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Funny: Dingo Pictures
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  • The characters saying "damn" and "hell," despite being in cartoons made for kids.
  • The use of "Rubbish!"
  • According to Dingo Pictures' official website, they can offer help with animation and have licensing to rights for video-on-demand and DVD distribution. Just think about this for a moment.
  • The opening song:
    • The guy who bobs his head from left to right.
    • The monkey's (lack of) dance moves. It just stomps in place while swinging its arms.
    • Freeze Frame Fun: If you look in the background during the crowd shots with the old man, you can actually see Aladin is one of those who is listening!
  • The song Soraya sings when she first appears sounds pretty corny.
  • How Anastasia’s name is pronounced: Anna-STAH-see-ah, instead of the common Anna-stay-see-ah.
     Animal Soccer World 
     Countryside Bears 
     Dinosaur Adventure 
  • Cree decides to break Tio’s egg open with a hammer.
  • Tio’s egg hatching sounds like someone ripping paper apart.
  • This troper found it amusing that Tio resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex while both his parents look like Sauropods.
  • Tio’s Dad shouting, “Look here, everyone! It’s a boy, and a really big one!”
  • How Tio gets his name:
    Tio’s Mom: If he was a girl, I would’ve named her Tia.
    Tio’s Dad: But, guessing that he’s a boy, his name is Tio!
    • Tio's parents are shown to be unoriginal at best, and it gets worse when they have a second son that they call Tio II.
  • The duck who serves as narrator has some of the most unusual poses when she narrates. At one point, she’s laying on her back with her legs parted.
     The Toys’ Room 
     The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
  • The nuns who find the infant Quasimodo. They stare for a few seconds before screaming.
     Lion and the King & Son of the Lion King 
     Nice Cats 
  • Mrs. Mac Donald’s car goes only two miles per hour.
  • “Lucy and Lionel were glad because Mrs. Mac Donald had a conveeerrrtible, so they didn’t nnnnotice the great heat too much...”
  • “I can’t find my damn hairbrush!”
  • Lucy and Charlie go off with a rabbit to find turnips, and happily feast on carrots.
  • There is a Best Western Hotel that Mrs. Mac Donald drives by.
  • Mrs. Mac Donald tells Lucy not to cause any "troubles."


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