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Fanfic Recs: Ben 10
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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fan Fics, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

Authors, and Websites


  • Reccommended by Tropers/jenicaaladima
  • Pairings: Big Ben/Julie fan. Also likes Mutant!Gwevin and Julie/Albedo.
  • This girl is wonderful. She's a great character analyst, her art and stories have backstories that make sense with the characters...brilliant. She has an account.

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Emergency by razzamatazz73
  • Reccommended by: lackaDAISYcal
  • Synopsis: Gwen needs both of them - she needs Ben to depend on her, and Kevin to make sure she's okay. And at the thought of losing Ben, she's not quite sure what she needs. Alien Force Hurt!Ben and Angsty!Gwen.
  • Comments: Short, well-written story about Ben and Gwen's relationship (in family terms, no incest) after Ben gets hurt. There's a slight amount of Gwevin in the background, but I'm putting this in Gen fics because it's not the focus of the story. Really nice interpretation of Gwen's character, as most authors don't go into depth with her that often. There's also some very precious Kevin quotes, and everyone's very in character.

''Reunited by AngelsXAmongXUs
  • Recommended by: The Otaku Ninja
  • Synopsis: Set after Darkstar Rising—Kevin tells his mom. Rtd K for once...good job on being child-friendly this time around, Kevin...
  • Comments: A one-shot story that fills in some of the blanks that Ben 10: Alien Force never bothered to explain. Set after the episode "Darkstar Rising", we see Kevin reuniting with his estranged mother, while getting a glimse into his past, including how his dad was a Plumber, hence his abilities, which also "evolved" over time from being able to absorb energy to being able to copy matter. And as someone who has become very disappointed in the series, this is a nice change of pace, as it delves a little deeper into what was never really elaborated on.

''Rewind by Karkadinn

  • Recommended by: Anvildude (aka Earthenfist)
  • Synopsis: Charmcaster has finally found a way to end the Tennysons once and for all... or so she thinks, when she sacrifices her magic to create a tape that allows her to 'Rewind' time. But Time Magic is a powerful and dangerous thing to use, especially if you're not an experienced mage...
  • Comments: Kept me up all night reading, and honestly, is probably THE BEST Ben 10 fanfiction I've ever read. A bit of a warning, though: the themes that Karkadinn explores are very, very dark, and there's more than a little bit of graphic violence, with Alternative Character Interpretation all around, but all in all, it's probably the best example of character exploration that I've ever seen.

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Alone With You
  • Recommened by: Random Chaos
  • Synopsis: Alien Force - Ben and Gwen both end up stranded together on Island in the Caribbean. Now it's up to them to find a way off and survive the wilderness. As they spend so much time together they find out that being so close to each other may be not be so bad.
  • Pairings: Ben/Gwen

A Day to Wait
  • Recommened by: Random Chaos
  • Synopsis: Ben and Gwen go to the doctor for their annual checkup, but it is discovered that Gwen is suffering from a fatal disease.
  • Parings: Ben/Gwen

Little Moments by shadows59
  • Recommended by: knife23
  • Synopsis: The adventure isn't over just because the summer is. And as the pressure of life and heroing builds, Ben and Gwen start to count on each other more and more.
  • Pairing: Ben/Gwen
  • Comments: While most fics generally try to jump into the fluffiness that is Bwen, the author here takes his time with the two, building them up chapter by chapter from the constantly fighting cousins we love and remember to two people in a more mature relationship. The character development is gradual. Not forced and not rushed. And by the time they kiss, the whole thing feels natural. This story is now completed, but a sequel, Breaking Point, has been announced.
    • Also: "Best. Bwen. Fanfic. Ever. Of all time."

Breaking Point by shadow59
  • Recommended by: knife23
  • Synopsis: Sequel to Little Moments. Ben and Gwen explore their new relationship and struggle to overcome the trauma of Vilgax's final attack while enemies old and new hunt for them.
  • Pairing: Ben/Gwen
  • Comments: The sequel to Little Moments! Expect the same style and level of detail and intimacy.
    • Additionally, it shares a trope page with Little Moments.

Crossover Fics
Stories that blend one universe with another

''Bleach: Ultimate Alien Volume I by Grimlock the King of Stories]].
  • Recommended by: hencej18
  • Ben 10 - Bleach Crossover
  • Synopsis: Ben Tennyson is whisked away to a place known as Huenco Mundo by Professor Paradox. There, he will make an impact, forging new allies and enemies. However, there is a really big reason on why he was sent there in the first place. . .
  • Status: Volume I is complete.

FateStay Night: Ultimate Master by Ten-Faced Paladin
  • Recommended by Kishou
  • Ben 10 - Fate/stay night Crossover
  • Synopsis: Set in the Ultimate Alien series (thus made a world famous hero) Ben undergoes a solo mission to investigate the happenings of Fuyuki City. After a battle with Lancer, he ends up partaking the Holy Grail War as the Master of the eighth servant, Avenger.
  • Comments: Sadly hasn't been updated since April 2011, but the (four) chapters it has now are really engaging and draw you in. The pacing flows very naturally and it is interesting to see Servants go toe-to-toe to many of Ben's forms... and who doesn't want to see Way Big squish Berserker like a bug?
  • Trope page can be found here

Hanging Ten by The Writer with No Name
  • Recommended by CMR Rosa
  • Status: Completed
  • Crossover with: Stoked
  • Synopsis: As summer starts at Surfer's Paradise, a sixth grom joins, making friends with the groms, except for Lo, but as strange creatures start showing up, they begin to wonder: what is Ben Tennyson hiding? Gradual Ben/Lo, some Reef Fin. AU Stoked S1, S2-3 B10:AF
  • This story is an Ben 10 and Stoked Crossover, to clarify, alternate Season 1 of Stoked; it will start off fairly close to "canon" Season 1, but will gradually start to diverge. In the Ben 10 universe, this story starts just after Season 2 of Alien Force, before the start of Season 3..
  •   add review 
    • It has its own tropes page, here

    Hanging Ten: It Came From Room 1313 by The Writer with No Name
    • Recommended by CMR Rosa
    • Status: Completed
    • Crossover with: Stoked
    • Synopsis: Book 2 of the Hanging Ten Saga. With a new girlfriend at Sunset Beach, things are looking up for Ben...but when one of his most fearsome foes returns, it's up to him and his new crew to stop this ghostly menace.
  •   add review 
  • Hanging Ten: Witchy Woman by The Writer with No Name
    • Recommended by CMR Rosa
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Crossover with: Stoked
    • Synopsis: After weeks of being friend-zoned by Emma, Johnny finally decides to move on, but this decision couldn't have come at a worse a not-so-charming guest arrives at Surfer's Paradise, intent on settling an old score. AU Stoked S1-2, Ben 10: AF S2-3.
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  • Alternate Universe
    Stories with a different universe than Cannon

    BEN X By The Holy Heretic
    • Recommended by: Cyclopsman
    • Status: Finished
    • Synopsis: Ben, Gwen and Kevin go to an alternate universe where they meet a different version of Ben, a version that is older, more powerful, and possibly more evil than anyone or anything they've ever encountered.
    • Comments: Probably one of the better written, more creative Fanfics, it has elements of a deconstruction, reconstruction, and is generally a page turner.

    Beavis and Butt-HeadFan Fic RecommendationsBeverly Hills Teens

    alternative title(s): Ben Ten
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