Funny: Ben 10

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Original Series

  • Ben's reaction to first turning into Heatblast:
    Ben/Heatblast: AUUGH! I'M ON FIRE! I'M ON FIRE!
    • Ben's reaction to accidentally setting the forest on fire:
    Ben/Heatblast: Oh man. I am so going to get busted for this.
  • Just about every time Ben accidentally went "Grey Matter" is a moment of funny.
  • When Ben first transformed into Wildmutt and teased Gwen.
  • How about when Ben first turned XLR8, ran all the way back home, and hung Cash and JT by their undies....the same humiliation they inflicted upon him at the start?
    • And then he did this again in the final episode, after changing into XLR8 in front of them, revealing that he was every single alien hero.
    XLR8: I figured since my secret was out...
  • When the Tennysons are visiting Yellowstone Park, all Ben is doing is fiddling with the Omnitrix, trying to turn into XLR8 so he zip back towards a burger place for lunch. Gwen calls Ben out on his superficiality, and Max assures the kids that they can "Live off the land." After seeing Max uncover a nest of worms, Gwen quickly starts helping Ben with the Omnitrix.
  • In one episode, Max thinks Ben and Gwen are getting too lazy and takes them to a farm to experience the virtues of hard work. At the end, Ben and Gwen rapidly tell him that they've learned their lesson, they'll never slack off, can they please go?? Max is glad- his time on the farm reminded him how much he hates farm work!

  • In "Ben 10,000", Ben and Gwen play Rock, Paper, Scissors. They're interrupted by a time travel portal. The caption said "Ben would have won this time".
  • In "Kevin 11", when a full SWAT team attacks Ben and Kevin when they're attempting to steal an unreleased Sumo Slammers video game: "Apparently Sumo Slammers has VERY tight security!"

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