Funny / Ben 10: Alien Force

  • Ben disguised as a DNAlien in "Ben 10 Returns".
    "I owe you a call!"
    Ben: Maybe you need a credit card?
  • Most of the discussions with the Galvanic Mechamorph in "Pier Pressure"
    Baz-El: And you wonder why most aliens only communicate with your livestock.
  • The ending of "The Gauntlet". Gwen says she has forgotten something. Ben says it's probably nothing. Cut to the factory. Kevin's still there.
    • Also, the fight Cash vs Chromastone. Cash shoots at him, only for the ray to phase through Chromastone wihtout harming him. He shoots a bigger ray, and Chromastone just sends it back at him. Infuriated, he grabs the alien by the leg, and proceeds to what seems a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown... only for Chromastone to get up a few minutes later with absolutely no scratch.
    • "No Juice for you!"
  • "Paradox"
    • Ben trying to dissuade a rapidly aged Kevin from driving:
    Ben: You're nearsighted, arthritic, your reflexes are shot... and you're trying to unlock a cactus.
    • From the same episode:
    Paradox: I walk in eternity.
    Old Kevin: Well, you better start running in eternity!
    • For being eons old, Paradox never lost his sense of humor.
    Paradox: A question like that is best saved for the Man on the Moon.
    Ben: Okay, who's the Man on the Moon?
    Paradox: I am! (Instant scene change)
    Paradox: No, we're on the moon in your distant future.
    Paradox: An excellent question, though hardly the point.
  • From "Darkstar Rising": "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!"
    • Ben and Kevin's reaction to seeing the horridly-aged Morningstar is an uncharacteristically girly "Eeww!"
  • From "Alone Together" Ben's totally disregard for Reinrassic III, a direct descendant of the Pure Blooded High Order of Rarsect, who he simply addresses as "Reiny". Much to Reinrassic's continued displeasure.
    • When attacked by the local giant worms, Ben advises running, but Reiny is less than cooperative.
    Reiny: You cannot order me mongrel. Lesser beings do my biding! (the worm starts coming after them) And I bid you to fight!
  • The ending of "Good Copy, Bad Copy": "BRING ME CHILLI FRIES!"
  • From "Save the Last Dance": Kevin attempting to a tie a bow-tie, FAILING, and Ben fixing it: "Well, don't you look dapper?"
    • Kevin's exasperated reaction to what Big Chill was doing all along, contrasting nicely against Julie and Gwen falling to Cuteness Proximity over the baby Necrofriggians.
  • In the episode "Undercover": Ben riding piggy-back on Kevin. Also, the plan using Kevin made of alien metal that emanates alien-defeating noise when it vibrates (thanks to Gwen hitting Kevin, really hard) and Ben as Echo Echo amplifying the sound. Something about this strategy is insanely funny. It must be Kevin losing his ability to walk as Gwen keeps hitting him. Made even better by Cooper's fanboying over Gwen and comparing her to a princess that saved him from the Cave of Despair in an MMORPG.
  • From "Pet Project": According to Kevin, Ship = "Cup of Instant Weapon" and "everyone shoots at us."
    • Julie giggling when Ship is in Hyper Drive. The girl seems WAY too into the weird stuff given she is usually sayign stuff is 'fun' when she is using weapons or with Ship in his Battle Suit form.
  • From "Grounded": "You can't ground me! I'm a super-powered alien!"
  • Azmuth using a DNAlien Cure Gun. That is all.
  • Ben's Squee! in the Season 3 premiere. Apparently he's not over Sumo Slammers.
  • More in Season 3, especially due to Ben being turned into a Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
  • In "Fool's Gold", when the team races for the little alien who grew giant and primal after eating meat, they are warned that meat makes them poop Uranium-1417 (to quote Kevin, "Unstable radioactive poop?!"). No sooner than they go after it, Kevin inadvertently steps on the radioactive dung and bounces through the corn field by way of always landing on the explosive crap.
  • In "Simple", while Ben and Gwen try to stop an alien war, Kevin spends the whole episode profiteering. At the end, when everything goes south, he's forced to drop his ill gotten gains in order to get away. He... doesn't take it well.
    Gwen: (thinking he's reacting to everything going badly): You're crying? Aww... you do have a heart.
    Kevin: (through sobs) Yeah, that's what poor people have instead of money.
  • The judge's resolution over who gets custody of Ship in "Vreedle, Vreedle''. Even after Humungousaur breaks his work bench, he still decides the case in his favor, just because he shouldn't tire himself over these trivial needs.
    • The Highbreed baliff's freakout over the insult of his species.
    Baz-El: And while the Highbreed may be foul, smelly, evil overlords...
    Highbreed Baliff: Hey! Objection!
    Judge: (timidly) Sustained.
    Julie: ... I can't read this.
    Octagon: Neither can we.
  • Kevin's opinion of Vilgax begging Ben for his help:
    Kevin: This couldn't be a more obvious trap if there was a sign that said "Free Cookies!"
    Ben: Probably, but I really like cookies.
  • Charmcaster dealing with a brainwashed Kevin, who still manages to snark at her. For instance, she orders Kevin to bring Gwen to her, then explains her (complex) plan of draining Gwen dry. Kevin has this to say:
    Kevin: (monotone) She probably won't show up when I tell her that.
    Charmcaster: Don't tell her, you simpleton!
    Kevin: (monotone) Hey, give me a break, my mind's a blank.
  • Rath and his debut episode, "Con of Rath", hands down. He's like a hilarious send-up of a professional wrestler that addresses everyone by their full name while calling them out. Highlights include trying to remove the Omnitrix symbol and calling Vulcanus " Baby Man."
    Rath: *Gwen creates a force field around Rath's head* Did I just use up all my air? *falls unconscious*
    • Rath starting to warm up to Tiffin, only to grab him and hide him behind his back when Gwen and Kevin look back.
    • Gwen mentions Argit would "sell his mother for lunch money." The result?
    Kevin: I happen to know he got top dollar for his mom.
    • The trio's response to Tiffin being eaten. The complete silence and "D:" faces were hilarious enough, but then Kevin faints.
    • Rath's reaction as well; he jumps down the Pantophage ruler's throat to save the Tiffin, then threatens to do it again and knit his intestines into a sweater if he doesn't agree to a peace treaty with the Luodans. May double as a Crowning Moment of Awesome. And his line just before that?
    Eating. Babies. Is NOT. COOL!
    • And after what he says to Jarod while on his face:
  • During Ben and Vilgax's fight in "Primus", Ben as Way Big uses an old schoolyard trick against Vilgax. And not just any schoolyard trick...
    Way Big grabs Vilgax's fist and slams it into his head repeatedly.
    Way Big: Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!
    Kevin: Classic.
  • From "Vendetta", Ben (as Rath) is fighting a group of Forever Knights. The "Run away!" bit is funny enough. They meet Kevin, and make for another aisle, there to meet Gwen:
    Gwen: Lady or the Tiger, boys. Your choice. Okay, not really. *BLAST*