenage-sounding male voice actors who speak both men and women, having a heavy, unidentifiable accent and often reading lines completely wrong and with lots of paused and stuttering; at one point you can even hear one speaker chuckling over misspeaking himself. It sounds more like a bad school project than like an actual movie. One hilarious example what one speaker literally said and how he pronounced the line:
    The Wizard: My lawfly sister is in low. It hurts me to hurt that my brother has passed..away..but I'm glad to see...You and I'm a little neppheff I get.note 
    • This makes you just realize that the creators didn't care at all and just recorded everything in one take, no matter how bad it turned out.
    • At one point in Aladin one of the character's speaker stops mid-sentence to turn the page noisily. He then continues as if nothing happened.
    • "I didn't know you knew so much nice poopholes."
    • Aladin watching Soraya sing.

  • How Anastasia’s name is pronounced: Anna-STAH-see-ah, instead of the common Anna-stay-see-ah.
    • It is actually the German way to pronounce "Anastasia". Why they still pronounced it German in the dubbed version remains a mystery.
  • This gem of a line from Rasputin- it's the thick Russian accent that really makes it.
    Rasputin: Maaaaaaanjematt. The people want to rule themselves?! HA! THE PEOPLE ARE SSSSSTOOPID!
  • Rasputin's unintelligible grumbling when he gets arrested by the border patrol.

     Animal Soccer World 

  • Komo falling to his death.
  • In a scene where the seal and the polar bear are having a small fight, the seal tells Balto in a completely casual delivery to "Bite [the bear] in the leg!".
  • The noise that the moose makes. Like Felix noted, it really sound like a stomach problem.

     Countryside Bears 
  • One of the bear's name is "Weiner", as we find out courtesy of Wabbu in the very first line of the movie:
    Wabbu: Hello, Weiner.
  • The absolutely awful attempt at yodelling
  • The mother kangaroo that looks like she's had a lobotomy.
  • Instead of being, you know, grumpy, Grumpy just sounds mildly bored throughout the movie:
    Grumpy: It happennnnned.
  • Wabuu's shocked reaction to Mii calling to her mother from the hole.

     Dinosaur Adventure 
  • Cree decides to break Tio’s egg open with a hammer.
  • Tio’s egg hatching sounds like someone ripping paper apart.
  • Tio’s Dad shouting, “Look here, everyone! It’s a boy, and a really big one!”
  • How Tio gets his name:
    Tio’s Mom: If he was a girl, I would’ve named her Tia.
    Tio’s Dad: But, guessing that he’s a boy, his name is Tio!
    • Tio's parents are shown to be unoriginal at best, and it gets worse when they have a second son that they call Tio II.
    • Tio II's existence in general, as it implies that Tio's parents gave up looking for Tio and had another baby to act as a replacement for Tio.
  • The duck who serves as narrator has some of the most unusual poses when she narrates. At one point, she’s laying on her back with her legs parted. Her voice certainly doesn't help things.
  • The voice of Tio's father is also hilarious. He always sounds pissed off.
  • Kree's constant snarky remarks at the other characters.
  • YEEEE!!!
  • When Tio falls from a rock while trying to learn to fly and lies unconscious on the ground, Cree taps hardly on Tio's head trying to wake him up. It sounds as if he is tapping on an upside down plastic pot.
  • "Why in the name of...Tyrannosaurus Rex does it work for you but not for me?"
  • "Tio's trying to learn to fly, that's what made him cry."
    • "Shut up, Peek! You're a freak!"

     The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
  • The nuns who find the infant Quasimodo. They stare for a few seconds before screaming.
  • "He could still feel the vibration of the bells and that was enough to make him happy."
  • "Why don't you get lost you locust from Egypt?"
  • "You is the pope of fools!"
    • "He is the best pope of fools we've ever had! And deaf too!"
  • "Well I'll be damned...a one-legged man chasing me on two legs?" Makes you wonder if Dingo felt a bit of self awareness for a second.
  • "That was Esmeralda and her goat/put coins in the hat or I'll go for your throat."

     Lion and the King & Son of the Lion King 
  • "Your father the Black Panther is your father?"
  • "The diamonds, My God!"
  • "Hmmm, I don't know. I think we should be enemies."
  • "Robin! Mew Mew! Are you dead?"
    • "Shut up, Dundee."

     Nice Cats 
  • Mrs. MacDonald’s car goes only two miles per hour.
  • “Lucy and Lionel were glad because Mrs. MacDonald had a conveeerrrtible, so they didn’t nnnnotice the great heat too much...”
  • “I can’t find my damn hairbrush!”
  • Lucy and Charlie go off with a rabbit to find turnips, and happily feast on carrots.
  • There is a Best Western Hotel that Mrs. MacDonald drives by.
  • Mrs. MacDonald tells Lucy not to cause any "troubles."

  • Again, the songs are just horrible bad.
  • In a scene with Mr Crunchbone you can see how a living insect crawls over the upper right corner of the screen. To manage that in an animated movie, they had to film the movie with a separate camera from another screen. Good job!
  • When an Indian gets shot, they forgot to dub Pocahontas, so she is still shouting "NEIN, NEIN" in German. Bonus points for the shooter having three arms.
  • The movie title is misspelled on some covers, for example on the Swedish ones, where they wrote Pochahontas.
  • The portrayal of Native Americans is so outrageously offensive (going all the way to them discovering alcohol...) that many might just find it hilarious. (Especially with it trying to bank off of the Disney version which was all about tolerance and dispelling stereotypes.)