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Headscratchers: Dingo Pictures

  • Just who ARE these people anyway? They're apparently entirely an Alan Smithee production. I feels like the videos spontaneously generated. Yet there's some sort of humanity in how they were produced. Like they were trying to have fun with the project.
    • Judging from the quality of these things (the lack thereof) they're probably knocked off as quickly and cheaply as possible, and the crew involved can probably get away with being a bit silly.
  • Is there a secret society of these kinds of people? Video Brinquedo, Dingo Pictures, Spark Plug Entertainment, and The Asylum all have the same goal: making bad rip-offs of famous movies.
    • Now let's be perfectly fair, the Asylum has made some good movies in the past, and regardless of their extremely low budget and cheap appearance they can be entertaining and enjoyable if you're into exploitation movies or mockbusters. Buuuut those other three have never EVER made a single entertaining piece ever. EVER. In fact, to be honest, having been exposed to more than one of each company's output it's almost slanderous to put a "respectable" exploitation purveyor like the Asylum in the same boat as the guys who made Dalmations 3 or UP! Balloons to the Rescue. Mockbusters are one thing but comparing Transmorphers to Gladiformers is like comparing Avatar: The Last Airbender to Clutch Cargo.
  • In Dinosaur Adventure, why is Clio and his brother a complete different species from his parents?
    • They Just Didn't Care. I know something similar happens in some really bad furry stuff, but I can't remember any by name now.
    • The mom cheated on the dad. That's all this troper could think of. And don't you mean Tio?
    • Or their species is simply born bipedal and then walks on all fours when grown up.
  • In a musical part of Aladin, how the elephant, and then a giraffe fit into the dimensions of the flying carpet? I'm not thinking about their weight anymore, since that's too much for me already.

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